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TOP 5 OR 10 FOUND FAMILIES (am I predictable? haha no)


  1. Les Amis, obviously. “They were a family by force of friendship” I read that line and I was like well I’m gone 
  2. I’m a super big nerd for the Criminal Minds characters like the writers don’t always seem to know I’m in it for the found family and not the murder procedural
  3. Currently ALL THE TEMERAIRE CHARACTERS what a good family they are I love them. Napoleonic wars with dragons found family I am sold
  4. The Weasleys + Harry + Hermione is an old fave 
  5. Another old fave is everyone from Rurouni Kenshin. That found family was my descent into fic, go figure
  6. The Newsies are pretty freaking cute 
  7. The crew of the Walrus on Black Sails before MOST OF THEM DIED ugh. Also Jack Rackham and his now trio of lesbians with Anne, Max, and Mary Read, it’s so awesome
  8. Will + Elizabeth + Jack Sparrow and the crew of the Black Pearl if they had done the movies the WAY I WISHED THEY WOULD but no
  9. The LOTR Fellowship is pretty rad
  10. Have you guys watched Sense8 on Netflix cause that is a pretty darn awesome found family

I am…positive there are more but these were the ones on the top of my head!


I DID THE THING!!! it took me a day but i did it xD!! and i just found out that i haven’t drawn any sterek fanart in A MONTH ;___; i’m so sorry, i feel so horrible… BUT you get 4 new ones today! :3 hope that pays off my inactivity… we can all thank @merlshmallow for that!! xD she’s the one that tagged me on her post and her meme! THANK YOU <3 i’ve missed drawing these two ;u;


Someone requested Jamilton Posin’ Meme

Collab with @objectionable-code​ I love you so much yo thank you 

Have a youtube meme for Jamilton ;U

bless this Guy


                                     Mr and Mrs Dursley,
                                     of number four,
                                     Privet Drive,
                                     were proud to say that
                                     they were perfectly normal,
                                     thank you very much.

                                    AESTHETIC MEME | eight stories
                                    ┖ harry potter
                                        and the philosopher’s stone (4.1)

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