Glaiza de Castro and Rhian Ramos at GMA Kapuso Fans Day
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I seriously have no idea where you all came from, but thank you for sticking around!! Wow. I really didn’t think this blog would ever get anything over 10 followers tbh.

first upLike Family.

You guys are the best, thank you for putting up with me, and all my crazy, and playing all the angst, crack and fluff always. Idk what else to say. Everyone should follow you guys.

magentamutant  who encouraged me to finally make a Laura blog and is an amazing friend, and amazing Gambit too! (Also amightytorrent another bublet who is adorable and Laura’s baby sis) 

chaoticallycrimson who is always up for EVERYTHING I throw at them, and we get all the feels together. Watch as we do 1000000000 aus together.

razein-hell/ boardingdeath who is a wonderful person, super nice and understanding, that plays and develops their characters so well.

healingtheassassins who is like angst soulmate. When we start talking we make a sad thing ten times sadder! And our headcanons often fit so well, it’s amazing.

pxrtyhxrdy / psychicclaws who I love, can always come to, and always rp fun things with! Plus sister from another universe? It’s pretty awesome.

next —– On the team.

Some of you I’ve played with and want to interact more, some of you I play with regularly, some of you I have never talked to but I admire from afar, watching you from behind a tree like Laura herself. would. Either way, I like you all and you made the list! 

 dubiousdeviant, negramagia, therebelwithoutapplause, lightobscur, runawaymutant (wherever you are), cutiewithaspot, canadianclaws  thebrainsandbrawn, loganweaponx, noworldnomad projectbatmanbeyond lafarfalladelnord sneakymystique thepowerofmusicisstronger five-in-one turaabs cajunfried forgivenunforgotten frosty-the-iceman doctormadamemcsplode agentofspyral itssheriffwolf telekinetic-wondxr the-spider-girl littlemissclarice ribbonsandbo

I probably forgot some people, please don’t hate me. I love you all. 


sketch dump time~~ *7*/ more happy family AU doodles~~ cause i can’t handle the angst //cries
i powered through the comic today so that i can go binge play Lethis lol

also uhhh i’m in bit of an awkward predicament cause the are now 300 of you lovely souls but i uhh…..haven’t even chosen the winners for the 200 follower giveaway so…uhh WELCOME AND I’M SORRY YOU DON’T GET YOUR OWN EVENT //sobs BUT PLEASE DO JOIN IN THE CURRENT ONE!! you can find it [here] THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT GUYS!!! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。

YAY!! Kitty kat gaming hit 100k subscribers! I can’t wait to get my second silver play button awed from YouTube 😍 now to get the gold play button 😎! Thank you all so much for subscribing! There is lots more coming that you guys don’t want to miss. XOXOXO

And the winners are...

My lovely followers have spoken, and these are the five prompts you wanted me to write:

  • Awkward sex / things that don’t go as planned
  • Corsets

  • Double penetration

  • Explaining a kink to their partner 

  • Spanking

Thank you all for being a part of this! I had so much fun. :D Next step - writing you all this lovely porn! <3 Stay tuned!

Promo time!

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silverstreaksinthesky | caseyballvins | archaicflash | takaokazus | snowcappedrose | naomao | yorkscoffee | mojo120 | pluots-in-april

Also, shout out to these other peeps for being so awesome:

dramaticlittledisaster | ratava93 | chaotic-melody | turkeybaconese | elsastardis |  the anon(s) who played the game

I love all of you and may your live be full of much-wanted hugs and kisses~

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judearaya asked:

24, 34

24. Have you ever deleted one of your published fics? Not in this fandom, no. I deleted my entire site of fic and humor stuff from my previous fandom. It was lovely and well-received, but I closed it all down for some personal reasons.

34. What are your thoughts on non-con and dub-con? It depends how it’s handled. It’s not something I would probably write, but for reading I would approach with caution, especially non-con. The “dubious” in dub-con is, you know, dubious, so I think it all rests on how the author handles it, respects the characters and how it fits into the development of the story.

MDG Masterpost

A week and 52 drabbles later, the Milestone Drabble Game is finally complete! I want to thank you all for playing and for the amount of love you’ve given me recently. I hope you all stick with me and my scenarios in the future! In case you missed any, here are all the drabbles, organized by AU.

A: catboy!au
Chen // Kai // Kris // Suho // Xiumin

B: high school!au
Baekhyun // Kris // Luhan

C: university!au
Chanyeol // Chen // Kai // Kyungsoo

D: football!au
Chanyeol // Kai – 1 & 2

E: mermaid!au

F: racer!au
Kai // Sehun

G: frat!au
Kai // Lay

H: wolf!au
Baekhyun – 1 & 2 // Chanyeol // Chen // Kai // Kyungsoo // Sehun

J: soulmate!au
Chanyeol // Kai // Lay

K: prison!au
Kai // Kyungsoo // Xiumin

L: jurassic!au

M: kingdom!au
Chen // Kyungsoo

P: mafia!au
Chen // Kai

Q: gang!au
Baekhyun // Kai – 1 & 2 // Kyungsoo

R: office!au

T: vampire!au

U: angel!au

V: demon!au
Kyungsoo // Lay

W: mama!au
Baekhyun // Chen // Luhan

Y: normalverse!au

Z: canon

anonymous asked:

Oh! Bakara I bet.


1. Anders!

2. Garrus Vakarian

3. Javik

4. Zevran Arainai

5. Fenris

6. Urdnot Wrex

7. James Vega/Varric Tethras (I cheated and tied Varric with someone)

8. Nyreen Kandros

9. Mordin Solus

10. Urdnot Bakara aka “Eve”

LemonCake has a Need;;

Verses I wanna play in right now but may need some help developing a bit more, so like this post if you want me to invade your inbox with my needs and plot things!

The Walking Dead Verse
Jurassic Park/World Verse
The 100 Verse

If you have a verse in mind you wanna do with me, please specify?

Elise Dialogue
  • Elise Dialogue
  • Fire Emblem: Fates

For dantemustdie00!

This completes the Nohr royal family too! It’s a battle between the little sisters… I FEEL LIKE MARX AND RYOUMA ARE GLARING ME TO DEATH. Disclaimers as usual.

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WHAT THE FUCK THERE ARE 100 OF YOU NOW Hello everyone! This is my official thank you post to all 100 of my lovely followers out there! When I made this side blog, I had no idea that it would actually gain any kind of attention, but your presence has helped me shape and mold this OC into one of my all-time favorite muses to play! I want to thank you all for the privilege of getting to entertain you with my writing BECAUSE SRSLY I’M KIND OF A POTATO AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY YOU LIKE ME. As such, I’d like to give some special shout-outs to people I admire, people I roleplay with, and people who have helped me develop this character so much!

BLESSED BY IZANAMI; These individuals are a big part of this blog, and I adore the muns and just can’t get enough of their characters.

nothingmoreforevermore x laughing-coffins x thereaperqueen x little-red-reaper x sold-my-soul-for-revenge x firstcxmmandervaako x iservethemaster x grotesque-puppet x thequeenofmangosteens x demon-butler-from-hell

THE MIKO; People that get me all giddy when I see them floating around on my dash because they are perfect and I just love reading their stuff.

rosenthxl x cryingclxwn x msmrharuhi x harbor-of-darkness x rageistruth x alatum-mulier x blood-coated-monstru x mad-eggs-onthewall x itsjusticing x qvckslver x atlantiican x theholisticdetective x zombritish x chakrabartime x ofworldshaking x amarexestxanimas x daayaan x the-accursed x akingofscience x sinclairduke x canxs-abusxam-dxabolii x vindxctive-earl x annotatingarchangels x sorefooted x itisacorpsewholovesyou

LET’S PLAY DEAD; New people on my dash I want to get to know better because they look fabulous! :D

volontemeir x apathiia x shinxhara x ofhellonearth x screamsandsongs x glassesandguns x thebloodyreddeath x yumemic x angelic-mess x thexhalfxghoul x ukinx x reaper-undertaker x toketsutaicho x jamestibkirk x riisingfromashes x yourworshipp x babyhoneypiesugartits x xblackiisms x hotwiired

THE SACRED RITES; You’re beautiful and I am a shy potato that admires you from afar because you’re too amazing to even touch tbh.

animalthing x tataraxx x libanomancy x murraywolfmanmanson x screamingclass x criimsxn x puella-automata x shuuiisms x crimidine x chiiivalry

Excuse my god awful graphic lmAO

Okay but really, how did I get this far?? I’ve tried playing Tony twice before and I really didn’t put my all into it I guESS. Either way this time worked and he’s the strongest muse I’ve had to date??? Well okay there were 2 others BUT he’s not giving up, he won’t let me give up! I’ve had this muse for EVER and I was always so scared of playing him at all. So thank you all for following me!! I’m so happy that I’ve gotten this far and I’m just getting more and more up there with feeling safe here even if there’s all the hate sometimes! Thank you guys, I’m so happy, so proud of myself and I’m always gonna aim for helping everyone I can and writing with who I can as well!

Onto the better deal yeah? Probably? No? Right okay.

The ones who have made my life on this account and on tumblr in general so much fun?? I can’t believe they exist honestly they’re so wonderful??

justgoodgenesmitojvjo / venarii, bellexmort, lycanstark, alpharxptor reverse-hero, xaedificare darkpatriotismfromthetail, notadiick, ofironflesh, issuesuntold / phrasiing / tiimore, psychotiictheory obstinatvs walkingitcff mordiices / grcmes, metalsided, motherofasgard, hibernamilitis soldatzimy / formerlybatgirl, theworkbehindstark, mostcapable, degeneris linwoodisms / cupidsbxw, readyforyours, sniperborn, wiillingtopay firstavcngcr, patriotiism, xstrange, dropmyneedlejarvis, purrsuasion, petitexitalian / metallicorde, poshelnakhui, cxptain cxnfidante / indvstries, eversorismsofstarkasm, veiliisms / merciiisms bvrnie wingshead / selflessnature agenths heysxster thewebcrawler moveslikeaspider traitorking unbeliiever freedomriings scarletnotwicked hawkinthenest homicidalgrin fatalismic / devilout mxskedman mockeye gameofdeception t800101 / wyslyyzr wehaveorders maxiimova txkeyouout / heros-quandary / adivinegod chovihanni damnitbarnes whowails wandathered



This is so disgusting

How 428 of you have found your way here is beyond me. I’m a potato, but either way I thank you for following me, whether we play or not, you are all loved for doing so and I wouldn’t be here without you. <3

I started Damon on a fluke back in March and almost six months later here I am, utterly in love with him to the point of rewatching TVD and talking about him as if he is really here next to me. Thank you reignsblood / falsifiedhumanity for that, thank you for making me feel insane 90% of the time by helping me birth a homicidal vampire in my head that kills any other muse that threatens to coexist with him in there :P

For my followers, I put together a resource pack, which you can download here. I own nothing, made nothing. All of them are just things I’ve found around the net that I constantly use in my graphics and all proper credit goes to those artists.

Anyway, lets get on to the mentions!


(My roleplay world would be nothing without you, even if we just met or started writing together, you make my world go round. Some of you I have known for a damn long time, others for no time at all, but either way you are all insanely special to me.)

thefamouselena / indefinxta / suitsofarmor / sullenalpha / she-cant-breathe / falsifiedhumanity / welcometomynightmarebxtch / sinistersanguine / stuckbeingavillain / lunaxdollface / omnipotenceisoverrated / lxvingdeadgxrl / flamingpawsofamarauder / icxnholdon / irrevocablymarked / cauldronkicker / chandlerisms / culebraqueen / votumdormio / alexisvixen / stubbornstrumpet / obsessiiive / fracturedportrait / reignsblood / bloodanddye / upgradedxmikaelson / killerqueenpetrova / adifferentshadeofmean / maggiexesmerelda / iputaspxllonyou 


(You are the people I watch from afar, that I enjoy having on my dash and have yet to play with or have just been too afraid to play with (I would LOVE to interact if we haven’t yet). Some of you I already interact with as well. I love you <3)

quinnzical / dearlokigodofmischief / welcometomynightmarebxtch / plusiworkout / crxwnofthorns / snapiisms / cheekymaniac / itsanemptytomb / thesongbiird / malumxsubest / wingsandcoffins / bogisms / ofsalvatorisms / samattheend / reaperiisms / killerwarlock / heir-to-betrayal / mattss-donovan / maggiexesmerelda (I’d tag Madison too but I can’t for some stupid reason) / roethelwulf / iindiscriminate / artificialisms 

And that concludes it! If I missed anyone.. I’m SO sorry that I suck! Either way, you are all loved, my followers, the people that I follow and everyone in between. Thank you for making the last six months awesome and here’s to another! <3


hi, my name is debts and i like to get emotional at five in the morning over all the wonderful and talented people i’ve met in the past two months.