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concept: john wakes up to find bright blue eyes two inches from his face. after freaking out a bit, he realises it's his lil bab. "you scared me, love!" he tells her. she innocently responds, "sorry, papa. you sounded like you were having a bad dream so i came to 'vestigate. daddy will be home soon, don't worry. you always stay when i have bad dreams, so do you want me to stay?" and john smiles and says, "oh, love, i'd like that very much." john sleeps soundly for the rest of the night.

Aaaaaah this cutie-pie @saltballsaltypants just tagged me in this so here we go!!

What’s your name?

How old are you?

Current job/Dream job?
dream job is Concept Artist or Character Designer

What are you talented at?
drawing, i hope…and maybe… writing?

What is a big goal you are working on?

Getting mY SHit toGETher

What is a topic you are always up to talk about?
anime,cartoons, otps, cats, girls, being gay in general

Recommend 3 songs
Iodine-Icon for Hire

What you Own-Rent

Who Am I-Les Miserables (yes i am a musical junkie im sorry)

I tag @idontcarelifesucks, @marauniverse and @mamalazulli, go nuts guys! <3

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For the Miraculous ask thing, if you don't mind: 10, 20 & 48?

Favourite miraculous

chat noir is my child forever pfffff

Any ML OC’s

omg nO BUT I COULD MAKE ONE?? that would be a lot of fun actually

How would you describe ML (this can include words, pictures, videos, gifs etc.)

Hi! So I recently found out that my 4 month old puppy Athena has parvo. It’s a highly fatal virus and with hospital treatment she only has at best a 50/50 chance of surviving. Right now money’s really tight and my family just doesn’t have the money to hospitalize her so we’re trying to do everything possible to treat her at home. I just used the money that was supposed to go to my college deposit to pay for the home medication that will hopefully help and I really hate to ask but she means so much to me and any help you guys could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for anything and everything you’re able to do! Here’s a link to the gofundme!

the beautiful and talented @neenka and I did a collab and I’m so happy !!!! 

PLAGG AND TIKKI. AREN’T THEy CUTe. I love their design sobs they’re so tiny and cute and cinnamon rolls///o(*≧□≦)o 

She did the beautiful lineart and I colored. I feel so blessed to be able to collab with so talented friends ;___; thank you neenka !!