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You Were My Person, You Will Always Be My Person ( part 2 )

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Warnings: swearing , a bit of smutty suggestion

she smiled as she clung onto her fiancée’s arm “Luke Hemmings” she continued I forced a smile as I shook his hand “nice to meet you I’m Y/n this is Sienna now let’s begin with the plans shall we?”

~~~ Still Present Day ~~~

“So let’s begin with the guest list how many people will be attending?” I faked a smile focusing my attention on the folder i had infront of me now titled ‘Valderama & Hemmings’ if I could I’d go run away but sadly this is my job no matter who my clients are. Even if that means my ex-boyfriend of five years and his new girl- i mean fiancée barf, Sienna continued on with questions I’d add some input but everything was quite awkward and I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could.

Luke kept his eyes fixated on me I felt overwhelmed it was as if he was studying me remembering every single aspect of my face. I got fed up and gave in I began taking in his face,he looked the same but older obviously and with some gentle stubble,his hair was darker,shorter,he was more board in his shoulders and quite tall from when he stood up before. “Y/n? Anything else you’d like to add?” Sienna questioned “no i think we’re all done here thank you for choosing us to make your special day come to life” I spoke Alicia hugged us and thanked us again then Luke said “Ali I’ll walk them out, I have to speak about the cost” “yea babe thats fine” she gave him a peak and we were off.

“Y/n wow what a surprise” Luke began once we out of sight and outside the restaurant “how’ve you been? why haven’t you called? when did you come to L.A? how’s Your parents and Ashton? have you been back home?” He continued all in one breath it seemed “Luke quit with the 20 questions I’m here to speak about business not my personal life you lost that privilege a long time ago” I spat back “I’m sorry” Luke looked down as he played with his feet his own force of habit “if you don’t have anything else to ask we must be on our way good day” I ended as I grabbed Sienna and went on our way to my car leaving behind an apologetic Luke.

— 2012 —

“Luke can you promise me something?” I smiled as I laid on a blanket under the stars hand in hand with Luke “anything” he replied “promise me that no matter where you are you’ll always think of me” I continued looking at him “ I promise love” he kissed my nose and smiled back

~~~ Present Day ~~~

“Ugh the fucking nerve of that boy” I raged in a rush back home “How dare he! After all those years not a single letter, not a single call,not a single visit nothing then he comes out of nowhere engaged and asked how im doing and everything fucking asshole Ugh!!” I was so angry I felt my face flush with redness “Y/n honey do you think you could maybe slow down I know you’re upset and all but I still want to live” Sienna tried to calm me down “Oh sorry Sienna” I took a deep breath and slowed down

“I just I loved him S I loved him more than I loved anything or anyone, I never loved after that like how I loved him” I felt tears escaping so I pulled over “what about Calum?” Sienna asked while she rubbed my back “Calum just a fuck buddy we hang out,have fun,have sex and are best friends but thats as far as that will go” I said wiping my tears and started the car and began driving back to our apartment.

Later that day Calum came over, Sienna was out so that usually ended up us talking,watching tv or a movie then having sex most of the time I’d be up for it but today I felt anything but ‘in the mood’ “babe you okay?” Calum questioned using a nickname he’s had for me since the beginning. I had met Calum through Sienna in 2013 he was such a goofball and an all around lovable guy we clicked instantly, the first time we slept together was after a party we were both shit head drunk so one thing led to another and I woke up naked in his bed that became a on going thing and so far its been good.

“Yeah Cal I’m fine just long day with weird clients” I smiled leaning my head onto his chest man he smelt good “well I know something that we could do that can help take your mind off it” he suggested wiggling his eyebrows. I thought about it for a while and thought hey that could get my mind off of Luke so I nodded and kissed Calum slowly he leaned back on the couch as I began straddling him

>>> time skip >>>

Calum was fast asleep in my bed as I laid thinking about Luke I couldn’t stop thinking about him and that bothered me terribly. I heard Calum’s phone buzz since it was on silent and of course being the snoopy person I am I looked over at whom was calling, when I read in bright white letters ‘L Hemmo’ I was in shock wait was this the same Luke I knew of course not well maybe I don’t know but what I did know was Hemmo use to be Luke’s nickname back in Australia…

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But in all honesty

Thank you Rio. Not the Olympics, cause that committee is corrupt. But I thank you and Beijing and London, Sydney, Atlanta, and Athens. Those are the 4 Olympics I lived through and honestly the only one I don’t really recall anything from is Athens. Every 4 years (yea four cause the winter olympics suck but Gracie Gold can still holla at me), these events bring me incredible joy and national pride. There would be nothing I loved to do more than sit there on my bed under my flag watching the 100m 4x4, or jumping out of bed yelling and screaming as Michael Phelps brings in another gold in dramatic fashion, or sitting on the bed pretending to be a gymnastics judge. Nothing will quite ever top the 2008 games for me (I mean COME ON! Michael and Usain both came into their primes and DOMINATED those games and my baby Shawn was there and won gold on beam. LOVE YOU, BABY!) but Rio came in a real close second. My usual post Olympic sadness is back and I crave and beg for Tokyo to come alone. Thank you again for the memories. 

Pierce The Veils back drop was lurvely 💜
Saturday was insane! PTV were amazing (as to be expected ) the mosh pit for King For A Day Was so fun - honestly cannot remember the last time I laughed and smiled so much !!! Thank you piercetheveil for such good memories at my first Reading festival!!
Thinking about seeing my favourite bands at Reading, and wanting to see them play live - pulled me through some very rough times. Ultimately prevented me from making some stupid decisions- and stopped taking my own life. Thank you again piercetheveil
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