My god, I would have not expected THIS much positive and encouraging feedback :’D I always forget just how many supportive followers and fans I have, thank you all SO MUCH for understanding and supporting me, you have NO IDEA what a relief this is for me! :’D^

Oh, thats VERY sweet of you, but dont worry, I’ve gained A LOT of inspiration and ideas from friends, family and nature itself for enough concepts for a full book! I only have to bring them to paper, and thats what takes its time :’D

Well, the thing is I have to be very careful about how much Im going to give away from my book and not to publish too much of its content, that could be VERY dangerous for its success due to risks of somebody stealing my ideas. Also Im not so sure how happy people would be about NON-pony content on their dashboards xD Tho if its this important to you guys, I surely can give an update every now and then on my process on the book plus an overview of current events and plans, like how GalaCon went for example (and of course previews of the posters).

However, there is ONE thing I can show you from the book already, the ONLY finished concept I published as a preview for the book to explain and announce the project properly. I uploaded it on my art-blog, you can FIND THE LINK HERE


Are you fucking kidding me? 

“Shh. Kneel.”

“I will give you want you need.”

“Say my name!" 

You bastard… 

anonymous asked:

let's start a tom+waistcoat appreciation society please. i s2g the man kills me in any sort of outfit but waistcoats, man. fuckin' waistcoats.

I’M IN! Tom wearing waistcoats will effectively be my demise, just look at the man, ugh, why can’t he just go way, it would make my life so much easier haha: