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“Gail, you little lurdo! Give him back!”

The young girl’s eyes widened as the familiar voice, fuelled with anger, carried down the hallway and through her bedroom door. It’s him!

In a panic, Gail dropped the scissors she’d borrowed – okay, stole – from her mother’s sewing box onto the floor in front of her before attempting to stuff the synthetic fibre batting back inside her favorite toy shark. Gail-shark had been gutted by the four year old with care and precision along the abdomen, right down to the bottom of the tail. If only Gail’s father – an avid fisherman on his time off – could have seen his little muffin at work, he would’ve been so proud… or so Gail had thought.

As her brother’s footsteps got louder, she abandoned Gail-shark for the other toy she was nursing in her lap, quickly hiding the purloined object behind her back just as Steve burst into her room in a huff.

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A few friends were feeling down in the dumps, so I wanted to cheer them up with something silly.

Like Jack and Mark pillow fighting. That’s silly, right?

But yeah, I got to practice painting digitally and I think even after a long while, I did good!! Plus it was fun, eheh.

A thank you note/questions answered

To people who recently read my yuri manga:

Hi! Whether it was the Japanese version or the English version, thanks for reading my yuri manga “Maru no Sei” or “Born This Way”. I couldn’t be more thankful for the amount of positivity I’ve received lately! :D

You guys are truly lovely, and it really means a lot when you guys take the time out of your day to tell me how you felt about my manga. When you guys tell me that I made you emotional or that you could relate to my manga on a personal level, it makes me squeamish (in a good way lol). Sometimes I get really insecure about my writing, so your guys’ comments help keep me on track and help me calm down when I’m annoyed or frustrated.

I’ve been reading every single one of your comments but unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to reply to all of them. I hope that doesn’t discourage you guys from sending in messages though - I love reading your guys’ comments! And believe me when I say that yall make me feel all mushy and giggly on the inside - I really mean it. You could even ask my mom, I was a flabbering mess this morning when I found a pile of messages in my inbox XD Thanks so much. I really, REALLY appreciate it.

Questions about my current yuri project:

A few people have asked me about my other works. Currently, I’m working on a yuri series about a “straight” female pop star in Japan that is obsessed with her butch lesbian friend from high school. There are currently the first two chapters on Pixiv, but they’re really sh*tty so I plan on rewriting the storyboards for both and altering the story A LOT. I will be taking the altered chapters to publishing companies in Japan during the summer to see if I can get a publishing contract, so we will see how that goes ;) Therefore, I won’t be uploading these chapters online, but I will keep you updated if there’s any plans for publishing^^

Other Q&A

Q) Do you have a personal blog also?
A) Although I don’t have a personal blog, lately I’ve been posting more to my Twitter so you can follow me there for updates on my life ;D

Q) Hey! Do you know if any other manga other than “Born This Way” that you created was translated into English? 
A) I have rough drafts for my current storyboard on Pixiv, but these haven’t been translated (they’re in Japanese). I wouldn’t recommend translating them though, they suckkk

If you guys have any other questions, please feel free to ask them! I’ll try to get around to answering them if I have enough time.

Sending positive vibes and love,


Well, i just needed a break between commissions and wanted to say thank you to everyone who reblogged my commission info post and thus made me less peasant! I have really challenging tasks right now, but to be honest i expected this and enjoy them. Also people who order commissions are AMAZING. Really.

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And thank you elentarihikari for supporting me and not letting me get to bed when i try :D

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If you don’t already know, I’m going to be selling at the Artist Alley at Otakon this year! If you’re going, you should totally come and say hi!

These are some rough sketch ideas for stickers and buttons. Some I definitely will finalize and sell (will also be available online), but I’d love to hear any feedback from you guys. Thoughts?

Here’s a long story short: Wanted take a break,couldn’t bear it since i had an idea, wanted to make it in SFM…many things of the idea failed so i dropped to Winter Snow because it just fits great in my opinion…also i wanted to give it as a gift.

Hope you like it….i’m not sure if it is so good…


jiujiduergnajeakl, Omg Thank you!!!! She so cute!! <3 Thank you so much!! <3 <3 (Totally not dying)

bluelight03 asked:

What inspired you to create Nex? I love this dude's design! Also, is he really a jellyfish or is that a nickname?

He is a Jellyfish hybrid B^)))) truth to be told I was high on sugar while drawing him looooool dont give me sweets 

He mainly inspired on this corset idea, I was thinking about creating a Hybrid race OC since I rarely draw them (I hate animal ears even when my avatar was one lmao)  I was afraid if I may get influenced by APH Prussia while creating him, but how he turned out is absolutely satisfying and different.

 Jellyfish though, I kinda like the idea of that animal, I always want to draw it. I kinda want to break the stereotype of how jellyfish relating things have to be bubbly and soft and you know, frilly and girly. So Nex came out rough, sly and jerky with a sharp tongue, yet he is vulnerable and weak. Though I kinda aimed for bara but he still turnt out to be regal, idek why but it fitted him.

His earring was based on the chime and worked like one. The chime looks like a jellyfish shape. So is his necklace, which was a skulled jellyfish. Even his boots decorated with jellyfishes lmao

Hey~ That request you did with Rakuzan playing mario kart was hilarious. I am working on doing the rest of the team but I have to go to bed for work haha, but I wanted to show you the one I finished!