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“And thus we solved the mystery of the sinister house called The Copper Beeches. Mr. Rucastle survived, but was always a broken man, kept solely alive by the care of his devoted wife. They still live with their servants, who probably know so much of Rucastle’s past that he finds it difficult to part from them. Mr. Fowler and Miss Rucastle were married, by special license, and he now holds a government position in the island of Mauritius. Miss Hunter is now a head of a private school in Walsall, where I gather she has met with considerable success.”

Favourite Granada Holmes scenes (1/?)

the real question here is if baby Peter Quill went through a mohawk phase because of his blue space dad

or because his blue space dad would eat him if he didn’t
'Twin Peaks' Creator David Lynch Announces He's Done Making Movies
The auteur behind "Twin Peaks," "Mulholland Dr." and "Blue Velvet" says "Inland Empire" in 2006 was his last feature film.

wow i literally had fantasies about ~making it~ as a screenwriter and then making my Acting Debut™ in david lynch’s final feature and now i guess that fantasy is just that… a lie, a fallacy :(

one big homestuck family


The Twelve Davids of Christmas Part 4 (3/12)

Ten Davids Wearing Ties

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For rudennotgingr 6/6

Because those shots are VERY IMPORTANT. Hehe! Carver’s favorite pose is definitely my favorite, too. With his fingers making V’s, for VERY Important Shot!

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It's perfect! Better than sweaty boys, cold sidewalks, and bratty girls. *laughs**looks around before sitting down on the bed and taking off her hat* Thank you so much David. This means lot.*smiles up at him*☆Lolli☆

Anytime Ann Marie. If you need me, my room is down the hall and to the right, or just holler. *starts to leave, but stops at the door.* ~Davey


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You were alone in the house today, mostly because your boyfriend Andy was still sleeping, he had just gotten back from tour last night and he was very tired. You didnt want to wake him up and let him rest, so you decided to call up your best friend Lila and tell her to come over.
Since she lived close by it only took her minutes to arrive. When you heard a knock at your front door you quickly opened it. “Hey (Y/N)!!”
“Shhh!! Andy is still sleeping in the room be a little more quiet.” You softly tell her.
“Oops, sorry I didnt know.” She says turning down the volume on her voice this time as she came inside.

“Why is he still sleeping?” She asked.
“He just got home from tour, my little cute rock star.” You cooed with an adorable pout.
Lila giggled and sat on the couch next to you. “So guess what?” She sang with a huge smile.
You laughed a little at her dorky smile, “What is it?”
“Just guess.”
“Lila!!” You whispered loudly. She just rolled her eyes and your eyes widened when she held her left hand up, a very shiny and huge diamond ring was smiling at you. “Oh…my…goodness…” you muttered.
“Yeah…David and I are engaged!”
You smiled big and gave her a hug. “Congrats Lila!” You said. “Thanks, oh, and David has changed a lot since you last saw him, look.” She says showing you a picture of him on her phone.

“Woah…he’s very…buff..” you mumbled in shock. The last time you saw your best friend’s boyfriend, he was very skinny, to you he looked pretty good being all muscular.
“I know right? He started working out lately, and now he is sexier than ever I mean look at him, any girl would feel safe with that hot bod dont you think?”
You nodded agreeing, “Yeah, he looks like he could kick ass now.”
Lila looked at you for a moment, “(Y/N)? Can I ask you something?”
“Sure whats up?”
“Do you think Andy would start working out if you asked him to? You know, so he can get big like David?” She questioned.

Right when that conversation got started, Andy got up to go drink a glass of water then go back to sleep, but he stopped in the middle of the hallway when he heard what Lila had just asked you.
“Well, I think he would…” you replied.
“Well you should, because honestly (Y/N), I am saying this as your best friend, Andy is way too skinny for you.”
Andy’s eyes widend at her words, he couldnt believe what she had just said.
“What do you mean Lila?” You questioned, glaring at her a little.
“Well I mean come on, how the hell is going to protect you with those little arms of his?” She asked.
With that being said, Andy couldnt hear another word, he went back inside the room. Meanwhile in the living room, you were shaking your head at Lila.
“Listen Lila, you may have all these high expectations for your man, but I have zero for mine, Andy is perfect the way he is and unlike you, I would never change a thing about him.” You snapped.

Lila looked at you a little in shock, she felt very insulted, but in the back of her mind she knew that what you said to her face was true. “Well then, I think its better for me if I go now..”
“Yeah you should.” You snapped once more.
She got up and left house, closing the door behind her.
You quickly stormed to the door and locked it, crossing your arms above your chest in frustration. “Stupid Lila, how dare she say that about Andy?…” you muttered to yourself.
You loved Andy with all your heart and now you felt the need to cuddle with him and hold him close to you.
“I hope he’s awake now.” You mumbled as you made your way to the bedroom.

Inside the room, Andy was looking at himself in the mirror. He tried flexing his arms, and he was dissapointed about what he saw. His heart was completely broken, in his mind, you didnt like him the way he is, he thinks you want him to be buff like Lila’s boyfriend David.
As he sat down on the bed feeling a major lump forming in his throat, he let a tear or two escape. But he quickly wiped it away when he saw the doorknob turning.
You came in with a huge smile, “Babe yay youre awake.” You happily said, your smile quickly faded away when you saw him just looking down on the floor.
You rushed over to him worried and squated down in front of him so you can face him.
“Honey…you okay?” You softly asked.
You heard him sniff, so you knew that he was crying. Your heart shattered and you his hands away from his face.
“Love whats wrong?”
Andy just shook his head, “Come on tell me.”

He took a deep breath before he spoke. “(Y/N)…do you really think Im too skinny?…” he whispered.
“What? No, youre perfect love.”
“But I heard what Lila said…and she’s right Im not that strong.”
You shook your head, “I dont care what Lila says, and besides didnt you hear what I told her after?” You asked. He shook his head once more.
“I said that to me you are perfect, and unlike her I wouldnt change anything about you.” You explained. His face lit up a little, “Really?…but look at me…”
“I am looking at you, and I still say youre perfect. And yes you are strong, I always feel safe with you, dont remember last year in warped tour? When that one guy tried to put the moves on me, you actually went off stage in the middle of the show just to kick his ass.”
You both laughed a little, “Yeah…I remember….” he said.
“And you kicked his ass pretty good.”
He chuckled once more and looked into your soft eyes.
“So you really love me like this?”
You smiled sweetly and nodded, “More and more each day that goes by.”

He wrapped his arms around you and held you close. “What did I do to deserve such an amazing girlfriend?…”
You held him tighter and kissed his forehead, holding his soft face in your hands.
“No, the question is, how did I get such an amazing boyfriend?”
He smiled and kissed your lips passionately.
“I love you baby…”
“I love you too Andy, dont ever change a thing about yourself.”
“Same to you beautiful.”
You blushed and crawled into bed. “Youre sleepy?” He asked.
You shook your head, “Nope, I just wanna cuddle.” You tell him opening your arms.
He crawled into bed with you and held you close, your head resting on his chest smiling.
The entire time Andy could not leave you out of his sight….
Because he was thinking how lucky he was to have found someone as sweet and loving as you.

(Im gonna cry…this was one of the sweetest requests ever…:,))

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I wanted to thank you for how you are mourning David Bowie publicly. A lot of my Tumblr is taking today to tell me the ways in which he was problematic. And I'm sure there are ways, because no person can go through life without being problematic. But it is not an exaggeration to say David Bowie saved my life when I was younger. Today I am drinking wine and listening to Bowie and dancing. Every time you post something I remember to dance.

Humans are problematic.

Life is problematic.

Everything you like is problematic, if you look hard enough.

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Fenris having nightmares every night. Fenris avoiding sleeping in the same bed as Hawke because he doesn't want her to know. Fenris dozing off by accident i Hawke's bed and waking up in a panic. Hawke shooting awake. Hawke eventually convincing him to stay and holding his hand while he falls asleep. Fenris falling asleep, waking up from teh nightmares, and squeezing Hawke's hand, feeling her reassuring squeeze back, until he drifts off. Fenris not being able to sleep without Hawke's hand in his.



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These pictures were taken almost exactly one year ago at Anime Midwest. The first two were taken on Saturday of the con, when SPG had some down time. Right after lunch, David got stopped by some fans, and he wound up spending over six hours with the fans. He didn’t leave until they dragged him away for the autograph session at 9 pm. An hour and a half later, he was in the lobby chatting with fans again. He was there for a good 4 hours before he went upstairs and took off his makeup. Then he returned to the lobby. Oh, on Friday, he was down by the merch table talking to fans until someone came down to drag him to sound check.

At Youmacon and Midwest Media David did the same thing, as time permitted. At Yulemas in Michigan he did two performances, an autograph session, and talked to everyone who attended the Tea despite being horribly sick.

David will do his best to make nervous fans comfortable while talking to him, and will accommodate most fans’ requests, within reason. Every time I’ve seen him, he’s been polite, kind, and respectful towards the fans.

I realize that these pictures are of David. Sam was sick that weekend, and Bunny wasn’t feeling 100% either, if memory serves. They’ve been social at other cons, though, most notably Youmacon and Midwest Media. I’ve seen pics of them interacting with the fans at other cons, too.

This is one of the biggest reasons I like Steam Powered Giraffe. They are approachable, and will take a moment to give a hug, say hi and let you take a selfie with them. As individual people, they are pretty great, at least as far as I’ve interacted with them. I realize that I only see a small slice of their lives, and I’m content with that.

I don’t agree with everything David says and does; I’m not an ass kisser like that; I don’t know what I’d want in return for kissing their collective asses anyway. I get great music and and enjoyable show from SPG, and that’s all I really want from them. Everything else (merch, hugs, etc.) is very much a bonus.

To David: thank you for being you. There are a lot of people out there who love you and what you do. Yes, there are people who disagree with you. There are people who will be jerks just because they’re anonymous on the internet and the backlash against them will be extremely small. There are people who will spew hatred at you and hurt you because they can.

I won’t say ignore that crap, because that’s almost impossible. Just let it go; remember that the majority of the fans appreciate you. Your works are loved by a whole lot of people.

You do something very special for people: You inspire them to go out in public wearing metallic makeup, wearing costumes they made themselves. You’ve gotten people to make silly posts proclaiming “It’s art! You wouldn’t understand!”

Most importantly, you get them to smile, laugh, sing along, and forget their problems at least for a little bit. 

For that, I can’t thank you enough. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude properly. I wish I could take away your pain and sorrow, even if it’s only for a little while; sort of pay back all that you’ve given.

The last picture in this post is from the end of Anime Midwest. You guys came down the stairs to a hallway full of people singing a love song to Steam Powered Giraffe. There were over 400 people in that line, singing to you guys, as a thank you for everything that you do.

David, when you’re feeling down, especially about stupid things people post that are hateful, please remember that moment. Remember the fans that line up to say hello and get a hug or a selfie with you. Remember the smiles.

You did that; you made them happy, and you made them feel special.

There’s not many people in this world who can do that. There’s even fewer people in this world that are willing to do that. Because you are one of those people, you are one of the good guys.

Thank you.