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Aylo, can u pls do headcanon on how kacchan, izuku, and kirishima will do in front of their gf of they are angry like really really seriously angry super angry abt something their gf do (like for example taking hit that are supposed to go for their bf and being hospitalized bcs of that). YEAH LIKE THAT ;w; THANK U SO MUCHH


  • Is pissed. He doesn’t understand why you would do something so stupid when he could have taken that hit instead. He never put much thought into these situations and usually had the attitude that whoever took the hit deserved it for being so stupid but this time it was different. He just can’t bring himself to be truly angry with you.
  • But oh boy are you in for the argument from hell. He’s going to yell and curse and make you listen to his rantings. 
  • His voice cracks and he so nearly cries. 
  • “How dare you! How could you be so fucking stupid? I-.. That. Never do that again, _____. I’m not… I’m not worth your life okay? You have to promise me now or else. Now where the fuck is that nurse, you need food and new dressings.”


  • He’s the type to silently fume. He’ll sit by your bedside until you wake up. He’ll spend the entire time being angry with you and desperately wishing it was him, silently preparing for what he’s going to say to you.
  • Only when you do wake up he can’t quite make his words come out. He’s too happy that you’re up. 
  • Every bit of anger leaves his body the second he sees you smile, he understands why you did what you did and he’s not going to lecture you for it.
  • But he’ll never let it happen again. 
  • “__-____!! Are you.. I mean hi. Are you okay? Does it hurt anywhere? Do you want me to go get the doctors?… That was a real heroic move you pulled back there but let’s do our best to make sure we never have to risk ourselves for each other, okay?”


  • Wholly blames himself. He won’t look at you, he won’t even sit in the room with you. He sits on the floor outside and waits for more news about your condition.
  • He’s always hated hospitals, they’re full of sadness and he wants you out of there as soon as possible. 
  • Genuinely considers breaking up with you. You got hurt becasue of him and he wasn’t man enough to protect you when it counts. He cries at the thought and decides against it.
  • Wants to go see you so bad when he wakes up but feels too ashamed to do so, someone like Kaminari just shoves him in the room and holds the door shut.
  • “Babe…. You were calling for me? You still want to see me then? I… I’m so.. I’m so sorry, baby. You’re so hurt and it’s all my fault. I’ll do anything to make it better, please don’t hate me, I love you.”

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Hiii!! How would be the "cute, lazy, playful and sexy make out session" with Jb, Jackson & Mark?? Thank u so muchh^^

Jaebum: A cute session would mean soft kisses and warm hands holding you close. The lazy session would would be early in the morning when he’s just come back from practice to lay down with you at night, you’re awake and he sleepily kisses you because he missed you. A playful session would be when you’re in the midst of a tickle fight and he manages to get under you, he’ll kiss you and tickle you while laughing. A sexy session would be slow, sensual and definite as his hands frame your jaw and your waist, pulling you closer.

Jackson: A cute session would be when you’re watching a movie late at night and he’d make you look at him and he’ll kiss you over and over again while intertwining his fingers with yours. A lazy session would consist of a Jackson that has had 13 hours of sleep and is full of jet lag, he’ll walk towards you and hug you tight before kissing you softly. A playful session would be when he chases you around the apartment as you’re wearing one of his snapbacks, he’ll catch you and hold you tight and kiss wherever he has access before making you laugh and kissing you again. A sexy session is what you’re imagining right now. It’s dark and he’s got his hands on your hips, his back to the wall, and everything else is all lips.

Mark: A cute session with Mark would be easy to have access to, he’ll come home and once he sees you he’ll lean in for a soft and warm kiss before lingering the kiss and simply saying, “I’m back.” A lazy session would definitely be when he’s playing a game or finishing studying Korean and he makes you walk over to help him when really, he turns his head and kisses you. A playful session would be when he pokes you consistently to playfully annoy you, he’ll then turn you around and surprise you with a warm kiss. The sexy session would be when you’ve just washed your face and he comes up from behind, kissing your neck and then wandering up just after you’ve applied your favorite lip balm.

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Hello Jean! can you please post your fav fanfics of Alphyne? :3 thank u so muchh!! youre a lovely person!!! and an amazing artists! *throws flowers at you*

sure can do! i have  a lot buti´ll show you my favorites!

firstly fishlizardweeb… she´s my favorite alphyne writer cuz she gets the characters so good and her writing is amazing theres everything from cute fluff to lewd porny stuff TvT….

Then theres this AU with undyne as a mermaid and alphys as  a marine biologist

Then theres like a “biografical” one  i really like…

And this one… i didnt want to read it because of the title but it´s a highschool AU and it´s really cute and undyne is such a dork

ehhhh…. yeah those are my favs UvU