zawkeye  asked:

So, I just realized something today and you seemed like the person to tell: Sally Sparrow's big folder of obsession in Blink definitely had photographs of weeping angels in it. And she gave it to the Doctor. And an image of an angel becomes an angel. So there are weeping angels in the TARDIS. ...Right? O.O

Yes. But if I was being clever and wanted to give an explanation out of it, I’d say there are stages to it being an angel. While it’s in the photo, it is an extension of the angel the image was taken of (as demonstrated by the video being the angel in the warehouse looking out at them). Only once it leaves the photo is it its own angel. This means that if the angel in the photo is frozen forever, or killed (somehow) before the angel in the image emerges into its own, fully formed angel, it becomes just a picture.

Eleanor and I have an SIR idea that needs to be researched next year. Sadly, we are both seniors and won’t have a chance to do it. Rising juniors and seniors, this is where you come in.

Title: The possible functionality of boobs as blood in Homo sapiens

Focusing Question: What happens when you replace blood with boobs?

Please, someone. Do the world a favor and find the answer.

In other news, Eleanor and I are boob sisters now.