(I’m still in shock that any of this happened tbh. I’m on the verge of a breakdown.)

Today was absolutely perfect. It went better than I thought it would and it’s all thanks to this guy. So I stood in line for autographs for about an hour, purposefully staying at the very end of the line (didn’t get to make that joke out loud, unfortunately) so I could get a few extra seconds with him. I met @shut-up-stan aka McKenna and we hit it off instantly and we passed time by talking about Seb. (We let people get in front of us because she had the same idea I did lmao)

So it’s finally our turn and Seb gushes over her gorgeous artwork of Bucky, I heard him say “this is amazing” like three times, and he looked really impressed. Then he turned to me and smiled and says hi and starts signing my photo (the one some of us were given at the entrance booths) while I ramble about how grateful I am to have him as a source of positivity, and I thanked him for being a good person. Then I handed over a note from my friend Courtney and my letter and the bookmark my mom helped me make for him. (We cross-stitched the Romanian flag and put “you are loved” on the back so he’ll never forget!) I told him really quickly that it was handmade and his mouth fell open and he looked so touched, his big blue eyes wide, and then he said “This is awesome, thank you, thank you!” so sincerely and initiated a hug. He reached for me and pulled me close and I tucked my face into his shoulder and he smelled so freaking good. (Kind of a warm, homey, spicy smell. I don’t know how to describe it but it was great.) Then I thanked him and told him I loved him and walked away, my legs feeling like jelly. The whole thing went super fast but he made each second so incredibly meaningful and special.

A little while later I stood in line for my photo op. It was pretty rushed as well and even though the lady said no hugging or crazy poses, I watched him scoop up two girls bridal-style (!!!) and put on props for another. Then I went and I said, “Just hug me super tight!” and he said, “Okay!” really softly and pulled me close. He squished me and he was so warm and cozy and his sweater was so SOFT on my cheek. As I (reluctantly) pulled away, I said I loved him again and he smiled at me and tilted his head a little.

(Let me add how surprised I was that he’s so much smaller in person! Seriously, he’s tiny. But oh so cute and even prettier up close. His face is incredible, y’all.)

Overall, despite the rush, he made it worth the three-month and several hour wait! I could tell how much the bookmark meant to him and I really appreciated the impromptu hug (as well as the wave on Saturday!). So lucky to have this sweet, humble, and generous man in my life and I’m so grateful for this experience. Met some great people and had a wonderful time seeing my Romanian Disney prince! Sebastian, you mean the world to me and thank you for making me feel like I mean the world to you. You couldn’t have been kinder to me and my new friends and we thank you for coming out to Austin to meet us. I hope to see you again someday. You’re a beautiful person, inside and out. Te iubesc, angel.

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Okay! this took all day but this is my first exhibition piece for my IB art class! heavily based off of that one omocat drawing… i had to make it a lot smaller because it’s goddamn huge >x


hey everyone! I’m Alicia ✨ I’ve hit one of my personal milestones a few weeks ago and decided to quickly make this to thank all of you! and before this week starts getting busy yikes

I only actively started making content for this blog about 6 months ago so I’m quite taken aback about how many of you guys actually follow me! I wanted to thank you all so much for following me and for supporting me. I also want to thank the lovely people I follow for making my day better with a dash filled with wonderful posts! 💕

*special shoutout to my chim, sally! we both started our blogs together and i wouldn’t be making content without her tbh;; ily ma chim! plus she helps me figure out what to use as my captions for most of my stuff;;;   

anyways, lets get to it! 

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exactly a week ago I decided to put Simon on a semi hiatus and though I was in need of a female muse. I never thought I would get this attached to Maia already and that is mostly because of you guys! I haven’t even been able to be around that much and yet you welcomed me with open arms, ask memes, exciting plots and threads were thrown my way and I can’t thank you enough for making his such a fun experience already!

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I was going through some files of old drawings and I came across this:

Alright? Made/edited on February. So I clicked on it.

Yep, this is pretty accurately titled. What ever this is. Let’s call them warm ups. 


hello it’s sal~

now i know i haven’t hit my year mark for this blog but today i felt like sharing my gratitude

✨the following people have made my experience on the kpop side of tumblr fantastic and they should be recognized✨

@cheeto-puff-gem , you are the one who ended my social life introducing me to kpop and how thankful am i to know you ✨ (and to see you at school every day)


@mio-soldatino , my fav lil squish! I’m adopting you and i’m your mom… you have no say in this decision.

@precioseok , although we barely talk, YOU TAGGED ME IN SO MUCH AND MADE ME FEEL SO LOVED WHEN I JOINED TUMBLR AND I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR THAT ❤️ and that i definitely want to get to know ya more~

@dopekwan , where do i even start with you. YOU ARE JENNIE WITH AN IE. the first time i messaged you i just really liked your blog appearance header annnnnnnnd i only meant to just tell you that and leave it there so i wouldn’t freak u out with my fangirling buttt YOU WERE SO NICE SO OBVIOUSLY i love you now.

@risingsea101 , not gonna lie, you’re so cool dood. Idk why/how i started talking to you but dude YOU ARE SO COOL. HOW CAN YOU BE T H A T COOL. i wanna be you when i grow up. (and thanks for talking me into mystic messenger)

@gyuwifeu , we haven’t talked much but i Adore U® (i knew i couldn’t get through this without a reference) blog and you seem like such an awesome person who i would like to get to know better ^_^

@woahoshi you’re so sweet and your url is so great and you’re so great wowza i repeat myself a lot YOURE JUST REALLY COOL



@chxns , i remember talking to you one day and YOU WERE SO NICE HOPE

@calinska , kiddo you are so great and i’m sorry that time zones make it impossible to have a long lit convo but ITS SO COOL HOW WE CAN BOTH UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER SPEAKING OUR OWN NATIVE LANGUAGES (luh ya)

@kavtie , you’ve made tumblr so cool for me THANK YOU SO MUCH and fangirling is so much fun with u (as i’m typing this i got a notification from our chat, i’m shook too)

@mediocrehero LIT. kid i love you. you’re my twin AND I WILL ALWAYS HAVE AN EXTRA BOWL OF RICE FOR YOU. ALWAYS. THANK U SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME WITH MONSTA X AND EXO and introducing me to WINNER and all the groups you sent me

@seungcheofine THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR your kindness hope you’re doing well in uni~

@jfxxny you’re sorta my best friend? i’m glad that my influence finally ENDED THE KOREAN ignorance AND THAT YOURE HERE NOW ENJOYING THE KPOP WORLD with me

@joshuavocado you like tøp and kpop and are the coolest latin bud i could ask for HOPE YOUVE BEEN DOING WELL~

@smfairybender OMGOMGOMGOMOMG my other twin it’s weird how we are so similar bUT I EMBRACE IT ^_^ you’re so cooooool and thanks so much for being my friend✨

@for-amberliu dude i’m so sorry i’m never on twitter, i live on tumblr but hey YOURE SUPER COOL AND MY TEANOR SAX BUDDY

@cookies4kookie YOURE SO COOL LIKE MY GOALS AS A HUMAN BEING?? i hope you fix your computer and enjoy your gaming and ALSO I HOPE YOURE DOING WELL~

there are some others mutuals that i am very thankful for although we don’t talk your URL is familiar and i’d like to acknowledge you too ^_^

@wydhobi (i love your url so much)

i hope the list of ppl i thank gets bigger as i meet more people on here

thanks so much again ✨