Thank u so much!!! I know you know I love you all!💙💙💙.°+▫

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I can draw:

•Undertale(or another game)
•Character of cartoons (Steven Universe, Adventure Time etc)
•Popee the performer
•Ships (Not SIN! Just sometime nice)

I can’t Draw:




Good luck everyone!!💙⭐.°+

End Line 5/01/2017°.+▫*+°

anonymous asked:

During Keith's anxiety attacks Lance would sit next to him and run through all the bad pickup lines he can think of until he gets at least half a grimace. "Was your daddy an astronaut? Cause your ass is outta this world" <3

This is precious? I can totally see it, by the end, Lance makes the worst pickup line in the entire world, it’s cheesy and doesn’t make any sense but he’s trying! Keith crumbles into a ball of giggles, cheeks wet from tears and still feeling a little down but he’s smiling and that’s all that matters

This is so pure, thank you so much anon, this made me smile! I hope you are having a good day! You definitely made mine better

anonymous asked:

~Spread Positivity!~ 3 things you like about yourself? Blogs you like? (Mutuals, friends, etc.) Selfie? I love ur blog so much omg it's a fucking blessing

Imma try not to fuck this up and hopefully not sound too stupid

Three things I like about myself I think would be like
-I think I’m a good listener
-I have a p good taste in music
-apparently I’m a good kisser so I got that goin for me

Blogs I like?
hoLY SHIT SO MANY literally I couldn’t do all but here are a few lmao
@blai-ney @bitter-n-alone @joey-rosenburg @huspus @jojidayz @jojis-dumplings @joji-beats @cripplingdepressioninhumanform @franklyfilthyfantasies @filthyfuckingfaggot @sparklingjoji @sugarbabyjoji @gay-sprinkles @dirtyjoji @anything4memes @edgynipples @rottenlikebluecheese @too-damn-joji @thebeaniestmeever
and tbh many more

I look like a mess rn so I think imma wait until I can take a good one

thank u!

Here’s a picture of my dog from halloween.

I’m sorry you’re having a rough day, I hope it gets better, and I hope you brush those assholes who were messaging you anonymously off, cause what the fuck.  I don’t understand how someone so dedicated to her own aesthetic has people that follow her blog come at her like that.  Fuck that shit, you and your bf keep doing that good fight and best of luck.  Things are gonna turn around. 

25k !!

woah there hold up hold up i think i just hit 25k overnight ??? oh mi gosh thats crazy y'all :0 wow i cant believe this blog is growin, ur all growin ! srsly wow thank you so much for sticking around !!! i never once thought u mini spaghetti fratitis will be here for,,, a long time ??? thank u for keeping up with my crazy and brighter days !! luv u all. im so happy istg !!!