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Do you have any Gendrya theory’s. If so what are they? Also I love your account it’s one of my favorites.

Awww ❤ Thank you so much ❤ I have so many Gendrya theories from very, very optimistic to pretty pessimistic (tbh just one pessimistic) but since I’m an annoyingly optimistic person we’ll talk the positive ones xD

I know it’s GOT and everything but someone is going to have a happy ending why not Arya and Gendry.

I think one of the main reasons Gendry was brought back to the show was because of Arya. They could have just left him rowing but they brought him back. It wasn’t just for his smithing prowess, they could have found a way to make the whole weapon thing work without bringing Gendry back. Arya and Gendry have a history and a connection to each other’s past, which is something very special.

I think the reunion they showed us really just cemented the fact there is something a lot like love between Arya and Gendry especially with Maisie saying that he was one she was in love with and would have followed to the end of the world.

Their first kiss will most likely be the post-battle hurt and comfort or pre-battle ‘don’t you dare die!’ one and I absolutely cannot decide which one I want more.

I also think Jon and Dany will offer Gendry legitimization so that he could be Lord of Storm’s End. But Gendry won’t take it without discussing it with Arya and after the initial angst (which is highly unlikely to be shown in the show) they’ll head to Stormlands together with Davos. And they’ll live happily ever after xD

But that’s about the show. In the books it’s more likely Arya will see him when she meets Lady Stoneheart for the first time and their journey will go from there. Filled with angst, innocent love and forever (I’m hopeless, I know)

But I do think they will end up together. I remember GRRM said that they have different journeys but just because their journeys are different doesn’t mean their destination isn’t the same. He also wrote a love songs especially for them if that doesn’t say endgame I don’t know what does.

Wow! This is the longest thing I’ve ever written on Tumblr 😂

Thank you so much for such a wonderful ask ❤
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Can i just… Offer a virtual hug to all of the people reblogging and/or commenting my art, sending me messages, and/or reblogging with comments in tags ??? 

You are gifts and i want to thank you for being so supportive and lovely. 

If i’m still sharing my art it’s thanks to you, so thank you so much, from all my heart. 

Likes are nice, simple Reblogs are absolutely wonderful. But having someone take some time to tell me what they loved in what i do is so precious, i appreciate that a lot. I recognize some of your URLs in my notes and i know some of you will always manage to make me smile with your enthusiasm and kindness. Sometimes, when i feel like a failure, i look back at some old arts that got lovely feedback, because i need to remember someone out there likes what i do.

I’m immensely grateful to you. Thank you. I love you so much. 

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Not really a question, bit I really adore this blog!! Thank you so much for all the content you make, I helps me a lot personally, and has actually helped me come to terms with quite a lot of personal issues!! I realise I'm ranting, and I could go on forever about how much I love and appreciate this blog, so sorry for taking up your time! - ❤️

Stan Lee gave me a whole universe that I love so much.

So many characters and story lines that changed me for better.

My heart is so heavy right now.

Thank you so so so much for giving me the whole Marvel Universe.

my condolences & prayers to his family and loves ones

RIP Stan Lee

‪i finally stopped crying long enough to post that taylor swift just sent me flowers and a handwritten note… im still in complete utter shock. @taylorswift @taylornation thank you so much. i love you endlessly, you have NO IDEA how much this meant to me.😭💞 can’t wait to bop with you on tour with NO neck brace. you’re an absolute angel. also i attached a video of me ugly happy crying …it’s embarrassing….enjoy. @taylorswift @taylornation

D'you want to go to the ball with me? part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Harry is sitting alone at the ball further away from the dancing crowd, bored to death.

Harry: *gritting his teeth*

Draco: Only good at dancing with dragons, are you, Potter?

Cho comes over, a bit flustered from all the dancing, not paying any attention to Draco.

Cedric follows Cho out of the crowd. He looks at Harry and winks playfully.

the end

casting director’s notes: the best Draco Malfoy @space-marauder

the best Cho Chang @arabella-prongs

the best Cedric Diggory @dobbyisafreeblog

well i say goodbye..only for a few days.

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also to all the people who sent me a message of support or drawings yay.

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Happy Birthday to the sweetheart whose heart is way bigger than his love for chicken.The sound of your voice never fails to make my heart smile and my soul sing.The way you’ve grown through your perseverance and hard-work inspires me to do the same. Thank you for always brightening my days with that enchanting smile of yours. To the boy with the soul of gold and voice sweeter than honey, I wish you nothing but love and happiness ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ ♡

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