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You know the song "wherever you will go" by The Calling? Turns out there's a woman version, sung by Charlene Soraia. Might want to check it out, for Kira/Traynor feelings?


I am actually crying right now. this is perfect for them, especially kira

So lately, been wondering
Who will be there to take my place
When I’m gone, you’ll need love
To light the shadows on your face

And maybe, I’ll find out
The way to make it back someday
To watch you, to guide you
Through the darkest of your days

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Hi!! I was wondering if you can ship me please? Im a girl, I'm 15 and am straight. I have long blondish-brown hair with light blue eyes and am 5"5. I'm really into art and reading, Im into journalism too. Musics a big thing for me and my favorite bands include 1D and 5SOS. I'm nice at first but turn pretty sarcastic once you get to know me. Thank you so much!

Ship: Scott McCall
Best Girl Friend: Kira Yukimura
Best Guy Friend: Liam Dunbar
Who Secretly Likes You: Stiles Stilinski

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“I love your character because She's this real girl that deals with having her first boyfriend and spending time with her friends and yet she's this kickass supernatural creature who you can't help but love and cheer for. Because you play her so perfectly and I just love her. Protect Kira at all costs. You just rock.”

Complete this in my inbox “I love your character because ________.” || Accepting!


Oh look at that, you’ve made both Kira and myself smile!! Thank you so much, honestly. And in my opinion, you’re right. You can’t help but to cheer for Kira, and most of all you can’t help but to love her. <3

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kira yukimura

Thank you so much for sending, I love her complexity!

Things we have in common:

  • I’m pretty clueless about how to flirt and stuff, as she first seems 
  • Social skills might sometimes be not functioning
  • Having my friends with me, like, the right group, makes everything in the world so much different, it just works even if things are bad

Things we don’t:

  • I’m so far away from being that adorable
  • Me + any of the sorts of guns she uses… It would end up ugly
  • I would never play lacrosse (or pretty much any other sports) as a volunteer decision 

Send a character and I’ll tell you

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you're a great kira!! keep shining on


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Fellow roleplayer appreciation time: it's time to tell some of your favorite blogs that you acknowledge, and appreciate their work; let them know that you love them. Spread the love to 10 of your favorite blogs, and if you don't have 10, then just spread it to the next 10 on your dash! ♥

I never would’ve expected this thank you so much??? You’re so sweet and I absolutely love your Kira; I can’t wait to write with you, tbh.


I can’t believe it has been ONE YEAR!!!   Thank you all so much for following Kira’s story this year and for celebrating each of her small (and sometimes huge) victories with us! I have created a video celebrating 1 Year!  You can view it here:   Today as I reflect on our first year with Kira, I am so grateful to be sharing this…

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Can I have a ship please :) I have an about me and I am my icon, thanks so much 😊💕

i ship you with isaac

your girl bestfriend is kira

your boy bestfriend is scott

the first person to talk to you is stiles

the person who secretly likes you is liam