I was getting tired of my cat being too energetic at the wrong hours of the night. So I finally let her go outside today without supervision and I checked on her every so often. She’s so cute because when I opened the door, she looked like, “oh, thank god this is it! These doors all look alike! I thought you’d forgotten about me! Time to knock out!” Like the first four hours of her adventure, she didn’t care if I had abandoned her but then the last two was probably like the hunger games for her.

Chapter Cinco

Everyone was incomplete shock of what just happened. No one knew what to do. Chichu and Jin were still badly injured and needed to be healed right away. “ What are we going to do! What are we going to do!” Kitora said, now panicking as her familiar was starting to pale. Chichu was really tired and didn’t want to move since it would cause him more pain. Mamoru was the only one of the familiars that didn’t get injured. “Maybe we should call the ambulance.” Kai suggested. “No! If they see them then they’ll think it’s weird they have animal parts!” Kitora yelled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help.” A woman said. Kitora looked in the direction of the voice and saw Miss.Widow. “Miss. Widow it’s you, thank god you’re here you have to help heal our familiars.” Kitora said. Miss. Widow walked towards Jin, she placed her hands on him and suddenly a large spiderweb formed around him, she then walked over to Chichu and did the same thing. The boys began to struggle and tried to get freed. “Why’d you do that!” Kitora yelled. “Don’t you know that cobwebs help stop bleeding and heal cuts.” Miss. Widow said. Kitora suddenly felt a bit relaxed. She didn’t think that she’d actually be concern for her familiar. Though she does get worried about a lot of people, but just doesn’t show it. Soon enough, the two familiars were finally all healed up.

“ So, why’re you here anyway?”. Miyuki asked. “I’m here to teach you girls how to harness your powers.” She said. The familiars looked at each other in confusion. Miss. Widow noticed this and explained.” Well you see, these three children are fated ones”. They still looked confused. “ Fated ones are almost like familiars, except their still human but have powers”. The familiars looked at her in confusion. Miss.Widow sighed.” They have powers”.

“ Ohhhhhh”, they all said in unison. Miss. Widow turned around and faced the girls. “ Well then, we shall begin the lesson now”. She said, clapping her hands. She then turned around to the familiars, whispering something that the girls could not hear. The familiars reactions kept changing, except for Chichu, and towards the end of the chatter the nodded their heads. Miss. Widow then turned back to the girls. Miss.Widow then teleported them all to a random place in the forest. “ Okay children, I’m going to now teach you how to awaken your powers”. The familiars then suddenly disappeared, and the girls had each been teleported to a different place in the forest. Miss.Widow was no where in sight. All three of them felt a little concerned and scared.

Kitora didn’t like the situation she was in. She didn’t like to be alone and hated the creepy aura the forest was giving. It felt as though hands would come out and grab her. The thought alone made her shiver. Kitora then decided to set out and try to look for her friends. She knew they were around here somewhere. As she walked down the forest she heard strange noises from around her. Kitora tried to maintain her calm, but she ended up failing. ‘They’re probably just animals’ she told herself.

She then heard the sound of a twig break from behind. She turned around but soon sighed in relief. It was just a squirrel. Kitora then continued to walk around the trees. She realized this idea was stupid, since anything or anyone could literally attack her any second. But she continued doing it anyway. The only problem was she didn’t know what type of creatures lurked around the woods. She had no idea what kind of danger she was in. She looked around the trees trying to find something that could possibly be useful. But she suddenly stopped once she caught a glimpse of something white. Was it hair? She didn’t know. But the first thought that came to her was Miyuki. “Um M-Miyuki is that you?!” Kitora called out. There was no response. Kitora confirmed the white color that she saw to be hair. Taking no time to think, she took a step towards who she thought was Miyuki. As she was about to take another step forward, she heard a low growl. Kitora let out a nervous laugh.” Haha, Miyuki you know this isn’t funny”. She suddenly heard a much louder growl then before that sounded nothing like Miyuki. Kitora now knew that this was not Miyuki. She took a few steps back. The growling continued to become louder and closer. Kitora became even more scared. The bush next to her suddenly shook, and out came a child-like creature. Kitora screamed, and tried to run away but tripped on her own feet. She heard a mixture of growls and laughter echoing around her. It felt like this would be her demise. She didn’t want to die, at least not by the hands of a child.

She couldn’t give up, she had to fight. She quickly got up and face the creature. Up close she could see that it’s mouth was sewn into a smile and its eyes were barely visible. Kitora took a deep breath and then punched the creature in the face, knocking it down. The creature slowly got up and was about to lunge towards Kitora but she was too fast for it. She was already behind it and began to kick it. She knew that kicking it wouldn’t be too useful but it was the only thing she could think of at the moment. The creature then grabbed her foot and flipped her over.

It got up and looked at Kitora, one eye suddenly became visible and it glared at Kitora. It’s mouth slowly opened, breaking the stitches, and it said. “I…Want y…you dead.” It said. Kitora become a little scared and got up to. The creature suddenly lunged at her and bit her arm. It bit down deep in the skin, causing Kitora to scream in pain. She hated the pain she was feeling and wanted him to let go. Suddenly a cold feeling wrapped around her bitten arm. The pain was cooled down and she no longer felt the creature nearby her. She looked down at her arm and noticed that there was ice wrapped around it. Kitora stared at it in surprise, but she didn’t have time to react. The creature then lunged towards her, but instead of causing damage to her the creature had been frozen in place. Kitora’s eyes no longer showed a dark purple color but instead were an icy blue. She felt a new strength grow inside her. She felt more powerful. She already knew what she was going to do. She looked over at the creature. She froze an icy outline over her hand to make a gauntlet. She walked over to the frozen creature and then smashed the thing into millions of pieces. The creature was no longer living and she had won. Now to find the others.

Miyuki stood in the middle of the forest, looking at the trees around her. Half of her was scared, while the other half was excited. She examined the trees around her more closely. For some reason to Miyuki, they looked really fun to climb. Which is why the next second, she was already half way up a tree. She did almost slip once, but she soon regained her position. Once reaching the top, she looked at her surroundings. She could easily see things from the top of the tree. She could use this to find her friends. Unless something were to knock her over, which she highly doubts. And she ended up jinxing herself.

She suddenly she felt something kick her down. The fall wasn’t too far but it hurt like hell. Miyuki let out a groan of pain as she tried to get up. She then saw a strange girl. He mouth was stitched close and she had a flower drawn on her left cheek. Her eyes were covered and she wore a black dress with a large pocket. “Um who are you?” Miyuki asked. The girl just kept quiet. “Come on need to be quiet, you can talk to me.” Miyuki said with a kind smile. Suddenly a smile appeared on the girl, breaking the stitches. A flow of blood slowly seeped down her lips. Miyuki was a little freaked out by this and stepped back a little. The smile on the girl soon fell when she saw Miyuki do this. “You ….scared….of me.” The girl said, her voice sounding a bit scratchy. This startled Miyuki even more. “Fine….you…die…now.” She said. The girl then grabbed out a knife from her pocket and lunged towards Miyuki. Miyuki dodged this but gained a small scratch on her arm. The girl just kept lunging at Miyuki, causing more scratches all over her arms and legs. Miyuki finally had enough. This time when the lunged towards her, Miyuki quickly moved away, this time without getting a scratch. She then lunged at the girl and pulled her by the hair and grabbed the knife out of her hands and threw it far away. Miyuki the let go of the girls hair and kicked her down.

“Well I don’t think I have to worry about getting stabbed now, so bye.” Miyuki said as she waved good bye. The girl rushed towards Miyuki and grabbed her by the neck. She then pushed Miyuki down and began to choke Miyuki. The grip was hard and Miyuki couldn’t get her to let go. Miyuki tried to push her off but the girl suddenly became heavier. She could barely breath now and it was hard to keep conscious.

She didn’t want to die now, she wanted to find her friends and keep living. She wanted to keep smiling and feel like she had a family. She didn’t wanna die yet!

A new strength soon overtook her and she pushed the girl off. Her eyes looked as though they were dead. She no longer had a scared expression on her face, only an emotionless one. It was as though she was a different person. Suddenly a strong force headed towards the girl the ripped her to pieces. Arms, legs, and even her head was ripped from her body. This would assure that she had won.

“Miyuki! Kai!” A voice called out. Miyuki quickly hid the bloodied body and limbs using her power and then ran to the direction of the voice. There stood Kitora, her eyes were still an icy blue and she still had her arm frozen. Kitora then saw her and ran towards Miyuki.

Kai looked at her surroundings. The only thing she could see right now were trees and a few bushes. Nothing else besides that. Kai stood in place for about five minutes, until she finally got bored with just standing and looking. She decided to just walk around and see if she could find anything of use. As she walked she started to hear soft hums and saw a bright light nearby. As she got closer to the light she saw a small table with a lantern in the center . There laid a couple of teacups and a teapot. There was two chairs at each side of the table. She then saw a little girl walking over to the table. The girl had black hair and wore a blue sweater over a white dress. Kai slowly approached the girl. “Um hello?” Kai said. The girl turned around to face Kai. To her surprise the girl had no eyes. “Oh hello my name is Madoka.” She said kindly. It went into awkward silence soon after that. Kai felt very uncomfortable just standing there and decided to ask if she could sit down. The girl simply nodded her head, and Kai sat down. “Would you like some tea?” Madoka asked. Kai nodded her head. She smiled and poured her some tea and handed it to kai. She then pulled a jar of sugar from under the table and asked, “Would you like some sugar?” Kai nodded again. “One lump or two?” She asked. “One please.” Kai said. The girl placed the small cube of sugar in Kai’s cup. “What’s your name?” Madoka asked. I’m Kaito Mitsuko, but you can call me Kai.”She said. Madoka smiled. “I like your name, it’s pretty.” She said. Kai smiled and thanked her. She then proceeded to taking a sip of her tea.

Madoka and Kai continued to talk for a couple of minutes about what they liked but soon the topic changed to family.

“How many sibling do you have?” Madoka asked. “I have none, how many do you?” Kai said. “I have one big brother and one big sister, they’re very kind.” Madoka smiled. “So Madoka, why are you in the forest all alone, aren’t your parents gonna be worried about you?” Kai asked. Madoka’s smile dropped and she looked down. Small tears slowly fell from her eyes. “Mom and Dad are bad people, they hurt my brother and sister and me. They hate us and we hate them!” Madoka yelled. “We ran away from them but got lost, now we’re dead.” Madoka soon started to cry and sob. Kai smiled sadly, somewhat understanding the feeling. “ I guess we’re almost the same”. Madoka looked up at Kai confusedly. “ My parents do the same thing your parents do”. Kai explained. Madoka looked at her in surprise. “ Really?”. Kai nodded her head. “Then you must hate your parents too.” Madoka said. “ Um, actually I don’t”. Madoka looked both shocked and surprised. “ What! How could you not hate your parents after what they’ve done to you?”. Madoka asked. Kai ran the question through her head. She didn’t really know why she didn’t hate them. She loved her parents even if they hurt her. Kai doesn’t think her parents hate her. If they did, they would’ve gotten rid of her a long time ago. “ Well, I really don’t know. I just don’t hate them”. Kai smiled. Madoka just looked at her. Madoka got up from her chair and walked over to Kai. She then hugged Kai. Kai looked at her in surprise, but then slowly awkwardly hugged back.

“Kai!” Kitora called out. Kai quickly turned in the direction of the voice and saw Kitora and Miyuki running towards her. They looked completely different. “Hey guys…” Kai said, still hugging Madoka. “Who’s that?” Kitora asked. The little girl pulled away from Kai and turned to face them. Kitora jumped back a little, taken back by the fact that the girl had no eyes. “Hello I’m Madoka.” She said with a smile. “Uh Kai why are you with this creature?” Kitora asked nervously. “Huh she’s not a creature, she’s a little girl.” Kai said, a little angry at Kitora’s comment. Madoka just ignored them and looked at Miyuki. A sudden fear overtook her body and she hid behind Kai. “What’s the matter Madoka?” Kai asked. Madoka just stared at Miyuki, her eyes filling with fear. Kai looked at  Miyuki and felt her heart leap. She was scared and felt as though Miyuki was going to kill her. “M-Miyuki, are you alright?” Kai asked nervously. Kitora was confused and turned to face Miyuki, but at that moment a sudden force pushed her back. Kai then felt something pull her down. Madoka was shaking and began to run but then felt arms pulling her back. Kitora got up quickly and went to rescue the small girl but was pushed down and felt hands wrap around her hands and choked her. Kai tried her best to get up but the pressure was too hard on her shoulders and hurt like hell. “M-Miyuki, why aren’t you doing anything?!” Kai yelled. A small smile appeared on Miyuki’s face. “I am.” Miyuki said, “I’m causing you all pain.”  A look of terror appeared on Kai’s face. She then heard Madoka scream. She saw Madoka being pulled up in the air, floating. It seemed as though she was being held by a thread. “I wonder what will happen if I drop the girl, will she go splat like a bug or will she crack every bone.” Miyuki said, laughing a bit like a madman.

She couldn’t believe her friend was acting this way and that she had to watch Madoka die. Kai hated being helpless at a moment like this. An idea slowly formed in her head. She could save Madoka if she did this. Kai slowly moved her hands and made sure the palms were facing Miyuki. A pressure started to build near her palms. She pushed her hands forward and sent a wave of pressure towards Miyuki, knocking her back. Kitora was freed and Madoka was falling. Kai quickly ran towards the place Madoka might land and caught her. Madoka hugged Kai and started to cry a little. “I-I was scared.” Madoka said. Kai just hugged the girl tightly. “I’m glad you’re safe.” Kai said.

“Ugh What happened?” Miyuki said as she got up, her eyes were back to their normal light purple color. Kitora and Kai both stared at each other. And then Kitora finally said,” I honestly really don’t know. I think you might’ve been possessed by something. Your eyes were all blank and it was scary”.  Kai and Madoka nodded their heads in agreement. “You nearly killed us.” Kai said. A large frown appeared on Miyuki’s face and a stream of tears fell down her face. She ran towards them and hugged them all tightly. “I’m so sorry I don’t know what came over me and I’m sorry I hurt you!” Miyuki cried. Kai and Kitora awkwardly hugged back while Madoka slowly backed away, a sad smile on her face. “Don’t worry Miyuki, we kind of forgive you.” Kitora said. “Really?!” Miyuki said in shocked tone. Kai just nodded her head.

Kai suddenly realized that Madoka was no longer with them. She looked around and tried to find her. “Kai what’s wrong?” Kitora asked. “Madoka! I can’t find her!” Kai said in a worried tone. Kitora and Miyuki looked at her confused. “Who’s Madoka?” They asked. Kai was in shock. How could they not remember who Madoka is, she was right next to her the whole time.

“Well done girls you have unlocked one of your powers!” Miss. Widow said. She came down a tree along with the three familiars. “Well then we better get going!” Miss. Widow said with a smile. “Wait I have to find-” Kai was suddenly cut off by a warm feeling on her cheek and the voice of Madoka saying goodbye and thanking her. “Hm did you lose something Kai?” Miss. Widow said. “Nope I just thought I lost something.” Kai said with a smile.

As soon as the girls teleported back at the treehouse, the Memory of Madoka soon left Kai’s mind.


korraslegacies asked:

"Uh, you alright? You look, ah... tired."

“I haven’t been getting my share of sleep as of late,” not that he particularly needed it any longer, but that was the sort of information one didn’t run their mouth about. “Thank you for the concern…” Korra? So the letters hovering above the woman’s head told him, yet, Light wasn’t supposed to know that. “What’s your name? If you don’t mind my asking.”

I just need  to vent

I feel so damn tired. I swear to my mother fucking god, I hate myself so darn much. It feels like you’re being seated next to the guy or girl you hate, but only its with yourself. I honestly don’t know how I’ve i passed through this hatred for fucking years. Don’t tell me this mood will go away, because I feel like this every fucking day. I’m not even brave enough to kill myself. How am i supposed to ‘’love myself’’? I don’t feel good, i don’t feel happy. People have been telling me I look sad and tired all the time. Thank god I have a expressionless face. I have such hatred to myself, I can’t deal with it. I honestly can’t. If one day I have the opportunity to die, I’ll do it. Honestly. So. Fucking, Tired. Of. Myself. 

Sorry for this. Just needed to get this out of my chest. Ignore it.

Kait’s Health: An Intro

I want to be clear upfront about my motivations for starting this blog series. I am tired of feeling unhealthy. I eat what makes me “feel good” and then instantly regret how that makes my body look and feel bad. I don’t get up and move around beyond walking my baby through the house. Sure, breastfeeding burns an insane amount of calories (thank God since it consumes a great deal of my day!) but that can’t counteract lounging on the couch and then having Sonic for dinner.

Ooh, peanut butter chocolate fudge shake… 

See, this is a problem for me! I am in no way trying to contribute to that social pressure of getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight in an unreasonable amount of time by going on an extreme diet and working out for two hours a day. But, in the eight weeks since Malcolm has been born, I have dropped 2/3 of my pregnancy weight only to slowly start putting some of it back on because I’m consuming Annie’s organic mac ‘n cheese for lunch almost every day. Also, recall the aforementioned Sonic dinners.


In three days, my little boy will be two months. I am medically cleared to exercise and I am emotionally/mentally willing to stop being a lazy person (note: this is a personal censuring of my refusal to get off my butt, not a commentary on America, mothers or anyone else). I am ready to drop the rest of my pregnancy weight and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, live a healthy lifestyle.

So, I will be cutting out grains, sugars and dairy (paleo diet, for the unititated) for a little while I get back into a groove of eating good proteins for breakfast and, gulp, greens of some kind with my lunch and dinner. I don’t need a sandwich (grains) with ranch dressing (dairy and sugar) and cheese (dairy) to make sure I’m getting enough calories. 

The point is not to eat less food but to eat fewer crappy foods

Accompanying that change, I have decided to take Malcolm on a walk every morning, Monday through Friday. The weather has started to cool (it was 70º today–it felt glorious!) and I have no excuse to stay in bed when Malcolm is awake by 6:30 each morning anyway (for some strange reason, he’s ravenous after, thank God, sleeping for eight hours *baby goal realized, party*).

I am ultimately writing this to keep myself accountable. I am not writing this to make anyone feel bad about chowing down on sandwiches and resting on the couch. I believe there is a time to rest and a time to indulge after having a baby. Hello, you pushed a tiny human through an even tinier opening and now, following that ordeal, he needs, nay loudly demands, your attention almost 24-7!  Like I said, I, Kaitlin Alexis McDuffie, am ready to do this because I think my time to intentionally be healthy has come.

Current weight: 155 lbs
Goal weight: 140 lbs
NO food goal: sugars, grains or dairy
YES food goal: greens
Exercise goal: one 30+ minute walk a day

I loved the lifestyle, the late night turn ups, the early morning events, the amazing creatives, the fast pace, always out and about, the faded memories, I loved thinking I could change people… and god tired to make me give it all up the first time it was a car accident and I almost flew off the freeway I changed for 3 months then met a guy that I allowed to get me back into my bad habits. Then something happen 7 months ago that flipped my world, mindset, out look upside down and I thank God for giving up 95% of my bad habits I’m still human and I still grow, change, and learn from failures. The women I’m growing into is by the force of god. #DashDiary #ChangeIsGood #GodGotMe


*I get Rosie fed and back to sleep before joining Liam again in the living room, handing him Rose so he can spend some time with her, and I lay down on the couch with a blanket, getting comfortable because I wasn’t sure when you’d be home and I was still a bit tired* Thanks for coming, Li! *I tell him and look over to him and Rosie, seeing him coo at Rose even though she was sleeping* I know you want to spend as much time with her as possible, since you’re the God Father and all. -Alice


*His eyes widen when you do this and he didn’t want you to pull away, watching as you walk off. He frowns as you walk off and it takes him a minute to compose himself before turning back to the chips, wondering why you’d just done what you had because you seemed upset earlier and like you hadn’t wanted anything to do with him. He gets the chips he wanted along with some of his sisters favorite kinds and turns back to the shopping cart and heads to find you in the meat section*-Louis

*after another hour, Harry comes back into the apartment, holding bags of groceries* Hey baby, and Liam, and my other baby. *he smiles brightly, coming over the couch and leaning down kissing your forehead and Liam’s, causing both men to chuckle before he walks into the kitchen, placing the bags down on the table and starting to un-bag the items* Thank you so much for coming over on such short notice, Li… you’re seriously a saint. Pretty happy we made you god father! *he had no intention on really telling you where he went before the store, knowing what you don’t know won’t break your heart or make you angry. It was better off kept quiet and secret anyways*


*standing in front of the hamburger meat, comparing prices. I turn and jump when I see Louis is right there. I take a deep breath to compose myself before dropping the cheaper meat into the cart* Got everything? *I keep my eyes off of his blue ones, looking in the cart at everything we have, trying to think of anything else we needed. This felt disgustingly domestic, shopping with him, especially after we talked about wanting to live together once he graduated high school. I try to push the thought away but it was the main reason why I kissed him, probably*

xxforever-fangirl asked:

SO MANY FEELS AGAIN. I don't think I will ever get tired of your writing. Part 2 was amazing and perfect. My word still stands true, you are definitely one of best writers I've come across and I'm so glad I stumbled upon your account a few weeks ago with your Chanyeol scenario. Looking forward to all your work in the future 😁

AHHH, oh god thank you so much for that compliment, and I’m so happy you stumbled upon this blog with Littoral! I do open you enjoy my future projects uwu