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The underappreciated Captain Floor grouping.

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Emma even kneeled down with Killian so they’d both be closer to it.

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It’s my birthday! I’m 23 (so old, SO OLD)…

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Hi Emma! I'm sorry if this is bothering you but can you tell me how much the nugget guy has currently rts and how much aimh has? I tried to check myself but because I'm on mobile (not the app bc I don't have an account), the site doesn't show any rts or favourites. Thank you for your time xx

nuggets is at 2.2 million (almost at 2.3) and aimh is at 2.4 million

Coffee Shop AU Part 1

Audrey Jensen X Reader (Y/N)

Audrey Fic list here

This might end up being a series, who knows. Hope you guys like this. Wanted to post something.

Summery (working summery): It’s been 5 years since the Lakewood murders and what is left of the Lakewood 6 now attend college at ULW. Audrey still to that day is haunted by Lakewood’s past. Y/N is a transfer student at ULW with a past of her own. Audrey and Y/N cross paths one afternoon at the cafe and don’t realize that their pasts will eventually catch up with them.

Audrey was shoveling coffee into a filter to get a fresh pot brewing. It was a Monday afternoon in Lakewood on a rainy day and soon the college crowd would be bursting in and taking over the tables with their study groups and homework. She fixes the machine and presses the brewing button. Audrey goes to the counter and picks up a rag and starts wiping off the counter near the register where a coffee had spilt earlier that day. The door bursts opens and a wind carries a few droplets over to her bare skin. Goose bumps flare up on her for arms and she shivers.
“Man that rain isn’t doing anything for anyone today,” The customer mumbles to herself. Audrey continues to wipe the counter down. “There goes my hair and potentially my hand written essay.”
The customer closes her umbrella and inhales deeply. She approaches the counter and scans the chalkboard menu above. Audrey finally drops her rag and looks up at the customer standing in front of her counter. She smiles and readies herself for the order. The door to the cafe bursts open again and a group shoves themselves in trailing in watery foot print Audrey holds back a groan of annoyance. It was about to get busy.
“So what can I get you?” Audrey says focusing on the girl in front of her. She watches as the girl becomes flustered with the group accumulating behind her, biting her lips still examining the menu. Audrey interrupts the short silence tilting her head.  “Would you like a recommendation, maybe coffee? Since this place is a coffee shop.”

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Imagine Jared helping you through a panic attack
TRIGGER WARNING-This work deals with anxiety and panic disorder. Something that this writer struggles with daily. If this is something you’re sensitive to, please skip it.

I put the back on my earring and let it dangle from my ear. The sparkle of the borrowed diamonds matched the beading of my dress and the shine of my perfectly manicured hands.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

“You look beautiful.”

I turned to see my best friend Emma, who’d helped me get ready for this night. Hell, she was basically the reason I was even in this dress.

She’d introduced me to Jared about a year ago. It wasn’t necessarily love at first site, but for the last six months, we’d been dating.

“Thank you.” I replied with a smile.

“Jared’s gonna love it.”

Awards season was here, and being the girlfriend of an Oscar winner, I was going to be there. The nerves were kicking in. Nothing I couldn’t handle yet. I’d dealt with my anxiety and panic disorder for most of my life. With time, and medication, I’ve learned to keep things under control. Jared, of course, is incredible and helps to make it all more bearable.

I stepped out of the bedroom, and began my journey down the stairs with Emma following behind me.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Jared greeted me at the front door with a stunned smile on his face. He was dressed a bit conservatively tonight. A simple black tux, with a white shirt and black bow tie. I almost felt as if my deep emerald dress was a mistake now, until Jared began to speak.

“You look amazing.”

He gave me a soft kiss on the cheek, and opened the front door. Ushering Emma and I in to the large dark SUV, Jared gave the go ahead to the driver to take us to the ceremony.

Knots began to tie tighter in my stomach now as we headed out.

Deep breath in.

1. 2. 3.

Breathe out.

“So Jared, you’re going to be presenting best actress, and then you’ll have the vogue after party…”

Emma trailed off in to the background. I stared out at the window feeling my stomach and chest get tighter as we pulled closer toward the venue.


I didn’t pay attention to him.

Not now. Don’t do this now. Jared is counting on you. Emma went to all this trouble. Do not do this now.

My breaths became shorter, as tears began to well and my fist clenched. I felt Jared scoot to me. His arms wrapped around me as my panic took over and tears began to fall.

“Drive around the block a couple times please” Jared asked of our chauffeur.

“Absolutely sir”

The driver got out of the line of limos and cars and began to make a loop around the chaos.

“Look at me. Baby…”

“I’m - I’m sorry” I stammered and cried.

“Shh. We’ll get through this.” He pulled me in as I began to cry and shake.

I felt him rock me gently as my anxiety began to reach its peak. The embarrassment of the attack began to lead in to a feeling of cyclical shame and fear. How could I do this to him. How could I let him down.

“I love you so much” he whispered. “I’m here.”

He kissed my temple and wiped my tears with tissue that had been handed to him by my friend.

“Breathe for me honey. Deep breath in.”

My lungs sucked in air, although it was rather shaky, and my breath out was just as stunted.

“Good girl. Again for me.”

Deep breath in. 1. 2. 3. Breathe out.

My breathing steadied, and the calm began to set back in. So did the reality that we were running out of time.

“Jared we’ve got about 10 minutes before you absolutely have to be in there.”

I was a mess. My makeup needed to be touched up, my eyes were red and I was still flushed.

“If I could be of some help,” the driver chimed in. “There is a back entrance that I could drop the ladies off at and continue on to the front.”

“You ok with going with Emma?”

I nodded.

“Jared…” I said softly.

“Sweetheart.” He replied knowing that the next words from me we’re going to be an apology. “I love you. Every single part of you. I’ll never judge you or be upset for being panicked. There’s no apology necessary because you did nothing wrong.”

He brushed little strands of hair from my face before giving me a quick kiss.

As I stepped in to the entrance with, Emma I finally felt OK.

Deep breath in. 1. 2. 3.

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Oooh your settings/tropes lists give me so many ideas! How about superheroes/fake dating with a dash of captain charming in the mix. Please?? 😁

Title: The Savior and the Villain 
Word count: ~3,300
A/N: Thanks for the prompt; I hope you enjoy it! To everyone else who sent in a prompt for my follower appreciation - don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you, I’m just slowly plugging my way through them. 

The Savior spotted with Captain Hook at Grizinski murder site. Could he be behind these gruesome killings?

David puts down the paper when Mary Margaret enters the kitchen. She steals a slice of bacon off his plate before pouring herself a cup of coffee. When she spots the headline she frowns. “Have you heard from Emma lately?“ 

David shakes his head. Lately it seems like the only way he knows what Emma is up to is from the news. He knows he shouldn’t push, but she’s retreated back into her shell after the whole Walsh debacle and he worries about her. 

"Maybe I’ll invite her for dinner Sunday?” David suggests. He wonders if the promise of a home cooked meal will be enough to convince her to stop by.

Mary Margaret hums. “That’s a good idea.”

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I select: 49. You’re my waiter and I’m on a really crappy date with an asshole. Can't wait to see what you do with it! Such a great list. I love AUs.

My dear Amy, I truly hope you like this!

Tip the waiter

She was going to kill Ruby. A slow, painful, cruel death will be inflicted upon her friend. Or worse, her clothes. Why would she even think this creep was a suitable option for her?

Emma Swan sighed deeply, not even trying to hide her lack of amusement at this point. The guy was positively leering over her, his eyes checking her cleavage with a lascivious stare. It made her want to purchase only turtlenecks from now on.

“Excuse me for a second, gorgeous.” She heard him say and lifted her eyes to look at him, trying to muster a polite smile. “I need to use the bathroom… don’t miss me while I’m gone.” He licked his bottom lip lustily at her and Emma felt like vomiting.

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So, I stopped watching supernatural after season 8, however I like your blog and still follow you. Basically I keep up with the show by reading your comics, and let me tell you, it makes it Very entertaining. Keep on being awesome! You're the best!

well, thanks!! messages like these always crack me up, because i can imagine watching the show through my blog is like watching through beer goggles. like watching it solely through these videos

doesn’t make much sense but dammit, it gives u a good laugh

Anonymous said:

You are my absolute favorite person on the site. Thanks for being fabulous!!!

thank you so much! that’s a big pool of great people, so i’m honored i could be a part of it for you!

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Emma, if that really was Louis and Harry on your blog yesterday, well, I'm sure they came to you for a very good reason. I don't think there's anyone - ANYONE - on this site who defends Louis as consistently and steadfastly as you do. And that's saying a lot, because there are a lot of people here who love Louis very much and have his back all the time. But you are on a whole new level of supportive of Louis and the people he loves. And he knows it <3

This means so much to me. Thank you so much.

A bit too real

A/N : Emma fell in love with Killian while shooting their new movie. Unwilling to admit her feelings for her co-star, what happens when pictures of them kissing appear on the internet ? Captain Swan AU (inspired by the new spoiler pics).

“You were amazing back there, Swan. Really convincing,” Killian told his co-star, entering her trailer without knocking. Leaning in the doorway and still wearing his costume, he looked like a real pirate - something he clearly enjoyed. 

“Thanks. So were you.” Trying to ignore him and the fluttering in her stomach at the praise he’d just made, she barely smiled before turning back to her laptop. A new message from her agent popped up on the screen. It only said “Read this” with a link next to it. 

Clicking on it, Emma found herself on a gossip site. Surprised, she didn’t react when Killian leaned in and read over shoulder, his breath tickling the back of her neck. 

Anonymous source reveals everything about our new favorite ship, Captain Swan. As everyone knows, co-stars Emma Swan and Killian Jones - who likes to call himself Captain Jones - have been filming their new movie together for months now. Denied by both actors, their budding relationship has caught our attention as a little birdie told us that the hottest romance of the year was not all an act. It seems like they didn’t need to finish the movie to find a fairy tale kind of love.

Beneath the article were pictures that had clearly been taken off-set. 

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So as part of the positivity weekend and hitting 2,000 followers this week, I’ve decided to do a twist on the usual follow forever since I only did one a few weeks ago! Instead, I’m going to make it a more personal one with people I’ve interacted with and adore regardless of whether I follow you or not. I’m bound to have left people off as I’ve just used my chat logs for this so I’m sorry and I                                                           love you.

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Some Back Up Required (1/1)

It’s captainswanandclintasha‘s birthday today and she deserves to have some fic written for her! I hope you enjoy and I hope you have a great birthday!!

Emma who has been working as a bail bondsperson for years is tasked with taking new guy Killian Jones along for the ride. (, AO3)

Emma sighed going over the file splayed out all over her desk, trying to find the best angle to catch her latest perp, Mack Ronson. He was particularly elusive but she was able to track him down to a small seedy part of the next city over. She just needed a way to lure him into a trap so that she could turn him in.

“If you keep sighing like that love I won’t be able to get any work done,” the new guy, Killian Jones, called from his desk.

“Sorry it’s just this one perp is giving me some trouble but I think I have a way to catch him,” she said.

“Oh? What’s the idea?” he asked eagerly, Killian had only started working in bail bonds a few weeks ago and was still learning the ropes.

“The old set up a fake online dating account and catfish him,” Emma smirked, “Not sure how well that one will work for you.”

“Hey you never know! I can be quite charming when I want to be,” he winked at her. Emma rolled her eyes and tried to ignore the butterflies in her stomach that fluttered when ever she joked around with Killian. She wasn’t going to lie, when he first walked through the door in his black skinny jeans and leather jacket searching for their boss’s office, she checked him out. She wasn’t blind, the guy was hot to put it bluntly, tall with thick dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and just the right amount of stubble covering a sharp jawline. But over the past few weeks as they got to know each other and developed some kind of friendship she may have developed a crush, especially when he brought her her morning cocoa with cinnamon. It was a long shot Emma told herself, he was gorgeous and charismatic while she was prickly on her best days and cantankerous on her worst.

“Yes he responded!” She eagerly clicked on the chat box on the fake dating profile she had set up. She rolled her eyes and groaned at the message the perp had sent.

“What did he say?” Killian asked scooting over to her desk in his rolling chair.

“'Hey baby, I’d love to take that ass to dinner and have you for dessert’ God do guy really think that works on women?” Emma groaned.

“Unfortunately yes, but only the lowest of the low would fool themselves into thinking that it is an appropriate way to talk to a lady such as yourself,” Killian chuckled, “You deserve a true gentleman Swan, one who always displays good form.”

“Well if this guy had any of that good form he wouldn’t have skipped bail and then I wouldn’t have to spend my time trying to hunt him down. At least I’m getting paid to do this and I might get to kick his ass,” Emma smirked as she typed her response to Mack.

“Swan, Jones I trust you are getting your work done and not just making idle chitchat,” a voice drawled at them. Emma and Killian turned to see their boss (affectionately called Granny) staring at the both of them, her hands on her hips. She may be old but she was still as vicious and wolf like as she was in her younger years before she retired from the bounty hunter part of the job.

“We are Granny, I just confirmed a time and place to apprehend that Ronson guy,” Emma explained.

“Right and she was giving me some pointers,” Killian added quickly with a sly look at Emma.

“Sounds great, when and how are you going to take him down?” Granny asked.

“I used the usual fake dating site and set up a nice dinner date. Should be a really romantic evening, especially when I break out my handcuffs,” Emma joked, “I just need to book a room over in his city for a couple of nights and he’ll be in custody.”

“Well all right then, go ahead and book it and let’s get this guy off the streets,” Granny said turning back towards her office.

“Nice save,” Emma murmured to Killian as he scooted back to his own desk.

“Thanks, good luck on your date, I hope it really works out for you two,” he laughed before getting back to his own cases.

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All to Pieces, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
A moment of perfect silence fell between them. Rose was frantically trying to formulate her next argument. It was his move. Finally, Ron addressed her with an air colder than she had ever seen before, "Scorpius is not welcome in my house. And if you go through with this," he shuddered, "then neither are you."

I wrote a new fanfiction and it could definitely use some love! Give a review on the site and let me know what you think! I’ve been thinking of writing a sequel/follow-up chapter as well, so let me know maybe what you’d like to see happen there!

More scrapbook pages to come shortly. For now, enjoy this gif of Tom and Emma getting down with their bad selves!