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Do you know the truth about Mike having another love interest in season 2? Honestly that's kinda shit not because you know he likes eleven but because he's like 12 years old why put romantic love in these kids? Except for mike and eleven obviously because they are super cute together

i agree! i don’t know anything about that but i honestly doubt they’re going to add a new love interest for mike. it wouldn’t feel right since mileven 5ever am i right?

some of my favorite accounts

just bc these ppl deserve some recognition

TAGGED BY: @pavelachekovs the wonderful! thank you!

ONE VIDEO GAME: atomas technically it’s an app game sjdhks but it’s really good

TWO BANDS/ARTISTS: oh wonder // eden project

THREE SHOWS: star trek // parks & recs // brooklyn 99

FOUR PEOPLE: john cho // lupita nyong’o // anthony mackie // karl urban

FIVE SONGS: kodaline - high hopes // eden project - end credits // the weeknd - wanderlust // billy joel - piano man // bastille - oblivion

6 PEOPLE TO TAG: uhhm @spiderhman & @pavelchekovs & @generalrogers & @tothestartrek & @mightybucks & @buckwhy & @kirksbf & anyone who would like to do it! conversely, if you don’t do this sorta thing, tell me so i can stay in my lane, my whole lane, & nothing but my lane.

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I'm grateful for being able listen to you. I have loved all of your theories and headcannons and love the work you've been putting into dgray-imagines. We're really lucky to have you. So thank you so much ❤️❤️

what on EARTH this is so sweet thank you 💗💗

eoin works a lot harder on that blog than me, y’know, and most of my hcs are about sheril, who everyone hates, so. shush. ur flattering me

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hello im an anon sitting here in my bed scroling through tumblr and i just wanted to ask you something *appears a cup of tea* *sips a little bit of tea* how are you doing? ok bye...

i am doing mighty fine dear anon :0 

i just had some pancakes because i totally skipped out on breakfast and also the rest of the food in this house sucks ppbbltt

also thank u for asking and i hope you’re doing good and having a nice day, my guy!!

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for that line oc ask game thing do all of them lad

My kindness, is not weakness. Eyeless 

My confidence is not arrogance. Valentine 

My tough shell is easily broken. Reign 

My light heart is also sincere. Nessie

My innocence is not ignorance. Max

My compassion, spreads hope. Fin

My bravery, is never foolish. Fin

My weakness, is my strength. Reign

My past, does not define me. Eyeless

My mistakes, can only make me stronger. Avro

My life, is not a game. Princip

My calm hides a storm. Prometheus  

This is a gift for cupcake @sabomuii! She’s the person who got me into MysMe, so I thought this would be fitting. Yoosung is probably one of her favorite characters in the game and sunflowers are beautiful, so this came out!!! I never drew flowers before but I hope it looks okay. ;v;