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HELLO! i just wanted to say that i really really really like your art and your art style! you actually inspired me to buy a new notebook and just fill it with Haikyuu!! doodles. and youre so nice and friendly and i hope you have a good day!

thank you and take care!! stay creative ☆

I tried drawing @teadroplet ’s version of Outertale Gaster and gained some mad respect for the detail they consistently put into this design. Like seriously you guys should go check out their work if you haven’t already!! It’s frickin gorgeous!

Also just send your love that direction in general they deserve it so so much.

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Yes yes! I was getting Dodo vibes from Bill too. Glad I'm not the only one. Everyone else I was talking to didn't understand my respect for Dodo. (All she has been through man) Similarities being the sort of bubbly full of life attitude and positive outlook on everything. Of course the habit to ramble a bit. DODO DESERVED BETTER OKAY.

She definitely deserved better.

[image: quick watercolor drawing of Dodo, smiling and pointing at a heart drawn on her red top, with two more hearts in the background.]

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Holy cow ur art?? It looks really good?? I've been drawing seriously for like two years now, and I can clearly tell you put a lot of effort, time, and thought into it. It looks amazing!!

a quick poll!

I’m doing this for a research project! I would love it if people could answer the following question with just yes or no (although if you want to message me and chat more about paranormal stuff PLEASE DO):

Have you ever personally experienced any kind of event that you would describe as paranormal?

AhhhHhhh!!! Omg!! I I recently reached 200 followers!!! Thank you all so much for following me! I appreciate it! And I love you all loads! I decided to celebrate this by giving back!!

I’m gonna do moodboard requests and drawing requests!

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Moodboard requests
•send me an ask of what you want
•it can be of anything you want
•doesn’t have to be dnp related
•please be specific so I don’t get anything wrong
• if you want to see my previous moodboards my tag is “my ambinof”

Drawing requests
•send me an ask of your favorite animal & 2 fav colors
•I’ll also do dnp (only if it’s really simple cause I suck at people lol)
•if requesting dnp send an ask telling me your fav video of theirs or selfies
•I will draw them from there
•I’ll be doing these in watercolor
•If you want to see my previous art my tag is “my art”(very creative I know lol)

Please don’t let this flop!!

1,000 Followers Art Winners!

[This may be a few days later then I meant it to be but oh well! Here are the winners for the art prizes. Thank you all for participating and thank you all for being here with me! It means the world!

If you won, please message me with the details of what you want! It may be a few days before I can get your prizes to you, but I will do my best!!

1st place (Big major picture): @lizency

2nd place (Photo with simple background): @actingwithportals

3rd place (icon/small photo): @twoblogz

I was tagged by my new friend @morejinplease ~ tysm! <3 ^_^

RULES: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

NAME: Lynn

NICKNAMES: Elle ~ we have 2 Lynns at work and our last names both start with the same first two letters, so I took on a random name which I kinda like better than my actual name lmao

GENDER: female

STAR SIGN: taurus


LAST THING I GOOGLED: “is there sugar in vegan bread?”

FAVOURITE BANDS: bts, monsta x, bap, day6, got7, blackpink, kard, dream catcher, mamamoo

FAVE SOLO ARTISTS: Agust D, Suran, CL, Eric Nam, Hyuna



WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: March 24, 2016. I went from anime to kpop on my old blog so I decided to just start over with a new blog~

WHAT DO YOU POST: I try to be multifandom but end up reblogging mostly bts content, lmao. Though lately I’ve been posting a fair bit of Monsta X and KARD 


DO YOU HAVE OTHER BLOGS: yeah, my miscllaneous-but-mostly-anime-and-alt-rock-esque blog @lightlightsuplawliet 

DO YOU GET ASKS REGULARLY: nah, but they’re always welcome ^_^

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: i had saved a bunch of yoongi related urls, and by some happenstance agustdsmixtape was one of them. when he dropped his mixtape, i was also looking to switch my url and i found this one in my saved urls and i cried, i am never this lucky 


POSTS: 6208



FAVOURITE COLOUR: black, white, green



FAVE CHARACTERS: light yagami (death note)

WHAT AM I WEARING NOW?: black skinnies, dark grey blouse

DREAM JOB: professional world traveler, lmfao~ imagine being paid to travel, i’d die. also a detective + real estate agent (working on this one)

DREAM TRIP: I want to travel the world, so this is hard, lmao. I am going to SK in the fall so I’m really looking forward to that! I also really want to visit Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Poland, Thailand and Japan.

Tagging (if you’d like!): @jiminieda || @vtaenon-min || @rapmunstar || @kingtae || @exooreos || @seokgay || @theonlyhopeisbts || @cream-and-suga || @infiresfics || @cuteseokjin || @dae-bakk-pop || @dopemanyoongi || @sugasboy || @chan-yoongi || @hobipd || @hobibliophile || @kainks || @hyungsk || @fireheart-namjoon || @minshookga + anyone else who wants to do this! ~

                   MOMENT  #163925 where you’ll try not to cry & fail: when they’re in h///awai//i & Ann is Legitimately Okay™ with sleeping in a room with Ryuji, MC, & Mishima because ‘I trust you guys’

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*CRASH! (A seaweed covered chest was thrown through the window.... it has a tag on it that says "dear eggs thanks for your help and advice in exchange for that Pokémon insite I have given you a chest full of chocolate gold coins. Sorry about the seaweed and muck there's money to pay for cleaning and window repair in the chest. From Skully")

The other person in the room screams as a hefty chest clatters clumsily through the window and lands in the centre of the room with a thunderous crash. The oak frame of the link splinters and twists to reveal a bursting cache of chocolate coins spreading among a pool of damp seaweed onto the dark carpet of the room. Gingerly Mike steps towards the arrival and picks up the tag attached and reads it intently. The startled brunette cowers in the corner of the room, clutching her headphones to her short hair in shock. 

Watching Mike read the note, she noticed him almost sigh in frustration upon viewing the contents of the note and the chest. She thought he murmured “I can’t even eat chocolate” in hushed tones but she was too bewildered to respond. The delivery of … chocolate coins in a seaweed covered chest was too bizarre for her to digest immediately. 

Mike strolled casually, unperturbed by the sudden vandalism, to the sofa and sat down silently. He continued to stare motionless at the door for a while, before another note slipped through the door, breaking his concentration by furrowing his brow again.

“why is it always…. chocolate…”


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I was not expecting this at all, i teared up when i read these comments.  Thank you guys so much for being so supportive <3 It means the world to me!  I’ll keep doing it the way I am :)  I’m hoping to be able to keep it up, but I’m running out of pictures and adulting has been kicking my butt lately.  We’ll see, for now I’m loving my stories too much to cut down lol :D 

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If you are inspired could you draw Law watching over Luffy while he's resting? Or the opposite if you prefer 😊

Sure thing! Hope you like it!

Actually I had a draft lying on my folder that I had completely forgotten about so I took advantage and finally finished it! Therefore I have to thank you for  boosting me with your question <3