It’s one AM and these kinda just popped into my head LETS GO

• Connor fails his suicide attempt, Zoe finds him in his room about a minute after Connor swallowed a fuck ton of pills

•Evan hears about this cause Connor is always a main source of gossip at the school

• especially for Jared

• Evan thinks about when he failed his suicide attempt and knew, at least partly, how Connor felt

• Evan, knowing he wouldn’t be able to just walk up to Connor and start talking, starts writing letters

• Dear Connor Murphy, I heard what happened and I want you to know, I failed as well over the summer

• Evan always signing them as Sincerely Me

• Connor getting the first letter five days after he leaves the hospital, two days after he goes back to school

• Connor reading it, and thinking

• maybe I’m not completely alone

• Evan writes Connor a letter every Tuesday and Thursday

• Whenever Connor ditches school he makes sure it isn’t a Tuesday or Thursday

• Evan mentions things that go on in his life, how he wishes he could stand up for himself, how he wishes he could help his mother, how he wishes he could talk to the girl he likes

• Connor starts to develop feelings for the mystery writer but ignores it cause

• A. Who would like him

• and

• B. I don’t even know who writes the letters, how the fuck can I be in love

• Evan slowly starts to make sure Connor is doing okay when ever Connor actually shows up to his math class

• Evan slowly starts to realize that he doesn’t like Zoe as much, but why?

• Evan shoots up in bed one night thinking

• Fuck. I like the school stoner

• Evan then slaps himself cause that’s not all that Connor is

• his mom hears him talking to himself and asks if everything is alright

• Evan quickly shouts back a yes, and gets back in bed, still thinking of Connor Murphy

• the last day of school before Christmas Break, Evan leaves a small gift at Connors locker and a note even though it’s Friday

• he’s surprised to see that Connor also left a gift at his locker for the mystery writer

• Evan puts it under the tree

• Heidi asks where it came from and Evan starts blushing and stuttering and mumbling about how he writes letters to Connor Murphy

• Heidi sees the light in her sons eye that hasn’t been there in years

• She bakes cookies for Evan to give to Connor

• Evan brings the cookies to the Murphy’s house, rings the door bell and runs

• Cynthia opens the door to see a plate of cookies and card saying ‘Dear Connor Murphy, have an excellent Christmas, sincerely me’

• Cynthia is super excited cause she believes that Connor has an actual FRIEND

• Cynthia takes the cookies up to her sons room

• Connor opens the door, glaring at his mother, and then he sees the cookies and the note card

• he picks it up and reads it quickly before blushing and grabs the plate, shutting his door

• on Christmas Evan opens Connors present last and is very happy to see that it’s a tree encyclopedia with a note that said ‘you always talk about how you love trees so, here’ and on the other side is a beautifully drawn tree


• Connor opens his gift in his room, and is surprised to see two new black sweatshirts and a bottle of black nail polish, the saying ‘Dear Connor Murphy, your sweatshirts seem to have a lot of holes, I didn’t know if it was for comfort or what but I got you a new one. Oh and I really like your nails so here’s some more polish, sincerely me’ Connor actually smiles, and he feels all warm inside AND WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS WHAT THE FUCK

• Jared eventually finds out that Evan writes Connor letters cause he saw the tree on the wall while Evan was getting snacks and flipped it over and read the note

• he immediately asked Evan who it was from

• Evan blushes and mumbles Connor

• Jared demands a wider explanation

• he doesn’t stop teasing Evan about it

• At school Jared starts acting funny around Connor and Connor starts to freak out cause


• but he calms down for a second when Jared accidentally spills the beans

• Connor was reading another one of Evans’s notes, Jared walks up to him with a shit eating grin and says

• 'Another love note from Evan Tree Boy Hansen I see.’

• Connor is instantly relieved they’re not from Jared


• Connor corners Evan after school

• Evan is nervous cause he thinks Connor hates him.

• he is pleasantly surprised when Connor gives him a quick thank you before dashing off

• Connor then starts to write Evan letters on Wednesdays and Fridays. Monday’s are the chill day

• Connor finally accepts that he totally loves Evan but he still thinks that Evan could never like him that way, especially since the guy Evan mentions in his letter can’t be him

• beautiful brown hair? Nope

• gorgeous blue eyes that seem to have a hint of brown in the left one? Well yes but they aren’t gorgeous, his are hideous

• a face that was crafted by God himself? Absolutely not

• Evan starts to wonder if Connor wants to be friends with him and asks him exactly that in a letter

• Connor replies with a 'no shit’ and his phone number

• Evan was ecstatic when they hung out for the first time

• so was Connor

• and their moms

• at the end of senior year, Evan tells Connor that he has to take a gap year to save up money

• Connor decides he’s not going to college without Evan as he doesn’t know how to make friends and he was just fucking lucky with Evan

• They were hanging out at Evans house the next winter and they both had a few drinks cause what 18 year old doesn’t drink. Evan isn’t THAT innocent guys

• they both tell each other that they like one another and share a small kiss that they both have wanted for a while

• they fall asleep on the couch, holding each other

Imma stop there. Feel free to add on, that was insanely long and I might write an actual thing for this?

We joke sometimes you know.

-“Never a dull moment with Louis”

-“Being a Louie is stressful”

-“Drama and fuckery is always following that kid around”

-“He may be a little shit but he’s our little shit”

Sometimes it’s funny, honest and entertaining, and I enjoy the banter. And other times it’s just patronizing.

Louis is a grown, intelligent man, and his life isn’t a fictional lifetime drama. Not his son, his career, his grieving family, his love life or his pap run-ins. But it’s a shame that the fandom and tabloids treat him as a meme or an open buffet at times. The headlines today were pretty disgusting, and they cast him in a terrible light for those who have written him off or who won’t care to dig deeper.

My ass learned a lesson in real time about how easily shit gets twisted and shared. The articles today had a belligerant Louis slamming a pap to the ground and physically intimidating minor female fans, and the exact opposite happened on video. It had every fan extreme reaction possible - shallow memes, haters gloating “my fave would never”, tinhats cheering actual physical violence, stans excusing what would have been problematic behavior and finally people coming together as the truth of a complicated, messy situation revealed itself.

I waited this one out and gave Louis the benefit of the doubt because violence is SO out of character for him (“character” being his public persona we’ve seen for over half a decade), but I can’t help but think about other scenarios where I had a knee jerk reaction or where I easily joked about something personal in his life.

Most recently, I side-eyed how fast the Eleanor reunion came to be. Like who fucking cares? Who am I to judge? What harm is there in two exes reuniting? How does them being a couple have any bearing on how I approach being a Louis fan or fandom in general? And then I see Louis pretty much getting hit with charges all for running to her rescue, and Eleanor literally risking her safety as she gets her second initiation to this fandom. Jesus. Lesson learned. Loyalty and love runs deep. Eleanor, Oli, Steve, Niall and Louis will make a fantastic polyamorous family, and I will do better to keep an open mind and to process and question my reactions in the future. ❤

anonymous asked:

Could you please draw a pastel goth kirigiri? I love this sort of mini series you've been doing and your art style is just such a lovely thing to see on my dash! Thank you so much for taking the time to do all of these requests and uphold such a positive and kind manner in responses. Thank you again 😊

yes, wow, thank you so much!! 

daleks-are-my-mates  asked:

Hb a small wizarding au with my boy mingyu, he seems like one would break his wand on the first day of school... Have fun and thank u!!(no killing...)

harry potter has been on my mind for some time,,,,here’s some hp!mingyu

  • even though people think he’s too much of a clutz and oblivious to his surroundings most of the time,,,,,mingyu is a slytherin 
  • because hey,,,,he loves tricks and schemes,,,but he’s also loyal to the bone and wouldnt think twice about getting himself hurt in order to protect his friends
  • but also let me reiterate: he may look confused, but don’t let that cute face fool you - he’s cunning
  • do you know how many times he’s changed wonwoo’s shampoo to potions that turned his hair pink and his skin blue????? a lot
  • but either way,,,mingyu brings laughter to the slytherin commons, a house known for being dark just seems so much lighter with him around
  • and also,,,,,,,he loves getting into competitions with other houses (cough cough hufflepuff minghao cough cough)
  • you know mingyu,,,but just in passing really. you both have third period divination together and he’s always being flirted with or trying to stiffle laughter with his friends
  • but one day during lunch you’re surprised to see the arrival of a howler and like most students you pray it isn’t for you
  • but,,,,,,,,,,it is
  • and you open it,,,,,only slightly,,,,,,but it bursts - the envelopes flap becoming a mouth and the familiar voice of one your older siblings shouts through
  • with that the envelope falls onto your plate,,,,,you stare at it,,,,wide-eyed
  • and you can hear other students begin whispering and chuckling and all eyes are on you,,,,,,,,,,,,,which makes your heart sink into your stomach and your palms sweat
  • and you try to tell yourself to get up and walk out of the dinning hall,,,but you’re frozen
  • until,,,,,,,someone stands up
  • and you look up to see mingyu at the slytherin table,,,,,,desperately clutching his wand and you’re like ?????? what is he-
  • from across the hall minghao stands up at his table and goes “THATS BECUASE YOU CALLED MY TOAD KERMIT A FOUL BEAST YOU WANNA FIGHT???????”
  • in an instant everyone has forgotten about you,,,,,focusing on the battle between mingyu and minghao and you gather your things and find the strength to dash out of there unseen
  • you don’t know what happens but a friend of yours mentions that mingyu got detention for starting a “unwarranted commotion” during lunch
  • which for some reason,,,,,you feel guilty for
  • because even though you aren’t close,,,,it sort of felt like mingyu had stood up and distracted everyone for your sake
  • which is why you find yourself walking up the stairs,,,,nervously approaching mingyu whose sitting outside the detention hall 
  • he smiles when he sees you,,,,,,asking if you’re ok and you sigh going “,,,,really?? shouldnt i ask you that??”
  • he laughs and shrugs,,,,,,,,his robe is off and he looks really cute in just his button down and tie
  • you shake the thought and sit next to him,,,gathering the courage to speak
  • “you,,,,,,,,didn’t have to get yourself in trouble just to save me from being embarrassed,,,,,,,”
  • mingyu chuckles, shrugging again
  • “it was nothing, all of us get those nasty howlers and honestly it’s no ones business to hear them,,,,,plus i could see you getting all clammed up - it’s no worries”
  • quietly you look down
  • “but you got,,,,,,detention,,,,,,,”
  • “not like it’s the first time! im fine reall-”
  • mingyu’s sentences drops as you lean in,,,,,kissing his cheek and mumbling a small thank you before dashing back down the stairs
  • he sits there,,,,,,,hand on the warm part of his skin where your lips grazed it and he smiles to himself
  • the detention professors voice calls from inside and as mingyu stands up he cant help but say to himself
  • “it was totally worth it.” 

stilesbansheequeen  asked:

Emmmm I'm sitting her smiling SO HARD over that duck fic. I love duckies I love sterek I love this fic!!!!!!! The whole 'please tell me that's not the pack' thing was weirdly hilarious to me (and now I lowkey want a fic where the pack is turns into ducklings. jackson proudly preening his feathers, duckie scott trying to woo duckie allison, sterek exasperatedly trying to care for them. i don't have time to write adorable duck crack, dammit em!). aaaaanyway, this was so so cute and sweet and [1/2]

[2/2] perfect!!! also, derek trying to care for little orphan ducks makes me SO SAD and it’s SO CUTE and I love you a lot. thank you for gracing my dash with the adorableness <3

EM!!! NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPIER THAN SOMEONE TELLING ME I MADE THEM HAPPY!! The image of the duckies is aaaaaall thanks to nonnie, but I will take credit for the duckie!pack feels ;) (sorry not sorry!)

Oh my gosh, but, like, little duck!Isaac too, trying to warm himself up with an itty bitty piece of cloth as a make shift scarf (maybe preening a little when he gets Allison and Scott’s attention), and duck!Lydia just sitting there and hardcore judging Stiles because he’s trying to feed them biscuits. Biscuits, Stiles, really?? Derek, why are you dating this imbecile? she tries to convey, ruffling her wings furiously. 

Oh, oh oh, and baby duck!Kira, who would be the cutest one of all though, perched happily on Derek’s shoulder while he reads, trying to help him, and pecking his shoulder consolingly when he starts getting frustrated because apparently no pack in the history of forever has been stupid enough to get themselves cursed and turned into ducklings. (He’s just really grateful Stiles wasn’t with the pack at the time when it happened because he has a feeling - call it a hunch - that Stiles would make a more frustrating duck than a human. He’d probably try and peck at Derek’s pants, just to screw with him.)

Ducks!Boyd and Erica being all cozy together, maybe going out for a wee romantic stroll to the local swimming pool (Erica’s idea because she lives to make Derek and Stiles’ lives difficult, and Boyd half amused, half horrified this might count as their first official date.)



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Need a Hand? | Yoongi

Summary: “We really have to stop meeting like this.” / Or, three awkward moments with Min Yoongi
Genre: Humor/Fluff
Word Count: 3,660
Author’s Note: May or may not be loosely based on my own life. Ha, I hate myself. Also, because these recent pictures of Yoongi with black hair kills me. Very slowly.

| #1: I tried to get the candy bar that didn’t drop out of the vending machine and now my hand is stuck can you help me out? |

The day is about as bad as it can get as you sluggishly make your way across the campus, mindlessly approaching a vending machine just a little out of the way of your next class. The box with a seemingly endless supply of junk food serves as your only window of opportunity to have some sort of solid food in your stomach, given your whole day of classes and last minute editing to your essays that you’ve needed to complete before their due dates on the dot.

To say that your sanity is starting to spin out of control would almost be an understatement with all the caffeine in your blood stream and the vague feeling of jitteriness settling into your bones. It leaves you with an uncomfortable sensation of emptiness, one that usually occurs when you haven’t eaten anything of healthy substance for 24 hours.

But desperate times call for desperate measures, and you don’t even see a free hour in your schedule to drop into the cafeteria for a snack—but alas, college life at its finest.

Quickly grabbing the wallet from your bag, your eyes light up momentarily at the sight of a bag of hot cheetos safety perched behind a wiring protection. Although hot cheetos are far from the ideal food (if it even should be considered food) you want to be putting into your body, especially on an empty stomach, you’ve run out of alternative options to settle with.

You fish through your wallet to produce the respective amount of quarters before feeding said quarters into the vending machine. You punch in the code for the hot cheetos, watching with baited breath as the wire coil slides and pushes the bag of chips closer and closer to the front, where it finally drops—!

However, there is no satisfying clunk of the bag hitting the bottom of the machine for you to reach in, to grab and go…

Frowning, you lean forward to press your forehead against the glass to look down in a suddenly desperate search of your beloved hot cheetos. You curse loudly when you find that it has been caught right between the bottom shelf of products and the interior wall of the machine.

Very quickly, the thought of leaving the precious bag of hot cheetos that you have invested six quarters in for someone else to reach in and quickly grab for free makes the blood underneath your skin boil with much unnecessary desperation.

With a huff, you drop down onto your knees and unceremoniously shove your right arm into the bottom flap of the machine. Ignoring the curious stares that are quickly being fed into your general direction, you bite down on your lower lip to ignore the smallest flicker of pain from trying to twist your arm into angles that are clearly not meant for certain bones. You readjust, pressing your cheek against the glass to try and reach as high up into the machine as your arm could dare go.

The crinkle of a bag being gripped in your fingers makes the corner of your lips curl up into the slightest of victory smiles. This is it, your moment to walk away with a pathetic excuse for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your hand, this—!

You try to pull your hand out of the machine, but the way your arm is stuck ever-so-firmly underneath the flap doesn’t do good things to the sudden spiking of your heart. You tug again, but the pain of your bones undergoing awkward angles doesn’t sit well with your nerves.

So you utter the only word that you feel can perfectly describe the situation and your own personal feelings on the matter. “Fuck,” You hiss under your breath, trying to keep a firm grip on your hot cheetos as you tug once more, twice more—!

“Need a hand?”

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