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Kate McKinnon talking about her son, who is a cat

do you think Keith snorts when he laughs?

this is for science i need an answer

Hey everyone! So, I’ve recently hit 10k followers on this blog, which honestly blows my mind!! I can’t believe, that so many people decided to click that ‘follow’ button. Ever since I created this blog (which wasn’t even that long ago omg), it’s been nothing but constant love and support, so thank you from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate every single one of you and I’m always here, if you need me.

Now onto the actual follow forever! Here’s a small shout-out to the people, who make my everyday life a hundred times better. You’re all amazing and I love you lots! I’m so happy that yoi brought us together! :) 

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i feel like i need to do one of these esp. after what’s been hailed, “the worst year of my entire fucking life”. for those of you who don’t know, i lost my big brother to suicide in july and i’m actually able to tell y’all this bc i’ve finally accepted that he’s gone, that he’s in a  better place and that i’ll never be able to see him ever again. and i’m not looking for pity or anything, it’s just been really hard to cope after he left bc i didn’t know how important he was to me until he was already gone and i’ve been trying to find some kind of solace w/ all of this and trying to keep my chin up for my mom and it’s just….yeah. it’s been a very, very strange turn of events for me. but thankfully, just a couple of days ago, i went to california for the holidays and found so much love and compassion w/ my family and they’ve given me so much grace and kindness and it was like Cameron was there and it was such a goddamn blessing! and it’s been so healing ever since and i just know that 2017 is going to be so, so, so much better! and i know i’m not the only one who’s lost someone this year, or has struggled w/ shit, if it’s personal, or if it’s at work, or at home, or whatever bc it’s been an all around heart break for everyone this year. so this is a follow forever to those who i’ve been following for awhile, or just started to follow, and to those who’ve put me to ease, who’ve given me some peace of mind, not really knowing they were, and to the people who’ve talked w/ me and shared the same love w/ music and artists, and just being a really good distraction! i adore each and every single one of you! even if i don’t really know you! and please don’t ever forget that you’re loved and you matter! and i hope 2017 brings joy and beauty and forgiveness and strength to your life, and i hope brightness follows you wherever life takes you! so….yeah! fucking cheers, my guys!

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Thanks people! I’m happy you like my stuff enough to follow my little blog thingy! Thanks for the hearts, the reblogs and the nice asks (except the weird sexual ones, bwahaha).

I’ve been on Tumblr for 4 months and a half, I wasn’t expecting people to like my stuff, haha. I’m usually the guy in the background.

Anyway, thanks again, and I can’t wait to tell you more about my projects (a short movie coming soon, and two little video-games to be made!).

As an egg, Gummi was left in the path of a great water current, as most Manaphy eggs are. They are left to drift across the world until they hatch, absorbing snippets of energy from different environments around the world. When they have gathered enough energy they spring forward as a baby Manaphy, full of love and appreciation and ready to form bonds with all they meet. But Gummi’s adventures as an egg were longer than most.

Gummi drifted for a long time, their egg staying for whiles in some places as the currents gradually made their way around the world. Pokemon familiar with Gummi’s stream watched their egg float by them, wondering when it would hatch and whether they would be around to watch the sight.

Gummi floated through water that rushed them across open waters past schools of Pokemon that watched them pass by curiously.

And they rolled across the ocean floor upon smoother tides, forever following the current of their travelling.

When danger lurked they were helped by strangers, not only for the preservation of an egg so mythical but for the kindness of the sea. Lost eggs were a common thing underwater, and a Manaphy egg was no exception- even if it was that species’ norm. No egg could be left in harm’s way.

And those who witnessed Gummi’s egg hatching would never forget their light. A world of oceans having been crossed, Gummi was finally ready for their arrival to the ocean, light enveloping their shell. Passing Pokemon watched in wonder and happiness, glad that they could witness such a sight. It wasn’t every day one could witness a Manaphy being brought to be. Gummi was surrounded by friends at the first dawn of summer and won’t forget how they were helped on their journey.



also bc i never made the post on here. if i mention names in old aperture, here’s how they correspond -

andy summers - fact core
houston stevenson - space core
rick morris - adventure core
emma sawyer - morality core
austin moore - cake core
ariel carrington - anger core
riley carrington - curiosity core


NEW VIDEO: “The 7 Second Challenge” ft. Dan Howell

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oh gee how did this happen

So (over!!) a hundred people are following me. I slaved away to build this little block castle of fanart and fanfiction, only to realize I had sealed myself inside it, with no way out but to destroy all I had worked so hard to—okay I’m kidding. This was just a cute, silly idea.

Since most of y’all found me through my kid!Fatal post (or at least, that one has the most notes, for now—OMG people you love my shetpost don’t you?), and because everyone seemed to like the mini blue raspberry so much, I decided to draw more of him to thank you. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to color him as well. And y’know, it wasn’t. The castle of blocks on the other hand… whose bright idea was this anyway

I have an idea for another short comic starring kid!Fatal, so that’s a thing that might happen, but this will have to be enough for now.

*furtively sets up giant flashing neon signs leading @fatal-error-blog to this picture*

Uh I mean

Fatal belongs to @fatal-error-blog :)

And this version of him is based on the Momma CQ world by @alainaprana

To both of you, my followers, and everyone else who has liked, reblogged, and said such nice things about my work: you make me smile and sometimes have little excited freak-outs. Thank you all so much! <3

so this has been a long time coming, and since i reached 3k followers i thought it was a perfect opportunity to bust this out! 
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hello everyone,

@fujocherry and myself have made a blog, u’re invited to check it out if u wish so. we’re looking for blogs to follow there.
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it’s not necessary to be monochrome/animanga themed, all content is welcome

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ps: we’ll be making some edits there too

( ** pls excuse the bad graphic ok. )   honestly, i’ve never had a blog expand this quickly before.   i literally got 100+ followers before i even hit 24 hours of activity, and i don’t even have proper words to be able to express how grateful i am.   it’s only been a week and i’ve gotten so much positive reception, and i’m completely blown away.   every single person i’ve followed since i made this blog has been open, friendly, and welcoming, and i haven’t had this ‘at home’ feeling with a blog in a really long time.   thank you to you guys for accepting me with open arms, and for making me happy to even log in, and i hope that i get to continue to share this journey with all of you.

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