she shouldn’t be wandering around after being shot in her left shoulder during the shoot-out in alexandria, but it was difficult for the brunette to stay still while TRYING TO PROCESS what just happened to her &  praying mateo got back to their home safely ; she trusted kira with all her heart, so she had asked her to bring her son to her. jane prepared herself for the war with the saviors, she knew she had to help, but when it all began, SHE FROZE. then it lead to a bullet piercing through her skin. 

the villanueva finally took a seat on the bed in the infirmary, fresh tears leaving wet trails on her cheeks before hearing footsteps enter quickly wiping the tears away, dark hues glanced up. THERE HE WAS — mateo walking beside the younger female ; she went to lean over to pick him up, but the pain from her wound stopped her. ‘ thank you so much, kira — REALLY. i’m sure mr sweetface is thankful as well. ’  jane spoke with a slight smile towards the other.

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