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HI!! blog post

HI!!! i’ve been dead and i’m still dead HAHAHAHA school is following me through summer :(( i should really learn how to say no to these extracurricular projects (i feel like a big pushover T_T). since i accepted them, i don’t have the right to complain HAHA :((

i’m planning to quit the newspaper team next year though, and i hope that lessens the workload, because i felt like i didn’t do well academically this year T_T

also i got a haircut!! at my not regular salon. so it’s kind of weird for me HAHAHAHA why are haircuts only nice on the day they’re done T_T i don’t have the time/skills/effort to blowdry my hair every day HAHAhuhuhu

so far, i haven’t felt the summer vacation vibes at all because i still go to school for extracurricular work :(( AND IT’S ALSO REALLY HOT ALL THE TIME why are we so close to the equator, my life is on fire, i’ve never used an umbrella outside so much while it isn’t raining

but!!! !! !! i’ve found some ways to relieve stress!! which is playing music!! <3 (even though i’m not the best at it HAHAHAHA) i might get a condenser mic soon!! and i’m going to play with it forever (and maybe i’ll share a link to my really bad soundcloud) HAHAHA

also, my nerd music friend (portrayed as a bucket here, because drawing him takes too much effort) reintroduced me to a lot of john mayer videos and now i think i have a crush on john mayer. why is he so perfect with his god guitar hands and voice (nerd bucket has also been trying to play john mayer songs. he’s very angry and is fascinated with john mayer’s thumb)

i’m hoping that after majority of my work is done (my big deadlines are near the end of this month) i’ll be able to practice more music and drawing!! though i still have to study for college entrance exams (i’m honestly so nervous HAHAHA T_T)

oh!! and i’ve been helping out in this game called Golden Hour (if you haven’t seen it, check the devblog out here!!! I’M REALLY EXCITED FOR IT) as a part of their junior squad (i’m the maknae huhu)!!! <3 it’s really cool and i’m in love with all the characters HAHAHA sweats nervously

i’ll still be posting some art from time to time here!! i recently tried the whole grayscale painting and overlaying color thing (HAHAHA I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S CALLED T_T) and it’s got me procrastinating on work :(( drawing is one of the only stress reliefs i have nowadays

I ALSO RECENTLY DISCOVERED ARTSTATION AND OMG IT’S ART PARADISE I AM NOT WORTHY i just lurk around and occasionally post illustrations there HAHAHA

that’s all!!! here’s to more posts in the future! and here is a doodle of me kicking nerd bucket (i know ur reading this) because he’s mean. but he’s good at music. so i forgive him

Rules for Dating Tony (Chapter4)

So I have a soft spot for Clint/Hawkeye so this little date night was one of my favorite to write. Catch up on the other date nights HERE.
I am loving how many people are rooting for Tony to end up with someone in particular! I love to hear from you guys so drop me a message/ comment/ or hit up my ask box!
I’m trying to tag everyone who wants to be tagged, so hopefully I didn’t miss anybody! Thanks for reading guys!


“What movie is this again?” Tony asked, pushing the seat back so he had more room for his legs.

“The Werewolf Returns 4: Summer Camp.” Clint said gleefully over a mouthful of popcorn and Tony groaned.

“Easily one of the worst movies in the world. Why they ever made four of them–”

“Because it’s at a summer camp and all the girls wear white tank tops while they splash around.” Clint answered, rolling his eyes. “Come on, Tony, you know that’s the only reason guys watch horror movies.”

“Well you’re not lying about that.” Tony dropped his head back on the head rest. “I just… when you said a movie I thought you meant–”

“What? Like an independent film where we all feel bad about ourselves for not caring about penguins? No thanks. This will be a good distraction for you, because honestly I feel like you need a break.”

Tony turned in his seat and stared at the archer. “Wait, this whole movie idea is because you think I’m stressed out?”

“You’ve got a lot going on, Tony.” Clint looked at him just long enough to hand him some licorice. “Just in your day to day life anyway. You think nobody notices how much effort it takes you to get through a day, to make sure everything’s running the way it should, how much effort it takes to deal with the politicians and reporters and all the crap that comes with housing a group of super heroes. But I do, Tony. I mean, we all do, but I think maybe I see it more than others.”

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I’m done. Some Tyler Joseph in adventure time style because why not? I tried drawing him in the clothes he used for the Tear in My Heart and House of Gold videos (which is where I got inspired from) I tried to turn this into a gif but I just couldn’t do it. Oh well. Hope you guys like. They’re transparent so feel free to use any of them. I might draw Josh one too. What do you guys think?

Welcome, I guess?

If you’re reading this, it probably means you like Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton or Be More Chill.

The reason I made this profile is because I love writing, and I noticed a lack of writers in the BMC fandom and thought, why not make a profile for short stories? Specifically for your favorite ships. I will write any ship I’m comfortable with (meaning most of them) and I’d appreciate it if you gave me some tips along the way!

Send me a prompt or an idea sometime, through my askbox, and I’ll see what I can do!

Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to this!


Pairings: rosé × reader

Genre: angst and fluff

Words: 1,831

Warnings: like two cuss words

Requested: yes!

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A/N: Since I reached 100 followers yesterday (which may not be a lot to some of you), i want to quickly thank anybody who has read any of the things that ive posted! It means a lot to me. ♡

It was hard dating an idol.

You had been dating Rosé for a year and a half now, which may seem like a little amount of time to some people, but to you it feels like you’ve been dating Rosé for years now.

Although you have only been dating for a year and a half, Rosé meant the absolute world to you. Anybody could see the amount of love you held for each other inside your eyes. Just the mere thought of losing her made your stomach churn and made you slightly queasy. She made you happy, and you were sure that you made her happy too.

But dating Rosé wasn’t full of always rainbows and sunshine.

Rosé is an idol, and a busy one. She’s constantly working, weather it’d be practicing new choreography for her next song or appearing on multiple variety shows, she was always doing something. When Rosé was still just a trainee, things weren’t so bad. Sure, she had still worked a lot and there were definitely days where you would have to go without seeing her, but she still had the time to at least call or text you.

But that was a year ago, and now you were sitting in your apartment alone and slightly bitter. It has been almost a week since Rosé has bothered to call or text you back, and you weren’t very happy about it. Of course you knew that Rosé wasn’t always going to have the time to talk to you or meet up with you, but a week was a bit ridiculous.

Rosé wasn’t always like this. She used to call and text you anytime she had even a little bit of time, but lately her calls and texts Wa m have been becoming in less and less frequently and it was starting to get frustrating. It couldn’t really be that hard to send a simple text ever once and awhile, right?

You sighed as you looked at the dark gray clouds covering the sky outside. Although it was in the middle of the afternoon, it looked like it was early morning with how gloomy it looked outside. A small yawn was escaping your lips, when suddenly you heard a knock coming from your front door.

You looked up in surprise and quickly made your way to the door, wondering who it could be. You opened the door to see your tired girlfriend, Rosé standing there with a small smile on her face.

“Hey Y/N.” She pulled you into a hug, squeezing you tightly.

“Where have you been?” You asked while pulling away from her tight, yet somehow still comfortable hug.

“I’ve been at YG practicing all week for our comeback. It’s been a stressful week.”

“Yeah, I could tell. You haven’t talked to me at all for this entire week,” You say with a bitter laugh.

She gave you a guilty smile, “I know, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again, I promise.”

You frown at her, “Rosé, you’ve said that before, and you ended up not talking to me for days.”

“I know, trust me. I’m constantly getting swamped with work. It’s hard, I’m trying my best, okay?” She gives you a weak smile and sits down on the armrest of your couch.

“I know that you’re really busy Rosé, but is it really that hard to send me a small text? You can’t be that busy.”

You could tell Rosé was starting to get frustrated now by the way she sighed in annoyance and furrowed her eyebrows slightly, “It’s not that easy. Do you think I’d ignore you on purpose? I care about you, you know that.”

Now it was your turn to get frustrated, “I know, but do you understand how much it worries me when you don’t text me back for an entire week? I have no idea where you are or what you’re doing. And I have a job too Rosé, yet I still always make time to at least text you to make sure you’re doing okay, why can’t you?”

“Are you being serious right now? Are you really implying that your job is as hard as mine is now? Do you have any idea how many days I’ve spent feeling guilty for not being able to call or text you? I understand that you’re worried about me right now, but there’s a reason why I’m not talking to you as much as I used to,” Rosé was clearly angry now, her voice as cold as ice and as bitter as dark chocolate.

“I’m sorry to break it to you Rosé, but being an idol isn’t the only hard and time consuming job in the world.” You’re as angry as Rosé now, your blood is boiling and somehow it feels like the temperature in the room has risen to 100°, “I probably work just as hard as you, if you cared about me enough maybe you’d realize that.”

Rosé scoffed, “Well if you enough cared about me, you’d realize that I work my ass off everyday and that I feel like shit everyday I go without calling or texting you.”

“Well then I don’t even see the point of us dating anymore if neither of us care for each other.” You say, “It’s pointless for us to be together.”

Rosé looks at you in shock, obviously not expecting the sudden breakup. Honestly, you were shocked too. You definitely weren’t expecting for the conversation to head in this direction, and you regretted saying the words as soon as you did.

Before you could even begin to speak, Rosé interrupted you, “Fine, if that’s what you want.” She walks out of your medium sized apartment quickly, slamming the door shut behind her in anger.

As soon as you heard the door slam you dropped to the floor in confusion, your anger slowly turning into nothing but heartbreak and sadness.

What have you done?

It was even harder to deal with heartbreak.

It’s been a few days since you’ve broken up with Rosé and you haven’t exactly been handling it well. After the huge argument you had just sat on the floor for awhile in silence and slight shock, until you started crying. You felt your throat tightening and tears threatening to spill from your eyes, causing you to squeeze your eyes shut.

You basically sobbed for the rest of the day.

The next day you had given yourself a mini pep talk and you told yourself to suck it up and stop sulking. You were technically the one to break things off, so you felt like you had no right to be upset over the whole thing.

You wanted to call Rosé and apologize to her, you really did.. but it wasn’t that easy. Every time you picked up the phone to dial her number something had stopped you. You assumed you were too scared to talk to her and it was frustrating.

She probably deserved better anyway.

But you couldn’t stop thinking about her and wondering how she was doing. Is she practicing for her next comeback? Is she wallowing in sadness like you are?>p [ You sighed as you sat in the small cafe, staring at your phone and wondering what to do next. It felt weird being in the cafe alone since you’d usually come here with Rosé. It was small and quiet, but still comfortable. Not many people came here either, so you never really had to worry about a fan walking up to Rosé while you two were talking.

You stared at your phone for a minute longer before finally deciding to take action and dial Rosé’s phone number with your shaky hands.

The phone rang a few times, your heartbeat increasingly significantly every time you heard the sound emitting from the phone, until suddenly you heard Rosé’s voice.

“Hello?” You’re slightly surprised when you hear Rosé’s voice. You were expecting her to be cold and angry with you, but instead she sounded as quiet as a mouse.

“Hi Rosé,” You say softly, biting the inside of your lips out of nervousness.

There’s an awkward silence for a minute, before Rosé finally asks you, “Why are you calling me?”

You sigh, “Listen, I made a huge mistake Rosé. We need to talk, in person. Can you meet me at the cafe that we always go to? Please.”

There was a long pause for a second, before Rosé finally spoke, “..Okay, I’ll be there in like 10 minutes.” Then she hung up the phone before you could say anything else.

You felt better now that you finally had the opportunity to talk to Rosé. You may not be able to win her back, but at least you’d be able to end things much better this way.

10 minutes later, just like Rosé had said, she walked into the cafe heading directly to the booth that you two always sat together in and quietly sat down across from you.

As soon as she sat down, you began to speak, “Listen, I’ve made a really shitty mistake. Rosé you mean the world to me, I should’ve been way more understanding. I shouldn’t have broken up with you either, that was also really shitty.” You were speaking fast, you were regretting not pre-planning an apology beforehand.

“Woah, y/n slow down.” Rosé laughed lightly, then took a deep breathe a started to speak, “Honestly, I’ve been thinking about calling you ever since the day of the breakup. I’m sorry too, I probably should have tried a bit harder to talk to you more. I admit that I could’ve tried harder to talk to you sometimes,” She sighs, “But I don’t know if I’ll take you back just yet. That was our first huge argument and you ended up breaking up with me. That didn’t feel too great, obviously. I think I need some time, then we’ll see where things go from there.”

You nodded, “I get that, but just know that I really care about you a lot, okay?” You said giving her a small smile and reached for her hand across of the table.

“I know you do. I care a lot about you too.” She returns your smile and squeezes your hand.

You smile even wider and step out of the booth, your hand still attached to hers, “Now, can we go back to my apartment and cuddle or something?”

Rosé playfully glared at you, “Hey, we’re supposed to be friends right now.”

“I know, it can be like… platonic cuddling.” You say with a shrug.

Rosé looked at you in confusion, “Platonic cuddling? Are you serious? Is that even a thing.”

“It is now!” You drag her out of the booth and outside of the cafe, hearing her laugh loudly from behind you.

Neither you or Rosé know if youll ever been more than friends again, but one thing was definitely for sure, neither of you would ever be too busy for each other ever again.


[fri. 26 february] here are my spreads from the past few weeks! i need to get used to posting more original content because i’ve only been reblogging lately haha ;; much of my inspiration came from one of my favorite studyblrs, @studytildawn! i’m still recovering from my fever, slowly but surely, and working rigorously for the past few days. i really do need a new lamp though goodness, does anybody have any recs for good reading lamps? thanks!

Happy 1 year Birthday to my blog!

Thank you so much to anybody who ever took the time to read one of my stories! All of the support and interest I’ve received in this past year has been more than I could ever have wished for. Thank you!! 


I NEED A MACHINE GUN (a joker x harley playlist)

Gods & Monsters / Lana Del Rey.
I Really Like You / Carly Rae Jepsen.
Obsessed With You / The Orion Experience.
Judas / Lady Gaga.
Everybody Wants To Rule The World / Lorde.
In The Night / The Weeknd.
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) / Nancy Sinatra.
Come to This / Natalie Taylor.
Body Talk / Foxes.
You Don’t Own Me / Grace ft. G-Eazy.

Everywhere I Go / Hollywood Undead.
Firestarter / The Prodigy.
I’m Gonna Do My Thing / Royal Deluxe.
Crazy / Gnarls Barkley.
Heathens / Twenty One Pilots.
Pyramids / Frank Ocean.
Bored To Death / blink-182.
Death Of A Bachelor / Panic! At The Disco.
Just One Yesterday / Fall Out Boy ft. Foxes.
Jealous / Nick Jonas.

Beautiful Crime / Tamer.
Immortals / Fall Out Boy.
Girls/Girls/Boys / Panic! At The Disco.
Seven Nation Army / The White Stripes.
Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? / Arctic Monkeys.
Dark Necessities / Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Bad Romance / Lady Gaga.
Locked Out Of Heaven / Bruno Mars.
This Love / Maroon 5.
POWER / Kanye West.

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Moomaw Headcanon

Do you guys ever think about when Bitty comes out to his parents, and think:

Moomaw knew first–because she acted the same way too when she was in new relationship with a girl back in her youth all those years ago.

-The secrets, the constant passing of notes, the games of footsies under the table, the “closest friend” ordeal and the pies…

-jesus mcfeaking christ–the number of pies she would make for her sweetheart and her own inner circle of friends who knew the truth. It brings back memories and tears to her eyes.

•What if his parents are accepting of his relationship with Jack and love him, but his some of his relatives aren’t? So they attack him, his friends, Jack and Jack’s parents; throw slurs and insults at them at a family holiday-get-together.

(Bitty invited the boys over and Jack’s parents.)

(also, the holiday is Thanksgiving, cause let’s be real; that’s when drama gets real.)

-Just when it looks like it’s about to go south, they call upon the elderly woman to prove their point. Just when they thought she WAS gonna be on their side, she walks up to Bitty, looks ‘em dead in the eyes with a hand over his shoulder and says this:

(Like hell she was gonna let somebody trample over her grandbaby and his friends)

“If my Abby hadn’t died, this family wouldn’t have existed!” In a angry tone. “And if you have a problem with my grandson and his sweetheart, then that only means one thing; you’ve got a problem with me and I won’t stand for it! Now get the hell out of my house!“

•They do leave, in disbelief/shock and dead silence fills the house. The parties are stunned: Zimmermans, Bittles and just about everybody in between that mess have dumbfounded looks on their face.

-Moomaw tries to start conversation again, but after a few minutes of stares:

“Aw to hell with this–Shitty, be a deary and get me a beer or two.” with a heavy sigh of exhaustion. She looks at Bitty (who still has tears going) with a smile and gives a tight hug before looking at the rest of the party goers, faces with anticipation written all over and just laughs.

“All right yall, listen up. I have something to say.”

•She goes on about her old lover Abby (southern name cause I’m a slut for clichés) and how she was a “gal pal” of hers back in the day. Even with the affection Moo drowned her in, people assumed they were the best of friends, which drove her absolutely bonkers.

-After her dearest passed away, she was very distant and would stay away from the dating scene. It took her a while to get back out their with the help of her friends.

-She eventually opened up again to one of her said friends (grandpa Bittle) and it felt just as right as it was with Abby. Sure, he’ll never really replace her, but she remembers the promise they gave each other (live on and live happily) and the rest was history.

Long post short; Moomaw is bi as frick, knew long before anyone else and will fight anyone who picks on Eric or anybody she cares about.

Fin. Thanks for reading!

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since i read the tags- just represent him as angry or easy to irritate so the slightest thing could set him off. OOOOOOR show him being hysterical given the murder aspect. *shrugs into infinity* I have no clue- sorry xD (from a piece of trash)

((Thanks! I didn’t think anybody read my tags. I’m liking the hysterical aspect mixed with the irritation. Thanks again, not a piece of trash but a lovely person))

hi! i’m tezza, and i guess this is my su critical blog? i’ve been getting tired of the show for a while (though it seems like it’s getting back on track [hopefully {please crewniverse my crops are dying}])

i’ve actually been kinda involved in the crit community for a little while already, i’m one of the people working on floraliens! i just never posted anything on tumblr ‘cuz i’m a wuss lmao

just gonna tag these cool people since idk what else to write

@c00lcaterpillar @stevenuniverse-bible @rancorousruby @critnaldo @spooky-gator

sorry if i forgot anybody! but anyway, thanks for reading, and can’t wait to scream about this saccharine disaster zone with you all

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Hi, I've looked in the overstimulation tag, as well as the mutiple orgasms, and I've been unable to find this fic for like 100000 years. It's like this smut fic where it starts while they're already having sex, and dan has had a ton of orgasms already and at the end Phil makes him come again and then he's like " one more time " or something like that and I can't find it anywhere, and I've tried looking up one more time. Can you guys help me? Sorry if this is terrible to read, thanks again!!

does anybody know this fic?

- Aoife