Because what I admire most about you isn’t your visuals, singing, dancing or even your variety skills. It isn’t your bravery, humbleness or determination.

What I admire most is your friendship and bond. The way you tease each other on camera but protect each other silently behind the scenes. The way you say you don’t want as many members on stage as possible but never forget to mention them every single time. The way most of you still live in the dorms, even when you have more than enough money to buy your own. The way you didn’t have good impressions of each other at the start but ended up becoming members, then friends and now brothers. I admire it all. And I hope this brotherhood lasts an eternity, even after you marry, have kids and literally become 15 old ahjussis.

From Park Jungsoo to Henry to ELF, let this last forever.

Happy 9th Anniversary, Super Junior ❤

This is an appreciation post.

These people have really REALLY been there for me in the past few days when things really got bad. They have gone far above and beyond what they needed to in order to make sure that I am doing okay. And I think they deserve their own post for just being fantastic human beings who I love with my whole heart.

Also, these people are also absolutely fantastic and made sure that I have been okay and alive and… goodness, I just have really great friends and I love them so much…


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☻ ☼ ღ

mood hc

   mio is super gosh darn empathetic; tell her a sob story and she will go to war for you. she’s also very passionate and very sentimental, and will spend a lot of time silently waxing poetic over things like a bumblebee landing on a dewey flower or the way elfroot wiggles in the wind etc. etc. 

☼ childhood hc

   she never knew her mother, but had a close relationship with her father. he would take her hunting and teach her things about the woods and setting traps and stalking prey and other hunterly things. she was never especially sneaky (her first kill was a bear that she whaled at until it died — no stealth required), but she cherished time spent with her father and learned as much as she could. he knew the prettiest out-of-the-way hiding spots and the best star-gazing locations.

 ღ love or sexuality hc

   mio is a panromantic demisexual — she becomes attracted to people she admires in a sometimes very ambiguous manner. she’s super platonically affectionate, which can sometimes lapse into romantic feelings without her completely recognizing it. basically, she loves many people, and wants to shower them in love and hugs and smooches, but she needs a deeper emotional connection before she’ll leap into bed with you. i’m sure she has a lot of schoolgirl crushes that she doesn’t know how to put into words lmao;;;;


(hope you have a very rad day & I apologize for the silliness of this Valentine…but not really though.) X)

Heechul’s Instagram Update

Super Junior 오늘 3관왕 받았다. 10년 동안 많은 상을 받아서 그냥저냥 감흥 없을 줄 알았는데 막상 받으니까 기분 죽이는구만!! 깔깔깔깔 고생한 우리 멤버들, ELF들 정말정말 고맙고 사.. 사랑… 사랑방 손님과 어머니 #SuperJunior #가온차트

Translation by 13elieveSG: Super Junior received triple crown today. We’ve received many awards for the past 10 years so I thought I wouldn’t feel too excited but since we got the last award my mood is so good that it kills!! Hahahaha. Our members and ELF who have worked hard, thank you and love.. Love…Guest in the guest room* and mum #SuperJunior #Gaonchart
Tn: Guest room in Korean literally translates to “love room”.

  1. piratescoundrel said: Broseph McFadden? Sounds like the ultimate Brah and an NFL Football champion just had a baby.

    Broseph is a very proud and solitary half-elf ranger, thank you very much. He loves the forest and dislikes cities and people and things that aren’t woods and animals.

    Besides, the other character I’m rolling up is a monk named Kon Ye, so…. I’m not the best at names, I think.