thanks 4 the wait

I don’t care how long it’s been…I am over nothing.

I’m not over isak screaming “E-box gimme the beat”

I’m not over how those boys made some really gross tasting cheese toasties

I’m not over how isak struggled so much trying to climb out of that window

I’m not over any kiss

I’m not over how Even made isak feel free and loved and saved him
And I’m sure as hell not over when isak saved him right back with that
“du er ikke alene”

Livet er nå and I am over NOTHING

BTD2 Walkthrough - Vincent Endings

Alright since pretty much all of us are in dire need of a Vincent guide, I put one together. A LOT of these endings start with the same steps mostly because that’s my favorite way to do things (please make a save file and save yourself some steps lol) but you can probably get some of the endings differently. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll do my best~

Lots of spoilers under the cut!! Thank you @daniel-bear for the solutions to 13 + 19!

I also personally used these guides for the other boys: Cain / Lawrence / Ren

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Difficult one here. Go for the full frame shots or get it over with quickly? All is good. (x)


It’s winter in Nohr so Leo lent Takumi his scarf uvu 

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT GGGggghhhhh _(:3 im gomen about your son’s hair

Taking a break from electronic (birth chart & compatibility) readings

I have no time.

No time. None.

I want to write them, but I have to admit defeat on this one. I’ll bring them back when we get closer to the summer. February-April is my busiest time of year. Working is awesome.

Jk don’t grow up it’s a fucking trap.