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Happy Birthday to the Best Boi!!! I tried to put in the presents that Jeremy said the team would give Lance but anyways this is messy haha

Commissions are open!


A thing that does not change with time is a memory of younger days…


I can’t believe Loki was already that savage bitch at 8

(inspired by this scene in “Thor Ragnarok” :


on 180707, the members of bts made handwritten posters for fans. jungkook’s poster was a line from his solo, euphoria, “no matter how anyone shakes this world, never let go of the hand you are holding.” on stage, he expressed that he had made the poster with his heart, “so please remember it for a long time.”

happy birthday, jeon jungkook. thank you for your kindness and your love for those around you, and thank you, so very much, for your voice and laughter, for bringing comfort to those close to you but also thousands of miles away. september 01, 1997

Commission for the AWESOME incredible beautiful lovely @hal1377!!

They asked for these three with a bit of a redesign (and Keith in the future AU design); Krolia is the Blade leader Kolivan is fine just retired. Axca is decked out in the Voltron Alliance Special Operative uniform. The dual wielding Keith was Hal’s perfect idea *wipes tear*


ATTENTION: this is the cutest girl in the world

friendly reminder that a good portion of fandom creators do everything for free and that taking one minute or less to reblog what they post is the least you can do after they have spent hours working insanely hard to make you happy


David Tennant promoting Bad Samaritan on the Late Late Show with James Cordon

…with his scariest face

@alexdamnvers said: can you draw charlie please?? a quick sketch or something. I just really love her and your drawing style and she’s BACK

OF COURSE I CAN DRAW THE QUEEN!!! Here are some fun little AU!Charlie stickers for y’all <3

vive la résistance, bitches!

FMA has the strongest male jawlines and chins in history

Jawline Appreciation

We can only use 18 year old Roy for this post because he gets a cute baby face later in life


Winry and Izumi’s jawlines