Weeeee!  I went to IKEA in Brooklyn today which is one of my favorite things to do.  Honestly.  I got the Swedish meatball platter.  What a steal!  Also, lingonberry juice is so good!  The furniture items were toooooo heavy to carry back so it is going to be delivered tomorrow A.M.  YEAH!

Thank Monday it’s Tuesday! 

T'is it be thyne person running this tumblr! Feeling pretty good! We won our baseball game today and now we get to play in the championship game tomorrow! I’m pretty excited for this! So today was pretty good. Had a few beers after the game… and a few right now. But I need to shower because I kind of stink, at the moment. But yeah, HOORAY! Thank Monday it’s Tuesday!

This is my first every Thank Monday It’s Tuesday. So, yeah. This is what I’m looking like these days. Got this hat from a friend as a Christmas present. And I’m rockin’ the chops for my baseball team… just to look more mean at the plate.

Anyways, anybody else who doesn’t do TMIT want to join?