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tagged by; @lazyhani thank you!!! this is the first time i’ve done this :DDD

V - voodoo doll by vixx (this is the clean ver. :))))

A - adore u by seventeen

M - melted - akmu

P - polaris by astro 

B - baby don’t cry - exo 

I - interstellar - jooheon, i.m, hyungwon 

N - no.1 - boa

tagging; @moonbinandback @moonbooed @astro-lovelies @justtkpop

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THANK YOU!!!! 106 FOLLOWERS!!! <3 It makes me happy seeing people that love the work I do! Thank you for all the support! :DDD son bien chingones <3 rangrids thanks! here is the gift! :DDD I want to talk about the comic, the love that Sabo was telling Luffy is more like a love you feel for a person you want always by your side not necesary a romantic one! :) that’s why I drew Luffy crying because he feel alone! and Sabo comes and tell him that he wants him by his side makes him very happy :) then the years pass and they are reunited again! maybe is now a romantic love 8)

Thanks again!!! :DDD <3

AND I KNOW!! I drew a scar in the face of Little Sabo by accident xD sorry XD


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((300? That’s already a big amount of people for me. Thank you guys so much for following me. I’m really glad that you like the randomness on this blog. I’ll try to update regularly and connect with you guys. Aiyeee, I just can’t believe it. Again, thanks! :DDD))

((I wish I had fit some more but I just didn’t have enough time Next time will be massive.))

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