Here’s a little sketchdoodle of Arte because I love her and will never be over her. She’s got such a great face for expressions <3

gayasteroid replied to your photo “wolf 359 aesthetics- minkowski + musicals for @remembersunflowers…”

why did u pick these lyrics !!


ok so:

-history has its eyes on you: from hamilton, obviously. minkowski strikes me as a very alexander hamilton type of character (see: any ama where they talk about hamilton) and she knows that what she does is going to make a mark. i love u renee

-i wish a lot of things: from into the woods, my all time favorite. mostly there because it’s my all time favorite musical and i hope minkowski likes it too.

-i’ve nothing to say / well, nothing that’s not been said: from sunday in the park with george, the musical she explains to hera in memoria. this reminded me a lot of limbo for some reason and makes me want to cry

-and the sheet music is modern major general from pirates of penzance, for… obvious reasons

nothing but loose ends | “good times babe” | (5/5)

IT’S OVER. this last ‘chapter’ of my SRK universe, thank you all for joining me on this wild ride :’) ilu and i hope u enjoy the grand finale!! <3

summary: “He hates the idea of Mitch not going to prom; he knows how much he’s been looking forward to this, he’s been talking about the dress he’s going to wear since sophomore year. Prom is much more important to Mitch than it is Scott, and he hates thinking about him missing something that matters so much to him because of him. All he wants is for Mitch to be happy.” - Close My Eyes and Feel The Crash.
word count: 1,651
status: chaptered | complete  
a/n: since this fic is based around an AU i created, you should probably read the original fic just so everything makes sense! no tws! just fluff! as always, feedback is much appreciated!! <3

link to fic / read on Wattpad!

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Tbh, when I first met my boyfriend I wasn't sure how I felt about him. I met him at university (we had class together) and then we started hanging out outside of class and I knew he was into me and he sounds kinda like the guy you described (into games, programming etc) and I was like... am I into him?? I dunno? And he told me he liked me and I was like 'yeah I kinda thought so' and then didn't say anything back cause I didn't know what to do. So I took a few days and went back and forth 1/2

about it until finally I was like ‘fuck it’ and decided to give it a try cause I’d probably regret it more if I didn’t… and here we are 5 years later lol. I’m not saying to do that.. I’m just saying be open minded.. if you enjoy talking to him, hanging out with him, if you have lots in common… those are really good building blocks for a good relationship. I wasn’t particularly attracted to my boyfriend at first which is why I was confused but that changed (I love his face, it’s my favorite).

hmm…. i see i see anon….. that is very good advice!!!!! i shall consider and just… see what happens. i mean this might all never even be an issue bc he might not ask me out (or maybe isn’t even interested lol) so… idk!!!

Hi! So I recently found out that my 4 month old puppy Athena has parvo. It’s a highly fatal virus and with hospital treatment she only has at best a 50/50 chance of surviving. Right now money’s really tight and my family just doesn’t have the money to hospitalize her so we’re trying to do everything possible to treat her at home. I just used the money that was supposed to go to my college deposit to pay for the home medication that will hopefully help and I really hate to ask but she means so much to me and any help you guys could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for anything and everything you’re able to do! Here’s a link to the gofundme!