I’ve been aboard Instagram for about a year, and to say I’m thankful for your allowing me into your world would be an understatement. This slide show includes much of what I’ve made since I joined your Instafamily, and hope it helps to kick your weekend off real proper-like 👊🏼 I hope to add music to future posts. Thank you to Mamma and Baby Elf for their love and support. -Ben

Photos: Mamma Elf 📷@blackeyefoto 📷


Thank you to the lovely tennyo-elf for the tag! :*

Name: no

Nickname(s): Ayvee
Birthday: 12th May
Height: 5′7″
Gender: Female

Sexuality: Homoromantic Asexual w/ left NB
Favorite Colour(s): Green.

Time Right Now:  11:46AM
Hours of Sleep: Depends. Usually around 8?
Lucky Numbers: Seven, really. Just seven.
Last thing I Googled: Two Planets lyrics.
Number of Blankets I sleep under: Doona and sheet.
Celebrity Crush: None. Gigi Edgley is one of my favourite actresses, but not a crush.
Favorite Book: Tithe by Holly Black. Dark fantasy faeries are good shit.
Favorite Bands/Artists: Something for Kate. Absolutely Something for Kate.
Dream Trip: Ireland!
What I’m wearing right now: Pyjamas because it is hella late

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I remember on my 11th Bday my mom and dad wrote notes on my birthday card for the first time. I felt so loved that day. The top one is my dad and the b ottom one is my mom’s. TRANSLATION: 11 Years of being proud of having you. 11 years of happiness of having a daughter like you. I love you Darian. Thank you for being my daughter. God bless you forever. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Congratulations my big baby. May God bless you today and always. And like how much you are growing now, that your love grows also. Thank you for being my elf. I love you a lot, Mommy.