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Que for the character thing! :O


Full Name: Quennell McKay

Gender and Sexuality: Female and Bisexual

Pronouns: She/Her

Ethnicity/Species: Montrollian Doracoastic [equivalent to African American] /Human      

Birthplace and Birthdate: Andersine, Doracoast, September 26th, 1997

Guilty Pleasures: When she thinks she’s alone, she’ll sing the weirdest songs at full volume… occasionally she won’t actually be alone.

Phobias: Acrophobia- fear of heights 

What They Would Be Famous For: Her extensive garden.

What They Would Get Arrested For: Trespassing at the worst.

OC You Ship Them With: Quennell x Malisa is done diddly canon my dude.

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Jade? (If she broke Malisa’s heart for some reason?)

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: RomCom

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: ‘The Chosen One’

Talents and/or Powers: Can make one hell of a cocktail

Why Someone Might Love Them: She’s a sweetheart and will always do her best to make sure you’re ok.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Somewhat hypocritical, suppresses her own negative emotions to not worry you.

How They Change: Over time she realizes that the world isn’t as perfect as she thought, but she still tries her best to make it better.

Why You Love Them: She’s? A cinnamon roll? 

Bonus! She’s actually an orange tree that I grew from a seed when I was maybe 9? At this point she’s almost as tall as me!

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Forgive me if this is rude, but how do you save up gems and treasure on fr? Your lair is spectacular and I'm wondering how you got the treasure to outfit and gene it.

first of all, thank you :dd

second of all, i’m not even that good at saving money

i’ve made most of my money selling art and accents and occasionally exalting a bunch of dragons/selling fodder to a push. also hoardselling?? the best money-making ways are probably:

  • training and exalting dragons
  • selling art/writing/other services like scrying or dressing or coding
  • bonding with familiars (the little profits add up, i promise)
  • hoardselling stuff you, swipp, or baldwin don’t need
  • selling baldwin/swipp materials on the auction house (if you’re patient and persistent enough, this one’s a hecking goldmine)
  • participating in profit pushes or sending fodder to pushing flights 

i’m super bad at saving up, but i’ve found that putting all of your money to your vault really helps you consider if you really need the stuff you’re going to take the money out for. planning your projects/goals ahead and laying down a financial plan can help (i’m not very good at those though). really thinking through individual dragons’ outfits, for example, and deciding what you need or don’t need to buy can save a lot of money. impulse control is the key to this. and patience. for example, cycled items (wildclaw scrolls, pirate stuff, seasonal apparel, notn apparel) sell for a Lot more when they are cycled out (for example, magician’s cobwebs go for ~150kt throughout the year but their price is cut by two thirds when notn rolls back around). 

so, to save up:

  • put all of your money to your vault
  • or alternatively, leave a set amount of money (monthly, weekly?) for yourself to use freely and don’t spend anything else
  • participate in no-spend months, they are Great
  • plan your finances
  • control your impulses
  • be patient with cycled items

((Haah exams are done! Yaay!~ ^^ Today was kinda bad, but hopefully it’ll get a bit better once I get back to drawing~ Thank you all for supporting and encouraging me for my exams! You know who you guys are~ ;DD and thank you all for your patience during my absence!))

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Ahh omg, how about Black Hat and Flug like, dancing or BH holding Flug, but BH is all morphed and looking scary af?? I wanna see terrified(orarousedcough) Flug :3c

Black hat:*picks Flug completely off the ground* Is this how you “””dance”””?

(pls forgive this was the best I could manage qwq I am still new to the body horror thing ;w;)

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Ever wonder what happens if Splat eats too many sweets?

oh MAN this gave me the cutest idea. What if Stands reacted to excessive sweets (eaten either by themselves, or by their users) by getting literally sweet? Like they’d go into a some kind of Stand Sugar High and get super affectionate

And because I can imagine Joutarou not eating sweets often (that wouldnt go well with his tough guy image, lol) Star Platinum wouldn’t be used to sugar so he’d be even more strongly affected after curiously trying some candy


mini commissions part 3!! i have another little break coming up, so i wanted to open up some mini sketch commissions at $15 each. all sketches are clean lined & have minimal shading — in whatever colour scheme you’d like, it doesn’t need to be in black and white, and can have whatever additions (speech bubbles, text, hearts, etc) you’d like. additional characters are $5, and backgrounds are $5+ depending on the complexity. (more examples here!)

  • i WILL draw:  ocs, fanart of your own choice or scenes from fanfics, some nsfw themes (gore/violence i can do–anything explicitly sexual needs to be discussed in the commission request).
  • i WON’T draw:  anything sexual/excessively nsfw in other ways that involves underage characters, incest, furry, mecha.
  • payment is via paypal only!  email me your request/commission type at and i’ll get back to you asap.
  • payment up front:  i will start the piece after your payment goes through.
  • send as many references for your ocs as you want! the more the better.
  • i’ll send the finished art to your email:  if you’d like me to post it here instead, let me know.
  • i’ll leave the background white, but you can request a single colour background for free, or ask for it to be left transparent!
  • (i’ll give you a final quote on the price before i ask for payment.)

if you have any other questions, my inbox is open & i have 5 slots open as usual! :D