I have always dreamed that when I already have that someone I am going to be with for the rest of my life, I would definitely enjoy the moments I have with him. I will capture everything we do, take cute pictures together, look at him every day no matter what he does and will never get tired of looking at his face. Because whenever I do, I know I am looking at the man who gave me hope. I am looking at the man I want to spend my forever with and just seeing him was enough to thank God every day for letting me find him. I know, I have been creating romantic scenarios in my head and things I wanted to happen someday, but it just makes me realize that I don’t have to. Because it will only disappoint myself if ever those things haven’t come true. Because now I realize that the right person will do his best to make me smile and happy. The right person will stay and I don’t have to do so much for us just to make him stay. Because the right person will also look at me like I am his dream come true and would make every day happy as possible no matter how simple his ways may be. And I am just patiently waiting for it. Because he will come. I know he will and no one’s in a hurry. He will come and by that time, I know. I know the long wait will be worth it. It will all be worth it.

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As you have surely saw the raw scan of the last chapter, how much are you proud of our dragon boy on a scale from one to ten?

kfgalkjsdha hello anon!

It’s obviously a 10/10 like, this is all I’ve been waiting for, the final page was too precious for this world, the way Luffy looked at his bro with such a sweet excited smile -but tired as hell eyes- Sabo protecting his baby bro is everything I need and I’m so so glad it finally happened, now this is the first time we’ve seen them actually interacting -without Sabo being obscured- and well…Luffy will get to see Sabo using the mera mera no mi powers TvT ♥ I can’t wait for next chapter now.

Things have turned out interesting in this chapter as a whole, specially because Doffy is still up -thank God-, now the question is, will Sabo only take care of Burgess or he’ll join the fight against Doffy.

So as you might have seen, we did hit 100 followers today, and I wanted to say thanks to you guys. I look forward to many more posts of me rambling about classpecting and various other things. But first I need to scale the mountain of work known as Finals, so content is going to slow a whole hell of a lot in the next 3-4 weeks due to this. Don’t worry, the last two asks will get done, and I will still do upd8′s it’s just box things will kind of slow after tommorow. And the follower special will be after so I can make it good. In the meantime, suggestions for it I guess? Anything you guys want to know I’ll try to answer at some point. 

Otherwise, I am glad we made it this far and I Hope this blog has Helped!

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To Fay: this is the person who is addicted to pills/getting high. thank you, you're wonderful. I also looked at one of your alternative pages, and it said holding ice, this helped a lot. It tired me out. You're a lovely person and I'm proud of you and your own recovery. God bless you.

Hi, darling
Holding ice is a wonderful alternative to a lot of things. Something similar is getting a towel wet and tie it in knots and then place it in the freezer. When you’re feeling the temptation, get it out and untie the knots. Untying the knots keeps your mind occupied and the frozen towel does the same as holding ice.
You are a wonderful person too, darling. And I’m super proud of you for holding ice and doing something other than taking the pills. That’s a big step and I’m super proud of you! You’re going to do amazing in recovery, I just know it.
I’ll always be here if you need to talk or just need anything. You’re going to do awesome things. You’ve got this!
Lots of love,

What a long day I m so knocked out. Killed a machine, got a complaint n m such a klutz as usual the stress/pressure is real 😭😭😭 thank God for off day tmr then fri it begins again zzz.

Sigh sigh sigh so drained I can’t do this ppl thing like ok I like talking to ppl but it’s so tiring. Service industry in singapore is a tough life especially for f&b because ppl r so inconsiderate, unforgiving, impatient n demanding?!!? Like one wrong step n I get shot disapproving looks like I owe someone a living 😢😢 but ok it’s always the kind n courteous ppl that keep me going!!!!! Regular customers that now recognize me despite only working for almost 2 weeks!!!! 😁😁 God please help me work with an open mind n not reciprocate unkind behavior with unkind thoughts!!!!! Perhaps they just had a bad day, so who better to vent anger on than stranger me!! Especially if I get the drink wrong oopsies:(

Not sure if it was a good decision to start working again actually but ok I know this is part of God’s plan for me n I will learn many things through this!!!!!!

Actually signed up for SCAMP HAHA surprised at my own decisions. My mind is seriously way too fickle these days how m I gonna keep to anything?!!?

My hair is so fucking difficult to lighten what the fuck. I’ve had it bleach properly ONCE. And that was when a friend did it for me. Now it’s like… my hair doesn’t want to cooperate. My roots are lighter, but now I’ll just need to wait for my hair to dry so I can try to get the rest of my hair lighter… Thank god I’m off today and tomorrow to try and get this to look decent enough to dye red before work Wednesday evening. -.-

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music ask, 11, 20, and 23?

11: A song that you never get tired of

Dareka UmiWo - Aimer  (Seriously, look for a download of the full version if you can, it’s gorgeous)

20: A song that has many meanings to you

Playing Catch With .22 - I The Mighty There are just a lot of situations I can compare to this song, I feel it really hard

23: A song that you think everybody should listen to

#DESU - T-TIME I thank god every day for this song. I can rap every word. It’s my theme song

clayzee95 replied to your post “The other thing I hate about naps is waking up and wanting to curl up…”

and you know if you go back to sleep you’ll probably wake up super late and your sleep schedule gets screwed ;A;

Yes D: I alway try to take a one-hour nap just to refresh, so I can get more stuff done before actual bedtime, but then I sleep through the alarm and end up waking up when I was meant to go to sleep… And still needing to do things.

One time I did fall asleep late afternoon and I was so tired I didn’t even wake up until six in the morning. Thank god it was a weekend. I was planning to do stuff but, well, looks like I missed out on that.

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you're so cute!! I'm def looking forward to following you for practically forever. I also LOVE the (somewhat unrequited) rivalry between pietro and steve. I also really liked the idea of bucky being that "new challenger" haha. thank you for everything! I look forward to all your writing and even stay up later to see if you post stuff (it's 9:58 PM in Cali). ((also, imagine if the avengers picked up and read One Punch Man 😂😅))


Please don’t stay up tooo late! Make sure to get adequate sleep, I don’t want you to be too tired for your next fabulous day in Cali <33 Ohh I wish I had visited there when I went to the US last year :( I was in Austin and then I went to LA? I love the US so much I want to go backkk <3

And totally. I need Buck in the running :DD


         Faith scoffed, not at all threatened by him. However, she wasn’t the that big of an asshole, so she crossed her arms and legs and looked out the window.

        Unfortunately, she got bored very easily. Not two minutes of silence passed before she piped up again. “Are we there yet? Jesus. I’ll pay for the fucking hotel, but shit.”

The silence was a gift from God, he was certain, even though he wasn’t religious in the slightest. Of course, it couldn’t last forever. Obviously.

“Would you rather walk?” He said through gritted teeth. He was getting really tired of this really quickly. He eyed the road, spotted a hotel not all that far from them. Thank God. “I’ll hold you to that offer,” he said, nodding toward the distant building.

I generally have no hang ups with talking to strangers out and about, but I am getting real tired of people:

1. Starting a conversation with me by asking where I’m from/whether I am x East Asian nationality and then:
    a. Telling me how, to them, I look much more like the nationality they’ve already decided I am and/or
    b. Asking me whether or not I can speak Chinese and then telling me they know a person who can speak Chinese or, EVEN BETTER, Japanese.
2. Deciding that it’s totally fine to say uncomfortably suggestive or outright gross sexual things to me within minutes of speaking to me

About to head that way. Feeling TONS better after working everything out and getting my medicine i have been withdrawing from. Thank you medicine gods. I worship you for helping me get what i needed!! well… been a rough exhausting day. Got to see Carolyn! she looks great with her new red hair!! woohoo!!!! ive far surpassed yesterdays steps… over half. Tired. The battle with no appetite is slowly getting better… had my first diet coke since wednesday. Trying to filter water and fill up bottles as quick as possiblebut the task is a sucky hard one. Ugh. Surprised this 42c bra from family dollar wears well on me. Happy. Need new nightgowns and tanks and shorts. Ugh. Less black kthx but still good to be able to wear my boots with and still look cute. Because i love my DC’s and flip flops trust me but i love my awesomecombat biker boots. I want a new pair of good combat boots. 😃 wishing… lots of walking today… tomorrow is cleaning day.i vacuumed today… but i need to do a good cleaning tomorrow ugh tired meds kicking in going to lay my head to rest and hope to sleep good but not as late as today! ah… crappy day became good day!! 😊 #happy #happyday #happydays #happydaysarehereagain #feelinggood #yaygooddays #yaygoodday #yay #bitmoji #sleep #sleepy #goodnight #sweetdreams #gooddream #gooddreams #sweetdream #happydreams #classicalmusicisgoodtosleepto #classicalmusic #busyday #busydays #exhaustingday #exhaustingweek #exhaustingdays #exhaustingdaytoday

Oh you know, just admiring the view. 💕 #vscocam #boracay2015

There is so much to love about nature and I cant stop looking at everything all at once. From rock formations to the colors of the sea, I will never ever get tired of the beauty all around.

I thank God for giving me the oppurtunity to be able to see His marvelous creations all around me. There’s nothing more I’d like to do than backpack the entire world and see the beauty in everything.

Grad night in the house. Happiness

So all the crazy graduation festivities have subsided. Ceremony, dinner, beach, cake, forced shots (that I gave to my sister): it’s all over. Usually everyone is looking forward to going out and getting super wasted but not I. I just want to crawl in the bed, eat more cake and go to sleep! I’m tired not to mention I came on my period today ( mind I wore a pure white dress, no accidents thanks God) so I’m definitely not in the mood to go out. I had a lovely day though.