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Sonic: Pietro x Reader

Request:  Pietro wants to ask the reader out on a date, but the other Avengers get super overprotective because they see you like a younger sister.

Thanks so much for the request disneylandequalssecondhome​!  Sorry it took so long, we all took a little break from imagines.  Hope you like it though!


“Hey y/n, do you have any plans later today-”

“That I should know about?”  Tony rudely interrupted by sticking his head into your room.  He looked between you and Pietro with wide eyes before plastering the fakest smile onto his face.

It didn’t take superpowers for you to tell that something was up.  For the past week, every time you’d find yourself alone with Pietro, someone would jump in and make everything uncomfortable.  Example being: right now.

“Well I might, if Pietro could finish a sentence around here without someone interrupting him.”

“You’d think someone who can walk so fast could at least talk half the speed.  Banner wants you in his lab,” Tony glanced at you when he said the last part, and you tried to conceal your annoyance.  All you wanted to do was talk to Pete for like, two minutes.  Not only was he incredibly hot, but from what you’ve heard, he doesn’t think you’re that bad either.

“Tell him I’ll be down in a minute.”

“He told me it was urgent.”

This time you didn’t hold back your groan.  You looked back at Pietro, who didn’t seem to understand what was going on in the tower, and willed him to find a way to make you stay.  Then you could figure out if you were going to have plans with him today.

You weren’t going to lie to yourself, you liked Pietro a lot.  It would definitely cause problems around the tower if anyone knew though, so you had kept it to yourself.  So what was this whole parent act Tony was playing?  Did they some how figure it out?  How could they though, you’re never alone with him (thanks to the team), and you really don’t spend much time together, so why’s everyone freaking out?

“Text me,” you told Pietro as you left, and he replied with his signature tight lipped smirk that made your heart flutter.

As you neared the elevator, you could hear Tony start conversation with Pete, still inside your room.  “So, I got new phone upgrades, and was wondering if you’d like me to install it into our phone?  It should only take about a day or five, that is if your phone is in perfect shape.  Here, I’ll start right now.”  You rolled your eyes.  Someone had to know about your little crush.

“You called?”  You asked as you entered the tidy lab.  Bruce was standing in front of a long work table, fiddling with some electronic disk.

“No, but I wouldn’t mind the company.”  Stupid Tony.  But you’re stupider for actually believing him in the first place.  You understood that relationships made Tony uncomfortable, but he’s had a successful one for a couple of years.  Hypocrite. 

“Banner, tell me, would you be uncomfortable if I started dating someone?”  Unprepared for the question, Bruce’s hand slipped off the tech he was working on and it fell to the floor with a loud clang and sparks.  You could hear him cursing under his breath, and you instantly regretted bringing it up in the first place.

“Depends on who it is.”

“What if they’re on the team?”  Banner’s hands fumbled with the tech again, and once again it fell to the floor.

“Y/n, I don’t care who you’re romantically involved with.  Just don’t do anything stupid, alright?  We all care about you, a lot, but it’s your life.”  You smiled at Bruce, internally blessing him for being so sweet.

“We just don’t like sonic.”

You took everything back.


“He’s just so new to the team…  How can we trust a guy like that?”

“How can we trust a guy who could make this tower collapse at any given second?”

“Low blow y/n, that one really hurt.”  Banner tried to look offended, but you could see the humor in his eyes.  You rolled your eyes and headed back towards the elevator, not wanting to continue this conversation.

“But why is he the problem?  At least he’s not an assassin, right?”  You couldn’t just leave without a further explanation.  You turned back around to face Banner.

What wasn’t to like about Pietro?  He was sweet, funny, cute, flirty, basically your definition of a perfect guy.  He hadn’t done anything recently to raise suspicion, and he’d proven that he had everyone’s back multiple times during missions.  What wasn’t to like about him?

“I don’t know y/n,” Bruce groaned.  “Tony, why is Pietro a bad choice?”  You hadn’t noticed that Tony entered the room, but you dreaded the conversation that was about to ensue.

“Well, he’s irresponsible for one-”

“And you’re not?”  You interjected, shooting the man a glare before stalking off to the other side of the room.

“He’s got an awful taste in shoe brands.  Who wears Adidas anymore?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”  You basically screamed.  The two men were silent, refusing to make eye contact.  You took this as a cue to get out of dodge, so you slowly started making your way to the exit.

“We don’t want you to get hurt,” Tony sighed, like stating this simple fact was admitting defeat.  “And we don’t know if we can trust him to take care of someone so important to us, to everyone.”

“Maybe you should give him a chance, to prove himself.”

Tony looked over to a window, and seemed to admire the beauty outside.  The skyline glowed in the heat of the sun; everything was reflecting light and casting the beams onto the people in street.  Everything was chaos from below, but if you looked at it from above, it was like everything was somehow working in perfect harmony.

“Maybe we should.”

It was much later in the afternoon when you finally found Pietro.  He was flipping through a book in one of the emergency stairwells, and when he noticed your presence his eyes lit up.

“Sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner, but I do have plans tonight,” you said before you started walking down the stairs, ignoring the tug at your heart and smile on your lips.  At the landing below, you turned around to look at him, seeing his disappointment.  This made you want to laugh more, and you turned to keep descending.  “Are you coming, or what?”

: ecampll

The First Day of Summer. (a Fairy Tail fanfic)


Yo! ^-^
So, fairysena requested a birthday one shot about the Dragneel Brothers along with the rest of the guild. I know I’m a month late, sorry for being a lazyass. ;-; I hope you’ll like it! :D
This is a fluffy one shot, maybe I’ll write angsty ones in the future. :3
Thanks to angaebi-senpai for checking my work and encouraging me, and also the-archangel-of-zeref who wanted to read it. :3
Enjoy! ^-^
(By the way, Natsu’s birth date and age are both unknown, this is fiction.)

“Man, that mission was quite boring.” Natsu complained before letting out a yawn. He looked down at his partner. The Exceed was happily swinging his tail, walking energetically, and eating the fish the Mage bought for him, much obliged. He raised an eyebrow. 
“Weren’t you too exhausted from the heat you couldn’t move?” With his mouth full, Happy pointed at the rest of the fish in his hand. Natsu sighed. Seriously, how is fish supposed to refresh someone? He didn’t even bother asking, because he knew the answer would be “Don’t underestimate the power of fish!” or “I’m too focused on eating, I forgot the heat.” 

They walked towards the guild, ignoring the glances and whispers. Everybody knew a pink-haired young man with Fairy Tail’s insignia on his shoulder would be no other than the mighty E.N.D. Even though he has only shown kindness towards good-hearted humans, he could still see disgust and fear in some people’s eyes. The fact that they looked down on him angered him. He would punch them in the face if he could, but the Council ordered him to not cause trouble. It’s not like he cares about those fools’ orders or rules, but after Zeref was set free from his curse, they were going to execute him. Fortunately, councilmen with the highest authority were friends of Fairy Tail, and knew about the brothers’ story, they accepted to let the man live normally with his little brother as long as they didn’t hurt anybody. They were in a sensitive position, so he’s been holding back as much as he could.

They finally reached their destination and Natsu opened the guild’s gate -which was unusually closed- and got in. “We’re ba– Huh?” He blinked at the sight of the guild hall decorated in different shades of red, his favorite color, his guildmates gathered together, staring at him with grins on their faces, and what seemed like a chocolate cake with strawberries at the top behind them.
“Happy birthday, Natsu!” 

“HUH?!” His eyes widened. “What is that supposed to mean?! Even I don’t remember my own birthday and have never celebrated it because of that reason, how did you guys–” He felt two warm arms wrapping around his chest and recognized his brother’s scent. He understood that the former Black Mage was behind all of this, he totally forgot about him being part of Fairy Tail now.
“You were born on the 21st of June, the first day of summer.” Zeref said. One of his hands moved up to pet the pinkette’s hair.
‘The first day of summer, huh?” Natsu smiled 
“Yes, Summer, the meaning of your name.” He confirmed. “Happy birthday, Natsu.”
The demon pulled away in order to turn around and hug his brother. “Thanks, Zeref-nii.” He whispered, he then faced his friends and thanked them with a huge grin, leaving the poor man to deal with Happy’s “Why didn’t you tell me it was his birthday?” nagging. Heck, even the Greatest Mage of History was powerless facing the blue cat’s complains, now that he became familiar with him, that is.

“Hey, Natsu…” Lucy walked in his direction, along with Gray and Erza, holding a dozen of papers in her arms. “I’ve just paid my rent, and have spent the whole day preparing for the surprise, so I didn’t have enough time or money to buy you a decent gift, not that anyone had, we were too busy, but I wanted to give you something…” Natsu sighed. She knew that he wasn’t expecting any presents from her, or anyone else, because he valued his family, wether It was his guild or his brother, the most and nothing else mattered to him more… Except for food, of course. Food always wins. Food is above all.
“It’s okay, Luce.” He reassured her with a smile on his face. “You don’t really have to–”
“All I had is this.” She interrupted him, handing the papers to him. “I’ve been writing this for a while now, so I thought you’d love to read it.. It’s a romance-based comedy, please read it later, I wanted you to be the first to get to do it.” She gave him an innocent smile, trying to cover her embarrassment, getting a glare from Levy across the room, probably because she didn’t get to read her work before him, and suspicious yet excited looks from Mira, being the NaLu shipper she is.

Natsu was delighted, he wasn’t fond of books, but he loved Lucy and everything about her, so he really enjoyed her stories, though he was too shy to admit it, or rather, too scared, because he thought she only considered him as a friend, which was totally wrong. The Demon was too focused on reading the summary that he didn’t notice the Celestial Mage blushing slightly. The short novel that she has been working on reassembled their own story in a way. She thought it’d be a great hint she’d give him without having to confess, hoping he’d be smart enough to understand it. Yes, even Natsu could be smart sometimes, well… Rarely. She wanted to let it out of her chest but still couldn’t directly tell him how she felt, so she was hoping she was lucky enough to get on his intelligent side.
“They lllllike each other!” The Exceed whispered, loud enough for the older Dragneel to hear. “They should just date already!”
“Well, that’d take some time.” The man commented, chuckling at the sight of his brother staring at the page with interest and the blonde’s cheeks becoming red. “Natsu’s quite an idiot, after all.”

“Well, she did participate in baking the cake, isn’t that the best present ever? I mean look at this piece of art!” The Seventh Guild Master said, pointing at the mentioned masterpiece with sparkles in her eyes, making Natsu almost facepalm, but he wouldn’t, if he made fun of her or criticized her obsession, she’d kill him on the spot. Ah, Erza and her love for cake… Assuming she was fighting the urge to devour it, would she leave enough for the guild members to eat at least?
“Though, there isn’t enough room for four hundred candles, so we only put twenty in there, though you’re only twenty physically so that should be alright.” The Devil Slayer teased, getting a punch from the Demon in return.
“Are you saying I’m old, Ice Princess?” Natsu yelled furiously, feeling highly offended.
“No, I’m just saying that you’re four hundred and twenty years old.” Gray answered sarcastically. “Have you also forgotten your age, Flame-Brain?”
“Actually, since he’s been frozen in time like you in Tenroujima, that makes him four hundred and twenty seven.” Zeref corrected, which angered his little brother even more.
“Whose side are you on?” He asked, giving him a death glare.
The black-haired Mage wrapped his arm around the Etherious’ shoulder and gave him a faint smile. “Come on, we’re just teasing you. Now, how about sitting there and letting us sing Happy Birthday?”
“Hell no. That’d be weird. Besides…” He pulled his brother and whispered in his ear. “A certain someone is too impatient to start eating the cake. If we make her wait any longer she’d probably have a heart attack.”
Zeref secretly looked at the Requip Wizard and chuckled. “You’re totally right.”
Natsu moved towards the cake and stared at the candles for a while then blew them at once after mumbling something, as if making a wish, followed by his comrades’ cheers. He then looked towards a knife beside him and reached for it, before feeling a hand grabbing his.
“Why don’t you make a little speech for us first? I mean we prepared all of this for you and everything.” The Ice Mage said with a grin.
“Not my thing.” He answered calmly.
“C’mon, don’t be greedy!”
Natsu sighed. “Fine…” He cleared his throat as his friends’ eyes were all on him.“I… I wanted to thank you, guys for… Celebrating my twentieth… I mean four hundred and seventh birthday. I’m blessed to have you with me, you’re all such… Sweet, kind-hearted and adorable friends.” They all blinked at these words. It wasn’t like Natsu at all. They stared at him with confusion as he took the knife in his hand again and started cutting the cake. He rose his head and smirked at their expressions.
“Don’t go believing that you idiots, I was being ironic. You’re a bunch of weak, worthless bastards… But it’s okay, I still love you— Oww!” He felt a kick in his back that would almost send him flying. He turned around to face an angry Erza.
“WHO ARE YOU CALLING WEAK WORTHLESS BASTARDS— Oh, cake!” Her face brightened as Natsu gave her a plate with a piece of cake in it. Normally he would get the first piece considering it’s his birthday but… It’s alright as long as it could save his life.

Few moments later, the guild members were eating, drinking, and having a peaceful time, except for Natsu, probably because his dear best friend was getting under his skin.
“Gray, for God’s sake, stop making fun of my age! I really don’t want my birthday party to turn into a crime scene.” He said slightly irritated.
“Oh? So you’d E.N.D. my life, eh?” The Devil Slayer replied, then laughed at his own joke.
“I don’t remember giving you the permission to use my name for puns.” Natsu protested.
“You can say that my puns are… Gonna be the E.N.D. of you.”
“Seriously?” The Demon rolled his eyes.
“Okay I’ll stop. By the way, what did you wish for?”
“Huh?” Natsu blinked.
“Before you blew the candles, you wished for something, didn’t you? What was it? Getting a hot chick for the first time in your life, or any chicks at all?” He teased, getting a punch for the second time this night.
“I’m not a pervert like you! Geez!” He yelled.
“What do you mean ‘like you’? I don’t need these things, I have Juvia.”
“You still look pervert to me, by the way, where are your clothes?”
Gray looked down and noticed that he was in his boxers. Maybe the Etherious had a point.
“Nah seriously, did you wish for Lucy to love you back or something?” He whispered, making Natsu blush.
“I-I have no idea what you’re talking about… P-Plus I don’t wish for these things anyway…”
“Then what?”
“I just…” He sighed and glanced at Tartarus’ insignia on his skin, for some reason he didn’t want to remove it. “I just want people to accept my brother, I want him to live like a normal human without being feared and rejected.”
“Well, I doubt he would…” Gray replied coldly, Natsu looked down.
“Listen, I know that you hate him because your family was indirectly killed by him, and you’ve got the right to, but—“
“No.” The Ice Wizard interrupted him. “I don’t hate him. Of course I didn’t get over it, but after getting to know him I came to accept him. I… Understand his reasons, I guess. After all, if he didn’t go through this, that ass of yours would never be here.” Natsu smiled.
“Well, I’m glad you’ve forgiven me at least.” Hearing a voice behind them made them jump off their seats.
“Okay, that was creepy! Seriously, if you spy on people you probably wouldn’t get to live normally.” Gray commented, pointing at the former Black Mage.
“Sorry about that. I was just passing by and heard you two talking about me.” He apologized calmly. “By the way Natsu, what you said about wishing a peaceful life for me was adorable, come here you cutie.” He pulled his little brother and hugged him tightly, too tightly, almost breaking his bones.
“Zeref-nii, I.. Can’t.. Breathe…” The Wizard pulled away.

“Aww, what a heartwarming scene!” The Guild Master said, walking towards them while eating her seventh cake piece.
“It is indeed.” Lucy confirmed.
“Yeah, it was heartwarming.” Natsu looked at his the girls and Exceed. “Until he started choking me to death.”
“I’m your big brother, I’ve got the right to kill you if it includes hugs.” He argued, gently stroking the Demon’s hair.
“About that…I may have accepted you as a person, but not as Natsu’s brother.” Gray commented. Zeref looked at him confused.
“Huh? Why?”
“Not until you do it.”
“He’s right, we can’t confirm you’re really brothers as long as you didn’t do it.” Happy approved. Erza and Lucy nodded in agreement.
The man looked at his sibling, seeking an explanation. “What’s it?”.
“The Dragneel Smile, I guess.” Natsu answered.
“The… Dragneel Smile?”
“You know, that cute smile we’ve got in our genes. You’ve never been really happy so you couldn’t smile from the bottom of your heart, but now you are, right?” He pinched his brother’s cheeks, “Come on, consider it as a birthday gift for me!”
“Fine, fine, I got it!” He pushed the pinkette’s hands, feeling embarrassed.

He then looked at the Mages and took a deep breath before a toothy smile drew on his lips, reaching his eyes, probably because being with his brother and, almost, living like any other human being made him truly happy, for at least once in four hundred years.
“I’ve been wanting to see this for a long time.” Natsu said, wrapping his arms around his brother.
“Does that make me a confirmed Dragneel now?”
“Yes it does.” Erza answered. Wiping few tears from her eyes.
“Yeah. I thought you didn’t really look alike for brothers, but you do have the same smile.” Gray nodded.
“Don’t we look alike at all?” The man pouted.
“Well, you do have the same angry face…” Happy whispered. He learned this the hard way, he swore never to mess up with these two again.
“Your hair colors and eye shapes are different, though.” Lucy added.
“Oh, speaking of hair colors… Zeref, is Natsu’s pink hair a side effect of his resurrection or something?” The Ice Mage asked.
“What are you talking about? He was born with it.” The former Black Mage answered.
Gray looked towards Natsu. “That was… Your natural hair color?”
“Got a problem with that?” The Demon yelled.
“Well, don’t know, it’s… Pink.”
“Okay, that’s it.”

Natsu growled, hitting Gray with his Fire Dragon’s Fist, which leaded to a fight between them. And it wasn’t long before Erza joined in… And as usual, it turned into a brawl between mostly all the guild members.
“They never learn… Why did I even join this guild?” Lucy sighed, she managed to avoid getting dragged in this time.
“They’re as energetic as usual.” Zeref chuckled, observing the guild members’ fight. “But it should be fine as long as Natsu doesn’t use his curses or Etherious form.”
“I can’t even think about it… His Dragon Slaying magic alone is enough to destroy this building in a second…” She commented.
“He has grown into a troublemaker, well, he seems to be having fun… That’s just how he shows love towards his friends, right? He used to be so attached to me when we were kids, but now he’s got other people he can depend on. You’ve all taken good care of him, and I’m really grateful.”
“That’s also thanks to you, you’ve granted him this second life.” She smiled at the way he was gazing at his brother. “You really love Natsu don’t you?”
“The same goes to you.” He replied, staring at her.
“Huh?” The Celestial Mage’s cheeks became as red as Erza’s hair.. “Wh-What are you talking about?”
“Nothing.” He looked back at the Etherious and smiled.  That tiny little fluffball has become a strong and handsome man now. He surely has grown so much.

“I’m glad my sacrifices haven’t gone to waste.” He thought as tears started forming in his eyes.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it, also, I accept all kind of comments and opinions (as long as respect is shown), so feel free to correct my mistakes or criticize me! ^o^

xxgruviadiamondsxx asked:

HEY ASH!!! :D I'm here for yet another request!!! Is it possible to draw Gray Fullbuster? Take your time!! :D I love your art and I hope you can do it :)

I hope this is okay!! Thank you for the request and I’m so happy you like my art!!!  I appreciate your requests so much hehe!  Sorry, I don’t draw gray too much so he looks a little off…  But I really hope you like it!

anonymous asked:

Hii angel~ Can you do the BTS reaction when you are worried abput the first time? (I REALLY THINK YOU ARE A SWEETHEART. THAKS FOR ALL PRETTY💕💝✌💘)

Hey, Hey sweet! aw, aw thank you so much that really made my day >,< thank you for requesting and I hope you like it ~~

Yoongi: We all know he isn’t necessarily the talk about feelings type but when it came to something as personal as this, he would bring his wall downs and still keeping it simply but heartfelt would just say “We don’t have to rush anything, you can trust me, I love you jagi”

Jungkook: He would feel a little awkward, staring at you with his mouth open not able to say anything because if he was honest its not like he knew that much about those kinds of things anyway, finally telling you that you would figure it out together.

Namjoon: His tension would immediately deflate after you told him why you were looking so worried as he sighed saying “Jagi, please don’t worry about it, I will never force you to do anything you don’t wont to do, now could you please smile for me?” and he’d spend as long as it took unleashing his inner 4D trying to make you laugh.

Hoseok: Surprisingly I think he would end up feeling a little bashful and even a little shy at your truly innocent worry as you looked at him with big brown eyes, asking for his advice. Hoseok finding you way too adorable to cope, getting goosebumps just looking at you as he says “Ah Jagi why are you doing this to me?”

Taehyung: At first he would have been really worried when he saw you look so serious when you said you needed to talk to him, the knot in his stomach disappearing when you finally got out what you needed to say, Taehyung smiling gently at you as he pulls you into a hug “Your my everything, I would never want to do anything until you were completely comfortable, don’t worry please, I love you”

Jimin: I don’t think he’s the type to want to keep you feeling uncomfortable so he’d try to make light of the situation and joke around as he says “Don’t worry Jagi, this king will wait as long as it takes for you”

Seokjin: Since he’s older, he’s one of the more mature members and this situation would reflect it, he would sit down with you and let you tell him everything that was worrying you, Jin giving you his undivided attention as he reassured that you had nothing to worry about. 

fuckyouiamafuckingcutie asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you are taking requests? If you do, can you please do a Bts reaction to their girlfriend kissing them on their neck, thank you so much.


Jin: *returns the affection in a sickly cute way* Mm, jagi, you are too good for me! *proceeds to kiss everywhere*

Originally posted by mintokkies

Suga: *ladies man* Please, jagi, my other girlfriends (fans) will get jealous! *Waits until she walks away to back-hug you and kiss you back*

Originally posted by jhopies

J-Hope: *Rolls eyes* Jeez, jagi, I know I’m cute, but we’re in public!

Originally posted by jimiin

But on the inside, he’s like:

Originally posted by iyeols

Rap Monster: You only love me for my muscles… But thats okay, I don’t mind. As long as you’re kissing me *grins*

Originally posted by rnamjoon

V: *Turns into a cheeseball* Jagi, did you know that you’re favorite person in the world? I love you~

Originally posted by teyhyung

Jimin: *Wasn’t expecting the sweet kiss, and grins upon receiving it it*

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Jungkook: *Kisses you back until you’re both grinning and giggling like idiots*

Originally posted by tae-kooks

anonymous asked:

Can I get a gif reaction to the Hyung line seeing there wife on there wedding day? Thank you

RapMonster/Namjoon“*whispering to her when they are in front of whoever is marrying them* Don’t be so stressed babe, just smile”

Suga/Yoongi : “*mumbles to himself while looking at you walking toward him* You are the most beautiful thing on earth y/n”

Jin/Seokjin : *starts crying slightly when he sees her walking down the aisle with her father*

J-Hope/Hoseok“I still can’t believe you’re my wife y/n-ah, I love you so much… *tears of joy*”

Admin K

Just One Day

Requested by this cutie: projectjackson
I would love it if you write a fluff with Suga, where he writes a rap just for the reader and raps it to her one day. Thank you so much!
Author: Admin G
Genre: Fluff
A/N: The rap comes from Just One Day ~ Hope you like it!

“Ow.” Someone had threw a piece of paper at your head in the middle of first period. Picking it up from the floor you secretly opened it under the table to reveal cute handwriting.
“Meet at the rooftop at the start of lunch. -S”
You giggled. This handwriting totally belonged to Yoongi aka Suga.
You looked around to his place only to see him dosing off to sleep as per usual, causing you to throw the paper back at him. He fell backwards, instantly waking up as the whole class laughed at him.
“Sorry!” You blushed as he sat back up dumbfounded.
It was finally lunch and you looked around to find Yoongi. He seemed to be avoiding you all day.
“Was it because of what happened this morning?” You wondered as you walked straight into someone, causing them to drop the stuff they were carrying.
Looking up you realised it was Suga who instantly fell to his knees to grab his things from the floor. You decided to help him, grabbing a CD labelled with your name. “Whats this?” You asked, studying it in your hand. He tried grabbing it off you but you had quick reflexes and dodged him. Standing up you decided to run to the roof where he asked you to go, the CD still in your hand. 

Keep reading

Requests are open again!!!

It has been almost a month since I last opened the request box and I’m so happy to open it again! Thank you all for waiting patiently! Anyways, I have some quick updates: 

  • Seventeen Diary’s theme has changed! It’s my fave theme so far! I hope it’s more convenient for you all. Please check it out here! [x
  • I’ve added a new link to a list of reactions (though it’s still under construction) since many requests for it. I also added a link for our series page. Series are chaptered stories; I have a ton of ideas so I won’t open requests for these. 
  • Seventeen Diary had recently reached 1K follows! I just want to thank you all so much for following, requesting, liking, reblogging, reading, and just in general, supporting this scenario blog. It really means a lot. I’m also proud to say thank you for loving Seventeen. Without these boys, I would have never started this! 
  • For the people who views/uses tumblr on mobile, I’ve added the masterlist of scenarios and reactions in my description! I hope this will be more convenient for you!^^
  • And lastly, before I let you request, I just want to let you all know that Vernon/Hansol will not be part of this round of SCENARIO requests because he has the most scenarios (the member with the second-most times two doesn’t reach his number of scenarios) so please restrain and do not request him until the next round, but do know that he can still be requested for reactions. I apologize and I hope those who wanted to request scenarios of him won’t feel down. Anyways, I only have about three more scenarios to write so please, go ahead and request some scenarios and reactions! [x


blarg-astrology asked:

aesthetics for cancer sun, sag moon, and libra rising? love your blog btw, and thank you so much :)

You love my blog? Wow, that’s awesome. I’m pretty sure I followed you on the personal I had for a week before I made an astrology blog. I love your blog. So you’re welcome and thank you. Anyway, I’m so sorry for the wait, I’ve had so many requests for these and I’m not even really sure why. I was feeling family vacations and adventures with close friends, so I hope you like the aesthetic.

The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a pretty awesome combination, especially with your hot af Libra Rising. Cancer and Sagittarius are kind of contradictory in that one values security and emotional support and the other values adventure and independence. Put them together and you have a pretty social and progressive personality. You can relate to abstractions and ideals, but on a more realistic basis. You have that wonderful ability to inspire confidence in people. You almost always demand absolute honesty. When you suspect insincerity in your dealings with people, the sensitive and defensive side of your nature quickly appears. Petty jealousies and trite behavior repels you though. You live more or less by your own set of rules, often trying to live up to your own ideal of who you should be. While you are extremely polite and tactful, you seem to have no difficulty being firm and sometimes blunt. You communicate frankly and openly, leaving no one to wonder where you stand on an issue.


Anon said: Hey can u do an au where jack j is ur brother and skate gets u pregnant

Here you are sweetie :) Thank you so much for the request and sorry it took me a long time to do it, but I had other requests to do first and plus right now I’m really busy with my work and stuff and I don’t have much time. I’m sorry if it’s not the way you wanted, but I hope you like it anyway.

As always let me know what you think cause it means so much for me. Hit my ask box for advice, opinions about imagines or whatever you want. Enjoy :D



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Request: You’ve Gotta Be Kitten Me

Request: Oneshot where Y/N lives w/ TFW in the bunker. They go on witch hunt, the witch puts a spell on Y/N & transforms her into a kitten. Dean, her bf, laughs as he finds out. But he soon discovers how fragile she is now & has to stay a kitten 4 a week

Word Count: 1,182

This was a fun one to write, thank you so much! I hope you like it!<3

“Look, let’s just get the bitch and go home. I’d sell my soul for a cheeseburger and a nap.” You snap, trying to stop the brothers’ bickering. It shuts them up long enough for you to get the guns out of the trunk and pass them to your partners. You go off to your pre-arranged locations – you, being as agile as you are, were charged with climbing a tree and slipping into the window. Sam’s taking the back door and Dean, to front.

You hate hunting witches. You hate how unpredictable they are – sometimes, they’re regular soccer moms who ended up in the wrong PTA meeting, or other times, you get total bodily-fluid-spraying, toad-transforming, terrifying psycho bitches. A vamp will always go for your neck and a wendigo will creep up behind you, but a witch… she’s only a little less than human and you never know what she’s going to do or how she’s going to do it.

“Come on, you son of a bitch,” You mutter, hoisting yourself up through the branches and through the upstairs window. You’re instantly faced with what may be, hands down, the most disgusting smell you’ve ever experienced – and you’ve been trapped in a hot car with two guys the day after an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring the spiciest burritos you’ve ever tasted. You reel back, choking on the foul air. However, you force yourself to advance on, stubbornly breathing through your mouth.

Guess I know which kind of witch you are.

The darkened room features an array of dead animals and an altar with small bowls of blood in varying shades of red. You shudder, casting your torch beam away from them – and onto the face of the witch.

Well, shit.


“Y/N?!” Dean yells, hopping over the corpse and looking around for somewhere she might be keeping you – he’d heard your scream only seconds before he’d put three bullets in her spine; you have to be somewhere. His foot’s about to hit the ground when there’s a yowl and he jumps a mile, staring down at the tiny, Y/H/C coloured kitten staring up at him.

“Oh, no.” He says, trying to hide his grin. He bends down and scoops you up, regarding you with amusement. He can’t hold back the laugh as you meow pitifully at him, swiping pathetically at his face with tiny paws, “Y/N. Good lord, this is brilliant.”

This time, you hiss. He raises an eyebrow, only laughing more.

“Hey, Sam! Come look!” He grins, enjoying the moment too much to consider you, held around your middle in one hand. You try to struggle; get your feet back on the ground, but his grip only tightens – enough that breathing becomes nigh on impossible. You whine, twisting as best you can.

“Y/N, will you sto- oh, crap, sorry!” His eyes widen when he sees that his grip was too tight and he releases you, dropping you onto the floor. You land on your feet, mercifully, and breathe deeply for a moment to fill your tiny lungs with oxygen – you’re so small, the boots in front of you seem huge.

Sam bursts into the room and sees the scene, his eyes widening as they land on you.

“Is that-?”

“Yup.” Dean confirms, “We’d better figure out how to fix this, huh?” He asks, bending down to get closer to you. To those words, you meow your approval and claw your way up his leg until he chuckles and picks you up gently, “Alright, sweetheart. I gotcha.”


You curl up on the table in front of Dean, watching him expectantly as he looks through a book on spell reversal. He comes to a page labelled Animal Transfiguration and begins looking down the page for more information.

“Hey, Y/N,” He says, and you look up at him and blink slowly. He takes that to mean you’re listening and resumes talking, “Did she throw green powder at you and then speak Latin or just speak Latin?”

You give him a pointed look that clearly says, How the hell am I supposed to reply, wise guy? And he rolls his eyes, then holds out his hand, palm up.

“Tap my hand for powder, tap the table for no powder.”

You reach out and tap your paw against the tabletop, to which he grins, retracting his hand and closing the book. You look up at him expectantly, and he runs a hand down the soft fur of your back gently.

“You’ll be back to normal in a week. If she’d thrown the powder, it would have been irreversible, so count yourself lucky.” He says, and then pauses, “Maybe we should say paw-der.”

You hiss playfully, nipping at his hand. You are not in the mood for shitty puns.


“Y/N, what do you eat?” Dean asks, “We don’t have cat food.”

You glare at him from the countertop, flicking your tail at him. He rolls his eyes.

“We have tuna. You like tuna?”

You meow approvingly and he pulls the can of tuna out of the cupboard, shaking his head at how your eyes light up.

“Oh, I’m never letting you live this one down.” He chuckles, tapping your nose lovingly. You meow irritably, just wanting him to get on with it and feed you – you haven’t had anything since yesterday evening and it’s almost dark already. He grins, and before long, you’re digging into a plateful of tuna.


It takes a bit of doing but eventually, you get the bedroom door open. The library was cold and you didn’t like being alone, especially being so vulnerable, and so you crept back into your room. You claw your way up the sheet and lie down on your pillow, hearing Dean’s breathing from the other side of the bed. You aren’t even mad that he’s taken the whole blanket to himself. You curl up and rest your head on your paws, falling asleep much faster beside him.

Just two more days. You assure yourself as you drop off, Then I’ll be human again.


On the last day of your feline-ness, Dean takes advantage of you. He has you run into tight corners and fetch things that he’d never get to. On one occasion, he makes a hole in the wall of a locked store room that there’s no key for and helps you slip through and get it open from the inside.

When dark comes, you sit on the library floor petulantly and wait, watching the clock ticking the minutes away before you’ll have opposable thumbs. And, when the time finally comes back, you black out for a moment – and, sure enough, when you wake back up, you have your body back.

“Dean!” You yell, running through to the kitchen – albeit, a little clumsily as you readjust to dual-leggedness, “Dean, I’m back!”

He meets you halfway there and grins, wrapping you up in a tight hug.

“Thank god!” He celebrates, “Oh, I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” You assure him, planting a kiss on his lips, “However, I missed alcohol too. I need a beer.”

cosmos-dust asked:

Can you the signs as smiles? Love your blog btw

Sure!! Thank you(: I spent a lot of time on this and I had a lot of fun (probably too much fun tbh lol). I hope you like it!

Aries: that “lol guess who just walked in” smirk your bff gives you when your crush comes in the room

Taurus: that smile when you’ve had a really long and hard day and it feels good to finally relax with some friends

Gemini: that kinda sad smile when you see your ex-best friend  is super excited about something and you want to congratulate them but don’t want to open up that friendship again since it ended badly and really hurt you both but you don’t know if they’re quite over it yet

Cancer: when you’re reading or watching TV and your OTP does something hella cute so you have a huge fangirl moment and can’t stop smiling

Leo: when you’re with your favorite person in the whole world and couldn’t stop smiling if you tried

Virgo: an ironic/ sarcastic smile.It practically screams “yeah everything’s fine lol just my life is falling apart and I just embarrassed the shit out of myself”

Libra: a flirty smile best paired with a wink

Scorpio: that smile when you’re really happy for someone, but if you’re completely honest, you’re a lil jealous too

Sagittarius: that smile when you’ve just thought of the perfect payback prank

Capricorn: when you’re in a tense/awkward situation and have to grin and bear it (barely a smile tbh)

Aquarius: the shy, flattered smile when someone compliments you and you don’t want to seem overly flattered but you’re dying inside

Pisces: the giggly smile when you’re trying really hard to attract your crush

I hope these all make sense!!!! Thanks for the suggestion!

AN: Heya! I’ve been having some MAJOR Steve feels lately, so I was super excited to see that this request was up next! Whoohoo *cracks knuckles* let’s get goin’. Thank you to the anon that requested this, I hope you like it babe! *I do not own the gif (but like hOT DAMN), found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Prompt:Hello! I absolutely adore your imagines, so is it okay if I request one? So the reader can control water and fire and she has been with the avengers since the battle of New York. Along the way, she has a relationship with Steve but broke up with him after. Now can you please make an imagine where they’re kind of bitter around each other but they have tension and steve plans to get her back in the end? Sorry if it’s too much, but I would really appreciate if you did it because I love your work.

((The only thing about the request that I am going to change up is the reader’s abilities. I will do the water controlling bit, however I actually am currently working on another Steve fic where the reader can control fire so I don’t want them to be TOO similar, ya'know? Sorry!))

Warnings: Swearing, break ups and relationship issues, insecurity.


“Two Haves of a Whole”


God, you couldn’t go anywhere in the tower without running into Steve.

You groan to yourself as you enter the kitchen area and seeing Steve sitting on a stool at the counter casually, sipping a mug of coffee.

Mentally composing yourself, you strutted into the room like you owned the place and made your way to the shelves of glasses, snatching one up and holding it under the sink faucet.

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whatthecraapp asked: Can you do a nate au where I’m dating him please? I love all your aus

Here you are sweetie :) Thank you so much for the request and sorry it took me a long time to do it, but I had other requests to do first and plus right now I’m really busy with my work and stuff and I don’t have much time. I’m sorry if it’s not the way you wanted, but I hope you like it anyway.

As always let me know what you think cause it means so much for me. Hit my ask box for advice, opinions about imagines or whatever you want. Enjoy :D


The Jealous Type (Nate Maloley)

Requests are Open! 
Anon said: Hi! Can you make Nate maloley imagine story with him being all jealous at y/n because she is hanging out with her guy friend from her home town that she hasn’t seen in a while. Nate gets all rude to her friend and stuff like that !! I don’t know why I love those types of stories so if you can do that, that would be amazing I love you stories♥️

A/N: Why thank you, that means the world!!! haha i like these kinds of stories too, I hope you enjoy! (and I kinda incorporated the whole squad into this but its still mainly Nate) 

“What’s good lil mama?” Nate said through the phone. He makes it a deal to call me whenever he has free time in between recording sessions at the studio. 

“Nothing much, I’m spending time with an old friend from back home since he’s visiting for a little but its probably not going to be a whole big ordeal,” I told him. 

“Woah, woah, woah. He?” Nate questioned with a hint of anger in his tone. 

“Yeah, his name is Curtis, we used to be best friends when we were in junior high before I moved to Omaha and met you guys,” I explained. 

“And it’s just you two going?” He interrogated further. 

“Well I’m assuming so, since we’re both 21 and don’t need our mommies anymore for parent supervision,” I sassed. 

“No.” was all Nate said. 

“What do you mean no?” I asked irritated. 

“I mean no. You can’t go. He’s probably a horny little fuck that’ll try to make moves on you all afternoon,” he started. Nate continued to ramble on about the possible scenarios that could happen if I went out with Curtis. 

“Nathan,” I interrupted. “Are you jealous?” 

“N-no I’m not,” he shot back defensively. 

“Not even just a little bit?” I asked in a playful tone. 

“Okay yeah, I am. But who can blame me? When I’ve got such a beautiful girl on my hands I can’t just hand her off to other guys!” he told me. 

“It’ll be fine Nathan. Nothing is going to happen between us. You can trust me. You’re the only one I want,” I reassured him. 


“Promise,” I sealed. We exchanged I-love-you’s before hanging up. 

Nate’s POV 

“I don’t know guys, should I be worried?” I asked the crew as we took a lunch break in the studio. 

“Nah bro,” Sam answered, shaking his head. 

“I agree with Sam. Y/N is a trustworthy girl and she would never do anything behind your back to hurt you. I think you should just trust her if she says that they’re just friends and nothing more,” Johnson justified. 

I sighed and leaned back into the couch. “You guys make a good point. I’m just worried you know? What if after their little “lunch date” she decides that she would rather be with him than me?” 

“You could always follow them,” Gilinksy suggested. 

“What the fuck bro?” Swazz questioned. 

“That’s perfect G!” I said clapping him on the back. The other guys, besides G, looked at me like I was crazy. “Come with me Gilinksy, that way it’s not too suspicious.” He nodded in approval while the other guys still looked skeptical. 

“Oh yeah, because seeing your boyfriend and his friend at the same restaurant that you’re having a friendly hangout at isn’t suspicious at all,” Sam remarked. 

I shook off Sammy’s point, and gestured for G to follow me out the door. 

“See you guys later,” I called. The rest of them looked weary. 


“Its so great to see you!” I exclaimed for the third time since I’ve seen Curtis. We met up at a local cafe to talk, and I was beyond happy to have been reunited with him. Its crazy to see how much we’ve both grown since then. 

“I know, it’s amazing,” he said in return. He placed his hands over mine, which were resting on the table. “You look so gorgeous.” 

I began to feel uneasy. “Thank you,” I said as I removed my hands from his grasp and into my lap. We caught up on many different topics, from college, to our current jobs, to our family members and such. 

“So, y/n. Is there a special man in your life at the moment?” Curtis questioned. 

“Actually, yeah, there is,” I said, smiling at the thought of Nate. 

“Well that’s too bad. But he’s not around, so I guess nobody can stop me from doing this,” he told me mischievously as he gripped my face and kissed me. hard. 

Pulling back quickly, feeling disgusted, I pushed his chest away with two hands. 

“What the fuck was that? I literally just told you that I had a boyfriend,” I stated. 

Suddenly, I heard an angry voice behind me. Nate. 

“You little fucker! Nobody touches my girl,” he yelled, swinging his fist at Curtis’s face. I gasped. 

“What in the world? When did you get here?” I asked, baffled. 

I received no response. Nate was too busy picking a fight with Curtis. I felt two hands grab me gently and pull me back. Gillinsky. 

“What the hell? Is everybody here?” I asked sarcastically. 

He shook his head. “I’ll explain later,” he told me. 

At this point, Nate’s blows were becoming harder and faster, bashing my friend’s face in at a fast pace. 

“Nate, stop it, you’re going to kill him!” I shouted.

Gilinsky rubbed my back. “It’s fine y/n. Nate knows when to stop. This isn’t his first fight. Besides, the scum-bag deserved it.” 

I didn’t want to watch the fight anymore. Burying my head into Gilinsky’s chest, I wrapped my arms around him, waiting for the violence to end. Then, I heard a voice. 

“Don’t you ever lay your hands on my girl again you dirtbag. You hear me?” Nate demanded. Curtis whimpered from where he lay. I didn’t dare look at him. I was too scared. Gilinksy urged me out of the cafe, and into Nate’s car. We sat in silence before I spoke. 

“Will someone just tell me what just happened? Why were you guys there?” I questioned. 

“I didn’t trust the idea of you going on some “friendly date” with another guy, y/n,” Nate reasoned. 

“So following me there and stalking me was the best choice?” I shot back. 

“You saw what happened! That little shit kissed you!” Nate angrily stated. 

“I can handle myself, Nathan,” I told him, turning away from him and glaring out the window. 

“Lil ma,” Nate said gently. “I’m sorry for invading your privacy and not trusting you. I was just so anxious about your meet up. I don’t want us to fight. I just want other people to respect the fact that you’re all mine.” 

“I understand that Nate. Have a little faith in me. I’m not going anywhere. I promise. You are my one and only,” I expressed. 

“Damn straight,” he smiled, leaning over to kiss me. I smiled against his lips. 

“Ewww guys!” Gilinksy said as he fake gagged. 

“Oh shut up. It’s nothing that you haven’t done with Madison.” 

The car filled with laughter.