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@henneschaf: “ hey i doodled Perseis for you!! i really really love team PLSM, they are adorable! i also rly dig your art style, it’s so unique and pretty imo! anyway, i love Perseis, she is absolutely adorable and sweet. i also love the fact that she hates cursing so much, yet the word “perse” means “ass” in estonian :-)”

There’s a reason you’ve never heard of GX-46 Helacon.

Happy Birthday Jack McBrayer!

Happy Birthday Jack McBrayer! Have the best day ever! An amazing day for an amazing guy! 

 Thank you so much for helping to bring us all such an amazing and positive friend like Wander. I wish you the best of luck with all of your future projects and I hope one day you will be able to return to WOY for a third season and bring Wander back to us for more adventures and lessons in friendship! You and Wander were just meant to be! 

 Thank you for signing my WOY poster too! You’re the greatest!


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Hi. I wanted to thank you for this blog, I've been folowwing you for years now. Your blog always soothes me, and now that I'm living a really hard time in my life, where I barely see any hope for me and my future, you and your work bring me a little in my soul. Thanks

i cannot begin to describe how touched i am that you sent this in, let alone that you feel this way, dear nonie. the fact that this blog is able to do that for you fills me with joy. thank you for these kinds words i will cherish them forever. 

please remember that there will always be that light at the end of the tunnel. even if everything seems hopeless now, things will brighten up & you will be okay & there are people cheering you on every step of the way. you’re a very strong person & i’m honoured that you think so strongly of this silly blog for this doggo muse. thank you ever so much

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Hello Sara! I was wondering could I get 23 + Jackson for the drabble game please? Thank you so much! ❣️

23. “Please don’t let me ever catch you doing something like this again”

You didn’t go out drinking with your friends often. But, tonight was different. You wanted to forget about everything that happened.

You had gotten into a big fight with your boyfriend, and you were almost positive that you two were done. You didn’t want to admit that, but it did seem that way. So tonight, you want all out. You wore a short dress with high heels, put on makeup and did your hair, and you danced the night away.

You are always the first to admit that you had too much to drink. But tonight, although you were on your third or fourth drink, it didn’t feel like too much. In fact, you felt great.

You were singing loudly as you skipped down the road, heels in your hand with your friends trailing behind. They were concerned about how you were acting, and they didn’t know what to do about it. Usually in a situation like this, where you were uncontrollable, they would call Jackson. But they were positive that he of all people would make it worse right now.

Suddenly, you stopped.

“I’m tired,” you said simply. You sat in the middle of the road, placing your heels in front of you. “I don’t want to get up.”

“(Y/N),”one of your friends said, running towards you, “no, you need to get up. This is a busy street.”

“That’s is, i’m calling him.” The other said, quickly bringing her phone up to her ear as she stood on the sidewalk.

You blocked them out momentarily, laying down on the cold pavement with your eyes closed. You had felt fine moments before, but now you weren’t sure.

After only a few minutes, you heard your name being called again. You opened your eyes and turned your head slightly, to see him running towards you.

“(Y/N), are you crazy??” He said as he came to a stop, kneeling in front of you, “this is one of the busiest roads over here. I’m shocked no one has run you over yet.”

“Let them,” you said, leaning back down as you stared at the sky, “I don’t care.”

“Don’t say that.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you up without warning, making you shriek. 

“Please don’t let me ever catch you doing something like this again.” He said sternly, pressing you to his chest in a tight hug. You felt the sadness you had felt hours before, the sadness that made you numb, suddenly sip away. “Can we get you home, where I can take care of you?”

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Re-reading "My Enemy, My Ally" and found the battle between Enterprise, Bloodwing, Rea's Helm, Wildfire, and Javelin to be beautifully written. It is still one of my favorite Star Trek novels, and was the first book of yours I ever bought.

Thanks so much! :) I do try to take care over space battles. Choreography counts.

1000 posts!

Unbelievably enough, this is my 1000th post! This blog isn’t even six months old and I’ve already hit the 1000 milestone. Thank you so much to my 330 followers, everyone who has ever sent me a message, and also thank you to my RP partners who put up with how slow I am. I honestly never thought this blog would become as big a thing as it is now and I couldn’t be happier.

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I would die for your headcannons how are YOU SO GOOD AT MAKING THEM

*finger guns* i spend most of my waking hours consuming memes my guy

  • keith: “shiro… told me to lead voltron” hunk: “galra keith, i’m glad you discovered your sense of humor but now is not the time for jokes”
  • coran was altea’s bill nye
    • but like. more ripped
    • had a series of informational videos that covered basically anything slightly educational. was sleeveless in every single one
    • he was the Science Guy
  • lance insists upon the use of space rock paper scissors to solve disputes. it’s exactly like normal rock paper scissors but the rock is a space rock
  • they refer to keith’s shack as the “love shack, baby love shack”
  • slav: *breathes* shiro, under his breath: “patience yields focus patience yields focus patience yields focus-”
  • they ditch kaltenecker on the first planet with aliens that’ll take him
    • lance argues against this decision vehemently
    • “but allura we can’t get rid of him!! he reminds keith of home” “lance if you tell another texas joke i swear to god-”
  • lance’s Mermaid Thing conversation w hunk was 1% “wow mermaids are hot” and 99% “i wanna be a mermaid”
  • pidge: “why do you guys have british accents” allura: “what’s a british”

Six Ryder & Vetra Nyx

“Hey, I just shoot the guns.”
“You know that’s my line, right?”

Tol meme Pathfinder with her tol turian gf :’) How Vetra puts up with all of Six’s crazy shenanigans, we’ll never know…

I got the chance to commission the awesome @projectnelm for this gorgeous art of Six and Vetra! Ahhhhhh! ;A; Thank you so much <3 She was such a pleasure to work with! Please consider commissioning her if you get the chance!!


“Aedion grinned at his queen as the entire world went to hell.”
Collaboration between @taurielsilvan​ & @wondcrwomans​.

Happy birthday, Kesh ( @akrhamknight)! (April 19)

【声優 梶裕貴 さんと ばなにゃ のコラブCM大公間にゃー!】

A collab between Kaji and bananya on a CM (commercial message)! These two are way too cute OMG send help I’m having diabetes right now hhnnggg―

Source is from Twitter @/bananya_anime !


favourite bts era for @hergolyne​​ 
run era

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).