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For the college interview I do believe in you!! Either way if you get in or not (which they would be utter fools to not let someone amazing and kind and talented and sweet like you in) I'll support you! I'm sure if you don't get into this one then it isn't meant to be and you'll find someplace even better for you! I'll believe and support you no matter what happens and I know one day you're gonna be great!! Never give up on your dreams and believe!! Remember: PLUS ULTRA!!!!!

you’re gonna make me cry at 7 in the morning plea s e,,, BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH THO!!! PLUS ULTRA!!!! :’D

hi i love you and thank you so much!!! :’)))


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THANK YOU so much for your blog. You truly gave me hope during the dark times. Everywhere I went people called me delusional for hoping that we would get Klaroline. You blog was a safe space to come to from the storm. The anti's are eating crow right now and it feels good

thank youuuuu

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I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing and i am a die-hard JuZen shipped, and i feel like ive read all the fanfics and seen all the fanart, so i was wondering if you could write LITERALLY ANYTHING IM FINE WITH EVERYTHING !!! maybe some angst (ik im trash) but yeah anything JuZen related would be greatly appreciated!!

Aaaaaah nonny thank youuuuu I feel so warm with your kind words!! And I love writing JuZen, just like you I ship them to kingdom come 8D I have been juggling some angsty ideas but I never really know which one to go for - if you have something more specific in mind let me know <3 Requests are technically closed now but I plan to open them soon, I can cheat and tack this on the list. xD

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Hi there, can you please do texts for NCT 127's taller members (Johnny, Jaehyun, Doyoung, WinWin) where their S/O has an impressive growth spurt within a few months despite being in their late teens (legal age, obvs)/super early twenties? Similar to Jisung where when they first met they were super short (5'2-4) and become 5'8-5'10?? It happened to me and I want to know how they would react asjxnck.. thank youuuuu 💖

I hope you like it! I just posted it! ♥️♥️

admin Lil

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You know how at the end of brotherhood they show pictures pinned up on that board? I want the same thing except it's all Mama!Hawk! PLEAAAAAASSEEEEEE!

I didn’t know that i needed this so much. THANK THE HEAVENS FOR THIS ANON!! And i know you said Mama!Hawk but i wanted to throw in Papa!Roy too!!! I love me some parentals!



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•3rd Place will consist of ONE art piece w/ 1-2 characters, 2nd Place will consist TWO art pieces w/ 1-2 characters, 1st Place will consist of TWO art pieces with the most of 4 characters! ((I did not get to add that in the photo :‘3))

•Have fun and good luck!! :D

DATE END: Febuary 14th!!!

And once again, thank you all for 1K followers!! :'3


((Ahhhh this took longer than I intended to finish but here we go! Seriously, it always surprises me that people like what I do here like whyyy. Thank you all so so so much from the bottom of my heart for all the support, the follows, the likes, the reblogs, the comments and messages, everything. It all means so much to me. We’ve come a long way, through ups and downs, and it’s all thanks to you. Thank you once again and look forward to more updates to come soon! ^^))


“We had our chance—“

“We were young, Steve. Fifteen years ago. You know how much I’ve learned in fifteen years?” Tony shook his head. “You were never coming back, just say it.”

a scene from concatenation, my divorced stony series.  it is full of pain, you have been warned.

months ago i sent @kelslk-art a crappy sketch of a comic to see if she’d be interested in doing this, totally thinking it wouldn’t happen. instead, she blew me away with these pages!!! i’m beyond impressed and so thankful!!!

i have no words to convey my love. <3