Received some very exciting post this morning - a copy of CREATIV magazine, which includes a feature about my book sculptures. CREATIV magazine collates ‘Adventure, Art, Culture and Innovation’ from around the world and is an extension of their internet site Thank you CREATIV for the feature and also for the wristband, which I am now proudly wearing.

To all my 140 amazing followers!

So, this post is actually for all the people that follow me on this site! What I want to tell you guys is. Hi, thank you for following me. My name is Emma, and you are welcome to talk to me whenever you like! I hope you all have a nice summer and I hope that you will have a nice time with your friends and family! I love you guys, thank you for being here! :) XoXoXoXo, love Emma.


Sorry guys, I’m in Texas right now visiting my aunt and her 1 ½ year old. THANK YOU UNCLE FOR LETTING ME USE UR PHONE!!! but I will get home on the 30th/1st. Please text me then :3 also THANK YOU SI MUCH EMMA MY AMAZING FRIEND, she has been taking care of the Skype, Facebook, Kik, Instagram and her tumblr (antisocial-homestuck-otaku) !! However, she will be on vacation the 1st-30th of July so she still WILL be on her sites but not as much, so if you need to audition over Skype I will text her. Also, the 5th is my birthday!!! (Happy early bday to me) so I might not be on as much that day but… And Emma, please make a list of how many characters there are and which ones we have for me , thanks uwu. THANK YOU GUYS FOR WAITING FOR ME!! Luv u all. Talk to you when I get back. BAI BAI


Thanks to Gordon Millar, member of our Premises Working Group and conveniently for us, a fabulous photographer, we have another set of photos to show progress on site.  The top photo shows two of the Our Big Move residency artists, Emma Gardner and Sumiko Eadon who are taking photos to be used in their collaboration.  The middle images show the striking red steels that are now in to hold up the mezzanine floor, these are sitting on the larger than planned foundations (scroll down if you’ve not read about the discovered cellar and well) and the bottom image shows the holes cut for the windows and doors.  We’re storming ahead with this project and the builders are on track to leave site at the end of September. We plan to move in during September/October and open late October /early November.

We still don’t have quite all the money we need, the target at the last count was £8774 and we’ll top that up with our Bazaar takings so we can publish our total on Our Big Ask Wednesday.  If you can help in anyway please consider making a donation or organising a fundraising event.  If you want to know more please contact us and we’d be happy to share our plans and progress.

tranxfiguration asked:

Thanks! 4k really? I'm glad I made such a good impression. I hope to be able to get into 4 digits one day. I'm actually quite new to tumblr, hence the small follower count. I'm nearly one month old. I joined tumblr a few days before exams because I am a major procrastinator and I wanted a distraction. I am so glad I got tumblr. I love everything about this site, everyone is so lovely. It's lovely to meet you Sam. I'd love to get to know a fellow nerd, if you want to talk more my kik is Emma.R.Y.

oh im sorry i dont have a kik, but i do have a facebook and a number. i’d love to talk (: and really, you do have such an amazing blog. really oh ym go d. so yeah, i’d love to talk. thanks!