Story Time:

So I reblogged one of Emmie’s posts and said in the tags “sue me sometimes I agree with Emmie”

If you know anything about Emmie and I is that we’ve had a tumultuous relationship for awhile. We had a falling out and never really talked through it blah blah blah.

She proceeded to send me this:

Fair question, I guess. So I responded honestly:

If you know me at all, then you know I don’t beat around the bush. I’ll be honest and to the point. I have zero tolerance for bullshit and have no need nor desire to kiss anyone’s ass. 

Emmie, I guess you didn’t appreciate my candor:

So now I’ve been blocked and I can’t respond. Thankfully, I can do so in another matter. Here is my response:

Bro why the fuck are you getting in a strop? I’d think out of anyone you’d appreciate the honesty. I am not going to sit back and pretend we are all good, when you know that’s not the case. We never talked about our differences, well I tried, but you spoke at me, rather than to Maybe you want to go on pretending, but that’s not how I deal. If this is the way you want to proceed, fine by me. No love lost and all that. Peace!

anonymous asked:

thank god for anthony tweeting a screenshot of his conversation with dan cause we can clearly see that he is indeed still a mom

i love how they’re both the ones awake and yet dan is telling anthony to get some rest cuz he’s always concerned about other people’s wellbeing

camrensaywhattt  asked:

Do you know if Camila having a playlist called "we are alive" with just a 1975 song on it is true? I heard about a couple times but no proof? Can you retrieve or look for it? I don't know how.

thank god for inventing the screenshot 

sblossom02  asked:

Here is an idea that you can try, right click on the PDF, go to properties, and their should be a tab that says previous versions. Hope that helps.

Thank you SO MUCH for your help. Unfrtunately it can’t find previous versions, this mofo computer… 

Thanks god I had made a screenshot of my work in progress, and by now I started working again on that, so that I could save a little of my work. Thank you again!

Surprise! Preview for Macross Frontier NaLu AU which is i think 10 images long lmao



reverie-waltz  asked:

Hey NK! That sweater you are wearing seems special, can you tell us something about it? :3

N.K: ¨i´m sorry about erasing the question,,Thank god i save a screenshot and about the sweater..¨

N.K: ¨Wendy gave it to me, she said that when she saw the sweater she think of me, she buy one for herself too¨

N.K: ¨Also she gave me this thing too! i really don´t know what the colours meant, but i like them! and you´re right! they´re special to me, Both things are like a part of me that somehow i need to discover,,,or that´s what i think :D¨

My Diabolic Esper and my fox son pet Hoya.

I had no internet yesterday and I was bored, so, I decided to draw my char, thank god I had a good screenshot so I could get all the stuff right XD

I pretty much added all the stuff I have, except for 2 items, but meh, I wasn’t going to add all that stuff tbh, I just feelt like wasting some time since I had nothing to do.

I usually draw him with the promo for reasons, but that’s how he looks like, Hoya is my son, and no one can prove me otherwise, I love him.