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I was tagged by @todokoris!! thank you so much ilyyy :,)

Idk this was difficult, I was like who do I relate to the most? And if that last gif doesnt describe me then idk what does.. 

If any of you want to suggest a character that I’m like, then please do! 

I’m gonna tag….. @aph-canadone, @trashykawasan, @oikawaisagenius, @novocaine-sea, and @letoikawasucceed

Chibi wolf!derek/fox!stiles

so once upon a time i met pa IRL and everything was wonderful ^^*

we drew bits on paper together and decided to color this one. and by decided i mean i cant thank pa more for being a total angel with everything <3333 ily

as per usual, the cutest derek from my darling pa, stiles by moi :)

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EMISON for that ask meme

Thank you thank you thank youuuuu

  • Who puts up the holiday decorations? Both of them do. During the first couple years Emily’s more into it than Alison is, but with time Ali becomes more and more excited about it
  • Who eats the others uneaten pizza crusts? Definitely Emily. Alison claims she’s paying to eat pizza and not just a bunch of bread and Emily is personally offended
  • Who always forgets to pick up their wet towels in the bathroom? Alison does - Emily’s way too used to having to pick it up since she used to swim
  • Who talks smack while playing video games? Alison does and really, she curses a lot. Emily finds it adorable though
  • Who watches Jeopardy and calls out the answers? Emily does while Alison busies herself around the house, but every now and then Emily gets the answer wrong and Alison corrects her
  • Who is more likely to cry over a sad book or movie? Most definitely Alison, but she tries to hide it every time
  • Who sings along with the radio? Emily does and sometimes she gets Alison to sing a little as well
  • Who falls asleep on the other? Emily falls asleep on Alison when they’re watching movies on the couch, but Alison falls asleep on Emily whenever they’re in bed talking about their day

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I'm so happy that you are finally getting the notes you deserve :) (and secretly hoping I contributed to that a little bit :D).

Aaaaw THANK YOU SO MUCH! Of course you contributed to that. All right, I’m gonna show you something…

^This is from my first post on this blog.


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Episode 5 is UP!

An uber big thanks to itstheartistical for sharing the episode link with me. Thank you sooooooo much hun!

Now to share it with the rest of fandom as well. Check out the link to watch Episode 5 guys! Be sure to thank Hearty for being a sweetheart and sharing the link! 

Watch Episode 5 of Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir 

~LittleMissSquiggles (2015) 

*~* S P O O K T O B E R *~*

Prompt [4/?]:“Stiles as Flash and Derek as Green Arrow”-MARYLIGHTLYS 

LAST SPOOKTOBER! Well I didn’t do many this year, even tho is the last year I’ll do this but its not about quantity its about quality ;) 


Thank you so much for all the support through the 3 years of Spooktober, it has been fun and a good learning experience! See y'all until my next request-project-like idea!

For more information about this project, “Spooktober”, go here or send me an ask! And don’t forget to visit the tag!

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Wow like THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH i just wanted to take the time to tell you that. I RECENTLY REACHED 7,000 FOLLOWERS! Thank you all so much!! THat’s like wow, that’s a number I never thought I’d reach omg for real om g thank you thank you every single one of you, for following and supporting and liking my silly artszxsa I wanted to draw a quick thing to celebrate!! Thank you all again!!! \(;v;)/ HUGS. HUGS FOR EVERYONE. XOxoxoxoxOXox <33333