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please try to be respectful and nice to others - they have a whole life you dont know about and probably a lot of problems different from your own. everyone is fighting they’re on battle, please try to be nice, you never know the impact it could have on someone’s day

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Hi Jessa! Hope you're doing great. Sorry to bug you, and I've said this before, Electra is the best fan fic I've read, and so I was wondering do you have something you can share? 3 sentences? A paragraph? A dialogue? Something? I am dying here! And I'm sure I'm not alone. Pretty please? 🙏🙏🙏

You’re not bothering me at all. Here’s a little kissy action for you: 

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I just called myself a lesbian out loud for like the first time and I'm really happy and I wanted to tell someone !! sorry it's just that I've been able to call myself gay easily for awhile it's just hard to reclaim the word lesbian and I'm happy, also I love your blog !

congratulations!!!  ! ! ! ! ! practice saying it all the time when you’re alone, make it into a song, into a scream!! soon it’ll be really normal and good and you’re going to be annoying about how much you love saying it :) 

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Hope you are having a great day~ uwu Can I get some general Junkrat and things he would do with a s/o? thanks ^^

Ah oh my gosh I hope you are having a great day too!!

- Junkrat loves making his s/o trinkets and sometimes will just spend a day working on one

- He actually really likes holding hands but is a bit self co cooks about his prosthetic hand so he prefers to have them hold his other hand

- he enjoys cooking with them but always tries to crank the heat because he wants it to cook faster and if his s/o weren’t there it would be charred/on fire

- when he has phantom limb pains he wants them to hold him to help him through it and wants to just spend the day like that

- he can be kind of protective of his s/o so if anyone looks at them funny he will keep and eye out or squeeze their hand a bit more while looking at whoever is tickin him off

- he really enjoys playin around outside with his s/o such as taking a walk, chasing them around or putting a bug on them to scare them and run away

- sometimes he will just do little things like give them a rock that reminds him of their eyes, buy ///steal/// something just because he knows they will like it, draw something for them ( he isn’t half bad )

- his s/o is the only person he would let help him take a bath even though he is self conscious about his missing limbs and doesn’t want them to think he is weak or useless without them because he is embarrassed that he has a hard time washing himself properly without his limbs

- some days he just likes to sleep in till the afternoon and won’t let his s/o go until then but even then he likes to lounge around and just tiredly crack jokes and laugh at his s/o ( also sometimes he snorts and it’s cute and he is low key embarrassed about it )

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I'm sorry for asking this but is there a specific reason why you don't take commissions? Cause I would love a drawing from you

I just dont really enjoy it, which I think comes from knowing I have to get it done and worrying about if the person will like it and finishing on time etc etc, I just get more out of drawing for fun!

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Is James Flint gay or bisexual?

Oh..gosh, okay. I’m gonna try and keep this short and diplomatic because it’s something the fandom’s pretty divided on and every time it’s brought up drama ensues. I tried to explain it once before, from my own POV, but instead of that I’m gonna give you a few facts now which take both sides into account, so you can decide for yourself, because honestly, I don’t think anyone knows for sure. (If you haven’t seen the show and plan on watching, then beware of spoilers. I can’t really explain it without them.)

Flint did sleep with both a woman and a man in the show. His relationship with Miranda was mostly of sexual nature (at first), while he later developed a stronger and deeper bond with her husband Thomas, which then quickly turned out to be true love. Quite literally. Still, after Thomas died, Flint and Miranda developed a deeper bond as well. Flint truly loved her and he got a lot more time with her to strengthen that special bond. But theirs was a love of a slightly different kind. As Miranda pointed out, she was his mistress, wife and mother. In that order as the years went by and their relationship changed. He depended on her and confided in her while she nurtured his good side and tamed his demons. Years later into that relationship it was still showed as sexual, however during the act Flint was detached and uninterested, which raises all kinds of questions. He was mad at her at the moment, so it could be because of that, or because he really isn’t into vaginas anymore and he was simply indulging her? Or it could’ve been sth else entirely. I think we were meant to interpret it as ‘their sex life is awkward and sad now’, but that didn’t exclude the possibility of it improving later when their lives were sorted out once more. As it were, we never got the chance to find out.

Now, the writers refer to him as gay (x). Toby Stephens also said Flint is gay (x). He also refers to Flint’s relationship with Thomas as a ‘’realization of himself’’(x) - interpret how you will. I honestly still can’t tell if this is accidental bi-erasure (which is perhaps why some fans don’t buy the ‘gay’ theory) or they really mean he’s gay and not bi ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

The main problem with interpreting is, Flint’s never showed any explicit attraction to anyone else besides those two. We don’t know if Miranda was a one time thing because Flint never said anything. Or even hinted at it (besides that awkward sex scene which is debatable as I said). One could argue that he’s starting to show attraction now, though (not necessarily romantic). Now that he’s lost both Miranda and Thomas, he’s decided to welcome another person into his life (which is a big deal for him). A guy, with whom he forms yet another deep bond. Except all we have now, besides their compelling relationship, is a few suggestive glances thrown that guy’s way which could still in the end turn out to be nothing.

Anyway, tu sum it up, perhaps bisexual homoromantic would be the most appropriate term if we were to look at the hard facts. Except (and now for my two cents) that would fit his persona from 10 years ago, and he’s changed dramatically since then. If Flint’s relationship with Thomas indeed was a realization of himself, that could mean Flint eventually embraced the fact that he’s only attracted to men. Including the fact that he seems less ashamed of his sexuality now than he was before. But that’s just my interpretation. The point is, both sides, gay and bi, have valid arguments. In the end I suppose it’s up to your preference. If you think he’s gay, then he’s gay. If not, then not. Flint’s everything but a black or white character, so anything goes tbh. Some people would probably say it’s not that important, it’s just a small part of his character, but I do believe representation is important and I don’t like to force my idea of his sexuality on other people which is why I prefer to include both options when mentioning it. That way everyone wins.

tl;dr WE JUST DON’T KNOW. he’s anything you want him to be (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Tumblr Love Time

I haven’t done this in a LONG time. Since I recently unfollowed a lot of blogs (seriously, like half), for various reasons (mostly change of content or a certain fandom drama that shall go unnamed), I decided it would be nice to point out the blogs that I still love and reblog from like crazy.

(thanks, Tumblr for screwing up the picture format)

My current Tumblr crushes are:


And a big shout-out to my followers who interact with me and share my stuff… especially my stories. Thank you! I set this for the last month:

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So I'm thinking about cutting my hair short like a pixie cut but I have long hair now and I'm kinda anxious about it. I really wanna do it but I'm kinda nervous about how it'll turn out what do you think?

Do it!!! That stuff about how short hair only looks good with certain face shapes is a myth! If you want short hair go for it, its fun and comfy and personally made me feel much more confident with myself! Just make sure you have plenty of references and to be very specific about what you want with your hairdresser. IF U DO IT SEND PICS & I HOPE YOU LOVE IT



2) it only takes 2 hours… and your life will change forever
3) LIN!
4) one of the characters literally has a song to calm herself down called “breathe” & she’d fit SO well into the Hamilsquad
5) lil Phillip and lil Sonny would literally get along so well
6) Usnavi and Laf work through missing their homelands & the culture they left behind (don’t you think Laf ever got lonely, the lil bby??)
7) Maria being hugged by Abuela when she’s crying after her bf James is being a jerk
9) @UndiscoveredFam: you’ll never realize how many references to ITH you’ve been missing in the Hamilton tags, it’s insane…….
10) none of us like fireworks but LIN might just change your mind w symbolism
11) Jessie’s writing + ITH = heaven

@undiscoveredfam - add more reasons!!!! :)

AHHH OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I’ll admit, you make an excellent case for me to finally give it a listen! What does the rest of the fam say?! :D <333