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Yuuri and his Decision Not to Retire in ep 12

So I was doing some thinking and realized that while I’ve talked to death about Victor’s career decision in episode 12, I’ve never really delved into the intricacies of Yuuri’s. He makes a career decision that’s just as important as Victor’s – to not retire.

This might sound odd since he’s never taken a break like Victor did but Yuuri had been planning all season to retire after the GPF. He feels his time in his career is limited, and we see him come back to this multiple times throughout the series. That itself spawned from the fact that even before Victor came, Yuuri had been considering the idea of retirement. Then, in episode 12, he made the choice not to retire but to continue skating. Why?

I’ve heard multiple people’s interpretations of the reason(s) for this decision and I’ve gotten a lot varied responses, so I figured I’d share mine! Let’s start from the beginning of the episode and work our way through!

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on shore leave… for.. ‘recreational’ purposes.

I love my babies so much and I miss them a lot.

Tater? Didn’t know he was bi until he met Ransom

just, listen to me. I figured out I was bi when I caught myself staring at my oldest friend’s cleavage. Like, I was 17. Sometimes you don’t figure out you’re bi, because, you know, heteronormativity and all that, you tell yourself, I like the opposite gender and this fascination for my own gender are friendships/admiration/whatever.

So bi Tater who never even thought he was bi until that Haus party where he met Jack’s old team, and, well, he knew how to appreciate beauty in all its forms but, no one was pretty like Ransom. NO ONE. Tater just couldn’t stop staring.

At one point in the evening, he grabs Jack by the arm, eyes lost.

‘Zimmbonni. You made coming out to us last month, yes?’


‘Now is my turn. This is me coming out. To you.’

‘Oh? Oh! It’s great, Tater, thank you for-’

‘I have known for last five minutes.’


‘Yes. Your friend Ransom too pretty. I not straight anymore.’

‘…It doesn’t really work like that-’

‘Too pretty for me to stay straight.’

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Okay but Consider This: Lance....... loving himself................... and actually feeling like he's good enough.... like he really does deserve to be part of this team...... Yiss

now this is a concept i can get behind,,
imagine: Lance being happy and secure in his role as a fundamental part of Voltron. He knows no one wants him gone and that he’s an exceptional asset to the team, besides being a delight to be around, also because all of his friends keep telling him in backhanded compliments and praises. “Nice shot,” Keith calls into the comms, and Lance can feel the smile in his words as the others whoop in agreement. He grins and pumps his fist in the air, dodging another ship coming his way only to turn back and bullseye it with an ice ray. In the castle hangar, Shiro pats his shoulder amicably and says “Good job out there, Lance” to which he replies with a snarky one liner on the gist of “I kinda missed the smell of galra’s kicked butts.” Everyone laughs genuinely, and Lance is still grinning as he takes a long, hot shower, humming some indistinguishable pop song to himself under the spray.

He still misses home, but the hollowness it leaves in his ribcage is filled with weird altean game nights and the feeling of belonging to a new mismatched family. They’re doing this together, for better or worse. And when they’ll have saved the universe and come back to earth, he’ll have cool scars and amazing stories to tell. Maybe he’ll write a book and they’ll get an apartment all together, maybe he’ll be able to tell his mom that he’s fallen for an unruly boy with a mullet and a heart of gold, that they want to get a dog and adopt children. He’ll bring alien stuff to his nephews only to see their eyes light up in awe, their little faces rapt in wonder as he recounts the tale of the salvation of humanity and everything beyond. He’ll tell them that he was there, with the bravest companions he could ever desire, and they fought back to back by the skin of their teeth against a tyrant with a will as strong as steel. He’ll tell them how he saw cities crumble and raise from the ashes, a testimony of just how strenuous is the instinct in all living beings to keep fighting for good. He’ll tell them, at last, how the light will always shine brighter in the darkness, and that there is always hope for a better future.

There are a lot of things that he didn’t know at first, and even more that he still doesn’t. The road is long, and bumpy, but he’s ready to learn, and see where it takes him.

That night, as he laughs at something Hunk said, Keith entwines their fingers under the table and squeezes gently. One thing, he definitely knows. Lance squeezes back, and knows that they’ll be okay.

“Really, Peter, my daughter ?” - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Summary : Peter starts to date Tony Stark’s daughter and the Iron Man isn’t sure he’s liking it…Well, actually, he’s pretty sure he hates it. 

I wanted to write something else than Batfam or DC related for once sooooooo…Here’s a Peter Parker story yo. It has probably been written a thousand times, but after I watched “Spider-Man : Homecoming”, all I wanted to do was writing a story with Peter starting to date Tony’s daughter so…yeah. Here it is. Hope you’ll like it : 

My masterlist blog :


Peter didn’t really mean for this to happen. Far from it. Oh it would have avoided him a world of troubles if none of this ever happened. 

Nope, totally didn’t mean for this to happen. Besides, when he first met you, he had a massive crush on Liz and had eyes only for her. Oh he was head over heels for her. And, your first encounter wasn’t exactly…a smooth one. 


Months earlier, when Peter helped your father against Captain America: 

It was very soon after the big fight between “Team Iron Man” and “Team Captain America” that you met him. Peter was waiting for  “Mr. Stark” in the Avengers’ watchtower, in one of the waiting lounge. 

An annoying elevator music was playing and Peter was awkwardly sitting in one of the ridiculously fancy chair of the lounge, waiting for…Someone. Anyone really. 

He had been waiting for hours. Did…did they forgot about him ? Nooooo, Mr. Stark would never do that to him. 

And when the door opened, Peter’s heart leapt at the thought of talking to his hero again and…A girl he only saw on TV appeared, hurriedly closing the door behind her. 

You. It was you. The famous (Y/N) Stark, only daughter of the even more famous Tony Stark, and therefor, sole heir to the Stark’s fortune.  

You didn’t even notice Peter at first, as he was sitting in the chair furthest to the door, and when you did, the face you made made him flinch. You seemed so unhappy to see him…

-Who the Hell are you ?

You ask without any other preamble. Peter stands up and clears his throat…and oh he wanted to slap himself when instead of telling you his name he said : 

-You’re…You’re (Y/N) Stark ! 

You roll your eyes at him and approach him slowly, giving him a suspicious look before saying : 

-Thank you, without you, I think I would have never known my own name. I’m so grateful right now…

The sarcasm in your voice was so strong Peter thought he could feel it squeezing his heart and self-confidence. It took him way too long before he finally answered : 

-Peee…Pee…Peter Parker. 

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idk i was eating a kit-kat when i thot of this idea its prolly bad- keith eats his kit-kats by just,,, chompin into them and lance sees him do it and is like "dude,,,, what the FUCK" and keith is like "????"

no no this is solid™

Keith has no concept of human decency. Lance knew, already, but the confirmation comes in the form of sweet, sweet chocolate. 

He finds him in the kitchen at four am, clad in only his pajama pants, unwrapping a Kit-Kat that’s very clearly coming from Shiro’s pantry cabinet. That’s regular, so he just grunts at him and goes to open the fridge. He picks up some juice and fetches himself a glass, but when he turns back… Keith is sat at the kitchen counter, chewing, and his Kit-Kat has what clearly look like bite marks. The entire Kit-Kat. “What the fuck,” he says, with sentiment.

Keith gulps, blinks at him, catches his horrified gaze that goes between him and the chocolate like a ping pong ball. “What,” he echoes. Like there’s nothing wrong with him eating like that.

“That’s not how you eat a Kit-Kat,” Lance finds it in himself to explain, ever so mindful. He pours the juice in the glass and goes to sit down too, right in front of Keith and the unjustly mauled chocolate bar.

Keith frowns. “There’s a specific way,” he starts, “to eat a Kit-Kat.” He sounds incredulous, but also really unimpressed. That’s Keith for you.

“Of course!” Lance splutters “I can’t believe- You can’t bite into it directly! You have to- to separate the pieces. That’s why they’re there.”

Keith arches his eyebrows, looks down at his chomped down Kit-Kat. “Why?”

“Because,” Lance takes time gulping down some juice, raising a hand to signal that he’s not done “to savour it.”

Understanding dawns on Keith’s face, followed by a smirk. “Why would you delay instant gratification,” he says, and nibbles at the Kit-Kat again. Lance will die young, he always knew.
“Lance,” Keith licks his lips, offers him the bar “I’ve seen you eating french fries in groups of four.” His fingers are sticky with melted chocolate. Lance takes the bar anyway.

“I’m not convinced, but go on,” he says.

The next morning, when Lance bites down into another Kit-Kat bar without separating the pieces, Keith’s blooming smile is almost enough for him to ignore the feeling of being disrespecting the food gods. It’s certainly enough to make Shiro bench press them both and get them to buy him a new package with a whopping total of thirty six new Kit-Kat bars - but that’s another story.


Illustrations for A Home for Fire: Part One - Ember, by @xthecherryx

A legend is what has brought Sabo, Robin and Koala to a long lost city hidden deep within the jungle. What will Sabo find, though, when he sneaks into the city’s temple? Because every tale holds a shred of truth - and sometimes that truth turns life upside down.

To see the full illustrations, please check out A Home for Fire on AO3!  Or see below links–due to size and length, I’ve posted the full illustrations on this blog in batches:

[ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

I have had the most fun ever collaborating with J on this project for the last eight months for the One Piece Big Bang event.  Thank you to Bea for hosting this; I couldn’t have known that participating would lead to all of this!!  It was an adventure and a learning experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better collaborating partner than J!

We pulled all the stops to make A Home for Fire what it is, so we invite you to give this Part I a read!  J’s writing is simply masterful, and there are so many scenes that make my heart swell–so many more scenes I wanted to illustrate!  It’s just too cinematic not to!  

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hi can i request for bestfriend!seungcheol slowly realizing he has feelings for you AAAAAH (thinking of it makes my heart flutter) i love ur writings and thank uu in advance!!:]

  • you and seungcheol have known each other since you were literally kids,,,and therefore it’s no big surprise that you guys keep being friends even up into college
  • where you’ve just seen your best friend turn his childhood mischievousness into what he calls charm,,,,,or ‘grease’ even though every time you make a fake gagging noise at one of his pickup lines seungcheol just tells you you know nothing about the complex world of ‘flirting’
  • and random people in your classes keep asking you if seungcheol is single,,,,,because wow he’s got muscles,,,,anD a cute face,,,,,
  • and you’re like sure he does,,,,but did you know he snores like crazy????? in middle school he came over to play videogames, fell asleep on my couch and it sounded like a freight train was coming through my living room 
  • but people are like interested in him for his looks
  • which you do,,,,agree have gotten much better,,,,,like seungcheol went from being a lil chubby in the cheeks to have a killer jawline
  • and walking around in bomber jackets,,,hair slicked back from his face,,,,sunglasses hanging off his nose,,,,,,and,,,,,that secret tattoo he got and made you swear that you wouldn’t tell his mom
  • but like,,,,,you see the chic seungcheol but it’s nothing compared to the memories you have of him as a twelve year old standing next to you with dirty knees and a big dopey smile on his face because you guys managed to climb the neighbor’s fence and get back your frisbee without getting caught
  • but long story short he’s the hot campus flirt and you’re his bestfriend so everyone either assumes you’re dating or wants you to get them his number
  • and it’s annoying but it becomes even worse when you and seungcheol get the same part-time job at the mall
  • and you guy’s work at this clothing store and ,,,,,everyday it’s the same groups of people from your college coming in to giggle and flirt with seungcheol
  • and seungcheol is so easily entertained by it,,,,,,so you get stuck folding shirts while he sits at the counter batting his eyelashes
  • but you don’t complain because he does work too,, he lifts any of the heavy stuff and always helps you move around the mannequins but he also teases you if you happen to get tired 
  • so when people aren’t around it’s like you’re kids all over again,,,,,but then a flock will come and take him away and you will never admit it,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but you’re kinda jealous,,,,like that’s your best friend and you guys barely hang out because class eats up your time so getting the same job kinda made you excited,,,but now,,,,
  • you don’t show it though and you don’t tell seungcheol. hell no you could never,,,,,,,,
  • but one day as you’re closing up you mention that the tuition is getting worse and you’re three hundred bucks in debt for textbooks and you forget you even tell seungcheol
  • but the next weekend when you’re in the mall, not for your shift but to see another friend, you can’t believe it but,,,,,,,,there’s seungcheol???? working extra shifts????
  • and you don’t know why and you’d ask,,,,but somehow you feel like you shouldn’t,,,,,he might have his reasons,,,,so you duck when he turns to look over his shoulder
  • and a couple of weeks go by and you know seungcheol keeps taking extra hours,,,,,and you’re like,,,,,,,,is his family having money problems?? why won’t he talk to me ??? does he not see me as his best friend anymore,,
  • and it hurts you won’t lie,,,because no matter how open and friendly seungcheol is with people - you always knew that he told you everything. and only you,,,,,,,but that seems to have changed
  • until,,,,,,you get an email before your shift about how your debts been paid off and you’re like ?????what?????but i??????didn’t????? do that????
  • but the fact makes you smile because thaNK GOD three hundred bucks is like ,,,,,,four weeks of work
  • and seungcheol walks by and is like “you look all happy, is it because i look amazing today?” and you roll your eyes and you’re like no!!! some kind soul paid off my debt!!!
  • and seungcheol ruffles your hair and is like you’re lucky! someone must really like you!! and you’re like yEAH omg i wonder who it wa-
  • and you stop mid sentence and look up at seungcheol and he’s like ?
  • and you’re like,,,four weeks of work is 300 bucks,,,,,,seungcheol was taking extra shifts for about three to four weeks,,,,,,he never mentioned having his own money problems,,,,,and he knew about your debt
  • and it all clicks in your head and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “it,,,,,was you wasn’t it?” and you say it quietly but you know seungcheol can hear it
  • and you see him shrug, smile at you and he’s like “i said it you know,,,the person who paid for you must really like you,,,”
  • and you catch your breath because wait,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,you,,,,,,seungcheol,,,,,,,likes you????
  • and you’re like “do you mean-” and seungcheol drops his eyes for the first time,,,,getting a flustered look that is so so so rare
  • and he’s like “i don’t want you to think im trying to lure you or anything, and if you don’t feel the same way we’ll just say i did it for you as your best frien-”
  • but you’re like pulling him down by his employee id and seungcheol is like!!!!!! and you’re pressing your lips softly to his beCause you know WHAT
  • you like him too!!!!! and that jealousy you felt might have been attributed to the fact that,,,,you’ve always wanted to be special to seungcheol,,,,but in more of a way than a friend,,,
  • and seungcheol is shocked, but his hand is almost reflexively moving to tug you closer
  • but you both have to tear away when your manager clears their throat so loud everyone in the store turns to look
  • but,,,,,,,you and seungcheol spend your shifts with giddy smiles and fast beating hearts and im not trying to hint at anything here kids but when the manager goes and it’s time to lock up,,,,,
  • well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,let’s just say you and seungcheol do a bit more than kiss in the employee room
  • and literally seungcheol against your neck is like: “ive liked you since we were kids,,,and now,,,,,,it’s like that childhood dream of mine is really coming true,,,”
  • and usually you playfully hit him when he says something corny,,,but that just makes you melt even more in his arms hehe 

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The American Burden

And now I see how it has evolved, into a lesser injustice but still an injustice in itself, oppression cloaked in self-serving liberalism. “The White Man’s Burden” slowly turns into “The American burden.” 

(Inspired by those US-centric people who can’t stay their lane) 

For the Filipinos who’d been called names because they want the Filipino voice heard, this is for you guys! Don’t be discouraged to speak up and be heard!

Note: The White Man’s Burden is a poem by Rudyard Kipling. It was used as a propaganda for the U.S. to exploit the Philippines in the 1900s.

“Take up the White Man’s burden, Send forth the best ye breed
  Go bind your sons to exile, to serve your captives’ need;
To wait in heavy harness, On fluttered folk and wild—
Your new-caught, sullen peoples, Half-devil and half-child.”

They may call us “a Slavers’ Race”, “Slavery Apologists” or whatever words they let out lightly. Don’t let their words get to you. These are chains they put on us. These are their new labels for “half-devil and half-child.” These are words they use to dominate over us and talk over us with things we know better than they ever can and they ever will. Don’t let them hold you captive. Don’t let them hold you back. Your voice is important. Your voice needs to be heard.

“Take up the White Man’s burden, In patience to abide,
  To veil the threat of terror And check the show of pride;
By open speech and simple, An hundred times made plain
  To seek another’s profit, And work another’s gain.”

They may tell you that this is for us, that this is them trying “to seek another’s profit.” But you’ll find it in their words. It was never about us for them. It was never about us trying to find our culture, the very one they’ve robbed us of. At the end of the day, they just clean the hands of White oppressors so they feel better about themselves or they change its course to talk about black people, at the expense of our own voice, our own struggles. When you hear them say it is for the Filipino, don’t believe them. They don’t know an inkling of what we’ve seen, what we’ve lived first hand. They can sympathize but they can never understand. That is why we speak. That is why we stand. Take hold of this. Take hold of what defines a Filipino. This is not meant for their gain. This is for ours, for us to gain a better grasp of our culture and ourselves and further both. This is for the Filipino people.

“Take up the White Man’s burden And reap his old reward:
 The blame of those ye better, The hate of those ye guard—
The cry of hosts ye humour (Ah, slowly!) toward the light:—
 "Why brought he us from bondage, Our loved Egyptian night?“

They may twist your words, tell you that it is only your bitterness towards the Americans that drives you to speak up, that they are right and you are wrong, that theirs is the way “toward the light.” Don’t let them. You have every right to be bitter. They’ve benefited from America’s exploitation of the Philippines. Let their privilege be known to them. Tell them the dimming light of this country is because of the oppression from America and those centuries worth from colonizers, both foreign (Spain, America, Japan) and Filipino themselves. We know better than they do how the lights go from bad to worse. This is our roof. This is our home. It is us who can find the light to fix our struggles. It is us who can change the lightbulb.

 So speak up. Be heard. We’ve gone unnoticed and unheard for far too long. Let them know who the Filipino people really are. Let them know of our culture, of our struggles, of how tangled our society is. Let us attempt to dismantle them and build them anew, better and stronger. 

Bagyo lang yung mga insulto ng mga kano at lilipas din yan. Pero yung mga bagay na matututunan natin mula sa pakikipag-usap sa kapwa nating Pilipino, tatatak yan sa puso natin habang buhay. 

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ur blog is my fave honestly. ur headcanons give me life. idk how many questions u want to take tonight but I have some if ur still interested. OK who is more likely to get jealous, when was the first time they saw each other cry and how did they react, whats their fave cuddling position, and who prefers a book and who prefers a movie? Thx!

ahh oh my god thank you :D headcanons/prompts are allllllways welcome and i’m always interested, it just may take me a while to get back to them because i generally just go where inspiration strikes.

Who is more likely to get jealous?

They’re both equally as likely to get jealous but Theo is the one who gets jealous more often. A lot of people love Liam and you know..not many people even talk to Theo so Theo has more chances. Liam’s more obvious about it when he does get jealous though. Theo has had to pull him away a few times when his eyes have flashed as someone tried to flirt with Theo.

When was the first time they saw each other cry and how did they react?

For Theo it was when he almost died thanks to Gerard. (yes i’m sticking with this story) he’s pretty sure Liam didn’t even realise he was crying and well, Theo couldn’t exactly do much thanks to the whole dying part of it. Again, he can’t do much when Liam is angrily exclaiming his love for him and storming off so he settles for kissing him when he does catch up with him. His cheeks are dry by that point and there’s kissing and celebrating their victory against the hunters so it’s pretty much forgotten in the grand scheme of things.

It was less fun for Liam, not that watching Liam cry as he thought he was about to die had been a good experience for Theo but well. At least he hadn’t been woken up at ass o'clock in the morning by his boyfriend screaming.

Not that Liam was angry or anything. Terrified, 100%, because it was Theo and sure he’d seen him looking like he was about to cry before but most of those had been an act, or blinked away in a heartbeat. This wasn’t like that, this was Theo jolting awake and seeming to barely register where he was as his eyes clouded with tears that started streaming down his cheeks as he heaved in broken breaths that left Liam frozen on his spot in the bed. It took him a good thirty seconds to leave the shock behind and actually try to comfort Theo. Theo refused to talk about the nightmare, he probably would have run out of the house were it not for Liam tackling him back to the bed and holding him in a forceful cuddle promising that he was going to be okay. They didn’t sleep the rest of the night, just laid quietly as Theo calmed down and by the time the sun came up Theo was acting like it never happened. Liam played along but knew they’d have to really talk about the nightmares eventually.

What’s their favourite cuddling position?

They don’t really have one. Mainly it’s just a case of who flops where. Theo does like it when he can rest back against Liam’s chest though, his legs either side of Theo’s waist like impromptu arm rests. Or when Liam will just collapse onto Theo’s chest a touch too hard, his forehead butting Theo’s chin. Then Theo could just wrap an arm around him and rest like that for hours, it was a lazy cuddling position but, it was comfy and meant he could lean down to kiss Liam easily if warranted, it was quite often warranted.

Who prefers a book and who prefers a movie?

They both prefer movies. Their lives are pretty busy with the supernatural and it’s nice to be able to crash on the couch, put a film on and not have to move a muscle for the next two hours. Plus, Liam doesn’t really trust books anymore after reading the dread doctors


Happy birthday @sarapyon! Here is some prompto for your special day (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

It was just announced at Final Fantasy Fan Fiesta in Paris that Ariana will be making her third appearance in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

This time it will feature a second, new Ariana character with a new outfit than the previous appearances she has made in the game. (First two she wore Dangerous Woman bunny outfit)

The new appearance is featured in the image but I’m not sure what outfit its a reference to?

The second event she had in the game was at the same time as the Dangerous Woman tour, and actually, the game gave out VIP tickets to the Manchester concert…

This could lead Ariana fans to believe that possibly some new announcement will come out from Ariana (new music?) and this new game appearance will be used to promote it. But that’s just a guess. Either way I’m sure the other Ariana blogs haven’t been keeping up with this so thought I’d share it with you since you’re my fave!!!