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ok so i would like to give many cheers to @therealjacksepticeye for sharing my handsome jack cosplay, that totally brightened my whole year and i’d just like to say that your LP’s are real funny and you’re a real kindhearted and charming dude so keep doin’ what ya doin. i’ll never get tired of your Tales From The Borderlands LP, i’m so glad you enjoyed it as much as you did! thanks again dude!!

I hear a patient verbally abusing one of my coworkers...

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he acts like a huge grumpus but let’s be honest, out of the whole band he always gets the most festive.

@jensteed thank your for your kind words and the prompt! <3 i apologize for not getting a chance to reply to the first ask earlier!!



i dont know what the heck i should do abt this because tumblr is still, like,, pretty new to me and all i can do for now is say GOLLY GEE thanks????? im so flatteted that so many ppl like my dumb art of dumb things lmfao i’ll be sure to keep it coming!!!

sorry i haven’t been taking care of this blog, my dudes. once i get home, i will be making and posting some content. I’ll also be opening requests again, and I’ll turn on anonymous for any of you who are a little uncomfortable with that sort of thing. thanks again for all the new followers and support, even though this meme is quite aged now. thanks again, my dudes. have a cool day.

DOUBLE DARE YOU BY @ziegelzeig

Here’s a sneak peek at chapter 16 of Take a Stand and Judy, Nick and Luna are at Nala and Simba’s BBQ suffice to say Nala has a sneaky dare for her fellow cop.

The amazing @ziegelzeig has drawn this piece of art, thanks again dude. Please check out his tumblr and deviantart page

Here’s the fanfiction so far…

RP Connections - Sunny

Name: Synne Eira Tove a.k.a. Sunny

Race: Midlander, Hyur

Sex: Female

Occupation: Woods Witch, Magitek Engineer, Troublemaker and Glass Cannon

Personality Type (laid back, militant, high strung, etc.): Sunny is pretty laid back and relaxed. Not a whole lot of things upset her or get her riled and it takes someone truly special to get under her skin. She almost always has a smile on her face and a kind work for friend or stranger alike.

What does your character look like?:

{Art by @illuminest}

{Art by @fiship}

Favorite Hobby: Tinkering around with Alagan and Garlean technologies. She’s always happy to be working on a new project or challenging herself to expand her knowledge base.

Motto they live by: ‘I am not what I have done. I am what I have overcome.’

Favorite type of Environment: The forest or the ocean will always be Sunny’s favorite place to be. Doesn’t matter if it’s sunshine or storming, those are her quiet places and the one’s she can find solace in.

Best Friends:
The Pack
Vielynne {@mischiefs-mistress}
Revarik {@valanthius-xiv}
Caelric {@charm-in-spades}

Who They Admire: Anyone who can overcome their darkness and stand in the light. Anyone who’s not ashamed to let their scars show. Anyone who has overcome adversity with a soft heart and come out the other side better for their battles.

What they hope to do 10 years from now: Staying alive is probably her biggest goal right now. In ten years, Godswilling, she’ll still be with Caelric, still around her Pack and still loving life to the fullest.

Are they single? If not, who is their spouse/partner/life mate?: Caelric Spades 

{Art by @sephiramy}

What do they look for in friends?: Humor, tenacity, morality and honor. It doesn’t matter to her if you’re an assassin, a witch, a heretic or a zealot – if you have what she’s looking for, it’ll be impossible for her not to love you.

If they walked into a bar and saw a talking slug, what would their reaction be?: She would probably be so enthused to meet a talking slug that she’d hang out in that bar all damn day!


Usual Playtime: I’m a hit or miss kind of player. I work 12-9pm (PST) Monday through Friday, so my game time usually comes on the weekends. I do have Skype and Dischord, however, and am always down to RP throughout the day and meet new peeps!

Server: Balmung

FC/Guild: Crescent {@crescent-ffxiv}

Looking for (friends, ships, hate ships, shady connections, etc.): Absolutely everything. Villains, heroes, friends and frenemies!

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hello, my dudes! The blog hasn’t been updated in a few days, I know. But perhaps I can make a schedule. Expect a new fast or two every weekend, as long as I am not busy or unavailable. In the meantime, I’ll load up the queue when I have a chance. Thanks again, my dudes.

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So real talk, your blog has always been one of my favorites from the moment I crashed into TRC over the summer, bc you're always full of A+ thoughts about the characters and kind words to say. When we first started talking I was so overwhelmed that I had to yell about it with two separate friends before I could reply bc here!! was my favorite TRC blog person!!! Talking to me?? what??!? Thank you so much for listening to my ideas and everything c: (also, melancholy roah song: Youth by Foxes)

aaaaa…. bud…… this is so so sweet!! and so flattering?? i’m so happy we started talking - you have such great trc thoughts, i love hearing them all!! (kirby is canon to me now tbh…) thank you for being so kind and for sharing all your ideas!! :”) 

(YO i just listened to the song and i’m emo as heck! the lyrics… the vibe… i’m so into it…..)