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Some IT Cast Members as Bad Jokes!

Stan: How does Moses make tea?… Hebrews It!

Henry: Some people are like slinkies. Not good for much but bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.

Ben: I couldn’t figure out why the baseball bat kept getting bigger… Then it hit me.

Mike: Why does a milking stool only have 3 legs?… Because the cow has the udder.

Richie: Why did the blind man fall down the well?… Because he couldn’t see that well!

Eddie: What’s the difference between a good joke and a bad joke timing…

Bev: I used to look for Shellfish on the beach… Until I pulled a Muscle.

Ben Haters Need to Stop!

Okay, you know what? I’m really sick of people hating on Ben from Survivor right now. He won; he deserves to win! All y’all coming on here and complaining saying “This game was rigged” or “This is the worst season ever!” could you just stop?! I get it; you didn’t want Ben to win. Gotcha. But just the hate is ridiculous.

Look at what he had to go through; at the reunion show, his buddies were saying that the last time they saw him, he was not in a good place. He’s come a long way. Am I upset that they didn’t talk to more of the cast? Yes. But I’m more sick of the fact of people hating on the man for winning. And for those of you saying, “Well other people on that show have families too,” You’re right, they do. I’m not denying that. Am I saying Ben deserves special treatment for what he’s gone through? No.

I remember back in Season 30 when Mike Holloway won because he won 5 of the last 6 immunity challenges being, as well as him finding the hidden immunity idol the one time he didn’t win. I didn’t hear anyone saying it was rigged in his favor then. Why? Because he worked hard to win and stay alive, and so did Ben. He just did it in a different way.

When Ben lost that last immunity challenge because of his mistake, he genuinely thought he had lost it all. You could see the raw emotion coming from him. He had been left on the outs for the past several tribal councils, but he never let the stop him.

Speaking of which, I didn’t see anyone else going out and looking for the hidden immunity idol, or at least tailing Ben to see if he had found the idol. Ben played the game in a smart way, and everyone else seemed too confident to think that Ben would come back and win it all. They knew he was a threat but did nothing to try and stop him from searching for an idol.

And, one of the most key things he did, was he kept a secret! He didn’t go tell people had an idol! He kept it to himself! That’s how he won, by playing smart.

I also saw people getting on him about how they only talked about him being a veteran and that’s why he won. As the daughter of a military vet, it really hurts me to see people say that that was the only reason he won, or he had gotten sympathy votes. Sympathy votes or not, he gave his case to the jury and they felt he deserved to win, that he played the best game of Survivor this season. He reminds of my Dad, who is also a veteran.

Chrissy, Ryan, Devon, and the other cast played amazing games in this season full of blindsides and secrets, but I feel Ben deserves to win. So stop hating on Ben and saying the show was rigged! Seriously! Just stop!

Thank you and goodnight/morning/or whatever.

Romance in Star Wars | Strength or Weakness and What Makes a Strong Lead

Okay *cracks knuckles, shuffles papers and clears throat*… Okay antis aside I feel like another annoying path of thought or trope in terms of characters is that a lead is weakened if they have love come into their life. Particularly in concern of female leads. Lately in concern to Rey I’ve seen a lot of argument for this point of view. That she doesn’t need love, that they would undermine why they created a female lead for her to just have a romance or that it would weaken her storyline.

Right there is the problem. It’s always referred to that it becomes all about the romance persay. It becomes unthinkable to them that a romance could be an accompaniment and not the main point of a character’s path. Also why should love be considered a thing to weaken instead of lift up. Rey is a kick ass, take no names warrior and she can be that and be allowed to find love as well. People argue that Luke didn’t need a romance and that Han and Leia’s romance was just a subplot. For example let’s look to Leia here, she’s one of the strongest characters in SW and her love for Han never brought her down as a character or minimized her in anyway. Looking at love as a strength or weakness our biggest argument could be Anakin himself. Love didn’t corrupt him it was his fear; in the end it was his love that saved him.

This whole trope goes back to a somewhat sexist view of characters. Male leads can have romance but they are seen as strong but for a female lead people instantly fall into this maiden outlook where she is saved by love and is deemed weak. Underneath we have that maiden trope that weighs on all female leads who can only be seen as fearless if they have no romance whatsoever. But what if the female lead saves her love interest or neither saves the other because their love comes from a quiet mutual understanding where they come together out of respect as equals.

I don’t hate on any ships but this will be where I make a case for my ship so no hate please. Again this is not to discredit any other ships but this is my ship so I’ll do what I do best and defend it. Obviously my ship is that of Rey and Kylo; the little engine that could. What I feel as a strength here is that together Rey and Kylo would not follow the stereotypical romantic path that we are accustomed to. Though quite different they are fundamentally very similar underneath it all. A love here would only help strengthen each other; I say this because these are mutually lonely individuals. Both know abandonment and feelings of rejection. After all we’ve had told to us about balance with these two it could seem cliche but it isn’t. They are both uniquely powerful individuals and together that balance could be cataclysmic in the strength they mutually bring to the table. To see in each other broken people and understand instead of turn away. When you deal with rejection you can resist closeness as both have shown but we’ve had hints that despite this neither can let go of this connection that has a magnetic effect.

Without droning on I’ll try to close with a clean and tidy final word on the matter. Love can make a character vulnerable this is true but it is never a weakness. They can recognize vulnerability in themselves which shows you’re only human and see vulnerability in others and develop compassion for them. Turning mutual vulnerability into something truly remarkable. I’ll leave a quote from “Moulin Rouge” — “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

Thank you and goodnight!