thanks a lot government



So apparently, deaf people sneeze silently.
And this article says the sneeze sounds we make are just cultural habits and we don’t even need them. 

Although it does also say “Very little deaf-sneeze research exists”.

Thanks a lot, government.

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I feel sick so sick. Our government is enforcing its awful rule. There are protests in front of government. Ppl asked how they judge the work of the government: 50 % said they’re horrible and only 4 %said they’re great. That’s a sign. Because right now there’s shit going down in Polish politics. We’re getting invigilated, mothers with dead babies are signed in just in case for future reference bc what if she aborted her baby??? Also there are prolife majors getting opened in some unies? Like it’s stupid and insane?
The government is passing harmful changes behind our back during the night. They don’t want the media to see them so they changed the law in a way that the press can get to only some places, they can’t monitor the work of the government.
I want to cry. I’m feeling so disgusted. What is going on here? We were at such a good place, in the EU, growing economically even tho we still stay conservative but it was slowly changing. Now it’s all getting destroyed. Our government is breaking our Constitution.
I’m fucking crying. Ppl probably won’t care about it anyway since we’re not the UK or the US but just if you read that, thank you. It means a lot to me

Yeah, back in my day you could afford a magical necklace just by mowing a few lawns in the neighborhood! Now with all those government regulations on wizards and magical jewelry, it’s such a pain to get a hold of them. And you never find any cursed ones either! That was part of the excitement you know! You’d never know when an amulet would bring you good fortune or turn you into a rat. Now they’re all clearly labeled and ugh.

You kids and your government hand holding. Thanks a lot, Obama.