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I love how your blog shows autumn: so colorful, peaceful, even mysterious. I'd wish it was the same or at least similar where I live. It's like we only had summer and winter! XD

Ooo, love this description—thank you so much! Really appreciate your kind words. I hope you can travel someplace where there’s a proper autumn soon. It truly is such a beautiful, peaceful season. And yes, very mysterious-feeling too. 

I hope the week ahead is wonderful to you, and thank you again. Happy fall 2016!

BTS 2016 Greeting Card

RAP MONSTER: To my loved ones.. 2016. This year, whatever it is, let’s make another one. Peace in mind! - RM

SUGA: 2016…!! Everyone, let’s live life to the fullest in this year too!! Everyone fighting!! Hang in there!! And all the best for the new year~!! 

JUNGKOOK: 2016, I hope everyday is filled with good things and even if there are tough times, please stay positive and win through in the end! There will be good times. I will also work hard so let’s work hard together. Fighting~ ♡

V: 2016, this year too, I hope you can live happily everyday, with confidence, filled with energy and stay healthy ARMY ya~ Thank you and I love you~ 

JIN: 2016, this year too, let’s live with love.

JIMIN: Happy New Year.
Let’s be happy everyday.
Let’s be healthy everyday.
Let’s be together everyday.
Let's reminisce everyday.
Let’s love everyday.
I Love You. ♥ - JIMIN

J-HOPE: 2016… time flies… 2016, the big sea is here… Everyone!! We’re riding on the same boat on this big sea. This year too, let’s ride that boat and keep going vigorously!! All the best for the new year~ ♥ - Hobi  ♥♥

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Thank you, Mr. Iwata.  Thank you for everything.  You were a genius programmer, fitting all of Pokemon Gold/Silver’s two regions on one 2 MB cartridge, and so much more.   You touched the lives of so many people through your games.  Earthbound was, is, and will always be one of my favorite games, and I know it was one of yours too.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Iwata.  Thank you for letting us play your games.

Right now,i am totally and absolutely crying,and i’m not planning to stop. My idol,my soulmate, my big love died today,twenty years ago,the 5th of April 1994 in Seattle. I wasn’t even there when he died,in fact i was born three years later,but Kurt is part of me.

I don’t have much to add because i am genuinely in tears and i can’t formulate something that will be quite short without talking about every quality he had and people never recognised him,labeling him only with the name “damned angel”.

I am so happy you actually lived Kurt,i couldn’t have asked for a more imperfect but perfect human being in this stupid little world. You were too much for this place,you knew too much.

Thank you for every single thing you have done for us,for me, without even knowing me.


happy 100th post!

i love making these and i’m so grateful that other people enjoy them too!! this started out as a passing idea i had when i was in a really bad place, and as it has grown it’s helped me cope in really positive ways, which i have your wonderful support to thank for! i hope it’s helped someone else, too. 

wishing you love, peace and strength in everything you’re going through 💖

Damn they’re too hot for me *_* !!!

Im also using this pic also for saying Thank you for all the followers,the newbies,the old’ ones and everything Im very happy to see a lot of person sharing what I love so continue like that and enjoy what you like !

Peace to all of youuuu muaaaa d=(-3-)=b love u all <3

Regina was instantly attracted to Robin in every world. But the differences in how she reacted to that are so fascinating.

In the Enchanted Forest, she was hurting too much to be able to deal with it:

In Storybrooke, she was bold and flirtatious as she’s taught herself to be, but ultimately still skittish and afraid:

But Bandit Regina, bless her heart

speechless, floundering, mouth-gaping, wide-eyed staring, 

who me?, wow his eyes are gorgeous

completely lacking in poker face Bandit Regina and her awkward “Congratulations. To you both.” and “I should go.” and strained little fake smiles as she leaves

and sad but peaceful thank you because maybe she’s meant for love after all.

Bandit Regina is what love could’ve been like for Regina Mills if only the world had been a little kinder.

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How I imagine the group will react to Richonne

Daryl: Well, it’s about damn time *fist bumps Rick*
Carol: Took you long enough. I already have the cookie recipe for your wedding ready to go.
Maggie: I knew it. I win. Glenn, you owe me a foot massage.
Rick: You made a bet?
Glenn: Yeah, and I just lost. Thanks a lot, dumbass.
Morgan: Love is peace. Life is so beautiful.
Father Gabriel: I now pronounce you man and wife.
Judith: Mama?
Michonne: *kisses Rick*
Carl: Ew. Someone shoot my other eye.
Enid: No, you idiot. I already lost my other boyfriend. You can’t die too.
Denise: Don’t worry. I gotchu, Carl.
Tara: That’s my girl.
Eugene: I would just like to point out that statistics show that everyone who falls for Rick ends up dead, so Michonne, I gather you have about…
Rosita: Shut up, Eugene.
Sasha: Uhm, guys, shouldn’t we focus on Jesus first?
Abraham: WHO’S JESUS?
Jesus: Hello. It’s me. 

And now, for a bit of positivity in this cesspool of terrible events.

Park Ji-young was a crew member of the sunken Sewol ferry. She lived with her single mother and younger sister, and was known to be a bright, smiling young lady.

When the ship began to sink, she took charge of the life jackets. When there wasn’t enough to go around, she grabbed life jackets from the fourth floor and gave them to the people on the third floor. When asked “aren’t you going to wear one too?” she replied “Crew members go last. I’ll leave after I’ve gotten all of you out." 

Her efforts saved everyone she helped. Unfortunately, she herself did not make it.

Rest in peace, Miss Park. You will be missed. Thank you.

“You know, you really changed. The look in your eyes… What happened?”

A continuation to the previous ask

Merry Christmas - original print from The Worship Project.

From my heart to yours, I pray you have the most wonderful Christmas time. Whether you are spending it with family, friends, or you’re by yourself, my prayer for you is that you would know the completely-undoing love of the Father expressed through Jesus Christ.

I know that this season and this day in particular can be really hard for some people. If that’s you, know that I’m upholding you in my heart and in my prayers. Know that as Jesus holds the world in His hands, He’s not too big and you’re not too small for Him to forget. He holds you in His arms, and every tear, every cry for help is heard and is answered.

Thanks for journeying with me this past year! It’s been quite the year. Lot’s of change for me, moving from New Zealand to the USA, and God is good and faithful through it all.

Love you and praying for a time of refreshment and peace to be yours this day x

* * *

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Rest in peace, best friend. Lucky, when I was 7 and asked for a dog the universe gave me so much more than that. You kept my feet warm at the end of my bed, you provided me with more comfort than most people could, and your personality being the same as Mom’s, helped us keep a piece of her with us too. Thank you for bringing so much happiness, and so much love to my family for the past 15 years, doodle dog. I will carry you in my heart, always.

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Downpour: Pt 8

A Bucky x Reader / Drab Series

Master List

A/N: This is the end guys. The last part. I may do an epilogue too, but only if you guys want me too. I hoped you enjoyed this series, and this longer end part. Let me know what you think! xo

Word Count: 1,407
* I know it doesn’t technically count as a drab, but I just wanted the ending to be longer.

- none.
- italicized part will change POV.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

Bucky had been living with you and James for almost a year now. It was a peaceful year, filled with happy memories and many moments that made you stop and be thankful. For so many things.

James and Bucky were inseparable. From that fateful day when the man you loved came back into your life, it was almost as if he never left. He was the missing piece, that completed your broken puzzle.

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Super Junior Eunhyuk, “Donghae always calls me ugly, my mom hates you”

On MBC’s “One Fine Day”, Super Junior Eunhyuk went with Donghae and Leeteuk on a once in a lifetime vacation to Switzerland.

During the trip, Donghae always joked openly to Eunhyuk, “Yah you’re ugly!”, to which Eunhyuk replied, “You keep calling me ugly, my mum hates you!”, bringing laughter to everyone around. Donghae and Eunhyuk keeps bickering on the entire trip without stop. Eunhyuk said, “The stress is too much! My head hurts. Please give me some peace”.

But during the backroom interview, Donghae told the production team, “No matter what, thank you for always accepting my jokes. I hope in future, I can continue being happy with you like this.”

Eunhyuk said that he originally wanted to give up on the trip. It was Eunhyuk and Ryeowook who planned the holiday, but Ryeowook couldn’t make it due to scheduling conflicts. To the PD team Eunhyuk said, “Ryeowook canceled our plans, I thought about giving up the trip”. However, in the end Eunhyuk went with Donghae and Leeteuk. When the trip ended he expressed his thankfulness, “This is my last trip in my 20s. Being able to be with friends and members makes me feel very fortunate”, completely forgot about Ryeowook’s existence.

Watch Donghae’s and Eunhyuk’s endless bickering on MBC “One Fine Day”, premiering on December 31st at 12pm, straight all four episodes.

© Tenasia // Trans by witheunhae // ohnoeunhae (*) // eunhaes_

The thin corridors were quiet, with the only sound coming from the boots on Harry’s feet. The lights were softly buzzing above you as his fingers laced between yours and gave your warm hand a tight squeeze. The rings, around the circumference of his fingers, were cool against your flushed skin and sent soft shivers down your spine.

“Thank you for coming tonight…” He whispered, afraid to shatter the too-peaceful silence surrounding the both of you. “I know you’ve been busy n'all, and it’s nice to just have some time with you. Even if it is walking down the stuffy corridors of Wembley” He chuckled, as he pushed a door open with his free hand, letting it swing back behind the two of you. “S'the first concert of the tour you’re actually seeing, isn’t it?” He wondered, as you looked up to him. Catching his eyes as he swiftly turned his head back to the front.

Work had kept you busy, otherwise you’d be flying out to whatever country that Harry was in every month or so. Something you didn’t mind doing, if it meant you got to see him at the end of the treacherous journey. The travelling, and the jetlag, and the waiting for him to come home was all worthwhile in the end. Because the feeling of seeing him, and touching him and smelling him and hearing him come home was the best feeling in the entire world.

“It is, yeah. I’m a little excited, I must say. I’m getting flustered just thinking about a certain Irish lad on stage” You teased and giggled, as he gasped and threw his arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his side. “I’m joking, you. I’m excited to see my very handsome, very beautiful, fabulous-looking boyfriend doing his thing” You grin, and stand up on your tiptoes to press a kiss to his prominent jawline.

“You, my petal, are just a little bit to full of teasing. I am going to need to sort that out, aren’t I?” Harry winked, as he moved behind you and hooked his arms around your waist. His chin perched comfortably against your shoulder. “That hotel bed is calling our names. I can hear it” He joked, as a chuckle left his lips causing you to shake your head in a manner, and tilting your head back to let it hit against his shoulder.

“Who says I’ll want to do anything, hmm? I might want to nap on the bus with Louis, ya'know?” You stated, as you rounded the corner to see clothing rails and a half naked Liam standing at the end.

“About time you arrived, Harry! You’re so late. What held you up?” Caroline asked, as he looked to you and raised an eyebrow, watching as a pink tinge covered your cheeks. “Okay! I regret that question. Just, come here and go inside. Lou’s running frantic. You need your hair doing!” She called, as she ushered Harry into the brightly lit dressing room.

• • •

“You look so handsome. My beautiful man. Where’s my rugged looking Harry gone?” You winked, as you cupped Harry’s soft cheeks and shuffled on his lap. Your legs swung over to the empty sofa cushion beside the two of you as you sat sideways to his chest. Your knees bent as he placed an arm on your kneecaps. “God, you look handsome. Tie your hair like this more often, yeah?” You grinned, as you pulled your fingers across the braided hair going from the side of his forehead to the bun at the top of his head.

“It suits him, don’t you think?” Lou grinned, as she set Lux on the ground and let her wander around the room with Lottie by her side. “I even made sure he knew what to do. Had a feeling you’d like it, (Y/N)” She winked, as she packed away her hair essentials and threw the empty cans of hairspray in the bin.

“I think I look dapper, if I do say so” He grinned, as he pressed a kiss to the corner of your lips, and nuzzled his nose against your hollow cheeks. “I may end up taking it out though… If my bun falls loose, that is” He muttered, with his warm breath fanning your bare and exposed neck.

“Make sure that you do it back like this before bed, yeah?” You whispered into his ear, as he lifted his head up and gave you a raised eyebrow look, along with confusion on his face. “It’s definitely making me feel something. And I like it. A lot…” You winked, as you peppered kisses to his face and watched as his facial features scrunched up.

“You guys are too cute” Louis laughed, as he walked over to the sofa opposite, the leather squeaking as he took a seat on the cushion. “Seriously… Just get married and have pretty babies. You’re like an old married couple anyway” He teased, as he sipped from the mug of tea his hands were nursing.

“You’re both the happiest, I swear” Liam smiled, as he braced his hands against the back of the opposite sofa, standing above Louis. “You do need to married. You understand? 6 years, eh? That’s an incredible amount of time” He added, as you squeezed Harry’s cheeks and watched his lips pout out.

“Now… I hate to break the two of you up like that, because it really is the cutest scene, but… We need Harry and the boys now” The newest tour manager grinned, as Harry frowned and held you tightly. “C'mon, H. You’ll have plenty of time after the show to shower your girl with love. But, we got a show to put on!” He grinned, as he clapped his hands and left the room, absent to the fact Harry whined and groaned.

“I’ll be at the side of the stage, mister. Knock ‘em dead. Make me proud. I love you lots” You grinned, as he pressed a long yet deep and passionate kiss to your lips.

“I love you too, petal. This show is for you..”

A redraw of THIS SELFIE by @cloud-killed-by-doors and @inkypop !! Thank you for allowing me to redraw it. I still cant get over cullen throwing up a peace sign it fucking gets me every time i love it and again– inky’s dorian posing is always so A++ 

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