do you know that (8/8) : bts edition

Hey everyone! Nacho, Ellipsis, and I would like to sincerely thank everyone who bought us a coffee through our “ko-fi” page! We love making comics to share with you all, and while we certainly don’t expect kick back we are so grateful to those who sent us such kind gifts! Your generosity keeps us warm and caffeinated through our late nights drawing comics. Thank you so much!

AHHH! thank you for over 9,000+ followers!! im so grateful and cant believe it adjfhalf. ;0;

soo WHAT WOULD BE MORE APPROPRIATE THAN A CERTAIN PRINCE FOR THIS SPECIAL OCCASION? ive been messing around with digital painting and more ‘realistic?’ stuff? so here’s a little experimental something i did for funsies to celebrate! disclaimer: i dont know how to paint digitally in the slightest i dont know what im doing at all lol but regardless- THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ME! AKFDA it means so much!! >0<

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Hello there! So I was wondering about gaster's dad on your gaster ask blog and if there's any more information that you posted about him? He looks creepy as hell btw so i'm very curious about him. Please and thank you

thanks for asking! and for giving me an excuse to post this thing that’s been sitting around for months lol (you can see where Gaster gets his creepy good looks from)

I have a small introduction comic planned for him because I feel it will give a better sense of his character than my words alone, but I can tell you some basic info in the meantime~

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 Thank you guys for rebloging that last post of mine to help me!!! Im sorry again for asking you guys to help with that, BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME WITH IT, AND NOW HERE WE ARE 500, im so happy to be getting this far, and im so happy that all of you guys help me get to these lengths, non of this would be possible without you, i love this community so much, i love interacting with all the different blogs, i love doing these pics for you guys who help me get this far, i love you guys for actually wanting to interact with me, i thank you guys for supporting my art and how i portray this character, this blog helps me improve my art, as well all the people who support me, this community is a big part of my life and i never thought that would happen when joing it, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, to celebrate, im gonna do something that was inspired by @ask-vinegar-doppio

im going to draw your muse in your favorite pose of theres, but in boingos thoth artstyle,they will all be individual posts, youll get tagged so you know its been posted, i wanted to try something unique for 500 so i felt this was the most unique i could get, if you want one reblog this post with an image of the of the pose you want, it can be from canon, games, art, or even your own original pose, just make sure to reblog with a pic of it, if you cant find it just describe it and ill try my best to find it or draw it, you can reblog up to wed 12/14/16, thats when ill begin to draw them, THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN SO MUCH ITS SUCH AN HONOR TO INTERACT WITH YOU ALL, YOU ALL MAKE THIS WORTH IT!!!


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Mob and 3A S U F F E R

First of all how dare you

Send in a character and a face and I’ll draw it!


I’m backkkk….I seriously appreciate all the love and support I received Wednesday night for my surgery. The surgery went well, although it took longer than expected because the doctors underestimated the problem.

I’m in a lot of pain right now, and i have blurry vision still from the anesthesia. It’s kind of hard to read what I’m typing lol.

Once again thank you for all the support, and i love you guys! 💜💙

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electrostatic potential (19/?)

ten/rose. teen-ish this ch.
please see notes on ao3, as they’re somewhat lengthy.
summary: as the doctor and rose traverse time and space looking for adventure, they slowly fall victim to a mysterious energy that can manipulate their emotions. though confused and unnerved by the cerebral affliction, neither of them understands its cause, or realizes that it could jeopardize their friendship. what will it take for them to discover the truth?
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Rose must be knackered, because as soon as he’s promised to stay, she sighs with relief and her eyelids flutter closed.

Intoxicated as he is by the bonding hormones saturating every cell in his body, he doesn’t think much of it, at first. He’s too busy replaying the last couple hours in his mind. Even his superior Time Lord neurobiology couldn’t process all of it in real time. He spends several minutes floating amidst the bright memories and emotions, drinking in each precious second like a luscious elixir.

Eventually, though, the pleasant inebriation begins to wear off.

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“What Makes a Great Character” - Brandon Sanderson Lecture

Just want to tell the people who are getting screenshots from the “Razildor’s Follower Thank you Screenshots that I am working on them slowly, just it’s been busy since it’s the holidays and stuff. and I haven’t had much time to sit down and take much for it. I will be quicker once after the 25th or New Year hopefully :) So don’t worry! You will be getting them screenshots! :D

10 Songs + 10 Mutuals

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Instructions: put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs then tag 10 mutuals

I have mostly kpop on my phone and the rest of my music is on Spotify. So here we go~

  1.  L4L by Bobby ft. Dok2 & The Quiett
  2. Wishing On A Star by Wonder Girls
  3. Rush by Rap Monster ft. Krizz Kaliko 
  4. Save Me by BTS
  5. Symphony by Ailee ft. Chancellor
  6. Rose by Gaeko
  7. Honestly by Monsta X
  8. Am I Wrong by BTS
  9. Bad Boy by Big Bang
  10. Big Boy by Big Bang ft. Lee Eun Ju

Ayyyye!! I officially love my shuffle. I can’t believe Big Boy came on! 

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Holy crap?? TYSM for 500+ followers!!! I’m really elated that you guys like my content aaa 

It’s been about a year since I dived into the OP Tumblr community and I gotta say it’s wonderful to see many committed fans on here sharing a lot of awesome graphics, art, etc. I am very happy to be in this fandom and I hope to continue to contribute to it! Thank you once again!!

(btw, feel free to drop OP prompts or questions into my inbox! I’ll try to reply asap)


hi guys!! my first batch of adopts were so fun to do, here’s my second batch all new ALOLAN pokemon!

prices are $25 each! once you buy one, you are free to use the design however way you’d like.(i just ask that you dont profit off it!) if interested and want to nab one, email me at! payment is through paypal. thanks again! :^ ))


sandygast, raichu, bewear, crabrawler, cosmog, torracat, meowth, mareanie, minior, cutiefly, stufful, shiinotic, brionne, pyukumuku, mimikyu and drampa has sold! thank you! : ^ )