thanks 4 the wait

now I’m almost convinced that the whole 4 years wait and coming back with 1 cour, only to announce the next season with 2 cours right after S2 ended was planned all along! I mean maybe they themselves didn’t predict it will take this long at first but I’m sure it wasn’t laziness, or them prioritizing profit or wanting to milk the series or anything like that

who knows, maybe it’s even a mutual decision of the anime team and Isayama because he wanted to wait until he structured everything better, enough for the anime team to make good creative choices (like what they did with Ymir’s flashback)
or it could be any other reason, whatever it is, it all feels planned!

I feel so bad for complaining so much over the 1 cour thing now lol, I’m so sorry WIT studio!!


The ocean chose you for a reason

I don’t care how long it’s been…I am over nothing.

I’m not over isak screaming “E-box gimme the beat”

I’m not over how those boys made some really gross tasting cheese toasties

I’m not over how isak struggled so much trying to climb out of that window

I’m not over any kiss

I’m not over how Even made isak feel free and loved and saved him
And I’m sure as hell not over when isak saved him right back with that
“du er ikke alene”

Livet er nå and I am over NOTHING


Hey there everyone!

First off, I’m so sorry about the lack of updates! 

My dog very literally ate my tablet pen and I had to wait for my new one to come in.
On top of that I got caught up in another Homestuck project (aka a lyricstuck) that I’ve been working on that I wanted to release on 4/13, which I had borrowed Miss Mew’s tablet for until my pen came in.

So neither of us have been able to do anything for here ;w;

Please take these lovely gems that Miss Mew drew before everything piled up as a gift 

Asks should resume its progress here soon!

– Mun T ))

The Seven Sleeping Ways of BTS

a request from a lovely anon; 

with each member and their personal sleeping positions with their gf’s…

(1) Hoseok: The Quiet Type - he gently tucks your chin into his collarbone as you bury your face into Hoseok’s broaden chest, basking in the subtle aroma of his okay vanilla scent. A leg of yours crosses upon his and your other arm motionlessly resting upon his abdomen. There’s no communication needed because the both of you can practically talk in breaths - from his pleasant, soft grunts to your little happy sighs, Hoseok’s arm around your shoulder somehow manages to bring your body even closer.

 He arches his neck, only for him to meet your resting forehead and leave a chaste kiss. His lips linger on the skin for a bit longer, but truly, you don’t mind it at all. Even just the moments before your eyes threaten to doze off into a deep trance, a tinge of delight manages to find its way out of your heart, cracking through and curling its way onto your own lips. You lift your face up to his, meeting halfway to lock with Hoseok’s orbed eyes. Almost silently, he leans down to meet the curvature of your waiting ear. His plush lips hovering over the flesh as his low timbre resonated throughout the enclosed air,

“Goodnight, my love.”

(2) Jin: The Admirer Type - where he wakes up to the sight of you, face just inches away. His eyes, only just barely awakened, start paving downwards. From the very slope of your nose to the skin along your creamy lips, just awaiting to be flooded with his butterfly pecks, followed across from the expanse of your milky cheeks - a peachy blush patiently setting into them just as the sun begins to rise from the window behind. He looks upon with such awe and amazement at how such a sight could be so heart poundingly adorable. Only a stir from you rusting along the sheets beside him finally breaks Jin out of his trance. Your eyes slowly peek open with conscious, only for him to outwardly sputter in surprise because he didn’t expect for you to catch him with such a goofy, wide-eyed look plastered first thing onto Jin’s expression while he enjoys the sight of you resting next to you. Giggling bubbles throughout the bedroom as you share knowing looks with him and he starts,

“So….,” he coos into your gracing ear,

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