#270: Choice Gratitude

“Gratitude is a choice in the moment that changes your heart.”

Matt Ham

In his fantastic talk at Launch Out 2015, Matt Ham describes how we think we’ll be happy when we attain certain states.  But “if we’re not grateful for where we are, we’ll never be grateful for where we’re going…”  Gratitude isn’t a destination that we’ll someday reach, it’s a choice we must make in the now.  Don’t wait until some magical day when you’re suddenly a grateful person - choosing to be grateful now is what changes you.


Woaaaahhhhhh! I just noticed I reached over 1K! 😁Thanks everyone! I’ve gained so many people that are now my friends and people to spazz with. Yaaaaayyyyyy!!! I know not everyone talks to me, but I read your tags (all of them)! If you wanna talk to me, just tag me, send an ask or pm me and I’ll respond to you when I see it. Send me a friendly message or just vent if you need someone to vent your problem. I may not be good at giving advice but I’ll listen. If you send me hate or something that comes of to me as rude then I might block you. If you don’t like something I have said or something I have post or offend you in any way, please pm me (don’t go on anon, that always end up bad) and let’s resolve our issue in a mature way. No one is perfect and we always have that moment when we put our foot in our mouth. Hehehe Tumblr should be an escape! ✌️ If I don’t reply to you right away, it just means I’m busy reblogging or stalking other people’s blog. Hahahaha Anyway, thank you all! Let’s all spazz together, melt in a puddle of goo and drown in our own mixture of tears and saliva or we can just cuss our biases for being damn perfect! Peace everyone! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Aside from the fireworks scaring the cats, today was great! Kittens doing well, laughed at them clicking/chirping at a toy for the first time… yummy grilled food (with no beef and lots of veggies), I baked cookies that turned out amazing, had grandma’s-couch-naps (the best naps) and played with the chickens. Found out my grandma supports gay marriage and Bernie then we laughed at goofy shit as usual. It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow and all she wants is for me to make a key lime pie but I have other ideas as well! Oh and we watched Mrs Brown’s Boys with Jess online so they were kinda here with us. :) Can’t wait to see them in just 10 more dayssss!

Sorry I won’t make a habit of boring personal posts much! The past four years have just been the best of my life so I can’t help but mushypost every now and then. I wish everyone had what I have, I’m so fortunate.

Thank you Taylor

Yesterday I had a fight with my father while my friend and I were putting lights on our posters for the taylorswift show next week in Montreal. He was like : why are you doing all of this for a girl who doesn’t know your name? You are waisting your time (blablabla).
Normally I have difficulties to argue with him but this time my answer just kinda throw out of my mouth and it was something like : You know what? Probably Taylor do not know my name and without knowing my name she were ( and she is still ) helping me since so many years. It’s hard when you are suffering of high anxiety and panic attacks at the point that you need medication. Few years ago I was locked in my house (because of my mind, she tooks control of me), I stayed at home for 3 months without going outside, not even on my own balcony. My anxiety was so high. All of these times I was suffering, no one was here for me, but her music always has. Few times ago I couldn’t think about the fact that I’ll be able to go to a concert. It’s big for me and you don’t even know how much it’s important for me to thanks her. So let me do my costume and stop trying to make me uncomfortable for doing all of this because I do this with my thankful heart.

He shuts his mouth and I smiled. I think he finally understood.

taylorswift tree-paine


Finally I came to watch a long-awaited musical “Jersey Boys” in Tokyo!! Sooo excited!! It was fantastic experience that I can’t express. When I noticed, my chest was tight with emotion, and tears overflowed. I felt like I was in a dream…!! This experience is amazing to me. Really wanted to see it with Noriko. When I got a ticket, we were not yet acquaintances. Too bad! Anyway, It’s your turn, Nori!! Have fun tomorrow!

Thanks to John, I was able to know such a splendid musical. I’m very grateful to you. And today is your birthday, John!! Congratulations! That became an unforgettable day for me!!

norinoriif, johnlloydyoungfriends

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We have reached a few milestones over the weekend with 2k Twitter followers and 250 Instagram follows, so I just wanted to say a big thank you to all our lovely followers! We’ve only been up and running for a few months but the support we have received has been amazing. I really appreciate all of the lovely comments, likes, shares, helpful advice, follows, and for your support in helping me achieve my dream of starting up my own small business! Thank you, ❤️ Amy xx

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London Calling

June 29th, 2009, exactly six years ago, was the day I stepped off the plane at Heathrow after a seven hour flight, and arrived in London for the first time. That summer changed my life in ways I can’t even explain. I returned to London in October of 2013, and it solidified my love for that city, and England.

In September of this year, 2015, I will be moving to the north of England to pursue my Master’s degree.

I had planned to study abroad in Dublin in 2009, but when I went to apply, I changed my mind and chose London instead. That choice changed my life. I’m forever grateful for that experience, and the path it led me down.

England, here I come! ❤️🇬🇧❤️