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ooh, what about 15, 16 and 26?

15.  Hardest verse to write?  I really only write MCU, so I’ll take this question as the hardest story ‘verse to write, and say probably A Higher Form of War because I couldn’t use Tony’s usual pop culture references, which are so often shorthand for Tony and such a big part of his character. That was hard.  Celestial Navigation is tough to write just because it pulls on a lot of rather horrible things that are, unfortunately, still happening to women in this world.  Kind of depressing.

16.  Easiest verse to write?  Probably Shattered was the easiest to write, since it follows TWS and just puts in an established relationship with Tony, so I didn’t have to do any real world-building and the plot structure was already there.

26.  Story you’re most proud of?  A Higher Form of War.  One, for finishing something that is as long as Order of the Phoenix, and two, just because I really like it. 

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Obi Wan and Cody

(Note: I’m going off of a small knowledge of Cody’s personality here, so if I water him down to a few traits or just make up my own, I apologize in advance)

  • who steals french fries off the other’s plate: Cody, totally Cody
  • who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple: Obi-Wan, the ultimate flirt
  • who has to bust or bail the other out of jail: Cody has had to bust Obi-Wan out more times than he can count
  • who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues: Obi-Wan gives Cody advice that’s good in practice, but Cody reminds him that he never follows his own advice, which leads to Cody comforting Obi-Wan
  • who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes: Cody; he argues that he needs the handicap since Obi-Wan has the Force
  • who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk: Obi-Wan. Cody could not care less about being on the bottom, and likes that he doesn’t have to climb to get up. Makes him feel like a cadet again.
  • who starts and who wins the pillow fights: Obi-Wan starts and wins them, but Cody fights hard
  • who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush: Obi-Wan would totally do this for Cody *

Thanks for the ask!

Send me over some more brotps for neverending silliness 

*but in the case of rexobi, Cody 100% does this to Obi-Wan

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ice cold

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Give me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

-chooses the pumpkin: they choose it together! Quentin makes a huge deal out of it, wanting to go to every pumpkin patch in a fifty-mile radius to find the perfect one, but Di is satisfied with the one they get at the first patch. He pouts some, but she lets him drag her around all the pumpkin patches when they’re less busy.
-carves the pumpkin: Dinah carves it, but she makes Quentin scoop out the goopy innards first.
-matching costume idea: Quentin has the hilarious idea that Di should be a cop and he should be the Canary one year. She immediately shoots this down because good Lord, Quen, do you want to scar me with the image of you in fishnets and heels think of the children, Lance.
-makes a cozy bed-fort to cuddle in: Dinah, to make up for killing his matching costume idea.
-steals the other’s candy: Di does - it’s not fair that they pass out king-size chocolate bars at the police station; she should get to have some…
-accidentally gets lost in a corn maze: you know I was going to say Quentin, but actually he could probably see over the corn. Di on the other hand could definitely not.
-tells spooky stories to scare the other: they both do… not always effectively, because sometimes they’re more silly than scary, and they usually end up giggling and making s’mores instead.
-collects cool-looking leaves: Dinah! Quen brings some home when he gets to go out on patrol, looking sheepish as he holds out a shoebox full of random leaves and telling her they made him think of her. She’s very touched.

Rules: Put your device on shuffle, and write down the first 10 songs. I was tagged by @unpredictablereylo Thank you!! 😸😸

1. Army of one - Coldplay

2. Moondust - Jaymes Young

3. Battle born - The Killers

4. I am the D.J. - Neon Trees

5. Oblivion - Bastille

6. Down by the river - Milky Chance

7. Somebody’s love - Passenger

8. Coins in a fountain - Passenger

9. Everybody wants to rule the world - NSP

10. Show you love - Jars Of Clay

So I’ll tag @nitesparrow @thewintersassassin @thenerdyhero @kaijulovingfreak @0cto-cat

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River x Twelve

Give me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

-chooses the pumpkin: River. Twelve tries, but he first he brings back a watermelon, then a canteloupe, then some alien thing, then a squash, insisting all of them are pumpkins, (yes dear they’re very nice good job) and she just… quietly replaces them with actual pumpkins.
-carves the pumpkin: River, again, because oh gosh please do not entrust that old man with a knife he will injure himself
-gets scared and clings the other in a haunted house: ahem the Doctor is the ONCOMING STORM, he is a FEARED NIGH-IMMORTAL BEING, he is SHRIEKING AND HIDING BEHIND HIS WIFE RIVER WHAT IS THAT sweetie that’s just a mirror that’s our reflection MAKE IT GO AWAY
-matching costume idea: River loves to play dress-up, and so Halloween is a favourite holiday as a result. The list of costume ideas she has for the two of them is so long. So. Long. She has as many Halloweens covered as possible, don’t you worry.
-makes a cozy bed-fort to cuddle in: Twelve, although it’s kind of an accident (he was trying to build a model 30th century tower out of pillows and blankets, but it fell over and now there’s just a cave of pillows) but when River laughs and drags him inside for a snog, he decides it’s definitely on purpose.
-steals the other’s candy: they both do, although Twelve is more careful about it because you do not take River Song’s pumpkin-shaped Reese’s peanut butter cups and live to see another day.
-accidentally gets lost in a corn maze: Twelve. He has no idea where he is. How did he get in this maze? Where did River go? (She’s already solved it twice.)
-tells spooky stories to scare the other: they both try, but River is a lot better at it than Twelve is.
-collects cool-looking leaves: Twelve has a whole wall somewhere in the TARDIS covered in alien leaves, all labelled very carefully.

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If you could meet any 5 historical people- who would they be?

An excellent question! Hmm let’s see:

1.) Alexander Hamilton, which, probably is obvious

2.) THOMAS PAINE my son

3.) Louise Michel, she is a badass and used to sign the letters she wrote to Victor Hugo as Enjolras and I am about that

4.) Toussaint L'Ouverture, who led the Haitian revolution

5.) And if we’re counting authors as historical figures, Jane Austen

Also Victor Hugo, but that seems fairly obvious. I have QUESTIONS, SIR. And bonus mention to Abigail Adams I love her. And Marat, probably. Ahh too many people to meet. 

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SORRY SHAKESPEARE *SPOOKY BAGPIPES PLAYING IN THE DISTANCE* I don’t actually know what time period this answer takes place in so MAKE OF IT WHAT YOU WILL

Give me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

-chooses the pumpkin: Gru! She excitedly tells Macbeth about this one really great pumpkin patch; they go together and he’s too busy grinning sappily at her to pick one out himself, so he gets whatever she wants.
-carves the pumpkin: they do it together, giggling over how bad it looks. It ends up being the ugliest jack-o’-lantern ever, but they did it!! And Macbeth only nicked his own fingers like four times that’s even better than last year!!
-gets scared and clings the other in a haunted house: poor Macbeth. There’s just something about the witches jumping out at them and the ghost that keeps appearing just at the corner of his eye that terrifies him. Gru, luckily, is afraid of absolutely none of it, until the very end when they get separated and she accidentally runs into one of the actors, getting smeared all over with the fake blood, and can’t find Macbeth and they mistake her for one of the actors too and that’s not enough blood here take this knife and go stand over there NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND I’M TRYING TO LEAVE I LOST MY PERSON STOP NO WHY STAY BACK. He comes running as soon as he hears her scream and they get the heck out of there and don’t go back and EVERYTHING IS FINE, IT’S TOTALLY FINE, NO HEAVY-HANDED THINLY-VEILED REFERENCES HERE AT ALL.
-matching costume idea: THIS MAY BE CHEATING but Banquo is the one to suggest they do matching costumes, but Macbeth gets confused and tells him no, they’re absolutely not going to match him, that would be super weird, Banquo, why would you suggest that.
-makes a cozy bed-fort to cuddle in: Gru does while he’s away; when he comes back home it’s to a note demanding he come join her. He laughs and is very impressed by how much thought and effort went into her structurally-sound fort made out of bedding.
-steals the other’s candy: Gruoch steals his candy. And the bucket it’s in. And his hat. (AND HIS HEART <3)
-accidentally gets lost in a corn maze: actually, that’s Gru; she keeps getting turned around and ends up stuck in the same dead end several times over before finally just stomping through the corn and grumbling about how this is clearly the worst activity they’ve ever done.
-tells spooky stories to scare the other: well… Macbeth starts them, but Gruoch always comes up with way scarier endings than he had planned originally. Unfortunately sometimes she’s too good at it and scares herself too, and then they’re both just huddled in bed, wide-awake and gripping each other’s hands and listening to the night sounds.
-collects cool-looking leaves: Gru - she carefully stores them with her pressed flowers. Macbeth brings her some when he finds them too.

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For the sleepover meme: If you were a pirate captain, what would you name your ship?

Ahhh this is an excellent question!! For some reason the first thing that came to mind was The Red Tempest. I don’t really know why, but it popped into my head. Or I could give it the French version of that which according to google translate is La Tempête Rouge. I feel that could be pretty badass.  

First Sentence Writing Prompts

Send me characters/pairings (and setting or anything else you want to see) and the number to one of the following first lines:

  1. “I know you’re afraid but we can’t hide in this closet forever.”
  2. “Nope, I absolutely refuse to touch that.”
  3. “How exactly did you manage to get stuck in there?”
  4. “Why is it suddenly purple?”
  5. “Pass me the sledgehammer.”
  6. “Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?”
  7. “In my defense, I thought this would go a lot more smoothly.”
  8. “I don’t know how you get yourself into these situations.”
  9. “Careful, don’t drop – “
  10. “And that’s how I ended up standing naked on the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve.”
  11. “It’s sticky.”
  12. “You need to stop.”
  13. “Well that’s the single most impressive thing I’ve ever seen someone do.”
  14. “What’s with the pigtails?”
  15. “How have you made it this long without someone throwing you out an airlock or something?”
  16. “Ow, what was that for?”
  17. “Ugh, why did I eat that?”
  18. “In my defense, it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time.”
  19. “Run!”
  20. “Come on, give me one good reason not to jump in the lake.”
  21. “We’re going to be late if we don’t leave like 5 minutes ago.”
  22. “What do you mean by leaving?”
  23. “I’m trying very hard not to see all this as a metaphor for my life.”
  24. “Please tell me you know how to defuse a bomb.”
  25. “Where have you been, I was ready to call the police!”
  26. “No, the house is definitely not haunted, why do you ask?”
  27. “Get over here now and bring a tarp.”
  28. “I don’t care that it’s 2:00 am, we need pie.”
  29. “I’ve got everything under control.”
  30. “At this point, what else could possibly go wrong?”