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Yasha and Caduceus, locked in a room? (I feel like their friendship could be so interesting, considering how Yasha didn’t seem to like him all that much at first.... I wish Ashley were here more so I could see them become friends!!!)

• • • • • •

Yasha smacked the mossy stone wall with her fist, and shook her head when nothing happened. “This is bad,” she mumbled. “I do not know if I can break through. Do you have anything that could help?”

Caduceus considered this for a moment. 

And then he decided to sit.

It was difficult to maneuver in the tight space, and he almost whacked Yasha in the face with his staff, but eventually he managed to settle down into a relaxed, cross-legged position on the ground. 

“We could try calling out for the others,” he suggested in the confused silence that followed. “They could be nearby. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem like there’s much we can do.”

Yasha stared at him, processing his words. Then she shook her head, and squared her shoulders, and resumed her attempts to beat the sealed-off entrance into submission.

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a big thank you and a prompt

well something crazy happend today… i realized that i hit 1,5k followers and i almost cried because it means so much to me. poetry has always been an outlet, a way to form my emotions into words, and the idea that someone i don’t know likes those poems and can relate to them is just insane!

enough of my rambling: as a thank you i’ve decided i want to put your guy’s amazing work out there too. the prompt is:

the poem i didn’t dare to write

tag your poems with #lilithnoah and tag me @lilithnoah so i can find them and reblog them! this is probably not going to be a regular thing but maybe if you want more prompts in the future i’ll try to come up with some.

i hope some of you will be inspired, and if not, well i guess i tried?

Let’s Get Personal

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Star sign: Cancer

Put your playlist on shuffle and list the first four songs that pop up:

  • Marry the Night - Lady Gaga
  • Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins
  • Breakfast Machine - Danny Elfman
  • RADICAL DREAMERS ~Nusumenai Houseki~ - Chrono Cross
  • Voice - Fushigi Yuugi OVA

Grab the nearest book to you and turn to page 23, what line is 17?

There are no books in this room :< That and I have…no books at the moment heh.

Ever had a poem written about you?

Not that I know of?

When was the last time you played the air guitar?

I don’t air guitar unfortunately lol.

One sound you hate and one you love:

Hate: The sound a vuvuzela makes. Love: A cat’s purr.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Kinda ambivalent. If we can prove they’re an actual thing, cool.

Do you believe in aliens?

Sure do. It’d be an awful waste of space!

Do you drive and if so have you gotten in a crash?

I do, and thankfully all the accidents I have been in have been minor.

Do you like the smell of gasoline?

I wouldn’t say I like it, but I’m familiar with it. Midland/Odessa smells heavily of the oil/gas field and unfortunately it’s kinda soured on me.

Last movie you’ve seen?

I don’t even remember, oops!

Worst injury you’ve ever had?

Probably when I badly sprained my ankle in freshman year of high school. Ran up a flight of stairs in some new shoes and tripped. I couldn’t walk on it for at least a week or two.

Do you have any obsessions right now?

Does Ser Aymeric count? Hmmmmm nothing really, maybe my deep seated desire for my life to get back to normal lmao

Do you hold grudges?

I sure dooooo.

In a relationship? 


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Agreement with Evil!Marvin and Anti?

Oo! :D

Marvin leaned onto the table as he scanned over Anti’s scraggly writing. “It’s almost airtight, glitch. We just have a few more…loose ends…to work out.”

One sentence fic

@kayvsworld answered your question “I’m feeling extra lazy about my next drawing ideas for some reason. So…”

tony and a really fluffy kitten? or the tony flower piece holy moly….

Silver fox Tony and a face full of fur!

I’ll note your interest in the Tony flower art I have planned! It should have a nice melancholy feel to it, though it’ll probably be done quite a ways from now at the rate I’m going haha

Also, happy birthday, Kay!!


newton’s third law law states that when a force acts on a body due to another body, then an equal and opposite force acts simultaneously on that body. (the theory doesn’t quite apply to rose tyler, and the way her grin seems to elicit an almost magnetic response in the doctor as his lips quirk upward to match hers–hardly an opposite reaction, is it?–but she’s a force all her own, and if he doesn’t like it then stuffy old newton can sod off)

(based on the prompt "they beamed at each other like idiots" from @goingtothetardis <3)


‘I’m with you till the end of the line’

Make me choose:
⤷  Anonymous asked Steve and Bucky or Steve and Tony
⤷  Anonymous asked bucky x steve or bucky x nat?

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This is super basic & cliché but krbk & Pocky stick??

two competitive boys, it would.. not go well

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«Are you implying you want to kiss me?» from the prompt list because cheeky mchanzo y best mchanzo please and thank you ;)

“Oh, you think a man tasting like burgers during a kiss is a bad thing?” McCree laughed.

“When I intend to kiss someone, especially for the first time, I would never allow myself near these foods for at least two hours prior.”

“Kissing someone for the first time, huh?” McCree flipped the patties. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you would have principles for these things.”

Hanzo huffed a laugh, accepting a done patty from McCree and fitting it into a bun, already filled with an assortment of cheeses and vegetables, before putting in with the rest of the burger.

“When I think about kissing you,” McCree said absent-mindedly, distracted by the very important task of grilling burger patties the team had entrusted him. He picked one well-done veggie burger patty up for Hanzo to take, “I imagine it –”

The patty stayed on his spatula. McCree frowned and looked over at Hanzo. The man had the buns ready, but made no move of taking the patty from McCree, only fixed him with a stare.

Tingles went down McCree’s arms. “You okay there?”

Hanzo held his gaze. His brows furrowed in intensity like when he was aiming for his target. Or simply dumbfounded to the point of total blankness. A piece of lettuce slip from the bun. McCree’s eyes followed the green, but Hanzo remained petrified.

McCree brushed a strand of hair that fell in front of Hanzo’s eyes away. Hanzo’ eyes flickered to McCree’s hand before clearing his throat.

“What did you say?” Hanzo asked, too calm for someone whose mouth was seconds away from hanging open like a broken puppet.  

McCree fixed him with a perplexed look, “I said–” he cut himself off.

Hanzo waited for him to continue. Though now it was McCree’s turn to freeze.

“I said,” McCree eventually managed out. “I said when I think about kissing.”

“When you think about kissing me,” Hanzo clarified for him. The bastard was wearing a subtle smirk, reveling in McCree’s mortification.

No,” McCree nervously chuckled. “No. I meant kissing, in general.”

“Kissing me in general.”

“Alright, let’s not do this.” McCree dropped the now cold patty back to the grill, pretending to concentrate on the complex task of salt sprinkling.

His spatula was gone from his fingers during his attempt at not looking anywhere to his left. Hanzo put the tool down, and his hands returned to grab the front of McCree’s flannel.

“McCree,” Hanzo breathed out slowly, warming McCree’s skin further. “Are you implying you want to kiss me?”

“I thought I told you to drop this,” McCree grumbled. But Hanzo pushed himself into McCree’s space.

“How do you imagine I kiss?” Hanzo murmured, gently pressing his lips to McCree’s beard. McCree couldn’t feel it on his skin, but the agonizing movements across his facial hair were enough for him to grip Hanzo’s biceps tightly.

“I, uh….” McCree started, and Hanzo gave an encouraging hum. “I fancied the idea that you’ll start with my bottom lip.”

Hanzo’s sigh ghost past his cheek, right before Hanzo lay his mouth on McCree’s bottom lip, caressing slowly. McCree let out a shuddered breath.

“And…you’ll put your fingers in my hair,” McCree’s eyes fluttered shut when he felt Hanzo move his hands up, burying them in his hair.

“Mmm,” Hanzo made a pleasing noise when McCree’s tongue darted out for a second. “And then?”

McCree grunted. He felt laughter rumbling in Hanzo’s chest. “And then we both shut up.”

Instantly, Hanzo’s fingers tightened and he dragged McCree into the kiss with one swift, furious movement. McCree wrapped his arms around Hanzo’s shoulders, knees failing, but Hanzo pushed him up. Their mouth and tongue met in frenzy attempts for control at first, but both settled into a comfortable pace.

Under the summer sun, they folded into each other for a blissful, bone-melting kiss. Hanzo tasted like the beer Reinhardt gave them, and McCree – tasted like burgers.

Hanzo was in the midst of memorizing McCree’s cupid bow with his tongue when the door behind them swung open and a very hangry Lena stormed out.

“There you are!” She shouted. Hanzo and McCree, still wrapped around each other, stared at her with wide eyes. Lena grabbed the plates filled with burgers and gave them a glare.

“We’re in there starving and you two are out here snogging! Honestly!” She kicked the door open. She did not spare them a second glance.

Hanzo turned back to McCree. They looked at each other, and to the patties that were rapidly becoming something naughty children would find in their stockings, then back to each other.

“So,” McCree cleared his throat. His voice sounded all weird in his ears, shaky and high-pitched. “You wanna ditch the grill and go make out with me somewhere else?”

Hanzo smirked. His eyes drifted back to McCree’s mouth. “Lead the way, cowboy.”  

OTP Prompt: Voice reveal?

(Don’t ask)

Person A, C, and D, all chanting in a group voice chat at B: UNMUTE! UNMUTE! UNMUTE!

Person E: guys, shut the hell up, this is very stressful for them.

[Person A, C, D, and E all go dead silent when B finally unmutes their microphone]

Person E: …. B, it’s ok if you don’t want to talk, I get why.

Person B, softly and quietly: I-It’s ok, I’m just nervous–

Person A, distantly but very clearly: HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK I’M IN LOVE

TDBK Week - Day 6: Seasons

Bakugou does not like admitting how much he needs some extra warmth when the weather starts getting cold

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46 for Drarry please that would be great!

((Good god I have 8 more prompts to go over the next week but thank you so much for the ask! I really liked this one!))

46. “Have you seen the…? Oh.”

Harry rummaged through the fridge. “Avocado, avocado, I don’t see you,” he sang under his breath. He swore he had a seen a couple earlier. He really wanted to make guacamole. Or maybe avocado toast. He snorted. Draco would appreciate that. He would also know where the avocado is…

He bounded up the stairs to Draco’s room. He had told Draco that he would make them something to eat, seeing as Draco had been such a good boyfriend earlier and had offered for Harry to stay over at his flat for the week to avoid the press again.

Harry tossed open the door to his bedroom. “Draco have you seen the…? Oh.”

Draco looked up from his magazine, his face covered in a lumpy green. “What, Harry? Have I seen…?”

Harry struggled not to smile. “Have you seen the avocados?”

Draco froze, one hand going up to his face, as if he had forgotten what he was wearing. “I—you know what, Potter! Have you never seen a face mask! You think being this gorgeous doesn’t take effort!” He humphed.

Harry laughed delightedly, and bounded over to the bed. “Mmm no one appreciates your efforts more than me,” he said, and licked Draco’s nose.

“Potter! What! You—” Harry jumped off the bed and ran away laughing. Draco ran after him.

Send me a pairing and a number and I’ll write you a Drabble

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Malec + “You forgot to say the magic word.” 😍

alec wakes up slowly, bit by bit, becoming aware of the warm body pressed all along his back, of magnus’ steady breathing and arms wrapped around alec. the first thing alec sees as he blinks his eyes open is the light reflecting off of a ring on his left hand. off of a wedding ring on his left hand.

alec feels like his body can’t even contain him in that moment, cannot contain the love and pure joy he feels.

he and magnus got married yesterday.

it feels almost surreal to think it, but it also feels like the most natural thing in the world. of course they’re married, of course it’s forever, how could it be anything else?

he feels magnus stir behind him and alec rolls over so he’s facing magnus, who slowly opens his eyes, a sleepy smile forming on his face when he sees alec watching him.

“good morning, alexander,“ magnus says, voice still rough from sleep.

“good morning,“ alec replies, moving forward to kiss magnus, who puts a finger to alec’s lips.

“you forgot to say the magic word,“ magnus whispers, his voice happy and teasing, and alec frowns at him. letting out a breathy laugh, magnus takes alec’s left hand and caresses the ring on alec’s finger, his eyes never leaving alec’s face.

alec laughs, a bright, soft sound, and says, “good morning, husband.”

the smile magnus gives him is breathtaking and the kiss they share then is soft and warm, filled with so much love, and as he looks at magnus as they part, his eyes shining, his hair falling softly over his forehead, alec realises this is his life now and forever and by the angel, if that isn’t the most beautiful thing in the world.