I was tagged by @your-highness-lyanna-mormont thank you sweetie ^^

name/nicknames: Leslie/Lili

gender: Female..This is the right question ?

height: 5,6

hogwarts house: Gryffondor

favorite color(s): Pink,purple,blue,green,red ^^

time: 15 : 58

last thing i googled: I don’t “ google “ a lot XD

fictional character you’d like as a sibling: i never thought about that in fact….I want so mane fictional characters close to me.

number of blankets i sleep with: One blanket,it’s too hot XD

favorite bands/artists: I love music so much i don’t really have favorites,but i don’t really like rap..

dream vacation: America,Japan,Irland…

when did i make this blog: 4 years ^^

how many blogs do i follow: 700 or more ^^

what do i post about: Anything XD

do you get asks on a regular basis: Not really and mostly i don’t want ask or message hate

aesthetics: …..Uninteresting girl ?

I’m so tired right now and depressed so my answer are short i’m sorry…But i tag anyway @allmenmustcry @lostgirl-gonebad @lost-clareesi @the-little-warbler @victimsfordinner @alecrian-nevergrowup and others people if they want to do it no problem ^^