Please help me get my girlfriend to safety

Hey guys, I don’t normally do these sort of things and hopefully it will be the last time I ever have to but I really need your help.

My girlfriend, who I’ve known for over 8 years, is trapped in a negative environment and although we’ve been planning for a while to move her from her small, desolate town in Kansas to where I live in Nevada to live with me. However, due to certain circumstances, our plans are going to need to be put into effect sooner rather than later.

My girlfriend, Laura, who I’ve known as Rose for many years, grew up in a very abusive family and took a lot of abuse from her parents growing up. Life has not been easy for her, and especially now she has begun to come out as a genderfluid pansexual, her family showed themselves to be extremely unsupportive. The one in her family who did support her, refuses to support her decision to be move in the fall, despite everything shes endured.

Laura has become unstable emotionally and mentally as of late, and its only added to my concern about her, considering shes living at her apartment, alone, disabled [blind in one eye and bipolar], having meltdowns… 
She needs out of that environment, however since  shes disabled and unemployed and I am unemployed and about to start college next month in August, I can’t do much financially help her by myself, as much as I’d love to whisk her away immediately. 

Here’s where you guys come in,

To cover the costs will will be needing a bare minimum of $1,800.00

This will cover a plane ticket, unexpected costs and moving costs. Anything extra will go to fees for applying for medical insurance and to start to help her adjust. I promise not a single penny will go to waste in assisting my girlfriend.

Any donation amount is appreciated by both my girlfriend, Laura and I. However if you cannot donate that is fine, please help spread the word at least.

Thank you so much.

Hi lovely people!!! I know I was inactive for almost the past month but for now I’m here and I’m missing you all , and being a part of this wonderful community, my life still a mess like my tumblr theme which I don't know what happen to it ?!!!  but I will fix it soon, and by the way thank you for your sweet messages it mean alot to me and i will answer your asks soon too, just bare with me ;) 

it’s been a pleasure, but now it’s time to leave…

Thank you all for your kind support, the lovely notes & comments and amazing attention. Please apologize my silences, and all the replies & tagging & mentions I’ve missed, but life was (and is) a bit too demanding & troublesome for months now, seems I’ve run out of words therefore completely. It’s always been so very appreciated, often enough you’ve made my day! Yet I’m not longer able to run my blog the way I prefer to do things, with heart & thought ;)

Hence I’ve decided to use the remaining summer to focus on the further development of my garden, and that’s a challenge big enough for sure.. 

A huge thank you for all the inspiration, for sharing your own work or curating others, and especially for all the loyalty & friendship I’ve experienced here, my deepest gratitude to all you lovely people creating that very special familiar tumblr-feeling <3 Will miss you for sure!

Have a great (summer)time, hopefully filled with peace and joy. Maybe we’ll meet again when autumn arrives, who knows ;)

Ease to your steps, take care everyone, Diana

I don’t usually, if ever, write about myself on this blog, but I just wanted everyone who reads this message to know how grateful I am towards the One Punch Man community. I’m surprised all of you have even paid attention to this little blog of mine. Whether you submitted posts, asked questions, or just wanted to say you like this blog, I may or may not give feedback, but I do read all of your messages and comments as well as consider your suggestions. And now, we have reached over 15,000 followers! What!?

All I can say is thank you. Thank you for following this blog. Thank you for loving One Punch Man. And here’s to a second season!


The original screenshot is from Episode 9 of One Punch Man.

okay WHAT

I just had a look at my account and um….


300 of you guys follow me!!!! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you >////<

“I am just another potato in the tumblr sack!”


Well it looks like this little potato is growing in the sack, slowly but surely!

Thank you guys I CAN’T SAY IT ENOUGH!!!!

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