thanks 4 the wait


The ocean chose you for a reason

I don’t care how long it’s been…I am over nothing.

I’m not over isak screaming “E-box gimme the beat”

I’m not over how those boys made some really gross tasting cheese toasties

I’m not over how isak struggled so much trying to climb out of that window

I’m not over any kiss

I’m not over how Even made isak feel free and loved and saved him
And I’m sure as hell not over when isak saved him right back with that
“du er ikke alene”

Livet er nå and I am over NOTHING

that fucking 2.5 second Shiro and Keith cameo in the background was the best thing that ever happened because now finally fans and interviewers are asking about the perkerberos backstory and like,, thank goodness,, I’ve waited 4 seasons for this,,, 

baby eyebrow &summer haircut


Hey there everyone!

First off, I’m so sorry about the lack of updates! 

My dog very literally ate my tablet pen and I had to wait for my new one to come in.
On top of that I got caught up in another Homestuck project (aka a lyricstuck) that I’ve been working on that I wanted to release on 4/13, which I had borrowed Miss Mew’s tablet for until my pen came in.

So neither of us have been able to do anything for here ;w;

Please take these lovely gems that Miss Mew drew before everything piled up as a gift 

Asks should resume its progress here soon!

– Mun T ))

anonymous asked:

I watched all three seasons of voltron last night. It was lit. I just woke up. You turned me into a voltron person. Now I must join the ranks of the suffering and wait until season 4. Thanks a lot

ur welcome, s4 is gonna happen in less than 2 months I think so not a long wait 8′) I still haven’t even gotten done all the stuff I meant to post for and before s3 ahahh