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For all the newbies mind going on a loving rant on why Nino Lahiffe is your lord and savior, best boy, and light of your life? Thank you in advance (also your art and fics rock).

*Nino being shown as being compassionate, empathizing with Adrien almost immediately once he met him though he had ties with the Chloe. Willing to talk to Adrien’s big shot millionaire father to throw him a birthday party even though they probably never knew each other for more than a couple of months. Proceeds to get akumatized because how upset he was on Adrien’s behave and uses his demon powers to throw him a birthday party. Nino, who doesn’t  have much screen-time but most of his shoots involve him helping out or loving his friends. Whether its covering for them at the front desk, helping them with a scheme to figure out who ladybug even if he thinks it’s completely wacko, encouraging them during their presentation or tackle hugging them the instant they’re allowed to*

*me: who’s horrible with words *

also thanks!! but all the amazing fics you see here are reblogs, I can’t write

hello everyone! i am a new witch blog here. i practice mainly traditional craft, as well as identifying as an animal witch. that being said, I’d love to follow more accounts to follow, so like/reblog this if you post
- tarot cards
- specialized craft
- traditional witchcraft
- animal magic
- spoonie magic
- sigils
- candle magic
- anything to do with the stars or moon
- aesthetics
-Norse mythology

- Wolves

Thank you in advance to anyone who helps and follows!✨

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hey emma i'm tidying up my desk right now and have already tidied my desk drawers which i have put stationary in. now, i'm tidying the actual worktop(?) and i'm not sure what to put on it since my stationary is in my drawer? what should i do and thank you in advance!

Hi! Here are a few ideas that might be nice:

Hope this helps x

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I'd like to ask for VIXX's reaction to you (their girlfriend) interrupting their rambling by kissing their lips. Thank you in advance. 〜

Your welcome and thanks for the request!!

N: I get the feeling he would be speechless. He would be standing there looking at you and look almost like he didn’t know what just happened. He might get a little flustered as well.

“I didn’t see that one coming.”

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Leo: This little cutie. He’d also look a little lost for a minute, he might do his famous move and lower his head getting all flustered. You’d probably get a nervous giggle from him as well as a little smile


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Ken: He would give you a playful smile and chuckle a little. 

“I think I need to do this a lot more.”

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Ravi: He would obviously kiss back in the beginning but be a little shocked from getting kissed off guard. Once you break he’d look at you and chuckle a little thinking the way you stopped him was cute. He might also try to get you to do it again just so he can get another kiss from you 

“You’re so cute sometimes.”

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Hongbin: The cute shy bean. This boy would look at you and start to nervously laugh and look around. Of course he would try to calm himself down and try to act all cool after, but he might still smile a little from you doing that. 

“That was pretty cute jagiya”

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Hyuk: This little cutie would end up blushing and smiling. He would chuckle a little but also try to get you to do it again.

“…………So back to what I was saying.”

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~Admin N

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For the writing prompts you posted! Can't decide whether to request 45 or 96? Can I have both? jk, I will go with 96, eruri edition. Thank you in advance and have a great day!

Thank you, friend! Sorry so late! Here are some husbands, bein husbands and tyin’ ties in canonverse. And stuff. o_o;;

96. “Here, let me.”

Levi has never been to one of the fundraiser balls in the Capital, and Erwin can already tell he’s going to hate it.

It’s one of the reasons Erwin likes spending time with Levi, apart from the fact he’s lethal on the battlefield.

“Does it have to be so fucking tight?” Levi scowls, swallowing hard as Erwin tightens the traditional black necktie. “Can’t I just wear the cravat?”

“It’s a formal event.”

“Fuck this,” he hisses, clearing his throat as Erwin fusses with the tie once it’s knotted. “I’ll do this once, and then I’m wearing whatever I want.”

“Once is all you’ll need,” Erwin reassures, pulling back. “You’ve already proven yourself to be a legend by rumor.”

“Rumors are bullshit,” Levi grunts, staring up at Erwin with sudden intensity.

There’s a short silence, until Levi raises his eyebrows in apparent consternation… his very fine, quite lovely dark eyebrows, which are expressive, especially when he’s—

“Yes?” Erwin asks, interrupting his own distracting thoughts.

No, that is not happening with this new acquisition.

He has a name.

Levi. This is not happening with Levi.

“Your tie is fucked up.” The acquisition named Levi remarks, tilting his head slightly, dark hair brushing over his forehead. He’s studying Erwin’s tie with the intensity of a war surgeon. “Here, let me.” He reaches out, hesitating only for a moment.

“Fine,” Erwin replies with what he thinks is a pleasant tone, resigning himself to the touch.

Levi’s fingers working the knot out of the tie to adjust is slightly makes Erwin’s heart beat faster—much to his consternation—and it takes far too long for the entire affair to conclude.

“There,” Levi says, smoothing the tie as he finally pulls back. “It’s fine now.”

He smooths his hands down Erwin’s shoulders, once, then twice, and then they sit there. They stare at each other. They tense, and Erwin can’t stand to watch those fine brows raise again without doing something about it.

Everything in Erwin stops when he kisses Levi, finds his mouth and presses their lips together; and then everything, even his heartbeat possibly, stops too, as Levi grabs him in a strong, uncompromising grip, and kisses back.

When they finally break away, they both pant: “Fuck.”

Erwin presses his forehead against Levi’s without thought, and he laughs hoarsely. Levi laughs, too, and they exhale together.

“Who do you usually go to these stupid things with?” Levi asks, breathless still. “Your wife?”

“I don’t have a wife.” Erwin is serious as he draws back to look at Levi critically, tilting his head.

“You…” Levi sounds legitimately puzzled by the response as he trails off, questioning.

“You think if I had a wife I’d be…” Erwin motions awkwardly at Levi, “kissing you?”

Levi raises one of those fine eyebrows again, calculating, before rolling his eyes. “Are you serious? No one is that noble.”

“Then what do you think I’m looking for?”

“Sex?” Levi asks, snorting. “A reason to live?”

The question is silly, rhetorical, but Erwin recognizes the tension in Levi’s mouth as, maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

“What silly questions,” Erwin remarks as he leans down to kiss Levi again, lips brushing against those stubborn, downturned lips without hesitation now. “You know the answer to both.”

“I don’t.”

“Yes, you do.”

“Fuck you.” Levi’s grip is hard, uncompromising, and passionate; Erwin’s eyes fall shut, and he revels in the unwavering conviction.

“Yes,” he pants, allowing Levi to kiss and bite at his throat, “precisely that.”

Despite the inference, they don’t fuck; but Levi does fix Erwin’s tie, grumbling the entire time about Erwin being a tease.

And something changes after that, in the carriage ride back to Survey Corps headquarters, when Erwin falls asleep with Levi nearby.

Somehow, he wakes up in his own bed, and Levi is nearby on the couch in his bedroom, curled into a ball with his too-tight tie thrown to the floor.

And Erwin stares for a long time, then; heart knotted more tightly than any tie he’s ever worn.

It’s the first time he’s wanted anything within the Walls as much as he has outside of them.

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I just read your omega!Stiles rec list and I've been looking for one specific fic FOREVER but I can't find it so maybe you or your followers read it? It's an alpha!Derek/omega!Stiles where instead of self-lubrication during heat, the heat smell makes the alpha's mouth water ALOT and they use that as lubrication. It was a long fic, single chapter. Rings any bells? Thank you in advance ♡

I know I’ve read that one, but I’m terrible with fic names so I have no idea :( and I know I bookmarked it when I read it yet it’s not on my bookmarks now so either I deleted it accidentally or the fic is gone :/

Can anyone help?? I’m really bad at fic-finding!


Come Hell or High Water by blacktofade

As an alpha, Derek goes into heat, which means he has to deal with endless amounts of saliva at any given point.

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Hello!~would you be able to do a Ruki breakup aesthetic?? Thank you in advance 😘 I'm so in love with your stuff 💛💛💛

oh thanks! I´m glad that you like it !!! :D well, here ya go, a Ruki break up aesthetic!!! hope you like it sweetie <3

So last night I wrote a letter to Aphrodite 🌙 💗 🐚 💌✨⭐

It’s about an issue I’ve been struggling with since last Winter. And it’s really having an impact on my self esteem. In that letter, I explained to her what it means to me. And asked her for strength, to stay motivated and determined. 

I sealed the letter with a single drop of rose essential oil, and a red wax seal. And placed it under a heart shaped candle holder on her altar. Today, I plan to buy new candles for her altar. As a sort of offering/thank you in advance. 

I’m still pretty new to deity worship. And I guess I just wanted to share this with someone. I hope I did well :)

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Hello! (✿´꒳`)ノ° Welcome to the S.S Writing Ship for BNHA! May I please request what sort of drinks Izuku, Todoroki, and Tamaki would order from a café? Thank you in advance! Your work on this blog so far is very lovely!

(〃´ノω`〃) Thank you so much–I’m enjoying my time in this cruise a lot! You’re making me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Midoriya Izuku

Coffee based: Affogatos. He isn’t that big of a coffee fan, and if he needs his caffeine he much rather prefers drinking tea. So with affogatos, he can get away with eating more ice cream and just a drop or two of espresso. 

Non-coffee based: Fruity teas, like Hibiscus tea. He loves it when it’s iced and just a little sweetened. 

Todoroki Shouto

Coffee based: Macchiatos. He was raised to be a little more refined than your common person who orders an americano, but he hasn’t quite developed the palate to drink straight up espresso, which is why that little dollop of milk is always welcomed.

Non-coffee based: Just black tea, hot or iced, it doesn’t matter to him. He’s not too into smoothies because they might be a little too sweet to what he’s used to.

Amajiki Tamaki

Coffee based: Lattes or anything where the barista can make designs on the top of the cup; he especially likes butterflies. He doesn’t mind the taste of coffee that much, but definitely wouldn’t be able to drink anything too black (he adds sugar to his flat whites).

Non-coffee based: Hot chocolate. There’s something about it that seems to pull him back to good, calm childhood memories.

sandwich ideas please :)

hey ya’ll, my mileage for xc training now is in full-swing and your girl has to have lunch on-the-go 3-4 days of the week. My routine lunches have been getting pretty boring lately so I am looking for any sandwich or lunch recommendations that are quick and convenient and nutritious and filling :) no dietary restrictions, all recommendations welcome! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

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Which products by The Ordinary have you tried out? And how would you rate them? They're a cheap brand with good reviews in general, so I'm tempted by near to all their stuff... But I know that even the best brands may have a product or two that are simply not worth the hype and I wonder what would that be in this case. Thanks in advance, you do a great job with this blog! :)

I’ve tried the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10%, and 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil. I own and plan to try the Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% sometime in the future.

I would give the Niacinamide and the Rosehip Oil 5/5. The MAP didn’t agree with my skin, so I’m about the send it back (God bless Beautylish customer service).

Definitely look at my buying guide. It would be your guide to what, imo, are the best products they currently sell.

Ones I think you could pass on:

  • I’ve heard really mixed reviews on their foundations, so I would suggest you do independent research on that should you be looking to buy them.

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what advice do you have for a witch who has the blood of both the sun and the moon in them? one who walks most under the moon, but has in "interest" in their sun. major moon / minor sun witchcraft. and what would you happen to know about hair magic? thank you in advance.

i would advise you to simply practice both. :-) when it is daytime, be aware of how the sun makes you feel; what parts of you it help you open up and how it inspires you. when night falls, do the very same - how does the moon soothe your soul? how does she make you feel different than the daytime does? take notice of these small things; what emotions they evoke and what type of magic they make you feel like practicing (what do you feel the sun can do to help you? the moon? go from there)! feel free to also check out this moon phase guide for future spells you may want to do during the night: click me <3 also, here’s an article lining out some things you may wish to pursue for your sun-side: click me <3 

i haven’t dove into hair magic much, although i’d love to learn more about it! X) i have read in the past from a variety of self-proclaimed witches and experienced practitioners that hair is a tricky addition to a spell or ritual, as it may not always be safe or positive for karmic purposes. however, i did stumble upon these interesting pieces of information - hopefully they can inform you in some way! xx 

Using Hair in Spells / Hair Growth Spells / and “Hair: A Hoodoo & Voodoo Ingredient” 

best of luck with your practices! )O( i hope this was informative and helpful! :-)

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Can I request a fluffy moment or a male s/o x Denif with lots of fluff? Thank you in advance!

“Denny’s… I’m hungry… Mmm…”

Surprisingly enough, his boyfriend has had a habit of sleep talking since who knows when. Denif watches him with cat-like eyes, arms crossed as he turns over in his sleep. How strange, yet oddly fascinating for him to say such things, he thinks. Though then again, he is known to be a weird person. And he is known to say some weird things here and there.

“Denif’s spaghettios…” his lover mummers.

The El master is unsure whether or not he should ask him what those are when he wakes up.

“Rub my giant d*ck, Denif…”

The dragon is also unsure if he should wake him up.

New Fish Owner?

Hi fishblr! I’ve been begging and begging my mom for years to buy a fish and she finally caved. I’ve never owned one before and would like some pointers as to what are the absolute essentials for a betta fish. Things like minimum tank size, recommended food and decor, etc. Any advice would be a HUGE help, thank you in advance!