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So I reblogged one of Emmie’s posts and said in the tags “sue me sometimes I agree with Emmie”

If you know anything about Emmie and I is that we’ve had a tumultuous relationship for awhile. We had a falling out and never really talked through it blah blah blah.

She proceeded to send me this:

Fair question, I guess. So I responded honestly:

If you know me at all, then you know I don’t beat around the bush. I’ll be honest and to the point. I have zero tolerance for bullshit and have no need nor desire to kiss anyone’s ass. 

Emmie, I guess you didn’t appreciate my candor:

So now I’ve been blocked and I can’t respond. Thankfully, I can do so in another matter. Here is my response:

Bro why the fuck are you getting in a strop? I’d think out of anyone you’d appreciate the honesty. I am not going to sit back and pretend we are all good, when you know that’s not the case. We never talked about our differences, well I tried, but you spoke at me, rather than to Maybe you want to go on pretending, but that’s not how I deal. If this is the way you want to proceed, fine by me. No love lost and all that. Peace!

Surprise! Preview for Macross Frontier NaLu AU which is i think 10 images long lmao




Be My Princess Season 2 - Henry A. Spencer [Main Route] Jpn non-GREE

Writing Henry’s route was really hard…mentally torturous even -.- Henry was the first S2 prince I played, which was years ago, so I had a really difficult time recalling the details. But thank god I still have some screenshots of the route to help me along, especially the precious letter Wilfred wrote to Henry in the last chapter 。:゜(;´∩`;)゜:。 


Henry’s route begins when he asked the MC for a dance after the bouquet toss during the common prologue. The MC couldn’t dance well and did even worse when others started to gossip and snigger at her clumsiness in dancing. The MC apologised for embarrassing Henry, but Henry didn’t mind and guided her along the dance.  The MC picked up really fast and was praised by Henry for it. The MC then humbly told Henry it was due to his excellent guidance, which Henry stated that it is something like an obligation for him to behave appropriately and present himself as a perfect prince to the public since he is the next in line to the throne of Philip Kingdom… Henry then teased the MC for catching his bouquet with her head, and the MC tried to explain that it was because she wasn’t interested in it and was trying to leave when the bouquet flew towards her. The MC then questioned Henry back as to why did he chose her out of all women in the hall and Henry told her bluntly that it was because she was the only one that wasn’t interested -.- Before asking Zain (the Third) to send the MC home, Henry ran out the hall way to ask if the MC would be working at the pastry store the next day. On the way home, Zain told the MC that Henry is a very dutiful prince who is always thinking about his country – which the MC thought it is no wonder Henry needs to act as a perfect prince.

The next day, Zain showed up at the MC’s doorstep and asked her to return to Nobel Michel Castle with him for her marriage interview, since she caught the bouquet Henry tossed last night. Zain told the MC that it was rare to see Henry so uncollected such as last night when he ran out to ask the MC if she had work the next morning. Henry was described as a prince who was always cool and collected, and never shows his true feelings ((Well… In short, he’s just like Grandpa Wilfred =.=)). When the MC reached Nobel Michel Castle, Henry invited the MC for a stroll in the garden and they chatted to ease the MC’s nerves. The MC shared that she wants to be a patissier in order to be good in making sweets and pastry, like her grandmother, that put smiles on people’s faces. Henry then also shared that he wants to be like his grandfather, Wilfred, who was always thinking of his people. Wilfred was kind and stern at the same time. Ever since Henry was little, Wilfred was perceptive towards his expressions and guided Henry along what’s right, and be severely strict on him whenever he’s wrong. After strolling, the MC waited in a room for Henry where a castle staff was present and revealed to her that the garden stroll was merely a “standard procedure” of the marriage interview. Henry entered that room and saw the MC pulling a long face, so he brought her to the balcony and told her that Grandpa Will used to bring him there and told him the balcony is a place where he could say whatever he wants nobody to hear, and that if he doesn’t feel like speaking, he could always look up into the sky and the heart would clear ^^ Henry then told the MC truthfully that the garden was indeed a procedure of a marriage interview, but he enjoyed talking to her and felt a pity that it was under those circumstances.

A few days later, Zain visited the MC at her workplace under Henry’s order to invite her to Philip Kingdom to be the patissier for the upcoming birthday anniversary party for Wilfred. Henry greeted the MC when she arrived at Chateau Philip and the MC asked why did he invite her to be the patissier since she’s still only a training patissier. Henry then repeated what the MC told him during their walk in Nobel Michel Castle – about making pastries that put smiles on people faces, and that he only want those kind of people for the job. Henry then introduced Lloyd (Henry’s butler) to the MC to assist her. Henry then ordered Lloyd to guide her to “that room” which made Lloyd frown, but since it was orders from a prince, he could not object~

Lloyd brought the MC to “that room” which was Henry’s childhood room ^^ The MC was amazed at the size of the room, telling Lloyd that she doesn’t need special treatment and that a servant’s room would be sufficient. Lloyd was taken aback by her response since most women would be excited over the fact that a prince let out his childhood room for them to stay. But since the MC is a guest from a foreign country, it would be ill-mannered to let her stay in a staff’s room.

The MC overheard one of the representatives from the Council of Nobles expressing his concern and displease towards Henry over hiring a foreign patissier to be in charge of the pastries for Wilfred’s anniversary and also warned him that having scandals are unthinkable and reminded him about the expectations of Philip’s 500 million citizens on him and et cetera… Henry then told the MC self-deprecatingly that though a prince, he can’t even have the freedom of making his own decisions…

The MC was standing in the kitchen all day, baking, resulting in having stiff feet. Lloyd noticed it and had prepared tea for her to soothe her muscles before bed, but the one delivering the tea to the MC’s room personally was Henry ^^ The next day, the MC was taking a walk in the castle garden where she overheard Henry and Lloyd talking about Wilfred’s anniversary party and a man named Adam. One the way to the kitchen, the MC met Lloyd and asked her something about getting up so early in the morning, in which the MC replied “it’s all right”. Lloyd smiled at her response and asked if that’s her favourite pet phrase, since Henry’s favourite pet phrase is “don’t worry”, thus it sounded like they had a great chemistry.

The MC made a quick breakfast of sandwiches in the kitchen where she could just stand and eat when Henry came to visit the chief patissier. Henry was eyeing at her sandwich, so the MC offered him one and Henry eyes sparkled when he ate the sandwich as it was his first time eating while standing up 。◕‿◕。 They then chatted about other food that could be eaten while standing, such as hotdogs and crepes. The MC and the chief patissier then discussed about the choice of tea leaves to be used in Wilfred’s anniversary as it had to fit the image of Philip kingdom.

The MC was delighted that her cake got the approval from the chief patissier to be served at the party, yet sad as once the anniversary was over, she would have to leave Philip Kingdom. The chief patissier was gossiping with the MC in the kitchen about the guy – Adam, that he has been the centre of attention of Philip Kingdom for the past one year and was about to tell the MC Adam’s relationship with Henry when Lloyd appeared, thus ending their gossip abruptly. Lloyd brought the MC into the party venue to receive a guest’s compliment on her cake. While on her way back to the kitchen, a noble from the council “stopped” the MC by indirectly saying that a commoner has strayed into the castle and demanded to know why she was there. The MC tried to apologise and Henry suddenly appeared, telling there is nothing to apologise to the councilman about. Henry then asked the MC why was she at the party hall and she explained to him what happened. Henry then turned to the councilman and asked sarcastically if he’s unhappy about another noble asking for her. The councilman was flustered and quickly denied any complaints. Henry then stated his intention to leave but was called back by the councilman and Henry coolly told him that he had no intention of speaking with him now. The councilman left Henry and the MC and they chatted happily for a little while about the compliment the MC received for her cake when a man called out to Henry.

Henry’s gaze turned sharp when he saw the man, which is none other than Adam. Adam walked towards Henry and the MC and introduced himself to her before kissing the back of her hand. The MC was a little taken aback by the sudden intimate action which Adam “apologised” for Philip Kingdom’s traditional greeting being too intense for her, but added that it’s a sin for him to not greet a pretty lady -.- Seeing this flirting, Henry cut in and urged Adam to leave, saying him they’re in a hurry.

After Henry and Adam left, and the party ended, the MC was together with the rest of the staffs and found out from the chief patissier that in the past, most castle staffs who are hired, are due to their connections with the council of nobles because King Alfred (Wilfred’s son, Henry’s father) respects tradition by emphasizing on statuses. However, to improve the country, Henry proposed a new policy to abolish the old bad practices, which is at odds with King Alfred’s. The chief patissier praised Henry for being a great leader who puts his country first before anything else, but because of that, he has made many enemies. One of such is Adam… The MC also found out that Adam is the illegitimate son of King Alfred, Henry’s half-brother.

After learning so much about Henry, the MC couldn’t sleep that night, so she went to the garden and found Henry there – drinking alone. Henry offered the MC his rose wine to drink and they chatted in the garden and found out that they are the same age (28 years old). Since they are the same age, the MC asked Henry if he has a nickname and such, and in the end, they decided to drop all honorific and call each other Henry and (MC’s name).

A few weeks after the MC went back to work in Nobel Michel, Henry visited her workplace and invited her to be the patissier representing Philip Kingdom in the Nobel Michel Expo. The MC was a bit sceptical towards the invitation since she’s not a citizen of Philip, but Henry invited her because he wishes to fuse a different culture together with the traditional culture of Philip into a new Philip culture, and also because the MC’s pastry makes people smile. Because of this, there are many voices of objection from the Council of Nobles and many began to criticise Henry :(…

The MC returned to Chateau Philip to be a representative patissier at the Expo. The MC was baking veggie cookies, carrot flavoured (¬‿¬) when Henry popped in. Those cookies reminded Henry of those days when Grandpa Wilfred and him tried drinking carrot juice to overcome their hatred for carrots. Henry and the MC then went out of the castle and got crepes while they chatted. Henry revealed that he had no choice of who he meets or makes friends with, since he is a prince and his parents decide everything for him. Even the location of a date is chosen by someone else, and that statement reminded the MC of their “date” in the garden. On their way back, the MC was feeling cold, so Henry offered her his coat and placed it gently on her shoulders ^^ Henry also kissed the MC’s hands before bidding farewell to her, which left her with mixed emotions to see him leave.

A few days later, the MC bumped into Adam where he tried to flirt with her and hugged her. After the MC “escaped”, Lloyd found the MC and Henry together and told them that Joseph got into an accident, and they rushed to the hospital together to check on Joseph. Fortunately, it wasn’t anything serious, but a broken arm. Henry then sent the MC back home. Feeling that the accident was anything but natural, the MC felt uneasy and cried, because someone important to her was hurt, and Henry hugged the MC to comfort her ^^ It was this point of time the MC finally admitted she fell for Henry.

The next day, some photos of the MC hugging Adam were taken by the paparazzi and sent to the councilmen. Fortunately, huge sum of money were given to the paparazzi to stop them from reporting, but the councilmen were furious with the MC for creating such scandal. The MC felt miserable, and decided to go to Henry’s office to tell him about her wish of leaving the castle, and her position of being the representing patissier. However, in the end, she couldn’t find the courage to tell him and left. Henry found the MC in the garden crying and brought her to the balcony – the place where Henry and Wilfred speak openly and honestly what they want. They embraced each other for a while before Henry agreed on letting her go and not see each other for a while.

A few days after the MC returned to her usual workplace and home, reporters seem to have found out the scandal between Adam and the MC, and were swarming around her apartment. Lloyd found the MC before the reporters and brought her back to Henry where he asked her to stay in the castle. The MC was having a cold at that time and fainted. When she came around, she was lying in Henry’s bed and Henry was there beside her ^^ Henry was there by her side all the time and also fed her soup, and also promised the MC that he’ll protect her and kissed her forehead before she fell asleep.

While the MC was sleeping, Henry was talking to Lloyd about moving on with the investigations and also asked if Lloyd would be unhappy for having a lady sleeping in his room. But Lloyd said that although it is something that is unfit for what a butler should say, he just wants Henry to be happy (;

The next day, the MC woke up and wanted to use the bathroom. When she opened the bathroom door, Henry was half-naked with only a towel tight to his waist XD The MC was about to scream when Henry covered her mouth with his hands. To make matters worse, Oliver came into Henry’s room~ Out of sheer panic, Henry and the MC hid themselves in the bathtub, hugging each other tightly so that Oliver wouldn’t find them. Unfortunately, the MC had an itchy nose and couldn’t hold back any longer and sneezed. Oliver heard it and opened the bathroom door, finding a hugging Henry and MC XD Oliver was shocked for a moment and tried to excuse himself while they were in the middle of “having fun” when Henry rushed to grab onto Oliver and told him they were not having fun. Henry tried but failed to explain what circumstances they were having for having to hug in the tub, and Oliver then turned to ask the MC when did she started having such “deep” relationships with Henry XD

The MC got invited onto a cruise ship together with Sieg, Oliver and Henry, where the princes were supposed to have an interview with the media a few days later. Henry was seemingly jealous over whatever little interactions the MC had with Sieg and Oliver XD Sieg and the MC were making stew together and the MC suggested they don’t put any carrots inside to balance the taste, but in actual fact, it was because Henry hates carrots ^^ Oliver flirted with the MC to tease Henry, and he caught the MC in his arms when the MC staggered when the ship rocked. Henry saw the scene and got angry and stormed back to his cabin. When the MC went to find him, Henry replied that he was in a bad mood because the MC allowed another man to touch her XD With that, Henry pulled the MC into his arms and hugged her tightly. They stayed that way for a while until the MC was so calm until she fell asleep -.-

The four of them held a “party” in the cruise hall and Oliver kept pouring drinks for the MC and made her drink. Henry was so jealous that he snatched away the MC’s glass and drank it instead XD Sieg teased Henry that he had changed since he met the MC and Henry was like “Hmmph! So what?” Henry and the MC then went to the deck and they embraced………for the “last” time…… As when the MC was about to confess to Henry, Henry told the MC not to tell him, because if they say their true feelings out, it will be painful for each other, since Henry must remain the as the successor of Philip Kingdom and that fact cannot be changed (remember that King Alfred values statuses…) and Henry thinks that he would be weak if she were with him..

After the interview, the MC was serving tea and pastries to the reporters when Henry screamed and ran towards her to hug the MC. Henry was actually trying to protect her from a chandelier that came crashing down, and he was crushed by the chandelier instead… Before Henry lost conscious, he asked Oliver not to call the ambulance since Oliver would be the one to blame for injuring a prince (because the cruise ship belongs to Altaria and they are at Altaria harbour) and asked him to send him to the hospital by car instead. At a time like this, Henry still thought of others first (╥_╥)

Henry was taken to the hospital in Altaria and underwent an emergency operation while Sieg, Oliver and the MC stayed in the hotel. The MC was crying when Sieg entered her room. Sieg hugged the MC gently and told her “silly, don’t cry alone” (。♥‿♥。) and the MC continued crying in Sieg’s chest. When the MC woke up the next day, Sieg was in the kitchen preparing crepe for the MC. When the MC complimented that it tastes good, Sieg proudly said it’s obvious because he was the one who made it XD Sieg then comforted the MC by telling her that Henry risked his life to protect her, and he wouldn’t die so easily because he has someone important to him. Then, the hotel phone rang and it was Oliver bringing the good news that Henry was alright ^^ There were stitches on his back, but no damage to his head. Because Oliver felt responsible for the accident, he sincerely bowed and apologised to the MC.

Henry went out of the hospital to find the MC the next day and told her that he wanted to see her asap. Henry told her that when the chandelier came crashing down, he thought that he would no longer be able to see her, and couldn’t stand the thought of it, and he asked if the MC is willing to let him protect her for life ^^

After a few days, the three princes and the MC left Altaria back to Philip where Henry was supposed to be taken care of at the Royal Hospital. The MC received an anonymous letter to ask her to meet at the galley which she has a bad feeling about. The MC found a councilman in the galley, but wasn’t the sender and Lloyd brought the MC away before she could find out who the sender was. Few days later, the MC and Henry attended a masquerade ball. Sieg and the MC were chatting about King Alfred when Adam found her and forced her to dance with him. When Adam was about to kiss the MC, Henry cut in and brought the MC away. They returned to Henry’s room and went to the balcony. Henry and the MC said “I love you” to each other and they kissed.

The MC was baking in the kitchen when Sieg popped in ^^ The MC was curious why Sieg was here and Sieg simply replied that he was taking a walk, and the MC was surprised that he had strolled all the way into the kitchen of Philip Kingdom XD Sieg was helping in the kitchen when the MC’s head bumped into Sieg’s, and that scene happened to be seen by Henry who became VERY unhappy (¬‿¬) Henry “interrogated” Sieg about why was he there and Sieg replied carefully that he was taking a walk XD Sieg sensed “danger” and told Henry that he’s going home before escaping the kitchen. Henry then turned to the MC and spoke to her rather coldly before leaving. The MC grabbed onto Henry’s arm and asked if he’s angry, as she didn’t expect him to be the jealous type. Henry then kissed the MC’s forehead right on the spot where it bumped into Sieg’s, and asked if the MC is aware that she is his girlfriend (because he’s jealous) ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The MC went to find Henry in his office where he asked the MC to come and let her sit on his lap ( /)u(\ ) and commented that she’s just like a cat while the MC said that Henry is spoiling her XD Then Henry suddenly received news that Lloyd had wrongly operated his car and ended up in a serious car accident and is in critical condition. At the hospital, Henry blamed himself for Lloyd’s accident, and the MC hugged Henry to comfort him without asking anything. Henry thanked the MC for not asking because she would be in danger if she knew too much, but assured the MC one thing that Lloyd was not the kind to wrongly operate his car… Henry cried when he spoke to the MC about his childhood with Lloyd…and he ordered bodyguards in plain clothing to guard Lloyd’s ward. Sieg and Oliver came to visit Lloyd and Henry in Lloyd’s ward and asked what’s going on. Henry told them that he decided to take action to prevent further mishaps and ask that both of them look after the MC for him first. Sieg was worried and asked what if something were to happen to him, and Henry assured him that he would definitely not lose and the MC believed in him.

The MC was (unfortunately) drugged and kidnapped by Adam the next day, and Henry went to the rescue. Henry and Adam had a duel in fencing in which Adam lost, but Henry protected Adam from a gunshot after the duel and got his shoulders grazed instead. Adam was shocked by his actions as to why would Henry save him. Henry listed out all the past “accidents” that surrounded them, and through investigations, there were many strong evidences that pointed towards Adam, but part of Henry still wanted to believe in his brother, that’s why he didn’t take action before… Adam had mixed emotions and told Henry that they are not brothers, because he is not an illegitimate child of King Alfred. The truth was Adam accepted an offer from the Council of Nobles to impersonate as his half-brother in order to make Henry step down from the rights of the throne, and that he’ll have a huge reward in return.

A few days later, Lloyd was discharged from the hospital. Thanks to Adam’s testimony, Adam, along with five other councilmen, who took part in the conspiracy was arrested and the corruption was exposed. Henry then introduced the MC to the King and Queen and his wish to marry her. Back at Henry’s room, the MC wanted to see Henry’s childhood photos and Henry took out a photo album to let her see. There were lots of crying photos when Henry was still a toddler, and he admitted that he was a crybaby back then XD and asked the MC not to tell Lloyd that he cried when he was in the hospital. Henry then took the MC to the Royal Library and talked about his grandparents and how they used to date there. Henry then told the MC that in the library safe, lies the diary of Wilfred, but he has never seen it before, so they decided to read it together. Inside Wilfred’s diary, there were photos of the Queen (Season 1 MC) and King Wilfred, and they learned for the first time, that King Wilfred and the Queen had faced similar difficulties and oppositions as them, but managed to overcome all those together. Then an envelope slipped out of the book, in which, contained a letter addressing to Henry.

((Full translation of Wilfred’s letter as follow…))

To my dearest Henry. I may not be around anymore by the time you are reading this. However, my love for you will not fade even if I passed. So, I leave you these words for when you lose confidence or when in doubt:

Change the bad parts of the country, adopt a new direction, and lead it to become a free and fair nation. It will be difficult, but if it’s Henry, I am sure it is possible. You posses the qualities to be a King since you were born. As long as there is you, Philip Kingdom would be peaceful and secured.

I was happy to marry a loving wife. Follow your own heart too, and choose that one special woman whom you wish to spend with for the rest of your lifetime.

The MC was moved to tears by Wilfred’s letter. Henry then guided the MC to stand in front of the mirror and put the tiara onto her head. Henry then asked the MC if she’s willing to take on that weight, and the MC agreed, crying tears of joy ^^ Henry then vowed to not let the MC cry ever again, and to protect her. They kissed and the end!

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Ok who exactly is communismkills what did she do???

very very VERY long story short (she’s been on tumblr for like….4 years now i think) she’s a political blogger who’s known for being extremely right-wing in her political/economic views. obviously that political stance isn’t known to go over well on tumblr, but in and of itself thats no reason to doxx her. but she has: 

so really i don’t feel bad about her getting doxxed at all tbh




Grace posted the first pic on her Instagram with the caption “525,600 Hannah’s” but then she deleted it a few minutes later?! (Thank God ppl screenshotted it before she deleted)
You’re probably wondering, “how is that pic related to a one year anniversary?” Well lemme tell ya, there are 525,600 minutes in a year! And most importantly, 525,600 (seasons of love) is a song about measuring the year in love! Why Hannah’s? Idk, thts probably the reaction on our faces after seein tht pic
Which brings me to my 2nd pic. You know how chester posted tht pic with a smiling grace saying “cheers?” Yeah, CHEERS TO THEIR ANNIVERSARY. They’re most likely celebrating it!


My Diabolic Esper and my fox son pet Hoya.

I had no internet yesterday and I was bored, so, I decided to draw my char, thank god I had a good screenshot so I could get all the stuff right XD

I pretty much added all the stuff I have, except for 2 items, but meh, I wasn’t going to add all that stuff tbh, I just feelt like wasting some time since I had nothing to do.

I usually draw him with the promo for reasons, but that’s how he looks like, Hoya is my son, and no one can prove me otherwise, I love him.