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Yasha and Caduceus, locked in a room? (I feel like their friendship could be so interesting, considering how Yasha didn’t seem to like him all that much at first.... I wish Ashley were here more so I could see them become friends!!!)

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Yasha smacked the mossy stone wall with her fist, and shook her head when nothing happened. “This is bad,” she mumbled. “I do not know if I can break through. Do you have anything that could help?”

Caduceus considered this for a moment. 

And then he decided to sit.

It was difficult to maneuver in the tight space, and he almost whacked Yasha in the face with his staff, but eventually he managed to settle down into a relaxed, cross-legged position on the ground. 

“We could try calling out for the others,” he suggested in the confused silence that followed. “They could be nearby. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem like there’s much we can do.”

Yasha stared at him, processing his words. Then she shook her head, and squared her shoulders, and resumed her attempts to beat the sealed-off entrance into submission.

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⎡ 7:38 a.m. ⎦  jeno runs into you at the park whilst to feeding a stray cat he’s been taking care of for weeks; yet for some reason, you’re also holding tupperwares filled with cat food and water, and wearing a surprised expression to match his own.

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Hey shitpost request incoming: worst to best at twerking? Main 3 or 6

this is great i love this

Muriel, Julian, Portia, Nadia, Lucio, Asra

I feel like Muriel wouldn’t do it enough to be good at it, Julian would try, but can’t figure out how to move his hips right XD Lucio is slightly better than Nadia because when he gets drunk he does it a lot, but Asra is the best, well Asra’s Asra.

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"I know it looks bad" craquaria

Ok so I know this probably isn’t what you meant but I’m really feeling Halloween. Sorry this took me awhile :)

“I know it looks bad-“ Aquaria began, before Brianna would find the right words. “But I swear to God, I’ll make it work.”

So Brianna didn’t say anything. She blinked a few times, looking away from the mirror and closing her eyes again, letting Aquaria do what she does best. Trust. Brianna trusted her girlfriend. Of course she did.

Long minutes passed, but the warmth of Aquaria’s knee against Brianna’s tighs was the cause of gently tingles in her stomach, a small smile she couldn’t stop from growing. Not when Aquaria’s fingers occasionally brushed against her cheek, her arm, her leg.

Ten minutes later she saw a grinning Aquaria. “Fixed it.” She held the mirror up again, this time Brianna did, in fact, look creepy. Blood and dark details were made in the right places, and Brianna smirked.

“You’re not scared of me?”

“You could look like a dumpsterfire and I’d still think you’re the most beautiful girl,” Aquaria places the makeup back.

“Glad to hear that,” Brianna moved over her seat, placing herself on Aquaria’s lap. “Mind if I smudge my lipstick already?”

“Not at all,” Aquaria mused softly, before connecting their lips in a short, meaningful kiss.

“Are y’all ready?” They heard Vixen call from downstairs. “We’re gonna miss all the fun.”

Brianna placed a last peck on Aquaria’s nose, reaching for the blue crown that would finish Aquaria’s look, matching her own pink one. “We’re the hottest couple, aren’t we?”

“Deceased princess and just a princess.”

“Yeah, people are going to think you aren’t wearing a costume,” Brianna grinned, getting up from her lap.

“Guys!” Vixen called again.

“Coming, geez,” Brianna huffed. “You ready?”

Aquaria shortly looked at Brianna, the most beautiful zombie bride princess of all. And Aquaria knew she was ready if Brianna was by her side, holding her hand, laughing. “Yes.”