It was dark when Ritsu and Shou first kissed. They kissed after Shou broke his own window and busted the screen out so they could get out of his house. It was after they ran to the middle of an open field in the dead of night and Shou had collapsed to his knees with grass knitted in fistfuls between his fingers. It was after Shou’s dad had yelled at him for the umpteenth time. It was after they pulled away from a long silent hug and their noses brushed against each other. It was after they stared at each other’s cloudy eyes and shared the same unknowing fear of what would happen if they turned back. They didn’t know if they would ever see each other again. So with a concoction of dread and concern boiling in their stomachs, they kissed. Both of their hands were on each other’s cheeks and they held each other there until they couldn’t breathe. It was wet between both of their tears and it broke when Shou couldn’t keep his mouthed closed from a sob. They stayed there and cried until the sun rose.

So this isn’t something I plan to sell or anything (Yeah, sorry, not risking the wrath of the Nintendo Gods on this one) but thanks to some very talented people, I was able to get a ripped Waluigi Trophy model from SSB Wii U, and I’ve made some necessary changes to make it a bit more stable for 3D printing. The plan is to use the model to make a game-accurate Waluigi Amiibo, using the Brawler Mii as a base (I have my own custom Waluigi Mii). As of now, the model is 3.4 inches tall, and will cost me $34 to print.