IMAGINE: Playing Just Dance with Stiles 


You refused to lose to Stiles but you were also on the brink of dying. The two of you were tied every damn dance for the past hour and it was getting tiring, trying to declare a winner. Unfortunately both of you were stubborn and refused to give up until one of you won. 

Finally, the son ended and impatiently you both stared at the screen. 

“Sunny wins!” You and Stiles shared a look on confusion - it’d been so long that you both had forgotten what characters you chose. 

“Wait…” You realised you were Sunny. You’d won. “I WON MOTHERTRUCKER!” Stiles let out a relieved sigh and fell back onto the couch. 

“Thank god! I was dying.” With a sound of agreement, you followed suit and fell asleep instantly. 



There's An Echo Of A Song In His Heart and A Ghost Of A Smile On His Lips

eyyyy i promised to get this out this week. as always thank you @natepat for pushing to post this, whatever this is. enjoy!

“So let me get this straight,” Matt said, freshly untied and looking much better. “These little creatures here-” “Gnomes,” Nate interjected. “Right. Gnomes. So these gnomes, they tie me up and basically kidnap me, because they wanted to win the favor of a forest god, namely you.” Matt rubbed his temples, giving Nate a look that was half annoyed, half ‘tired of this bullshit.’ Nate nodded. “Yep, that’s the story.”

Matt sighed. “Okay. Okay.” he said, bringing his hands up in a ‘I surrender’ gesture. “I can accept the gnomes; it’s kind of expected in our line of work. I can accept forest gods. Hell, I can accept you being one! What I can’t accept is that you not telling me before hand!” his wonderfully expressive face, normally so cheerful, was now so full of hurt and a bit of anger. It hurt Nate to see his human looking at him like that.

“Look, babe, I get you’re angry at me, I would be too. But how was i supposed to tel you I wasn’t what you thought I was? That I was lying to you?” Nate had been inching closer while he talked, and now he was right in front of Matt. “I didn’t want to lose you.” he said, voice full of tender and sincere emotion. Matt hesitated a bit before sighing and hugging Nate. “You big dork. You didn’t need to get so emotional.” he teased, his muffled voice taking on a joking tone. Nate laughed. “No need not to, either.”

After scolding the gnomes and collecting their stuff, Nate led Matt back to their hotel room.
“Jeez, who would’ve thought the great Nathan Smith was forest god of all things? I would have guessed music god or something.” Matt joked, flopping down on their shared bed. “Though I guess it explains that longing look you get while staring at forests.” Nate laughed and joined his boyfriend on the bed. He felt light. Everything was going his way and there was no way it could go wrong.

lmao nate so many things could go wrong. this chapter is mostly fluff but it’s just my way of preparing you for the incoming wave of angst.

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He's everything!! Wow! Didn't think we would get that but I loved it!! And he's gonna ring his business for him! Still got that same old Robert in there! Perfect mixture of trash and cuteness!! And he looked good tonight!!! Hope you've had a good day x

This episode had my dream Rob, honestly I got to the end of the episode and was like…..

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He looked so beautiful today oh my god. I can not WAIT to see him rocking it at the scrap yard!

I had an alright day thanks, just really tired now! I hope you had a great day too my love :) x

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Thank god godkin-zutche finally said it. I'm getting really tired of the "oh, you're 52 therefore your opinion is irrelevant" argument on this website. I'm sorry, but I get mad for you, I just bottle it up when that happens. Anyways, just wanted to tell you I think that's bullshit. Thanks for your service.

You’re quite welcome. And there’s no need to get angry – when anyone brings up my age out of context, I just look at it as a surrender.

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“Sorry, were you sleeping?”

          hmm ?           oh, peter. i didn’t hear you come in… ❞ she says, stifling a yawn as she pulls TIRED EYES from the computer screen, neither admitting nor denying his question. she looks up at him with a faint smile before she gets up for a stretch. god, she missed FIELD WORK. ❝ if you’re looking for TONY, i’m afraid he left for a meeting. won’t be back in a few hours. if you don’t mind the wait, you’re more than welcomed to stick around. ❞ 

meme | accepting

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hey pal don't worry about your roommate too much!! you've got all semester to get to know them and it'll work out. also go to sleep!!! i know for sure you won't fail your class! love you and hope you have a good day tomorrow! X

thank you so much this really made me feel a lot better. i eventually did get to sleep thank god lol but im so tired today and i have classes til 9:20pm which isnt going to be fun :/ i honestly dont think my roommate wants to converse with me tho cause she did the same exact thing last semester and it doesnt look like things are gonna change. im just gonna have to stick it out until the semester’s over i guess. i love you too and thank you again for sending this! i hope your day is as amazing as you are!! xx

It is really a blessing to find someone who will love you in all your forms. Someone who won’t get tired of showing how much he loves you. Someone who will look at you as if you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. That’s why I am forever thankful to God for giving me that kind of man to be my husband. We may not be a perfect couple but we are perfect for each other. I love you forever and ever. #married #love #blessed #forever #montvanne #waybackwednesday #wbw 💑❤

Happy ‘Burfday’ to me!!!
Got a bit scared leading up to this day but Thank God I got to see it, all fears dispelled as of today.

Happy rest day to me, happy surfday to me, happy music day to me. Yeah I have nothing to really write but I’m 24 now, I don’t feel anything, it really still feels like yesterday.
But I am going to make a change (man in the mirror style).

im getting tired of seeing leather jackets everywhere

did i blog about this before? probably did

but i’m still annoyed i just want to see more patterns and more vibrancy 

i love the whole rocker grunge look or whatever ppl call it but like, i dont want tooo many outfits centered around a leather jacket

i appreciate it and i was going to buy one but i wasnt sure if it was worth the investment

plus now i realise it isn’t in line with my style so thank god i didnt

There were too many things going on. I ended up staying in most of the night and just going to one of them. Before I left J. texted me. One tiny little nonsense sentence and I’m in the clouds all night. How does he do that? I stopped at this little local bar to see my friend and mentor E. and watch a few bands perform. I don’t think she knows how much I look up to her. I quit drinking which has been difficult to say the least. I still want a drink most of the day. That wasn’t the case when I could drink. The knowledge that I can’t drink makes me fixate. E. told me she was proud of me. No one else has really acknowledged it (not that I bring it up), drinking was my crutch after my Mom and Sister passed away. Thank God I didn’t get involved in a bunch of drugs too. I saw b. briefly, he looks so tired all the time. An old man at twenty three. I also spotted a missed friend opportunity, a sweet girl from last semester was there, I requested her Facebook friendship. Social media is good as a step one for future friend possibilities.

Okay but seriously… This is how I try and start my everyday. Then I become a goofball. But I take it in! I thank God for a brand new day!!! So many opportunities!!! Never try to just hurry through the day or get through it… We were never intended to JUST get through it. You will always find purpose and meaning when you look for it. Be encouraging to someone. Maybe it was just what they needed! Be loving. Be helpful. Even if you’re tired… Even if you feel like you have nothing to give or to contribute… Give what you CAN. Words can be a gift. :) start giving 🎁’s!!! by vegaalexa