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shuri, knowing that her brother is the rightful king and peace has been restored to wakanda: finally i can go back to my science!

shuri, after realizing she’d forgotten there’s still another broken white man that needs her help:


Dreamcatcher Things: covering songs directed at female lovers and originally sang by men, without changing the lyrics or pronouns part 2 + turning two originally straight duets into wlw by even going as far as changing the lyrics [part 1]

Troublemaker | Sunday Morning | 썸남썸녀 | There’s Nothing Holding Me Back


BNHA x Zelda: 

“Hero of Cala-mini” / Link–a freshly licensed pro hero, still struggles to control his quirk at times, and may accidentally shrink himself or his allies. Effects of his quirk on living beings only last for 3 minutes. Inanimate objects however, are indefinite and up to him. He often partners with Zelda, and as such, dons a UV ray protective visor. Don’t call his utility pouch a fanny pack, even though it is one.

“Princess of Light: Solar Girl” / Zelda–also a new pro hero, manipulates light energy to her will. Her work hours are from sunrise to sundown–come night time, she is much weaker and depends on man-made lights. The solar panels and gold metal on her hero uniform are to charge and amplify her power. 

Anyways they’re both lame as hell but please enjoy ! @majorasfate helped with both their quirks and Zelda’s hero outfit! 

they bop!!!!!!