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blackandwhitesmoking-teenwolf asked:

Do you think Kira would ever wear like knee high boots? If so can you do a few outfits with those boots. If not Kira, maybe Allison? And I'm on a budget so something affordable maybe? Thank you so much. I love your blog😍😁😘

I just posted some sets for Kira! Plus I’ve made a bunch of sets with Allison and knee high boots in the past and you can find them all in the knee high boots tag :) 

cxarkegriffin asked:

Happy early birthday dare, love your new URL!! Sorry if it's a lot: could I get Teen wolf, star wars, tmi, Harry Potter?? I just am a Multifandom mess

Pfffft I think I’m a bigger multifandom mess, don’t worry about it, I’m happy to do them! ;p And thank you so much!! ^.^

teen wolf:

    ♡ species: huntress
    ♡ best friend: Kira
    ♡ your alpha: Scott


    ♡ family name: Garroway
    ♡ species: werewolf
    ♡ best friend: Simon

harry potter:

    ♡ house: gryffindor
    ♡ blood status: pureblood
    ♡ quidditch position: keeper

star wars:

    ♡ lightsaber colour: green
    ♡ home planet: Mygeeto
    ♡ droid companion: C-3PO
    ♡ blog compliment: Love the cute and simple sidebar, and the fandom scarves are so cute and a nice touch!!! :3

sorry this took so long I had a calc test today, ew!

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