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Hi. Your 1D music posts are a delight. I haven't finished reading them all yet, but I am pretty sure I am gonna be reading them more than once. I love when you write technical stuff with so much feelings and personality. I wonder if you could do a post on the band's songs for the fans, like Histor maybe. You have tackled mostly songs for each other (larry), and about their management and situation. I wonder how the process of doing these songs for their millions of supporters. Thanks a lot.

2-although technically, songs are made for fans to listen to. But songs like History or maybe End of the Day, seems to be really speaking to a group of people. I want to hear your take on this. Thanks again.

Dear anon,

Thank you very much for this ask, which I received on the morning of 2-22-2017, the morning of the BRIT awards. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to answer you until now.

I will make note that One Direction has won 7 BRIT AWARDS:

  • British Video Award: History 2017
  • British Video Award: Drag Me Down 2016
  • British Video Award: You & I 2015
  • Global Success Award: 2014
  • British Video Award: Best Song Ever 2014
  • Global Success Award: 2013
  • British Video Award: What Makes You Beautiful 2012

And on the night of 2-22-2017, Liam “Batman” Payne swept in from the depths of Gotham City to collect the award, vanished into the “dark night” like a bat out of hell. Then these sweet messages came to us:

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Miss you
saying this makes me miss you more
i miss you even though im looking at your photo
time is so cruel, i hate us
seeing each other for once is so hard between us

it’s all winter here even in August
my heart is running on the time alone on the snowpiercer
i wanna get to the other side of the earth holding your hand 
wanna put an end to this winter
how much longing should we see snowing down to have the days of spring, friend

like the tiny dust like tiny dust floating in the air
will i get to you a little faster if i was the snow in the air 

snowflakes fall and get away little by little
i miss you i miss you
how long do i have to wait
and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend
to see you to meet you 

passing by the edge of the cold winter
until the days of the spring 
until the flowers blossom
please stay, please stay there a little longer

is it you who changed or is it me?
i hate this moment that this time flows
we are changing you know, just like everyone you know 
yes i hate you, you left me 
but i never stopped thinking about you, not even a day
honestly i miss you but ill erase you
cuz it hurts less than to blame you

i try to exhale you in pain like smoke, like white smoke
i say that ill erase you but i cant really let you go yet

snowflakes fall and get away little by little
i miss you i miss you
how long do i have to wait
and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend
to see you to meet you

you know it all, youre ma best friend
the morning will come again 
no darkness, no season can last forever

maybe its cherry blossoms and this winter will be over 
i miss you i miss you 
wait a little bit, just a few more nights
ill be there to see you, ill come for you 

passing by the edge of the cold winter
until the days of the spring
until the flowers blossom
please stay, please stay there a little longer


with our members SJ, together passed the gorgeous 20th generation, very thanks to you all. Has experienced so many difficult things and its countless, the members are together helping and support each other, and also for the member who can not been together here, now maybe is watching tv, and also for the member who are far in the distance, I love you. And also for our best and bigest fanclub, when there is no one who give us approval, when there is nobody knowing us, let us to become a best and famous people, the fan’s name, makes me feel great scene of E.L.F from all around the world, thank you all once again! We SJ are like ugly duck, we are expecting one day until the ugly duck to become a swan, always helping a lot of SMent CEO Lee Sooman, and Kim Yingmin …etc and also who wrote the song for our Sorry Sorry of Yu Yunjin teacher, thanks a lot. Keep named and thanks for those who helping SUPER JUNIOR; Sincerely thanks to you all. Maybe this is the last award ceremory before I enlisted the army so this is a very memorable ceremony, we will continue to work hard to become a best SuperJunior ever in the future. Thank you everyone.          - Leeteuk. (MAMA 2011)   #Happy11thanniversay.

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Sample tweet:
@ random radio station/DJ: Hi! Could you PLEASE play Just Hold On by @ LouisTomlinson and @steveaoki? Thank you!

Sample script if you call in:
Hi! I was wondering if you could please play Just Hold On by Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki? It’s my favorite song right now, thank you!

If you need a radio station/DJs to tweet, just ask and I can dig up my lists. WE CAN MAKE THIS SONG SO HUGE - LET’S SHOW LOUIS AND STEVE HOW MUCH THEY MEAN TO US.

LET’S 👏🏻 GO! 👏🏻

Lost Boy | TEN

Genre: peter pan!au | a wave of angst  | drops of fluffiness at the end

The star: Ten / Reader

Word count: 7 257 holy crappp

A/N: I wrote this one based on a song I heard. Special thanks to Lauren, for correcting my one hundred and one faults. If there’s any grammatical mistake left, please forgive me. 

Synopsis : “You hurt me, Y/N.” He said, making the saddest face he could. “As you don’t remember, I’ll introduce myself again. Like twelve years ago.” He took a deep breath, closed his eyes for a moment and suddenly jumped on top of the bed, surprising you. “My name is Ten! I am the tenth lost boy!”

Originally posted by honeyxxxmoon

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they’re gonna be fiiiine. (Continued from this part)

end result from tonight’s steam! Thank you all again so much for stopping in to watch or say hi, or talk about disney songs with me haha

Also, thank you to all the nice anons who send me sweet comments, they honestly make my day when I read them! (And to the anons who ask questions about the au and don’t immediately get answers, it’s usually because I’m already working on something related to them hehe :’D )

Long Time No See ~ Johnny x Reader

Request: Oh, just incase you didn’t get my request because of that stupid bug you have, can you please do 1 & 33 for NCT 127’s Johnny?? Lots of fluff!! Thank youuu!
A/N: It’s like currently almost 2am… And I’m rewriting this draBBLE AGAIN FUCKING HELL

I also recommend listening to this song while reading this: (x)

Originally posted by smboys

You were currently walking around, trying to find your way around the long hallways of SM Entertainment, trying to find someone to guide you to where you had to be; currently smacking make up on young male idols faces so they could look presentable on their live stream.

Did it look like you were going to make it anywhere on time? Nope. Find your way in these maze hallways either? Hell no. 

Whilst you were lost in thought or well - mentally cussing yourself for being so clueless on a big opportunity on getting to work on rising idols; you managed to bump face first into someone’s hard chest. You quickly snapped out of your trance, backing up before you could bump into them again. 

Shaking your head, you looked at who you bumped into; It was more like the two people you had crashed into. You looked at the shorter one first, he was cute; but the make up ruined it for you; and what ruined everything even more?

When you looked up at the taller males face and recognized him as your childhood best friend/crush/the ass hat who just left one day without saying a word. The taller’s eyes widened the same time as yours, and your name slipped past his lips in a whisper.  

Johnny’s eyes skimmed you from head to toe trying to believe if it was you or if it was a figure of his imagination, but it wasn’t the latter. “y/n… No way is it you, wait what are you doing in Korea?”

You didn’t know whether he was generally asking or if it was an insult but decided to brush the question aside, “I could ask you the same, Seo” you frowned and set your make up equipment down as it was weighing on your arms the longer you stood around. 

“Well you two have fun.. with this… reunion?” Taeil flickered his eyes repeatedly, back and forth and slunk away quickly from the awkward atmosphere. As he left, Johnny couldn’t help but let out a small laugh.

Confused and a little pissed off, you slapped his chest, “What’s so funny? You left without a call, text or letter… even a post it note.” You were almost on the brim of tears at this stage, tears beginning to surface your eyes. “You told my parents just to tell me you-”

“Moved, yes” Johnny frowned at you, he didn’t hesitate to swiftly pull you into a hug, wrapping his arms around your waist and torso; settling his chin on top of your head. “Damnit y/n, After all of these years, you still haven’t changed a bit. Still my little worry wart.”

Your heart was beating rapidly in your chest and you were pretty sure it was going to burst out any moment. It felt like a cliche movie moment, you just wanted to be in those long lanky arms of his forever.

“y/n?” he whispered your name out into your hair, looking up at him smiled and didn’t answer but let him continue, “Kiss me.


~ Admin Kai


oh me geeee!!!
i can’t believe 500+ people like my art so much that they follow me OH MER GEEERD!!
well for you amazing peep! tadaaa~ Crossdressing Dipper & Marco for your wallpapers!

(took two days to make this bahambak)

can you guess the songs i used for inspiration?

i just wanna say thank you guys again. god i can’t believe i have 500 followers… holy fuck….


And now I’ve gotta choose
To try to fill the void
Or soak it up in shit again
Like runaround Sue
No-one tells me what to do
‘til I step outside
Say, ’it’s all for you.’

This Town || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: okay i’m so happy that you’re taking requests again and i was wondering if you could do a peter x reader based on the song ‘this town’ by niall horan??.]]

Omg anon I absolutely adore this song???

I hope this meets your expectations ahhhhh ♡

also! I want to dedicate this to @toms-spidey because they were just so kind to me last night! I found myself smiling so much, and I just ugh, thank you for making my night ♡ you’re the best, Charissa!

please Picture Tom Holland’s spiderman/Peter Parker for this story!!

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

warnings: a dash of angst with some fluff in the end ♡

tags: {anonymous}

{{request status: open}}

Don’t repost/plagiarize this story! Reblogs are fine!


{everything comes back to you.}

Peter Parker was truly a pathetic man. Even at 23, he still felt as though he hadn’t learn a damn thing.

All his life, he had only loved one girl, and the same girl was quickly slipping through his fingers.

Peter had met [Full Name] on the day he moved in with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in their two bedroom apartment. He was quiet when he first moved in with them and felt terribly homesick. His parents had just passed away, and he always felt like he didn’t belong, like he didn’t have a place to call home.

Not used to being in such an unfamiliar home, Peter wakes up in the middle of the night. He throws back the covers and tiptoes out of his aunt and uncle’s apartment with fresh tears in his eyes. Only when Peter was outside of his apartment did he slide down the front door, allowing his tears to fall freely as choked sobs escaped from his chapped lips.

Too caught up in his own misery, Peter didn’t notice the door settled across from him open, nor did he see the young girl who wiped the sleep away from her eyes as she stepped closer to him. The girl notices his trembling form first when she kneeled down next to him. She doesn’t ask any questions, just simply wrapped her arms around his back.

Peter felt a pressure behind him and immediately stiffened, looking up to see a girl around his age gazing at him with comforting (color) eyes. Seeing the cute girl, Peter felt his face redden with embarrassment, knowing that his face was a mess of snot and salty tears. In a vain attempt to clean himself, Peter wipes his nose with the sleeve of his sweater, “I-I uhm, I just-”

“Ssssh, it’s okay. I know that you’re sad. What’s wrong?” The kindness in her voice seemed to ease his tears a bit, the gentle stream stopping to that of momentary droplets when Peter sniffs and admitted to her, “I miss my mom and dad. They died in an accident, and now I don’t have anyone.”

The girl was quiet for a few seconds, not saying a word. Suddenly, Peter felt her arms wrap around his form, bringing him closer to her when she tells him with a happy smile, “That’s not true! You have me from now on! I’m [Name], what’s your name?”

As if all of his sadness melted away from just being near her and seeing her smile, Peter felt his tears stop altogether before he flashed her his own tiny smile, “I-I’m Peter.”

And they had been inseparable since.

{and i want to tell you everything, the words i never got to say the first time around}

When Peter realized his true feelings for [Name] at the ripe age of 15, what prevented him from confessing to her was his own cowardice.

[Name] was just so beautiful and kind. She was raised by loving parents who taught her to be forgiving and fair, and Peter was honestly so grateful to them for the fact that this amazing girl existed. Without [Name] in his life, Peter was sure that he would turn into some cynic who hated life in general.

He would always be grateful for the unconditional love [Name] had given him, and he had every intention of telling her his feelings-

until the bite happened.

When the radioactive spider had bitten him during a class field trip, he tried to act like he was okay. That nothing would change.

But as the days past, and his body would suddenly feel feverish, he could feel something changing from within him. When he woke up the next morning to see that his body had become less scrawny and a bit more filled with some muscle, his aunt and uncle had been pleasantly surprised. Despite their initial shock, they passed it off as Peter going through puberty and thought nothing of it.

And how oh so wrong they were in the end.

Peter wouldn’t realize his power until a few days later, and it wouldn’t be until a tragedy struck that would change him into the superhero he was today.

Realizing that he could sense things before it happened, coupled along with how weirdly strong he became (along with his abilities to climb walls), Peter began to abuse his powers. He strayed far away from [Name] and his aunt and uncle, not answering any of their concerned calls or texts as he explored the city without a single hint of fear.

Wearing a makeshift mask, Peter would wander around Queens, and whenever he saw one of his bullies, he would pick a fight with them. Knowing that they couldn’t stand a chance against him, he would beat them within seconds, having them cry out as they begged for him to stop.

The rush he felt back then had been indescribable as he thought to himself, So this is what it feels like to be on top.

One late night, when he was bored with picking fights, he felt someone run into him. He looks to his front to see a shady man wearing a torn hoodie carrying a loaded bag in his hand.


With a scoff, Peter ignored the man’s cries, believing that such crimes were none of his business; that the police could handle it. He was a selfish bastard that truly didn’t have a care in the world for thinking that way.

His Uncle Ben was the first to notice the change in him, and Peter remembers the day he had lost him like it was yesterday.

He walked with Peter around Queens, telling Peter that he had somehow changed for the worst. His behavior was out of character, and he had been making his aunt and best friend worry about him.

“[Name] has come by so many times, only to feel disappointed when you’re not around. She’s been so sad lately, Peter, and she misses her best friend.”

Peter ignored the way his heart clenched at the sound of her name. When his uncle placed an arm on his shoulder, he quickly shrugged it off, “Why can’t you understand that I have changed for the better! I can finally defend myself and-”

Suddenly, gunshots were heard when his uncle quickly pulls him to the ground, “Stay down, Peter!”

“Uncle Ben, wait-” but the older man ignores him, seeing the gunman running toward him when he stops him. The criminal struggles against his uncle for a few minutes before quickly firing his gun, making the bullet lodge directly into his abdomen.

“UNCLE BEN!” Peter stands, catching sight of the guy who ran away as he recognized him as being the same man he didn’t stop that day.

I’m such a fool!

His panicked cries echo throughout the city as he screamed for help. He tried to stop the blood from blooming against Uncle Ben’s abdomen, but there was just so much of it.

A few minutes later, his uncle died while his hands were stained with his blood. Peter would never forget the deep crimson hue that painted his pale skin, serving as a constant reminder that he did this to him.

He had been the cause of his uncle’s death.

Broken and riddled with guilt, Peter didn’t go to school for days, making Aunt May even more worried about him. She told him on so many occasions that Ben’s death was not his fault, but he never believed her. Peter knew the truth; he knew what he did that day, and he had let that criminal run free.

If I had stopped him that day, then Uncle Ben would still be here today!

Consumed with his thoughts and guilty conscience, Peter felt so depressed that he couldn’t even move.

As if knowing that he was suffering, May leaves him alone for a few minutes, not saying a word when a knock was heard against the front door.

He was grateful for the distraction, needing to be left alone when someone knocked at his bedroom door.

“Peter?” He stiffens, hearing her voice as he buried himself deeper into the blankets.

He couldn’t speak, only managing to let out uneven sobs when he felt [Name] lean over him in his bed. She runs a gentle hand through his hair before placing a kiss against his damp forehead, “You have me, you’ll always have me.”

Her words were the catalyst that made Peter suddenly pull her to him, wrapping his shaky arms around her form as he buried his face within the crook of her neck. He cries against her, allowing [Name] to soothe him with her gentle touch.

I love you, but I’m a monster that doesn’t deserve you. I know I don’t deserve you, but please, don’t leave me. I need you.

{i saw that you moved on with someone new in the pub that we met he’s got his arms around you it’s so hard so hard}

Peter always knew that [Name] was the only girl he would ever love, yet what prevented him from telling her was how he was living a double life.

Using his uncle’s death as his motivation, Peter quickly became a masked hero known as Spider-Man. His alter ego had attracted the attention of many people as he quickly became the protector of Queens.

Through his battles, Peter knew that he made a number of enemies and would never bring himself to involve [Name]. His distance and (feigned) lack of romantic interest in her was what prompted the young woman to find love with someone new.

Although it broke Peter’s heart each time, he tried to convince himself that as long as she was happy, that it was okay.

That he was doing the right thing for her sake.

Yet, every time he saw her, she would give him the most melancholic expression. It was almost an expectant look, like she was waiting for Peter to do something.

But Peter was always afraid to find out what she wanted, constantly reminding himself that [Name’s] safety was of the utmost importance.

Now, years later, Peter realized that things would never break even for him when it came to [Name]. She was engaged to this guy she had been going steady with-

And their wedding was today.

Peter was invited, but he knew that he could never go because it hurt too much. Just seeing the girl of his dreams in the arms of some other man was enough to make his blood boil with an aching jealousy. He knew that if he was at the ceremony, then he would immediately object to the marriage before whisking [Name] away in his arms.

But he couldn’t take her away, regardless of how much he wanted to.

So he drowns his sorrows by swinging around the city, looking for any signs of trouble when he lands against an empty rooftop. His thoughts were interrupted when he sees a white figure in his periphery. Gazing down at the street, he feels his senses begin to tingle when a woman in a pure white dress runs out into the road.

Not even thinking twice, Peter swings downward and captures the woman in his arms, swinging away from the incoming traffic with the woman’s dress fluttering behind her. He doesn’t look at the woman until he lands against another rooftop, “Miss, are you-”

His words die against his throat, seeing [Name] herself in his arms as tears ran down her face. Her makeup was running, and she wouldn’t stop crying when she clung on to the front of his suit, “Oh god, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!”

Peter feels his heart galloping from within his chest and quickly comforts her, “Ssssh, it’s gonna be okay. What’s wrong, honey? Why aren’t you at your wedding?”

She shakes her head, “Th-There is no wedding. My e-ex, I found him cheating on me before the ceremony, and I feel so awful. B-But maybe this is what I d-deserve.”

Peter’s heart was practically breaking now, “Baby, you don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve any of this, so what makes you say that?”

“B-Because all my life, I’ve only ever l-loved Peter!” He stiffens at her confession, feeling her tears soak into his suit when she cried against him, “S-Spider-Man, you have to understand. All of the guys that I have dated always knew that I didn’t completely love them! E-even my fiancé did, that’s why th-there’s no wedding.”

{you still make me nervous when you walk into the room them butterflies they come alive when i’m next to you over and over the only truth}

“Oh [Name], I’m so fucking sorry!”

He catches her questioning glance, already knowing that she was confused as to how he knew her name.

Without a hint of hesitation, Peter rips off his mask, fully revealing himself to [Name]. She gasps as a myriad of emotions ran though her eyes, but one thing rang strong within her expression-

And that was love.

“P-Peter-” he stops her from speaking with a hungry kiss, conveying all of the love he felt for her before crushing her to his chest. “I’ve loved you for forever now, since the time I had lost my parents and you had promised me that I always had you; since the day I lost my uncle and you were still with me as I made a silent promise to myself to become a hero that you could be proud of.”

[Name’s] sobs didn’t lessen, even when she smiled and jokingly punched him in his chest, “Y-You jerk! How could you keep such a secret from me?”

He flashes her an apologetic smile before hugging her again, “I’m sorry. All I wanted to do was protect you.”

“Jerk, I’ll never forgive you!“ [Name] looks away from him, sniffing a bit before slowly continuing, "But…I-If you want to make it up to me, then you have to listen carefully to what I say next.”

Peter lifts up her chin so that she was looking at him. Even with her makeup running as her eyes glistened with unshed tears, Peter swore that she was still the most beautiful girl in the world to him, “Anything, I’ll do anything. I would take a bullet for you, walk through glass and open fire for you. All you have to do is ask, and I’ll do it.”

She shakes her head and leans toward him before whispering against his lips, “You silly dork, all you have to do is spend the rest of your life with me to make up for all of the years that we haven’t been together.”

“It’s a deal.” Peter mutters passionately before sealing his promise with a deep kiss. He wraps his arms around her back, finally gathering his courage as he swore to always keep her by his side.

This time, Peter was going to love [Name] like he had been wanting to ever since he was a child.

{everything comes back to you. everything comes back to you.}


Giving In

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1136

Warnings: Smut, language, fluff

AN: Requested by @emoryhemsworth: Hi there! I was wondering if I could request a one-shot where Jensen (or Dean if you don’t do RPF) is with a woman much younger than him (like early 20s) and she tells him she wants him to be her first, based on the song “Give In To Me” from the film Country Strong? Thank you in advance and congrats on 500 followers! & @whaledenwtf: Hi again! (I’m annoying, I know..) but I was wondering if I can make a request pretty please? Just a oneshot with Dean, Crowley or Gabriel. A little fluffy with a mix of smut. Thank you :)

(I combined the two requests because they fit together so I hope you guys don’t mind. I chose to do Dean to be able to combine the requests. I didn’t mention an age gap so you can use whatever age you wanted and I honestly don’t remember much about losing my virginity other than it was just bad so I didn’t center the one-shot on that aspect but it is mentioned. Hope you guys like it!)

Thank you @jalove-wecallhimdean for helping read over this for me!

Song Link

Originally posted by elisicle

You and Dean had been together for quite a while. You weren’t sure why your relationship worked as well as it did but you were thankful for it. You had never had much experience with men other than the occasional date, but after getting to know Dean you decided that you wanted him to be your first. He had been great about the whole experience, making sure you were taken care of and enjoying the experience as much as you could. That same love and attention was given to you on a daily basis, making you feel like the most important woman in the world.

You and Dean were currently wrapped in one another, having a heavy make out session while in your shared bedroom. The evening had started innocently enough. You had been dying to watch “Country Strong” for months now, and Dean finally agreed to it. You both had barely made it into the start of the movie before wandering hands and lips had taken over.

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this is the last day of the year 2016 and I’m still awe on that breakup issue, it really hurt me alot i let my frustrations get inside my head but i know things change people change and happiness will be the first thing that should be priority. Nonetheless i wish yall both have success, support and love from us harmonizers and other ppl around the world. I wanna just thank you for being part of my 2016 yall make it special and memorable; exciting. The little things you taught us by simply support n love each others happiness (sisterhood/women empowerment👌) thank you also for teaching us that self acceptance/confidence/esteem is really important, necessary. I remember those days when I’m really not on my element coz i was mad or something & i just grab my phone and i listen to your songs and it make my mood on point again & energize. Yall make me smile like an idiot when I watched ur videos,takeovers. LMAO since I’m not also a fan of reading any kind of stories, i found my self a bookworm specially the camren fan fictions (yes I’m a camren shipper 😍💖 ) I’m also ready to watch yall here in manila tour since i saved my allowance all year long but i guess I’ll save another money to a separate concert tickets. 1st: Fifth Harmony (lauren, dinah, normani, ally) 2nd: Camila Cabello. As the year 2016 end i wish yall the best, success, love from everyone and blessings yall deserve. I’m really excited to look forward for 2017 bcoz I know yall gonna slay the stage and more awards you achieved. I love yall! :* @camila_cabello @laurenjauregui @dinahjane97 @normanikordei @allybrookeofficial

161112 BTS 3rd MUSTER Day 1 - Suga Ment

I’m deeply touched by the fact that, at such a big place like Gocheok Dome, there are only us and ARMYs. 

I want to say thank you to all of you again. 

Ever since I meet ARMYs, everything I always dreamed of all came true one by one. To be honest, lately, everything seems like a dream to me. A dream. I feel like getting to meet you guys is my biggest fortune. Thank you for making those dreams come true, and letting us have another dream. Thank you so much. 

We didn’t believe it. Things that we thought could never happen, you all made them come true, one after another. 

I will continue to do what I can do, what BTS can do, to bring you even better songs and performances. 

Thanks to all of you, I’m living in a dream everyday. Thank you. 



•Somi: when I got on to pd101, i didn’t know anything. Thanks to that, I’ve learnt a lot, and even got into IOI…. and then she broke down
•Chaeyeon is really really quiet when speaking her ments and it sounds like she’s also tearing up a bit :(
•Chaeyeon: thanks to the fans, I’ve received a lot of love. It’d be a memory that I wouldn’t want to forget. •Kyulkyung: When I received the rookie award it really felt like a dream. It wasn’t bc of us that we got the award, it’s all thanks to the fan.Please don’t feel sad, the past 1 year was really happy for me! We’ll meet again, promise me~
•Yeonjung: All of this was possible thanks to everyone of you.
•One fan fainted omg
•Mina: thanks to the fans, I was able to make such once in a lifetime experience.
•They’re now singing Downpour and seems like it’s the end of the concert.
Nayoung: “Last song for today will be ‘Downpour’…”
I.O.I: “Up till now, it’s been I.O.I. Thank you!”
•Yeonjung and Sejeong sang their lines really loudly and with so much emotion…. this really hurts
•All the fans yelled “Now it’s our time to say farewell” really loud together when that part of the song came.
•They’re saying bye now, asking fans to get home safe. Fans are all shouting encore.
•Seems like a video message from IOI to the fans
•The encore song is Pick Me! Cre: Twitter


“Comparisons aside, I’m just very thankful that I’m able to receive such a great amount of love and support. And whenever I hear that [comparison between me and Song Joong Ki], I tend to motivate myself more. It also makes me think that I need to engage in acting and also in life more honestly and smartly. I personally think that I was very lacking. If I can do it again, then I want to fix the parts that I lack and do better. At first, I was lost and lacked confidence in my acting. Whenever I felt that way I prayed, but also turned to Joong Ki hyung for advice. Hyung then told me that I need to trust myself and do my best. We also went out to eat together and he was so supportive toward me.” - Park Bo Gum

fOoL fOr YoU (Jaime Reyes x Reader)


PROMPT?:  I love your images so much. You’re really great at writing. I was wondering if you could make an Jaime Reyes image. Possibly a fight before he goes on a mission then he returns slightly injured and fluff comes after? and I love that song imagine you did with Jaime Reyes, hips don’t lie. Could you write another with reader x Jaime again but with the song fool for you by zayn? Thanks! :)

A/N: thank you! i love this song and I’m so glad I get to write it! also, i haven’t done a double request it feels like in a while. This entire story is essentially how much Jaime loves you, so expect MAJOR fluff

WARNINGS: EXTREME FLUFF, blood, combat, minor cursing?, lots of kissing, just bold text = scarab

This love is tainted, I need you and I hate it
You’re caught between a dream and a movie scene
In a way, you know what I mean
When the darts just miss, I just can’t resist it

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I reached 20K followers today O.O That’s an insane number of people who like my art omg. All of you thank you so much for your support, it always makes me smile seeing your nice comments in the replies and in the tags <3 I’ll try my best to improve and make better drawings in the future! 

I was thinking about what I should do to celebrate, and I came to the conclusion that I really really really need to finish the acotar illustrated song thing that I abandoned a while back. So! I’m going to do it! This time I wanted to try to make it into a video rather than a scroll down post so that it might be easier to watch, but that means that it might take a little longer to finish, so please have patience with me ^^ 

And if there’s anything else you would like to see, let me know! I would love to hear your ideas!

Anyways, thanks again so much for all your love and support, it really helped me stay motivated to draw more and more and keep improving ^^ 

For a Good Time

Chapter 1

Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 2600

Warnings: alcohol mention, swearing, intoxication, emetophobia warning

Rating: M (this chapter is SFW, but future chapters will not always be) 

Summary: A phone number scrawled across a dark, dirty bathroom stall prompts a drunk Natalie to make a phone call. When Lucifer answers, he agrees to help her find her way home. Natalie clings to the impatient man, who wants nothing more than to never see her again. Of course, he never gets what he wants.

(thanks @leafno for writing the summary!) 

Natalie stopped counting her drinks a long time ago, her buzz and the excitement of pink umbrellas in frilly glasses was too much to try to enjoy while keeping track at the same time. Her hands were in the air as she swayed side to side on the dance floor, the lighting dark and the music loud and pulsing. Natalie laughed, vibrant in the dark nightclub as one song faded into the other and she kept swaying, the alcohol in her body making her movements slightly off beat.

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7/100 Days of Productivity
02/14/17; 6:43PM

hellooo lol im back again😂
and eeeh been practicing my lettering bc bruuuh idk i want to make nice header bit seems like well not quite bad😅 ((ya you probably know im a hardcore belieber—umm maybe not a hardcore anymore but i still really do love him))

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song of the day:
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Secret, part two

Characters – Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary – The reader tangles with a witch, whose M.O. reveals a secret she’s been keeping from the Winchester brothers.

Word Count – 4,510

Warnings – Witches, standard SPN-level violence

A/N – The second and final part to Secret!  Thanks again to the Anon who requested it!  Anon request: “Can I pretty please have a Dean X reader where they have a case where the witch is targeting young people who have originality and are madly in love. (She makes them try to kill their victims).  So she works at a bar with an open mic session and all the victims have played at the open mic so reader goes to the open mic and performs an “original” song. (Colors by Halsey) and then tries to kill Dean and they figure out she’s in love with him and fluff?” 

Hope you like it Nonnie!  Just to reiterate, the song in the story (“Colors”) is by Halsey and is most certainly not an original song written by me!  Lyrics were pulled from a Google search; I hope they’re correct!  As always, feedback is encouraged and appreciated!

Catch up: Part One

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Dean flashed you a look you couldn’t quite catch and Sam looked contrite.  “Sorry, Y/N.  That wasn’t about your abilities as a girlfriend.  So, what do you say?  Do you want to be my girlfriend for a few days?”

“I’d love to, Sam.” You grinned.

A few hours later, and you found yourself in the center of the bar that used to be a warehouse.  You thought the term “bar” was a misnomer – it definitely gave off a “club” vibe to you, though it wasn’t too big.  You’d picked your second favorite outfit of the dresses the boys had brought you and were standing next to Sam, while Dean got you each a beer.  It felt odd having Sam’s arm around your shoulder, but you leaned into it anyway. You were glad it had ended up being Sam that was your fake boyfriend for the case; pretending to not have feelings for Dean every day was hard enough.  It would be heartbreaking having him giving you that kind of affection, and knowing that it was only for show.

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