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I’m Right Here... (A Bughead Imagine

HEY GUYS! YA GIRL IS BACK! So before you read, PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE TRIGGER WARNING IN THIS IMAGINE SERIOUSLY! I got inspired to write this due to the first and second episode of Season 3, (which to be honest with you, I’m left shook at every ending, especially tonight’s.) But I’ve been trying to dabble with new topics for every Imagine that I do, and I wanted to write something about Seizures. This is perfect topic because I’m doing a project on this topic in Health, but I’m still shook with Betty having a seizure in the first episode, I legit started crying. So with that being said, I hope that this doesn’t offend anybody who has to go through with Seizures, because it’s just heartbreaking itself. I know quite a few people who have Epilepsy and they have told me what it’s like to go through one. But do note, the seizure isn’t because of the Gargoyle King(?). It’s about the Adderall she takes. Thank you and enjoy      -Jenna.

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Betty and Jughead

TW: Mentions of Seizures, Aftercare of a Seizure

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Betty came home from another “meeting” with her therapist. Well, her fake therapist. Ever since her older sister Polly moved back home with her twins, the Cooper house has been turned upside down. Betty sighed in relief, the house was empty. No Alice, No Polly and the twins, she could finally find time to herself. Betty pulled her phone out of her pocket and started texting her “One and Only.”

“Hey Jug, wanna come over? I’m home alone and I’m bored, up for a movie night?”

“Sure. Want me to get our usual from Pop’s?”

“Sure. Love you.” She went up to the bathroom and opened up the medicine cabinet. She reached for the pill bottle with her name on it. She remembers like it was yesterday, her mom forcing the Adderall bottle into her hands and making her take them daily.

Betty doesn’t always like lying about her non-existent therapist, but hiding the fact that she’s been forging her prescriptions for Adderall is another. So much was going through her mind at the time, her dad being the Black Hood, her mom becoming influenced by the people who live on “The Farm”, constantly being under pressure to keep her grades up, Betty could hardly keep up with reality.

She brushed her thoughts aside as she took a certain amount of the pills and swallowing them down with a glass of water. The sound of the doorbell echoed through the house and Betty ran downstairs to greet her boyfriend.

“Juggie!” Betty exclaimed as she opened the door, greeting Jughead with a kiss.

The couple walked into the living room to get their movie night right. They built a pillow fort using the cushions and the blankets and some LED Candles. Once they got everything set up, Jughead started getting paper plates for their food, while Betty was trying to find the TV Remote.

“Hey Jug? Can you help me find the TV Remote? I can’t find it.” 

Jughead overheard and replied back with “Yeah” and started looking around in the kitchen for it. He checked on the dining room table and saw it on the chair. 

“Hey Bets, I found it.” He heard nothing but a thud and what sounded like shortened breaths. He grew puzzled as he drew closer towards the living, and what he saw horrified him.

Betty was on the floor, shaking violently and struggling to breathe, while white foam was coming out of her mouth. Jughead dropped the remote on the floor and ran over to Betty.

“Betty?! What’s going on?!” Jughead tried his very best to not lose his cool. He rolled her to her side and gently held her in his arms to prevent her from harming him and herself. He was trying to recall what he learned from Health Class when they covered the topic on Seizures. He realized that there was nothing that he can really do but to just be there for her and to wait for it to pass through.

He untied his dark colored flannel, that was around his waist, and used it to try to clean up the foam coming out of Betty’s mouth. Betty still remained unresponsive while she kept convulsing in Jughead’s arms.

“You’re gonna be okay Betty. You’re alright. It will be over before you know it.” Jughead reassured her, petting her hair while trying to blink away his tears. He never expected this to happen to Betty, she was in good health.

about 30 seconds later, Betty’s body started to ease up and less foam was coming out of her mouth. Jughead let out a breath of relief.

“You’re doing great Betty. It’s almost over, I’ve got you. I’m right here, I’m not going anyway.” Jughead said, hoping that Betty could hear his words.

Betty let out groans and mumbles for a few minutes as she tries to gather what just happened. What was she doing on the floor? Why did she black out? How long was she out for? She tries to get out of Jughead’s grasp, but Jughead still holds her securely.

“No no no, it’s me Juliet. You’re okay baby. Take your time.” Jughead said, 

“J-J-Juggie? W-what happened?” Betty said,

“You had a seizure. Are you okay? Do you want me to call an ambulance?” Jughead said, reaching for his phone in his back pocket to call the paramedics.

“I think I’m okay Jug.” Betty said, trying to calm him down.

“I can’t just calm down Betty. You just had a seizure, I got so worried about you. I’m just glad that you’re alright.” He said, while lifting her up to give her a hug.

“What do you think could’ve caused you to start seizing Betty?” Jughead said, sitting her down on a chair in the dining room and grabbing her a glass of water.

“I don’t know Jug. I’ve been taking my Adderall everyday.” Betty said, looking down at her feet. Jughead knew by that that she was hiding something.

“Betty? Please don’t hide anything from me.” Jughead pleaded,

She sighed. “My prescription for my Adderall is from a made up psychiatrist.”

“Why do you have a made up psychiatrist and why are you forging for your prescriptions?” Jughead questioned, rubbing her lower back with soothing circles.

“Because of my mom. She’s believing this Edgar guy from “The Farm” and since Polly moved back in, everything has been crazy here. She wants me on them to stay focused Juggie” Betty explained. Jughead sighed, he knew that it had to do something with her mom.

“it’s gonna be okay baby. I think you should lay off of the Adderall for now. Where did you even get it from?” Jughead said,

“Greendale, illegally.” Betty said, looking down at her lap.
Jughead sighed. Betty has her ways with certain things, but this was really unlikely of her. But he can’t blame her, he understood her situation with her mother.

“Please promise me something Betty? Promise me that you will stop self-medicating yourself. And please promise me that you will stop taking them altogether?” Jughead pleaded, holding Betty’s hands in his.

“I promise.” Betty nodded and leaned in to kiss Jughead. The two of them kissed and Betty started walking towards the kitchen, but Jughead stopped her.

“Oh no, you are going to go and relax in our fort. I’ll get our food and milkshakes and you can pick any movie you want to watch on Netflix.” Jughead said,

“Even if its “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before?”

“Yes Betty. Even if its ‘To All Of The Boys I’ve Loved Before’” And with that, she hurried to the living room, got comfy and cozy in their pillow fort and turned Netflix on.


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