#10 years of Amazing Phil

Happy 10th Birthday to @amazingphil ‘s Channel! Truly an amazing guy ^^
Thank you for always brightening everyone’s day with your videos! 


Splatoon : Heroes of Inkopolis Comic - Pages 79 - 86 - THE END

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And there you have it folks. Story of how Whinter and Clementine met each other, saved the Great Zapfish and become heroes of Inkopolis has come to an end. There are no words to describe what pure joy making this comic has been. Thank you everyone who read it. Thank you everyone who enjoyed it and has given me many nice messages. Here, in deviantart and twitter. Thank you all for all the support. And stay fresh. <3


Since i’m a very clever girl, i’ve accidentally deleted @attitudeproblem‘s ask and i’m so sorry for my silliness BUT HERE I AM WITH SOME ERERI YOGA as you’ve requested ;) oh and thank you so much, lovely! <3

i think Levi’s little friend is having a lot of fun and yes i’m so perv



- Prices are listed in USD

- I accept payment through only Paypal

- I don’t draw porn!! Machines and animal. Only human please!

- Payment is required before I start on a commission. HOWEVER if you commission a large, detailed piece, I am willing to take half payment up front and then the rest after I’ve finished.

- I generally finish commissions 1-3 weeks after receiving them, but depending on my schedule, it can take up to 4-5 weeks.

- If you feel like a commission is taking too long and you are no longer interested, a refund is available if I have not started on it yet.

- You must provide VISUAL reference for your characters. This can be a drawing, a photo, or even a collage of images from different sources; so long as it shows what your character looks like. I will not accept your commission if you do not have reference for me.

- You can email me for a quote if you’d like to know how much a certain commission will cost (and please provide character reference).

- If you are interested in commissioning for something that you don’t see listed above, feel free to email and we can try working something out.

- You are free to use your commissioned piece however you want EXCEPT for commercial use (ie mass-production,reselling, etc.)

+ The artist is Korean so please give me full understandable sentence to get the perfect commission works. Sorry I have bad English!

If interested, give me e-mail to dyck1002(.)naver(.)com with the title: Commission. I check the mail slowly so please understand that.

:: Inquisitor Sethras Adaar ::

“I am only simple man. But if every simple man do simple things, we can do much. We can bring peace and order. This is the Inquisition.”

Inspired by the Qunari/Vashoth tarot card, I decided to undertake the biggest digital art project thus far and draw…my nugget son. 

Seth wears batik, an Indonesian textile art that is also common to my country, Malaysia. (texture edited from here) I really wanted to plonk something of me onto him. 

His arm Vitaar is also adapted from the tarot card, but I added the contour lines to resemble the Orb. 

Happy Belated Birthday TuT I’m sorry I wasn’t able to draw anything for awhile but I WAS DETERMINED TO DO THIS!

it’s perfectly fine!!! gosh thank you!! you are always too kind and you, among others, I owe art because you guys are so kind to me <3

this is so cute and I love the little shirt you put on me ;;w;; gosh your style is coming out and I love every pic you do because you are improving with each one. It’s been a while since I have seen you but I hope to see you again so I can give you a huuugee hug!! <3



I sketched this up, back when I hit 500 followers, a while back, but shortly after, so many people started following me, that I broke that number pretty quick. So I just made it a general thank you to all who care enough to follow me! Points to @planetofjunk who helped pow wow, the idea for the drawing.

I really do appreciate the support you guys show, keeps me going most of the time.  I tried somehting a bit different with the brushes, was fun! Hopefully I can do some more like it, and get better at using binary tools.

Hopefully I can get the chance to draw the other console-tans soon..~ I like drawing 3DS-tan and 2DS-tan, alot. but I wanna give the other character’s their limelight too. Maybe I should do another piece like this, bit with others, as well? ps4 and vita next? 

I’ve never never drawn him before sry. I can’t do him the justice he deserves