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You have become more than a beloved mutual whose blog I adore, you have become my friend. You are so kind and caring and even though we don’t talk all the time, I know I can always come to you if I needed you. You are amazing. Thank you a million times over for all that you are.

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I talk to you on a regular basis and I honestly love knowing that I can always message you. Thanks for never getting annoyed of me, I know that I’ve found a friend in you and you definitely have found one in me. Always.

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What an amazing milestone to reach! ✨ Big thanks to you guys for following my journey and for sending me kind words and encouragement from behind your phone screens. People always ask me how they can gain more followers, and my advice to them is this:
Forget this obsession with followers. Become obsessed with making art/music or whatever it is that you do. Produce work and don’t be afraid to put it out there. If you do this consistently, people who truly appreciate your work will follow you, and your following will grow organically, slowly but surely. Build it and they will come. 🐜🙏🏻 #forgetshareforshare #forgetlikeforlike #justwork
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Forty is a special age. It’s the quintessential age of mid-life. It’s older than ‘young’, but younger than 'old’. It’s an age where one has typically finished jumping all the hoops that society and education and starting a family require, and where one now looks forward to thinking about the major accomplishments of life, and the legacy that one wishes to leave.

The Qur'an mentions forty as the age of reaching full maturity: “Until, when (man) reaches his maturity (ashudd), and reaches forty years of age, he says, 'O My Lord! Allow me to thank the blessings that you have bestowed on me, and on my parents, and that I perform good deeds that are pleasing to you, and make my children righteous as well. Truly, I repent unto You, and are of those who submit totally to you” [Ahqāf; 15].

No wonder, then, that our Prophet Muhammad  actually began receiving inspiration and preaching his message at the age of forty. For forty years, he was merely being prepared for the real purpose of his mission: the call to Allah.

This is the year that I reach that important milestone of life. I do not know what the future holds for me, although of course I have my visions and plans. But it seems fitting for me to pause and reflect upon the last four decades of my life, and ponder over its ups and downs.

I remember vividly many of my thoughts and emotions when I was twenty. It was exactly twenty years ago that I graduated from the University of Houston, and left for the Islamic University of Madinah, beginning a new phase of my life. I began thinking, “If I could, somehow, give my younger self some advice; if I could address the young man of twenty, now that I am forty, and hope that he would listen to my advice, what would I tell him?”

These are the top ten things that came to mind. I hope those of you who are still in their twenties (and perhaps some of you who are older!) will benefit from it.

1) Don’t be so certain about your opinions and views.

Arrogance and cockiness define teenage years, and a young man (or woman) at twenty really is just a teenager, plus one. Views about how to live, about interpretations of religion, about how you would do things differently than everyone else in the world – those views typically stem from a naïve and inexperienced view of the world. You will realize that over-enthusiasm and strongly held opinions are the quintessential signs of being young. Don’t judge others who disagree with your views too harshly: you just might find yourself holding those same views a few years or decades down the line!

2) The most important source of practical knowledge is life itself.

Continuing from the last point, realize that the single greatest source of wisdom is learnt by living life itself. No matter how many lectures you attend, or books you read, or how deeply you contemplate or think, nothing substitutes the wisdom gained from simply experiencing the world around you. In order to be a good spouse, you need to learn to navigate the ups and down of a marriage. In order to be a good parent, you need to have your own children and learn to take care of them throughout their stages of childhood. In order to be a good human, you need to experience the good and bad of humanity.

'Facts’ from books are great, but they must be shaped and seasoned and tested on the playground of life. Appreciate that you might not be in the best shape to judge everything, especially since you might not have experienced those things before. Through experience, and trial and error, one’s methods for dealing with all types of problems are refined.

A corollary of this piece of advice (and if I had more than ten in this list, this would be number eleven) is: Respect and benefit from those older than you. Perhaps you know more than an elder about a certain matter (or, to phrase it more precisely: perhaps you think you know more than them about a certain matter), but no matter how knowledgeable you are about quantum mechanics, or investigating sahih hadiths, or understanding the latest psychological theories from your textbooks, you simply cannot match the wisdom of your grandmother when it comes to navigating the intricacies of human interactions and raw emotions.

3) Friends come and go; family stays.

Many young men and women act as if their friends are more important than their family. They will show more concern about hurting their friend’s feeling than their family’s. Much of the conflict at that age, in fact, comes from the frictions of interacting with and arbitrating between family and friends. Yet, as anyone older than you can tell you, your friends are not a permanent fixture of your life. They will come and go into and out of your room of life, and every few days or months or years, you will look around that room and realize that an entirely different set of friends are standing where once another batch stood. But, lurking in the background, never actually disappearing (until death!) are your family members. These are the permanent fixtures in your room of life, not your set of friends.

True, problems with parents, siblings, uncles and aunts, cousins and so forth are extremely painful, and all families have their internal disputes and major problems. It is absolutely normal to have intra-family fights (particularly, for some bizarre reason, during and concerning marriages!). And it is normal, although not Islamic, to go for long periods with minimal or no contact with close family members. Yet, in the end, blood is thicker than anything else, and you will always be connected with family. Time heals all wounds, and even the worse of family arguments are healed (thankfully, family tragedies or celebrations act as catalysts in that regard). So never overlook your family for the sake of friends.

Having said that, and on a more cheerful note, in all likelihood the best set of friends you’ll ever have are your college friends. College friends will always have a special status in your life, maybe because you were all young and lonely and single and naïve and at the prime of your youths, thrown together due to circumstances beyond your control, facing the ups and downs of a new environment away from home. Or maybe that special bond is the result of some type of unstudied scientific byproduct of the hundreds of times you all had to eat takeout pizza late at night and share cheap Chinese food together. Whatever the reasons – banal or mystical – no set of friends will have the status of college friends. But once again: even they will go out of your lives, some never to be seen again, others once every few decades, and a small handful with whom you’ll remain in touch with forever.

One final comment about families: make sure you soak in as many memories as you can from your family elders, because you never know how long they will be with you. One of my greatest regrets in this department is that I didn’t get to know my grandmother as well as I could have. I never met two of my grandparents; a third died when I was only ten. It was only my paternal grandmother (who lived with us until she passed away, when I was twenty-two) that I got to know somewhat. But as a teenager, I would always be irritated when she began reminiscing of the 'old days’. I would internally cringe every time she began a story that I had already heard a hundred times, yet I would still have to pretend as if each time were new to me. I never cared to ask her for more stories, or more details. 'When will she stop!?’ I would internally ask myself as I fretted to get back to my TV show or college homework. It was only after I matured, and she and everyone of her generation passed on, that I truly realized my loss. How I wish now that I could have learnt more about her, and her childhood. She talked to us of British soldiers in her village, of her parents and in-laws (my great-grandparents), of the ways of purdah in rural India, of distant relatives long gone from this world, of incidents that took place almost a century ago, and of the interesting customs of the time. Now that she has been gone for two decades, I vividly remember much of what she said, but I wish for so much more. How I wish I had quizzed her for more details, more incidents, more stories. Now that I reflect upon her stories, there are so many unanswered questions: questions that I never bothered to ask because at the time, I really didn’t care to know, but now, have no answers to because I didn’t care to ask them.

4) Habits developed now typically stay with you.

I have had the great fortune (or misfortune!) of studying twenty-two years continuously as a student at various universities (two undergraduate degrees and four graduate). What I found remarkable was that the habits I developed while studying for my very first degree pretty much stayed with me throughout my two decades of study (with, of course, modifications and developments). And the same went for my routines and other life-habits: how I dealt with early marital spats dictated my future navigation; how I reared my first child influenced my later habits with my other children, and so forth. True, I picked up some habits along the way (I never drank caffeine early on in my life; now, I am addicted to one freshly-brewed quality tea every morning, and one freshly-ground espresso drink every afternoon), and dropped others (I used to love sleeping on the floor, and felt it gave me a better sleep – obviously that is a habit that only single people can practice!), but by and large, my 'routine’ and lifestyle has remained the same.

Hence, be extra vigilant of your habits at this age, and realize that the hard work and good habits that you incorporate earlier in your life will help you throughout the rest of your life. It is easier to develop good habits at a younger age than to drop bad ones later on in life.

5) Take advantage of your health and energy while you can!

Wisdom and maturity might increase as you age from twenty to forty, but alas, strength and power does not! Looking back at those years, I can’t believe how much energy I had. I could get by on small quantities of food (or even skip meals without any adverse effect); didn’t require much sleep; had no trouble falling asleep; and could rough out the worst of conditions. I took my health completely for granted.

How much energy I had! Looking at people older than me, and seeing their aches and pains and arthritis and diseases, it never occurred to me that each and every one of those elders was at one point in their lives as young and vibrant as I was. I could never imagine myself with those problems.

Yet, as the years turn into decades, slowly but inevitably time begins to catch up, and you no longer can be as vigorous, as vivacious, as energetic, as you once were. Knee joints begin to hurt, back pains become more common, sleep becomes an issue, you can no longer skip meals so easily ….and the list goes on, and continues to grow, year by year.

Indeed, it was none other than our Prophet  who reminded us to take advantage of our youth before we become old.

6) You’ve all heard of the adage 'time flies’. Life will teach you how true that really is.

I have such vivid memories of those years, and yet they seem so far away. At times, when I recall memories from those years, I am startled to realize that fifteen or twenty or twenty five years have passed since then. How could two decades have gone by so quickly? Where did that time all go?!

And I know that as I grow older, I will also look back at these very years that I am currently living in in the same way.

Do not procrastinate what needs to be done today until tomorrow. You want to fill up your time with matters that will benefit you religiously, and worldly. Accomplish much, aim high, get things done, and you will live a full and wonderful life. Waste time, and you will end up watching the years fly you by as you stand bankrupt of any lasting good. The choice is yours.

7) Life will get tougher, not easier.

We tend to exaggerate our problems at a younger age, thinking that no one has it worse than us. Looking back, I am now amused at what I considered to be 'huge’ problems (the first time my first car broke down, I quite literally felt as if my life had come to a halt!). For those of us who live in stable family environments, away from war zones, with adequate financial stability (meaning: we will not starve to death no matter what happens), it is a very safe bet to say that the most painful problems of our lives are yet to come.

I say this not to make our young men and women depressed, but to make them put things into perspective. One of the most painful moments of most people’s lives comes when they see their children extremely sick or in some type of threat. At that moment, nothing that has ever happened to you as a twenty-year old could ever have been a serious problem. So, when you are tense about that exam or having missed a paper assignment or going through a tough patch with someone whom you love, take a deep breath, and realize that life is not all that bad!

8) The single most important decision of your entire life will probably be made in this decade: the choice of a spouse.

I cannot imagine a decision that will have more impact on the entire rest of your life than choosing the partner whom you intend to spend the rest of your life with! Your careers may easily change, and the field that you initially studied for typically becomes a launching pad into an entirely different trajectory. However, 'changing’ spouses is not something that anyone willingly undergoes, and choosing a life-partner will have an immediate and a long-term effect on you. It will influence your character, shape your religion, bring you untold happiness and sadness and joys and pains, affect the genes of your progeny, and dictate the nature of the rest of your life (and even afterlife).

As a person who was going into Islamic studies, I knew that I needed to find a life partner who would be willing to sacrifice much for me. I am very fortunate to have been blessed with a wife who has always supported me in my efforts, and I am extremely grateful to Allah that I have 'my Khadija’! But I can honestly say that many, many of my friends who wanted to become students of knowledge or otherwise benefit their communities, were forced to abandon their plans because of spousal issues. And the same goes for other choices that you will have to make: spouses must sacrifice for each other, and who sacrifices what for whom will decide the both of your fates.

So, be picky, and look at the most important criterion: character. Beauty truly is skin deep, and what really counts is good manners and religion. When you are all alone with your spouse, with absolutely no one to help or support you, nothing will bring about a better relationship than the both of you fearing Allah for the consequences of your actions.

9) Your obnoxious behavior will come back to haunt you, while your love and kindness will always benefit you.

Sadly, people (especially family) don’t forget. Yes, they might forgive, but they don’t forget. If you hurt someone, or do something stupid or rude, it will always be remembered, and occasionally brought up. One harsh incident might cost you an entire relationship,

As Maya Angelou said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” One incident in which you humiliated a friend, or were caustic to a family member, will always affect your future with that person. And an incident where you showed your mercy, or kindness, can win over someone as a true ally for as long as you live.

So be wise, don’t act rashly, and err on the side of mercy.

10) No one – and I mean no one – will ever love you, or care for you, or be as concerned for your welfare, as your parents. Cherish them in every way possible for as long as you have the opportunity to do so.

It is one of the saddest aspects of growing up that children, and especially teenagers, treat their parents in a rude manner. We are all familiar with the Quranic and prophetic commandments regarding good treatment of parents. Unfortunately, for many of us, those commandments do not seep into our hearts at a young age (and for a few unlucky ones, never!).

I have said many times in my talks, “You will never understand the love of your parents until you become a parent yourself, and it is only then that you will realize all that they did for you, they did out of love.” Even if you don’t have children of your own, however, try your best to give them the love and kindness that they deserve, and honor them with kindness.

It is true that all of us are at times extremely frustrated with parental expectations, or parental advice and rebukes, but our religion teaches us to control that anger and not express it verbally. 'Zip it up!’ I advise my own teenager when I see he is about to get irritated with his mother (or me!). 'Talk to us when you’ve calmed down. It’s okay to feel angry, it’s not okay to show it.’ (Alas, that advice doesn't always work on him!!).

No one knows how long one’s parents will be around; take advantage of their presence, to earn your place in Paradise, and to have the best memories of serving them for as long as you live as well.

Now that I’ve passed this milestone, I ask Allah that He blesses me and my family to see many more positive milestones in my life and in theirs.

O Allah! Allow me to be thankful to you for all that you have bestowed upon me, and upon my parents! Bless me to continue to do good deeds that are pleasing to you! And make me from your righteous and beloved servants! Ameen.


anonymous asked:

Due to the hate received by Misha Collins @ DCCON, his fans have decided to nominate him for a people's choice award when the time comes (October) and then voting (November). We also plan on nominating him and Jensen for best tv duo in the hopes of convincing the writers to give us more Castiel/TFW and to stop using Castiel as a prop. Please tell your followers and prepare to take action when the time comes. Please share this with other Misha/Castiel/Destiel/TFW fan blogs. Thank you!

Hello everyone!! Can I just say a genuinely huge thank you to everyone who suggested book titles? I’ll be shoving them all into a spreadsheet later (I’m an accountant, I can’t help it) and I’ve already seen that there are some absolute gems amongst them. They’re all about 56 times better than anything I could come up with. Seriously, I am so so so very grateful, and if any of you ever come across me in the real world at all, I will buy you a cup of tea. That is a promise.

I kind of want to take the time to say thank you again to everyone who’s stuck by me so far on this whole project, because I know updates have been slow and myths haven’t been forthcoming lately, and I’ve been rubbish at replying to messages and it’s all been kind of one-sided, I feel, and I keep saying that I’ll get better and I just haven’t seemed to be able to. I’m using ‘I’ a lot here, which isn’t really the intention - my basic message is thank you, and you are all bloody wonderful, and much more supportive and helpful than I think you realise. So, ty bbs. u rad. 

whiskeykissedsammy asked:

Speaking of butt touching between J2. Last year at Burcon for my J2 photo op, I had asked Jared and Jensen to switch places. Jensen hadn't heard me, I think he was speaking to Chris, and Jared slapped him on the butt to move him. But I don't think Jensen thought it was Jared at first. Haha He had like this slightly wide eyed expression. Just wanted to tell you that small, cute story. :)

TANYA!! Oh my god. Thank you for that. It has now been established that when Jared wants to get Jensen’s attention, he slaps his ass. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Love you! <3

rocknsim asked:

1,2,3,9 & 11 :)

1 Favorite Sims game (1,2 or 3)

Aw, Sims 4 isn’t even listed? Heh. Honestly I would have a hard time picking just one. Currently it’s TS4 because that’s what I’ve been playing lately, and it’s not “done” yet so there’s more to look forward to (I can’t help it, I love new shinies). But all of the games were fun in their own ways, and occupied many many MANY hours of my life.

2 Favorite Expansion Pack

Sims 1 - Hot Date, absolute classic!

Sims 2 - Seasons

Sims 3 - Island Paradise, because BOATS!

3, 9, & 11 answered here :)

Thank you, rocknsim! :)

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(Previous anon continued) I always see you apologizing or making excuses for being attractive or wealthy or smart or whatever and you SHOULDNT. Your internet following needs to accept who you truly are or move on and you shouldn't have to hide or apologize for your reality... It's not healthy for your own mind or your future... You seem very savvy esp for someone so young, don't let the world ruin it. That's one big prob w modern internet based life in my opinion. Do u bean. Keep rocking.

this ask was very refreshing thank you !

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Good for you, Jess! I, and others, understand that yours was a unilateral decision to move above the fray. Applause and good wishes to you and your family.

Thank you lovely anon <3

Her Past

I’ve had countless requests to write just how Merida first learned of Zelena and that she was adopted by Regina. So here you go. It sort of ran away with me–I hope you don’t mind. 

Many thanks to all of you who continually support and read this universe. I hope you enjoy!

Her Past: 

The chime of the doorbell is followed by a rapid pounding, one that makes her drop the knife on to the counter beside a partially peeled potato, nearly nicking her finger in the process.

That’s odd. She isn’t expecting anyone.

More pounding demands her attention, as does a child’s stifled yell, the coupling of these two particular sounds prompting her to move towards the front door without bothering to turn off the burner. Her heart inches towards her throat, and she catches herself sprinting the last few feet, throwing open the door without bothering to see who it is.

It’s Snow. And she doesn’t look good.

She’s holding Merida, in fact, whose head is buried in the crook of the other woman’s neck and shoulder, small hiccups making the child’s body shake as she slowly turns a tear-stained face towards Regina and thrusts out her arms.

“What happened?” Regina questions, examining her daughter for suspected cuts, scrapes or bruises all too often picked up at the playground. She takes the girl into her arms, kissing a damp cheek and stroking matted curls that feel like used sandpaper. “Is she hurt?”

Its then she spies Neal standing beside his mother, his face surly, his lip swollen and bloodied to the point that it resembles a roma tomato. Blue jeans smudged with dirt, sneakers caked with mud, his pout so pronounced it almost speaks for itself–no, these aren’t the signs of a regular afternoon at the park. Something is definitely wrong.

“Were they in an accident?” Regina continues, cupping the back of Merida’s head as the girl pastes herself to her mother’s chest, her legs wrapping around Regina’s waist as tightly as her small arms twist around her neck. “Or a fight?” She rubs Merida’s back, the material of her blouse now sodden and sticking to her shoulder. No limbs are positioned at odd angles, she has yet to spy any blood on her daughter…a wasp sting, perhaps?


“Not exactly,” Snow states, pausing just long enough to rattle her nerves even further. There’s something in the way she’s looking at Merida, something that tells Regina that what happened today is far bigger than stings, stitches or splinters. Something that claws peskily at her insides and makes her want to yell.

“Well?” Regina snaps, unable to stomach the suspense any longer. “Why is she so upset? Did something scare her?”

“Regina,” Snow cuts in, her expression settling as her eyes hone in directly. “It might be better if we talked about this inside.”

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