Hi everyone!

((OOC: Hi! I’m writing here to show you that I’m still alive! I’m really sorry for this long absence, but I had a lot of stuff to do between university and work, and I couldn’t organize my time as I’d wanted.

But don’t worry! More slowly, but I am returning here! I really enjoy drawing for this ask, and I’m really happy that during this months you have kept supporting it! I received a lot of messages of people asking if I was alive: you were all really kind, I am really grateful for your support ❤

Unfortunately, The Hammer Of Thor hasn’t been published here in Italy yet, so I have to wait until the end of November to keep up with you all. I’ll do my best in the meantime to reply to all the questions I still have!

Again, a massive thank you to you all ❤))

Magnus: Heh, you can’t get rid of me ;^)

WOW. i have nothing other to say than just, wow. it’s been a single day, i’ve barely done anything worthwhile, and i’m already at 100+ followers? honestly, this community has been more than welcoming, and i have already found many valuable friends and writing partners that i can’t wait to get to know better! i’m thankful that our warm, loving, friendly healing mom has brought me here, and she gave me the opportunity to meet all of you. thank you. i admire every single one of you, and i wish you the happiest of the holidays and a wonderful winter vacation. remember, healing mom is watching over you!!

 on an off-handed note, i’ve been noticing some negativity on my dash - i’d just like to take this moment to say that i’m here for all of you, and i’ll do my best to be a good support and be your emotional healer as much as i can (metaphorically, i’m no ana when it comes to literal healing….if only i had a biotic grenade). 

under the cut are lovely people i’ve met, as well as admire, and want to write with/get to know better. thank you for being such incredible people. 

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(( Thank you to those who sent in a Valentines card to Luciano, I was very surprised anyone would actually send one in considering this blog’s sporadic activity aha!

I would really like to keep drawing replies to them but unfortunately I’ve reached a point where I’m just really tired from a lot of lack of sleep so I will reply to the rest a little late if you guys don’t mind too much.

Thank you guys again for sending in Valentines cards, Luciano and I appreciate them very much!! ))


Seriously someone help me.

This blog has only been around for like two weeks and holy shit never imagined to get this much activity. I love the FE:A community very much! I’ve meet some rad people through it and tons of fun! You guys are all a hoot! Thank you for giving me a chance and my interpretation of Aversa! It means so much to me! Always feel free to come to me for a chat or a thread! 
Now, time to post lists of my favorite people and those I find hella– 

The babes: @chariotofhoshido @grimtact @awakenedprince @tactiically @tipxthexscales @cawtastrophicrhyne @burdenedwithhope / @berceusesonata @balefuldragon @hierophantgrima @madkingtrashking @burningheartdragneel @byakuyanya-purinsesu @troubadontcha @tombedtomes

Those I admire from up close and afar: @stratigiki @bornxsteward @rosannesarcher @the-biggest-blackest-wolf @grimathephilosopher @pherxs @kakuchu-hansha @king-jehanna @noircisaint @chasingbxtterflies @nesufuratu @blueflamedhero @hiddensxrenity @kamthebirdman @exaltbound @armsthriift


One Year Appreciation Post

//So as of Febuary 18th, Sahlin’s blog will have been active for a whole year. I’m shit with anniversary dates (literally, the worst), and I might be busy next weekend anyway, so I decided to seize the moment now to get this out of the way. 

I thought long and hard about HOW to go about doing this (I’m poor and can’t do giveaways, have no talent as an artist, and write so much already that a writing thing just seems lackluster from me), and while I toyed with a few different ways (let him do it himself? rofl), I decided instead to focus on those people and muses who have had a lasting impact on his character throughout the past year, and who continue to be significant factors to both he and I being here. That said, this certainly doesn’t include everyone who follows Sahlin or everyone who has ever interacted with him (I can’t), so know that I appreciate all of you, even those who are just here to read <3, and that I am grateful for everyone who has stuck with us through this past year.


-Healer Sahlin Talas   +   S.

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[Thank you to everyone! Whether you’ve been following for days, months, or even since when this blog first started like five years ago, this blog wouldn’t still be going without all your continued support/questions, and it’s been a lot of fun.

I plan to keep this blog going for as long as possible, so I hope you’ll stick around for wherever this silly blog goes.


Bucky Barnes x Reader Friday Night Lights

Requested by anon: yoooo can you do “Candy Land is NOT for losers, you take that back right now!” with either Bucky or Pietro thank you v much

(Prompt #14)

Warnings: Smut. Everyone is wayyyyy OOC but it was low-key fun so 

Originally posted by minmiin1d

It was not a secret that Bucky was extremely competitive.

Extremely competitive. 

It certainly had its perks in the bedroom. Bucky made it very clear to you that that he would outdo any past lovers you’d had, and boy, did he. 

So, as he thrusted in and out, pushing deeper with every one, you sunk your head into the mattress, biting on your lip. 

“E-everyone is asleep!” you’d giggled to him just twenty minutes before as he unhooked the clasp of your bra. 

You did well to remember that everyone was, in fact, asleep at that very moment. You did everything in your power to stay quiet while Bucky did everything in his power to reverse that. 

His hands roamed everywhere, his tongue lapping over your skin; you dug your fingers into his shoulder blades, arching your back to meet him. “I’m going to drag it out of you don’t yell my name right now,” he groaned in your ear. 

“B-but-oh, god,”you  whispered as he began to quicken his pace. He did this only to slow it, stopping you mid climax to build you back up. 

You had finally given into him. 

The release made you shiver with delight moments later. Bucky rolled over beside you, breathing heavily. 

“That wasn’t fair,” you huffed out, turning to your side to face him. “How so?” he asked with a grin. 

“It just wasn’t. You know they’re going to give us shit for it tomorrow.”

Bucky chuckled. “Well, at least now everyone knows who you belong to.”

 You narrowed your eyes. “Who I belong to?” you repeated, giving him a chance to correct the error. 

“I meant who-who has stolen your heart,” he said confidently. You just laughed. 

You both laid there that night, staring at the ceiling in silence.

“Hey,” you whispered.

“Hm?” Bucky grunted back in reply. 

“Are you tired?” 

“Not really,” he admitted. “Are you?”


He groaned, sitting up. “Well, I mean we don’t have any more condoms and I really don’t feel like leaving.”

You rolled your eyes. “Sex isn’t the solution to everything, Buck,” you chastised, leaning over to flip on the light. “Why can’t we just talk? I miss talking to you. We used to talk all the time when we first started going out and now it’s like we just-I don’t know, don’t anymore.” 

Bucky couldn’t find the cruelty in his heart to argue. “Oh, Doll, you know how to make a man feel guilty,” he sighed, rubbing his eyes. “What do you want to do?” 

You sat up excitedly. “Can we play a game?!” you squealed. Bucky reminded himself not make a sexual comment. 

“Sure,” he said slowly. “Is Monopoly still around?” 

You nodded. “Well, yes, but why don’t we play Candy Land?”

Bucky gave you an odd look. “‘Candy Land?’” he repeated, with some distaste. “That sounds like a game for losers.”

You looked horrified. “Candy Land is NOT for losers, you take that back right now!” 

Bucky’s eyes widened a fraction. I’ve awoken the beast. “Candy Land isn’t for losers,” he immediately replied. You smiled at him. 

Bucky had to admit, sometimes you could be scary. 

“Alright, well we can play Candy Land,” he added, hoping you wouldn’t get mad at him again. 

You cheered and darted out of the room, declaring you were to go find it. 

Tony stormed into the room soon after you had left. “Can you please keep it down?” he grumbled. “It is Friday night and-”

“Yes, sir?” the overhead system replied, cutting Tony off. 

“No! No, not you, Friday, I meant the day, Friday.”

“The date today, sir, is-”


The system didn’t respond, nor did Bucky. “Listen, Carrot Cake,” Tony huffed. “Either you keep it down or I will be forced to kick you out.”

With that, Tony stomped away, mumbling angrily to himself.

// hello again friends —!

After one week of awesome people reblogging and showing interest, the results are in! (also yes I did shamelessly re-use are from my v-day card, shh)

// the winners —!

And now, the moment of truth! Our three winners are:

  1. @makercursed
  2. @elvhenguardian
  3. @teslanarralaferin

Congratulations! You each get a waist-up bust of your character!

I’ll be in contact with all three of you later today in order to work out the details of your prize.

// final thoughts —!

I just want to thank everyone again for spreading the word and some of the incredibly nice things that I saw written in the tags. These sorts of things are the reason I did this giveaway in the first place. You guys are the best!

Also, once I reach a follower milestone, I’ll probably be doing another giveaway. So if you didn’t win this time around, don’t worry! I like to draw for people so, chances are, you’ll get plenty of other chances!

// thank you to everyone who participated, and congrats to our winners —!

 {{      Just thought I should make a little psa // update on things. If some of you aren’t aware, I am a full-time college student and work part-time ( soon almost full-time ?? ). That being said, recently I’ve barely had any free time on my hands, so my activity and replies are rather slow. & sadly, I probably won’t be able to participate fully in all the wacky Valentine’s festivities.  I just felt the need to put out my sincerest apologizes for being awfully slow with threads, & straying away from reblogging memes since it’ll take me probably years to answer ( & I’d rather wait until I can give my 100% !! ). Hopefully, it won’t be like this forever!- I’ve just been heavily stressed for the past week or two.       }}

sorry, but...

i’m not sure if i would be able to draw out all the things i personally wanted to draw for the event AND answer all the asks I got…

Should I just do what I can and then delete the ones I couldn’t get to by the time the ball ends? Or should I just do everything and then draw all of the flower-related drawings even after the ball ends? thoughts?

tagged by: @valorfindings
tagging: @moonhibiscuss@caruum@nightfallprince@destinedking@desvoir@chocobutthair@the-last-soldier​, @lunaliee, and anyone who wishes to do this :D

name: Jillian
alias:  Jill please, my full name makes me feel like I’m in trouble xD (PTSD from mom)
gender: Female
place of birth: Quedlinburg, Germany
spoken languages: German, English
drink / smoke / drugs: Sometimes drink with friends!
likes: Video games, Reading, Nature, Hiking, Traveling, Medical field, flowers, and learning new things.
dislikes: Racism, Sexism, anything hateful honestly. Cheese, Water, Being tickled under my chin, Animal abusers, and my feet being cold ><
fears: Water ( I can’t swim), Closed spaces, Being a failure to myself and my loved ones.
personality traits: Friendly, Optimistic, Welcoming, Kind, and Passionate. (I would like to think all of these xD;;)
disorders: Nothing very major. I just get very bad anxiety from time to time, but then again who does not? xD

hair colour: Blonde
eye colour: Brown
height: 5′7 ( Am tall for a girl >///< )
tattoos: I have a dove on my right shoulder for my father, and a semi colon on my right wrist for mental awareness. 
piercings: Both my ears, and my belly button :3

siblings: Older brother and sister, I am the baby n_n
parents: My Mother and Father!
children: oh nonono not right now xD
pet: Use to have a dog, hopefully will get another one eventually.

sexual preference: Straight

OOC: Thank You!

Thank you everyone for your kind words. You’re all just… 


Sorry if I don’t get back to everyone, but know I read every message, and it all means so much to me. I haven’t been having the best of times lately, and it killed my motivation to do anything…

But coming back to check on the blog and seeing all of you guys’ kind words…Oh man… 

Thank you. Thank you all so much. I love you all! 

I will try to work on some asks! I been really wanting to, but the lack of motivation/energy/inspiration had been killing my art! Everything looked wonky n’ ugly! 

But I need to get back into art so I can finish all the commissions, and to keep the blog running! So I’ll try my best!