this is probably the only sex gif i will every reblog, because for some reason i feel like it’s more than just sex. i don’t know if it’s how they’re actually looking at one another or the way they can’t get close enough. he’s actually looking at her like a person and not just a sex object.      

This was like the longest two weeks of my life but you know what? Term papers are both turned in, they don’t suck, and at this point the dissertation proposal doesn’t even scare me. I am going to pass the fuck out now but hopefully I will be back online (reliably) soon. I and John Webster and Robert Armin thank you for your patience. And now, in the immortal words of William Shakespeare, to bed, to bed, to bed.

A Dustland Fairytale is that kind of song that you can listen for the 923789798136598156 time but you still do have damn shivers while the emotional part starts when Brandon sings:

Now Cinderella don’t you go to sleep, it’s such a bitter form of refuge.
Why don’t you know the kingdoms under siege and everybody needs you.
Is there still magic in the midnight sun, or did you leave it back in ‘61?
In the cadence of a young man’s eyes.
Out where the dreams all hide

You just give up, you know that the power of these lines is stronger than you and your poor heart is crying over beauty of this masterpiece like YEAH AGAIN I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO GO THROUGH THIS SONG LIKE I HAVE WHEN I HEARD IT FOR THE 1ST TIME YEARS AGO and you let all these emotions attack you and hit you right in your Victim face.

True story.