hello!! this is for those wonderful people who would want to cosplay I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE I’M SCREAMING viktor and yuuri from my day and night au :)

this is what they look like without their cloaks/capes?? 

the only thing viktor’s cloak is blocking is that rope thingy on his shoulder 

the blue clothing with the kimono sleeves is actually something like a dress that reaches the floor and the long sleeved dark blue material is a leotard 

@captainmeggiesparrow yo i got you ;D 

i hope this helped!!

Hii my lovelys!! Lily here and nice to meet you all~~ I created my blog back in august and now it had passed 1k!! I could not believe this, so I would like to thank my mutuals so much sticking to this trashy blog!!!! <3333

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