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3am with you: Dan Howell (part 3)

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Warnings: Language, Feels

We looked at the small child, to each other, then back at it. Dan quickly shut the door, eyes wide. I gave him a what-the-fuck face and slipped quietly into the bathroom. The baby was asleep (thankfully), as I stood above, peering at it.

“Does is have a name tag?” Dan said from behind me.

“Dan, please enlighten my why a human child would have a motherfucking name tag,” I whispered angrily. 

“I don’t know I don’t have a baby!” he said, putting up his hands in defense.

“Fuck, okay, what else happened last night?” I asked.


We continued down the main road, and I watched how lights and shadows danced and battled over Dan’s face as we walked under the street lights. I grabbed his hand, and beckoned him across the street to a park. I dragged him through a small cluster of trees into an opening.

“Here, I used to do this with my cousins,” I said, turning to him. I took off my boots and socks and felt the cold, wet grass through my toes. I backed up a few paces from Dan.

“Look directly up at the sky, and pick one star to focus on,” I said, looking back at him. He just looked at me, with a half-smile on his face. I blushed and pointed back at the sky. “So focus on one star, and then spin around,” I did as I said, giggling.

“Then, stop and fall on your back, and it looks like the whole sky is spinning around that one star.” I heard his laughter fill the air around us as he did the same, and then fall next to me. We laid next to each other, on the cold, wet grass and looked up at the stars. 

“Funny how that shit works, huh,” he said, breaking the silence. “We are just small insignificant humans with an entire universe spinning around us." 

"Well, at least we’re pretty damn cool insignificant humans, you and I.”

He chuckled to himself, and I heard him mutter a small, “yeah.” Then, he rolled over onto his side, placed his hand on my cheek, and pressed his lips against mine.

“Pretty damn cool.” he whispered after.

We found our way out of the park, and now down the pitch dark streets.

“It’s funny how quiet everything is at 3am-” I began, but I was interrupted.

“Hey! It’s you two!” We heard from behind us. Dan turned around and pushed me behind him, suddenly protective.

“You guys were those two drunks singing karaoke at the bar!” The drunk man said.

“Oh,” Dan laughed, “yeah that was us.”

“You guys were awesome! Hey, my buddy just texted me saying there is this raging party a few blocks from here! Come with me!”

“Oh, I don’t really do parties,” Dan said.

I looked at him, “Come on, let’s end with a bang!” 


“That’s it, that’s all I remember,” I told him. We must have ended up falling asleep at the party we went to with that drunk guy. I looked into Dan’s eyes, and even though I don’t really know him, I felt as though I knew a part of him nobody else did after last night (well, this morning).

“We are still fucked.” He said, motioning towards the baby. 

“Come one, let’s figure this out,” I said, suddenly taking charge. I took the baby into my arms and walked out of the room, with trailing Dan behind me. We found our way downstairs, and their was a few people milling around, some hungover, some still passed out. 

“Oh! My baby!” Some hungover girl stumbled over and took him from my arms. “I put him upstairs to get him away from the people, thank you!” she said.

Who brings a baby to a party? I couldn’t care less, I was too tired to care. I looked back at Dan, who had a look of amazement and shock on his face. 

“What?” I asked him.

“(Y/N), Look around.” He said.

I couldn’t fucking believe it, we ended up at the same party we started at, where I first met Dan. We had come full circle. Funny how that shit works, huh. 

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