I rip you away from the argument and I have found
no peace of mind in being peace keeper, but I am
the girl to ease trauma, the one who will not be afraid,
the one to put herself in the line of the bullets
meant for someone else. I don’t know how not to be
the one who always sacrifices herself and so I slip
a kevlar vest over my heart and make my march
to the battle line. My soul is weather proof,
and I never get wet. I have my father to thank
for teaching me to install hurricane shutters
to the house of my heart, so, no, it’s no insult
when you call me by his name. Without the pain
he inflicted I couldn’t have learned how to be strong
and take the whips of words as if they didn’t even hurt.
I stopped carrying the world on my shoulders and learned
how to carry it with my outstretched heart, open and waiting
to catch any body that might be about to fall.